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At least with the arrival in the first class I was allowed to use the pot.
Preschooler kids did everything on the changing tables – lying on their backs with their legs up.
I blushed, remembering how I was forced in kindergarten to write and crap on gauze laid on my booty.
It was more convenient for adults to see that, given what kind of manipulations and tools they usually caused in babies the urge to be small and large.
“I will make sure that I go to the pot in time,” Lena promised.
“Especially before bedtime,” said Mom, “I always make you pee properly.”
Otherwise wet bed guaranteed.
– A day often written? “It happens a couple times a week,” Mom sighed. “Look how flushed you are.”
That’s right, at seven years old, it should be a shame to wet your pants.
– Do not have time to reach the pot? – Lena asked, – Many children, even at the age of seven, cannot tolerate.
“Just the opposite,” mum grumbled. “Tolerate to the last until she describes herself.”
Instead of asking for a pot.
I looked at my mother imploringly, but she continued to discuss my pottery affairs with Lena everyday.
– At home, he always asks for the pot himself, and at a party just a disaster, – mother sighed, – Terribly embarrassed when asking for strangers. Chat sex online free.

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