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I turned my head and looked forward as she demanded.
“Semenov Vyacheslav Igorevich.
“, she read in the passport, after which she turned to me,” Have you already 18? “” Yes, “I replied in a shaky, frightened voice.
“And why did you, Vyacheslav, follow me?” I hesitated, because I did not know what to answer, much less could I say such truth.
“So, I call the police!” “Don’t! Please! I’ll tell you everything.
“I said, starting to cry a little.
“I’m listening.
“she said in a strong, clear voice with a little pressure.
“I was just looking at your feet.
I just wanted to get a better look at your sporting legs.
“Ta-a-ak-x!”, She said as she exhaled, as they usually say, when a big problem happens and the person just found out about her, “Interesting.
Are you a pervert? “” Yes “” And often do you do this? “” What? “, I said, turning my head to her.
“Hold your head straight!”, She sharply commanded again, after which she continued, “Do you often watch girls like that?” “Yes.
I always look at my feet.
then I come home and masturbate.
“” Stop it.
“she said with such a monotonous stretching and judging” a “,” Just fine.
I’ll give you the police better! Let them understand you! “” No, I beg you! I beg you! Oh please!!! I’m just an onanist.

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I’m a coward.
Mother’s pantyhose wore, while the parents were not.
“I said, starting already crying thoroughly.
“Interesting! And what else did you do?” “Nothing.
“” Speak quickly! What else did you do or am I calling the police now.
“” I fucked myself in the ass Baban “” Ooooooo.
everything! Enough.
all clear.
“” Do you live with your parents? “” Yes “” What do you do? Do you work? “” No “” So, you hang with your parents around your neck? “” Yes “” I see.
you are a spoiled boy

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who just can’t fucking do it and from idleness does it all.
What does your dad think about all this? “” He doesn’t know “” Don’t know? So you have to talk to him “” Do not !!! please !! “” So! Shut up! Stay straight and look in front of you.
“she said, digging into my phone.
“Father’s middle name how?” “Nikolayevich,” I said in a quiet voice, continuing to stand, putting my hands on the grid of the fence and looking exactly ahead of me.
“Vyacheslav Nikolaevich? I have a serious conversation about your son.
now he stands next to me.
I caught him sleeping.
he watched me.
and know for why? Because he was looking at my feet.
to come home and masturbate.
and apparently Glory has been doing this for a long time.
watching the girls.
and he also puts on women’s tights.
I pressed him now and made me tell everything.
I understand you.
I myself am a mother.
I have a son.
Yes, I do not know whether you need to talk.
Has himself in the ass in the same pantyhose.
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