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I realized that her final is close, so it happened a couple more movements of the member and Lena loudly announcing her orgasm finished.
Not withdrawing from a member, she sank on the carpet breast, quietly moaning under the waves of the oncoming orgasm.
Then Vadim carried her to the bed, where she quietly fell asleep.
Affected by fatigue during the day, drunk alcohol and wild orgasm.
Vadim and I sat for a long time, talked well and drank a little.
This is how my wife and I entered the swing theme, in which we still remain and are not going to leave.
Thank you for your attention, for those who have read this far, if I have an interest in my story, I will write about several more meetings.
Sorry you can not add photos from these meetings.
The rules do not allow, but sorry.
Here, damn, that he broke me! I wanted coffee like nothing else! Sure, coffee, we went to drink with him not to the cafeteria! Returned to where from a couple of minutes ago I so shamefully retreated.
As we walked, I vowed to myself that I would not look towards the bed.
But try not to notice this sexodrome in such a small room! – Because I immediately noted the change of deployment.
Vika noticed with difficulty, – she was hiding in the depths of a lump of bodies moving on the bed.
The men laid it on all sides.
And, apparently, they penetrated it from the same sides.
I froze on the threshold and, probably, I would have stood with my mouth open, if Seryoga had not pushed me inside.
With the words: like? I wanted to answer him something daring, turned around, but he deftly silenced my mouth with a kiss.
In general, soon, I was already sitting with a mug of strong coffee in my hands, in the only indoor chair, not feeling shy, looking at sex workers.
Seryoga settled down next to the bedside table, rolling out his mushroom process in my direction and commenting on what was happening.

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In a nutshell, he and Vika have been practicing open relationships and group sex for several years.
And the guys from Kharkov they know by correspondence.
And they met, having agreed in advance to work out, including sex.
And Dimon and I also liked them, and they would be glad if we, too, joined their sexually anxious gang.
And so on.
And all this was accompanied by all sorts of interjections: “Well, you see, well, the truth is – cool, and see how she drags.”
Here! And Vika “dragged”! And, although the men tried to shut up the emotions gushing from her, kisses, nevertheless, wheezing and moans broke out into the air, probably scaring the neighbors.
She really, as I was convinced, had both holes! And, as Seryoga said, his wife performed this trick not for the first time.
And that Vika likes this option the most.
And, like, I would not want to join.
Honestly, at some point, when I realized that my fear

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had passed, and the spectacle, in fact, for me hitherto unseen, funny, I got excited.
And you try not to get excited when there IS SUCH !! Yes, plus, Seryoga with his seductive end is so close to me.
– At some point, Seryogin member turned out to be in my mouth! Yes, imagine! – I cheated on my husband! So what!? – Nothing! Exactly.
That is not the case.
Somewhere inside, I have long wanted something such.
And emotionally, long before the trip, it matured to “change” its faithful.
Well, I read there all sorts of female sites, talked to all sorts of forums, I saw plenty of porn.
And the previous evening, the morning at the tent, constant touch, and sex, by the way, with Dimon, in the same tent, prepared, apparently, the ground.
In short, I was mentally prepared for what happened.
And no, – the feeling of guilt did not roll, as they say, when the conscience is not clear.
And, to be honest with you, I forgot about my husband, at that moment, completely.
When this swollen male organ gently poked into my lips, with these bulging veins, with this disproportionately large dark burgundy head, I wanted only one thing – to suck it and lick it! Yes! That is: suck and lick.
What I did.
Of course, Seryoga did not bother to wash his unit after Vika.
That brought me even more.
I was expecting new sensations and I got them! – In full! How many different amazing thoughts simultaneously flew through my windy head at that moment.
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