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But about 6 months later I noticed that every time she became drunker and drunker, and, moreover, she herself liked the state of intoxication! And in this situation I really liked the fact that alcohol makes of it a real lustful female, thirsting for sex !!! In such a state, she herself attacks me, and permits me to do anything with myself, so long as I satisfy her insane lust! Then the neighbor took Lena into circulation altogether, switching to stronger drinks.
And for my wife, a lot of it is not necessary – 150 grams of vodka, and she is already drunk, and if you drink 250, then you need to hold the apartment !!! We had recently sat down in the kitchen, drank 0, 7 for two, and she needed the toilet.
So she barely got up from the stool, I had to hold on to the table to get up! She walked along the corridor — she held on to the walls so as not to fall, and yet at the end she crashed to the floor! I then barely lifted her from the floor, dragged her to the toilet, set her on the pot, and also supported her while she wrote that she did not fall on the floor.
And then I could not get up from the toilet.
So she dragged her in the ass drunk, with pants down in the bedroom.

For her – this is the limit, she was completely out !.
The meeting of the new year was in full swing.
Our neighbor, Irina, has gathered a merry company.
Lena wore a narrow white evening dress, almost to the floor, with a neckline to the thigh and a deep neckline that accentuates her large breasts.

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On her feet were high-heeled shoes, and under the dress only narrow thongs, so that underpants would not come out through the tightly fitting dress.
When my wife and I arrived, there were almost no seats at the table and the hostess spread us to different ends of the table, and I was next to her, and my wife was seated between two Caucasians, (by sight Georgians or Armenians) a solid gray-haired 55 years old, judging by the clothes and the ring with the clock, the man is far from poor, and a strong man of about 40 (as I later understood not by chance), who were courting my wife as best they could, whispering something in her ear, sometimes she laughed and sometimes a more serious policy and, as it were, between times, filling her glass with champagne and not letting it empty.
At the table, the noise, din, frequent clinking and mutual congratulations on the coming.
Well, everything is as it should be.
I tried to entertain Irka, who occasionally glanced at me with lustful eyes and a few.
I once invited me to a dance, during which I clung tightly to me and tried to rub my pubis about my leg, which made me not so full, but increased in size.
My wife danced alternately with one, then with another Caucasians, I occasionally watched them, but did not notice anything obscene during the dances.
And between the dances, one of the gentlemen offered Helen a filled glass of champagne.
Then again, a feast, at some point I noticed that Irka, who was already very warm, led my Lenka into the kitchen, which by this time, too, was pretty drunk, followed by two new suitor of

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my wife.
I waited 15 minutes, and then went to see where my wife was.
The door to the kitchen was closed, and voices were heard from the kitchen, it seemed that my wife was trying to convince something: Lenochka, do not worry, everything is orderly, no one will hurt you and no distortions and bullying, only those two conditions and besides just 10 days.
We will make you a sick-list for a month, and Irishka will join us for a couple of days.
Irisha, are you bringing us in? – it was the voice of the one who was older. Blonde model with big boobs.

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