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After some silence caused by a protracted kiss, she confesses: How good you are! Especially when our tongues find each other and start.
Repeat? Yeah !.
In the meantime, his fingers, playing with the will of the fleece on the pubic protrusion, move on.
Sasha instinctively squeezes his thighs, but then he pushes them apart, and much wider than they were before.
And then he feels his finger penetrating the gates of her flesh.
Bah, yes there, honey, it is already quite wet.
Panties do not mind? Maybe we remove them? Oh my God! These panties were given to you !.
Not the panties were given to me, but those of your lips, which are unfairly called disgraceful, and which caress for me to interfere with these damn panties! And you think it’s so easy to get rid of them?

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There is a whole system of protection.
It is clear, as if at a nuclear reactor.
Here is a belt with pendants, and stockings are attached to those.
Yes, armor is strong.
But our fingers are fast.
Already one stocking unfastened, that’s another.
Let them pull them down gently.
Well, if only, carefully, so as not to break.
It seems to have not broken.
Yes, in the art of undressing you make undoubted success.
Wow, took off, did not cause pain and, it seems, did not break.
Not that with a bra and a skirt !.
To the bra, I believe, we will return.
In the meantime, you can take up the panties.
Help me, raise one thigh ,.
then another.
Like this.
Let them lie on the floor, and we will deal with more pleasant things.
Is not it? Osadchaya only nestles on him even more and sticks in his lips.

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At the bottom of her all blazing from the touch and friction of his fingers.
The pelvis moved involuntarily.
And the further, the more energetic.
And the palm, for the third time persistently caught by him and brought to its causal place, remains so.
And her fingers do not remain indifferent to such a neighborhood for a long time, after a while they rather timidly try to pull at his tense flesh through the fabric of his underpants, and then dare to get acquainted with her and in more detail.
The thought that it’s not time to throw out the white flag comes to her head.
But, it turns out, in order to surrender, courage is also needed, and she has already been completely spent on agreeing to get rid of the skirt.
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