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Spread your legs wide, slut, – the voice thundered, it seemed right in her ears.
Elmiren liked when she was called like words, from which she started even more.
She knew what was to follow now, and waited for this with a mixed sense of fear and anticipation of unusual pleasure.
Her expectations were met.
Not strong, but rather biting blow went through her crotch.
One blow was enough for a slender blonde girl to fall to the floor and cringe in the convulsions of an orgasm.
Beautiful eyes rolled, mouth distorted in a

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grimace of indescribable bliss.
Loud moans began to break loose from wet sponges, gradually turning into something like a cry, only this cry clearly spoke not about pain, but about the enjoyment experienced.
Another and another followed the first blow, their strength gradually increasing with each wave of the arm.
The girl on the floor was completely disorientated – as if she had just returned from the dizzying heights of bliss, as immediately another blow sent her back.
A never-ending chain of explosions of universal pleasure, born again and again between her long legs, sent her to transcendental heights.
Elmirena opened her eyes.
She was lying on the floor, all soaked.
A fire crackled peacefully in the fireplace.
Satisfaction and blissful ease poured over the body with a wonderful elixir.
Between the legs, though it hurt a little, but it was a sweet pain.
Looking around for the Lady, she found the one sitting at the head of the table, measuring the dishes brought.
The masterpiece of a jug of rock crystal was half empty.
The girl knew what she needed to do.
Kneeling, she crawled to her mistress.
It was something like a ritual – after each such whipping, Elmiren was obliged to thank her master for the lesson taught, to thank, licking her boots.
This humiliating procedure always inflamed in her lust and desire, no matter how many times before she had finished.

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And now, barely touching the black glossy surface of the boots with her tongue, she felt a wave of passion that swept over her entire body.
The taste of her own discharge, left on the whip, which she also had to thank with kisses and a tongue, only increased this feeling.
The cheeks became red again.
Get up, – the voice in an unknown way sounded the most ordinary, although the notes of imperiousness have not disappeared anywhere.
You are hungry? – now a wave of tenderness poured over the girl, a generous stream pouring from the gentle caring voice of her extraordinary mistress.
Oh, no, Madam, that you + – Elmiren’s embarrassment from such affectionate treatment did not have a side chapel.
But you haven’t eaten since morning, it was a statement rather than a question.
The girl hesitated and blushed even more, not knowing what to say.
Well, bitch, then I will feed you, – from these words, uttered so powerfully and harshly, a stream of burning desire ran through the body of Elmiren.
A moment later, the girl was already sitting on the table cover with legs spread wide apart, leaning back against a wall.
Her vagina adorned a bowl with all sorts of exotic fruits.
In complete silence, the Lady took a banana from a bowl and, without saying a word, began to shove it into the girl’s blubber.
She did it not fast, but, in general, did not stand on ceremony.
From the muffled sighs of Elmiren, it was impossible to understand whether she liked it or not.
When the yellow fruit almost disappeared in the body of the girl quietly moaning, but obviously moaning from the pleasure of the girl, the Mistress began the slow return of this gift of nature back to freedom.
A gentle, quiet moan – Elmirena once again finished.
It seemed to the girl that she could not survive such a humiliation.
It has already been visited by half of the fruit bowl: large green grapes, and the remaining bananas, and a couple of large mandarins, as well as orange and grapefruit.
Each fruit first appeared in it in the peel, if it had one, after which it was taken out, cleaned and cut into neat slices.
Then these lobules, again completely immersed in it, often with the Lady’s slender fingers holding them, and only then went into her mouth.
Tears from the experienced fall again and again drew wet tracks on her cheeks filled with paint of shame, but this only intensified the already violent orgasms stretching during her dinner in an endless sequence.
Slightly past half the night.
Rain did not think to subside.
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