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I slept in the same room with Anya.
She was completely embarrassed by me, she stripped naked and sprawled tiredly on the bed, spreading her arms to the sides.
Her large breasts rose with each breath, and I could not take my eyes off.
here it turns out, was what, this Anya, a sexually relaxed lover of hard fucking.
– Was it the first group sex in your life? – I moved to her and put my hand between her boobs.
– Not.
– she laughed, – but it was not bad.
– How! But I thought.
by the way you asked me.
– Well, when I was X years old, I was fucked by two classmates.
I stayed in the locker room after the physical, and then they entered.
It seemed to me very exciting to dress in front of them, so I, without paying attention to them, continued to take off my sweatpants.
They watched in silence.

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When I stayed in some panties, one of them suggested that I take them off too.
I told him to come and try it myself: I was insanely excited by the idea that he would touch my body.
And then they both jumped up and, before I had time to scream, they had already pulled off my panties and tilted me on the bench.
One held me, and the second fucked, then they switched roles.
At first it was painful, but almost immediately I began to get great pleasure from it.
since then i love sex.
– I, too.
– I love to masturbate, dripping wax on my nipples.
Because of the pain you get an orgasm much stronger.
I generally love hard sex.
I do not know why she added this, but I almost exploded at the thought.
I began to represent Anka, who was lying on her back, caressing her clitoris with one hand, and holding a candle in the other, the wax from which drips to her directly on the nipples, wrinkled with excitement.

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she shakes from the approaching orgasm, her eyes roll and her legs tremble.
and here she arches her back and freezes in ecstasy.
fantasizing on this subject, I began to sink into a dream.
I’m still very tired.
Tomorrow in the morning you can enjoy Anka.
Roma woke me up, jumping on the bed right between us.
He was naked! His huge member was on alert – the morning strut? “Come on, Elena, turn around ass, I had you in my pussy, now let’s try another entrance!” He said cheerfully, looking at me.
“Phew, goat, fuck you, fuck off,” I turned away.
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