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Afraid of losing a friend, Romeo was nervous and worried.
The bitter sediment undermined his composure, exposing the inner insecurity.
In his memory fragments from his life.
going to college, meeting Lena, their first night, a wedding, the birth of a daughter.
For a second it seemed to Roman that on a cold September night he was alone on a raft

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in the middle of a cold river.
In the thickened twilight vessels sailed past him, music played on the decks, fun reigned.
Roma felt odd at this holiday.
Everything seemed empty and useless.
Omut, cold tentacles tightened it into a bottomless, where there was no way out.
Habitual, driven from childhood installation became nonsense.
To live seemed to him an empty burden.
Tired of quarrels, the eternal shortage of money, sleepless nights, inner loneliness, he suddenly felt at once a heavy burden that he bit into a throat with a bitter lump.
He was choking.
The darkness thickened, the prickly stars twinkled in the blackness of the cosmos, and no one heard his cries for help.
Roman waved his hands, people laughed and did not notice him.
The rampant waves carried the raft away from the saving coast.
He shook, he closed his eyes.
“Are you feeling bad, Romeo?” What’s the matter? Dima’s strong hands hugged each other.

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Dima put his hands on Roman’s head.
– Here, take it now.
Roman put a validol tablet under his tongue.
A couple of minutes later the attack was released and Roman came to his senses.
He opened his eyes, there was a fog in his eyes, he was tormented.
Roma looked at his friend, his eyes full of tears, at Dimka who had become so close and near.
The idea of ​​losing a friend seemed unbearable.
His soul was divided in two.
One half called home, to Lena, and the other begged to stay here, along with her beloved boy.
Roma impetuously hugged and kissed a friend.
– Forgive me, I do not know what happened to me? My soul is like two roads, two ways – Lenka and you, understand! Both of you are important to me and you, and Lena.
I know that for love you need to fight, but with whom? With Lena? With you? Why this ridiculous choice? “I’m fighting with myself,” said Roman seriously.
– What are you, Romeo, forgot? The camel has two humps, because life is a struggle, – Dima joked.
All life is a struggle.
For a place under the sun, for yourself, for friends and loved ones.
This is how the world works.
If you want to achieve something – fight, but you can not, give way to a stronger, smarter, talented person.
And already added more gently.
Maybe you shouldn’t ruin everything right away? All the same, family, daughter, in the end, I understand everything, and we will always be friends.
“She doesn’t just need me.”
She does not want to hear anything about it, says, get to her Dima.
What turns out, and I did not need to marry? All my life to spend in different beds, and in 45 years you look back and what is there ?.
And nothing, solid “burned bridges”, broken hearts, crippled destinies.
Neither the wife nor the children, imbalances and frustration.
Without a family, I also can not.
What really is, this is, you know.
I love you both.
Well, if I did not like.
But you and her love. Cheap sex cams.

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