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We drove all day.
By the sun, I tried to determine in which direction, but threw this thing, because every now and then we had to go around hills, hills and impassable forests.
On the edge of one of them, the ogres camped.
I was given a whole tent.
That night I could not fall asleep for a long time and woke up the next morning very early.
Most of the ogres were already engaged in various matters: who cooked concoction, who hunted, who collected tents.
There were a total of about three dozen, and just as I did not try to find my narrowed one, I could not.
For breakfast I was offered a fried hare.
We moved on further and in the evening we reached the city of ogres.
Towards us, the delegation left where I recognized my fiance. Bongacams camwhores.

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