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She wore her most beautiful dress, blue with thin straps over her shoulders, revealing all the charms of Mia to the very edge.
Blue lace panties, bodily stockings made from recycled silkworm spider webs, high shoes from lizard skin from the Thuy Islands – that’s the whole outfit.
A little makeup – the image of an innocent, but beautiful creature is ready.
Mandrazh increased.
She was already impatiently waiting for transport – a carriage with four horses, which always stopped by for girls on the day of their eighteenth birthday.
The parents were not at home, according to the Rules, all the parents of the challengers gathered together the day before Smotrin, they were treated, forcing them to get drunk before losing their pulse.
Therefore, Mia was alone in the house, not counting the servants, who did not climb into their own business.
And then the hour came, they knocked on the door.
Mia fluttered to the entrance, but stopped – not to face the lady herself to open the door.
The servant let in a man in the uniform of the palace service.
“Mia Casimo?” – Yes.
She is here, ”the butler replied with dignity.
– According to the ancient tradition of the House of Lords, she is invited to the bride! – The young lady is ready! The butler gave Mie’s hand, and she leaned on her importantly.
So, first Dvoretsky with Mia, then the servant, they left the high porch of the Myin House.
Near the carriage, she took her hand, kissed the middle-aged butler on the cheek, and jumped into the carriage.

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Licking her lips, she felt salt, and her heart ached a little, the old butler raised her from an early age and loved with all her soul.
She loved him too, but for a long time she was not upset about her rules.
She shook her head and looked at the carriage.
There already sat five pretenders.
Every year the service recruited six or seven people from the entire village chapter, and thirty people from the provinces.
After all, girls had to meet many requirements, be from a good family, have a good education, have certain shape shapes, up to the length of the legs and arms, body size, and, most importantly, be a blonde! Mia fit all this.
On the way, they stopped in another place and took another girl on board.

Immediately she liked Mia, dark and mobile, with a cheerful, high-banded face and beautiful slanted eyes. Century seemed to illuminate the inside of the carriage.
The girls who were tense all the time of the trip seemed to relax a bit and chirped, getting to know each other.
Mia and Century immediately found a common language.
They chatted as if they knew each other for a long time.
The other five girls were also beautiful, but Mie seemed to be empty.
Finally, they were brought to the Palace, a majestic huge building made of stone blocks of cyclopean sizes.
By the way, they said that they built the palace just Cyclopes, an incredible number of years ago, and the Lords were their descendants.
The serviceman led the girls to the square, built them in a line, and in a second twenty-six provincial women joined them.
The name, however, did not mean their nearness at all, the girls were not less clever, but there were more of their companions from the chapter.
Time dragged on, talk was banned, forced to stand straight, and Mia was bored.
But now, at last, there was a movement among the crowd

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of courtiers, standing in front of a long line of girls.
Discharged dandies and ladies in summer robes parted ways and missed two thugs in the skin hung with weapons – the Lord’s bodyguards.
They went to the very ranks and because of them came a boy of about fifteen, dressed in a simple white shirt and sand pants. Amateur teen masturbates on cam.

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