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At the end of the working day, each of them must write a short report on each of the clients.
In what condition was, adequate, rude, passive, whether he left a tip.
Briefly, but everything up to penis size and degree of erection.
Therefore, the first two weeks to new girls go only on premium tokens.
Moderate size and Nordic temperament.
So that girls can be drawn into the work without unnecessary abrasions and sprains.
I coped with a fit of indignation and squealed that it was not ethical.
That everyone has the right to privacy.
– It has.
But not on my ship.
Closed space, a lot of young energetic fools in crowded conditions.
If you skip the conflict, it will grow into an explosion.
I cannot send the ringleaders to the neighboring continent.
Therefore, it is easier to trace and prevent.
And to save the career of the next walking adrenaline, which will be written off overboard after another brawl.
Everyone is watching everyone.
Here you are, for example.
In the kitchen, one of the chefs all the time you put extra cherries and apricots of compote.
– Well, you know! – I could not restrain myself and jumped up from my chair.
– Yes I know.
Take it easy.
Owning this fact, I will not allow a situation in which you find yourself alone with this nice guy without supervision.
At least a video camera, but will be watching.

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Not because he is bad, but because any man, once in a certain situation, can be dangerous for a woman.
And if a soldier, during the contact with your wards, does his job and pounds his

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fist into the pillow next to her head, then this soldier will not go into combat duty.
Go to a psychologist.
I had to admit he was right.
The men with whom I contacted on Earth served only one queen – science.
The only ones for whom they were dangerous were laboratory animals.
Here I was surrounded by males.
And that thin shell of civilization, which they threw on themselves, could deceive only fools who wanted to believe in it.
I sat down again.
– Yes you are right.
Excuse me.
“Excellent,” the captain again became the relaxed, charming lady in love whom I met at the beginning of our conversation.
– Let’s summarize.
You need two weeks to bring the girl in working condition.
You are confident in the success of your products and your experience.
You are an adult and understand that in case of failure I will exchange you as a pawn.
Together with this girl.
Being in your right mind and solid memory, you voluntarily, without coercion, take responsibility for the success or failure of this event.
In this form of filing, our idea with Paul did not seem so successful to me.
– Can I have three? Three weeks.
– No you can not.
Two weeks and two days.
This is maximum.
Do you agree? Then I turned on the brain and asked – Is this our conversation that she is also now recording? – And what, the office writes, – the captain answered with pleasure.
– You understand that he writes everything, and shows selectively.
I remembered how Paul was pushing the girl’s tender leaves, the petals of a slightly darker color were opening behind them, as a brilliant member burst into such a small hole and said yes, I agree.
I wanted to make this beauty perfect.
– Ok, answered the captain, – Tomorrow I am waiting for you for dinner in the mess room. Free live adult chat.

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