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I took her in my arms and carried it to the bedroom, there, on the bed, slowly, I began to cover her body with kisses and now I got to my dick.
Miracle groaned continuously, walking his lips along the trunk, I felt how velvety and tender he was, then I gently kissed the testicles, sucked them a little and, lifting her legs, moved lower.
God there really was a vagina.
Walking my fingers over the lips, I tried to stick my finger inside, he came a couple of centimeters, and that’s all, there was nothing further, but what was most surprising was the likeness of the vagina was wet.
I put my tongue in this vagina and realized that it tastes the same as a woman’s, although something was missing.
Tongue got to the bottom.
Examining my vagina with my tongue, I went back to my penis once again surprised at its size: it was about twenty centimeters in length and six to seven in width, mine was a little longer, and about the same in width, the head of the penis was covered with skin and I, clasping head lips, mouth freed her from imprisonment and began to tongue to examine every inch of her penis.
She moaned her hands and head rushing about the bed randomly, the member swelled so that he seemed to burst now, taking the head in her mouth, I began to suck at it and at the same time licking my tongue, fell lower and lower until the head rested in my throat.

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Pushing a little stronger head, I pushed the penis deeper (which after the strap-on was not so difficult to do) and put my nose on her stomach, and my chin on the eggs.
Raising my head so that only one head remained in my mouth, I looked at the Miracle, it was in a semi-conscious state.
And I continued to do blowjob to this beauty, moving my head, each time I pushed him into the throat and each time increased the pace.
A member suddenly began to tremble, and a hot jet of sperm hit me in the mouth, with each twitching member a new portion flew out, I barely had time to swallow.
When it ended, I regretted it, it turned out, it is so nice to hold a member in his mouth when he finishes, and then lick the remnants of sperm from him.
Licking a dick and sucking all the remnants of sperm from it, I decided that her sperm is much tastier than mine, which I was fed by my wife.
Turning her back, I ran a tongue on the back and, pushing the elastic buttocks, I dug my lips into the ring of her anus, pushing my tongue as deep as possible into him began to fuck her tongue.
The miracle began to moan again.
I put a finger in the ass, a little moved them there, pulled out, added saliva and inserted two fingers, she began to lift her ass higher, sitting herself on my fingers.
Developing a ring, I put a member and slowly pushed him there.
The miracle screamed, and asked slowly, what kind of sperm from my ears I had splashed out, and I drove my gun full-length, her anus nicely and tightly wrapped my cock, I began to move: slowly at first, then faster and faster. Free live sexy girls.

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