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So, he perfectly saw my embarrassment on the way here and practically read my thoughts: – In general, I immediately wanted to sleep with you, but three months ago I gave myself a vow that I would have nothing to do with you.
I decided that you, perhaps, should be left just a student so that there were no problems, because you cannot be riddled like other far away.
Although half of the fortress you immediately wrote to me as a mistress, I coped with this promise, until you arranged this freak with an AWOL – Jake Wolfe continued: – For such things, I always smacked my students, and I’ll be the flock.
I thought I’d blow out the rod and throw you out the door, but the man is weak.
At first, I admired your ass, which is quite beautiful, though bony.
Then you burst into tears.
Then she told me who

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you contacted.
Here I could not resist.
– And with whom I contacted? – at the memory of the Fiddler, it went warm inside me.
– With a rare reptile, girl.
But I will not tell you about him.
Now he, it is ridiculous to say, to some extent my rival.
But it is not good for an officer to throw mud at his rival before a woman: After giving me all his thoughts on my account, the tutor himself began to eat, and silence hung over the table for a while.
I thought that all these rules, he told me as if I already agree and do not mind.

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I didn’t even ask my opinion if I wanted this, if only for propriety.
I could not understand what makes me accept all this? It turns out that he will make me an officer for the whole castle, and at the same time a good whore for me personally: But if you now take and say that I do not want to be his mistress under such conditions? What then will he answer ?.
Well, yes: He will say that if I am against it, then let everything remain as it was.
And this issue will not return, I know him.
And I want so much dating with him, even though he doesn’t love me.
But the Violinist loves: But he is gone and he is far away and it is not known when it will appear here: If there were a Violinist, I wouldn’t go to Jake Wolf as mistress: Or: At least I am pleased to think that I have will power: – So – said the mentor, having done with the food – Next time you come to me on Friday at eight in the evening.
You can wear a uniform, although sometimes I will ask you to wear a dress.
Do you have a dress? – Yes, sir.
– What will happen on Friday can be considered as an additional training.
I have already said that you do not know a damn thing, and even have no idea about many things: Therefore, so that you are ready, I will now tell you in detail what I will do to you: – Yes, sir: – In the future, I intend to fuck often you in the ass.
Moreover, the time will come and I will most likely bring you to our officer club and there many will want to do the same with you.
You have never done this, and perhaps you have not heard of anything like this: So, I’m not interested in breaking you, during such love-making activities, to cause you severe pain and thereby deprive yourself of the opportunity to have you ass
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