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Multicolored circles floated before my eyes, when, closing my eyes, I let her face down.
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He postponed all the important tasks for the foreseeable future, and the pleasant ones were waiting for him right now.
Loaded with bags, after dinner in the restaurant they now went up to her apartment.
They hung and laid things out.
, he asked to try on new clothes.
She appeared in front of him in a transparent mini-headset and twisted hesitantly rather than briskly.
He slapped her on the ass, dressed in her robe over her naked body (she turned away), sat on the sofa and asked him to dance.
She was embarrassed, he clapped.

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She performed the dance of their acquaintance, once again spreading her legs in the splits and twisting her hips.
She was noticeably shy, understanding why he was asking and what would happen now, but she tried to keep calm.
The dance ended, she blurted to see that he masturbated during her performance.
He hoarsely ordered her to undress and go to him.
He reached out to her and she kissed him.
– Did you like it? – she is.
– I like everything you do! Even more like what we do now.
Do you want me to be good? She nodded.
– I want to give you pleasure.
Are you still scared of me? After a moment she nodded.
– I will not hurt you until you hurt me.
I do everything with love for you.
Just like that, he confessed her love.
She put her hands on his shoulders, crouched in front of him and kissed him, trying not to look down.

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He threw off his robe and tried to bend her head down to his groin.
She recoiled from him and pleadingly asked not to force her yet.
he did not insist, teach her everything, give her time.
He pulled her to him, squeezed his knees and put a tense head to the soft nipple.
She twitched, but he held her hand and knees.
She closed her eyes.
Holding a solid organ in his hand, he drove them across her breasts, squeezing her nipples.
Then he arranged it between the little knolls, rubbed against it, clutching at his shoulders.
He rested a member on her chin and again tried again.
She compressed her lips, and her face became miserable.
“Open your eyes, look at him, well, open, don’t be afraid,” he urged, and she opened her eyes and looked at the hard penis on her chest.
He put her hand on him, holding her for a few seconds, she lowered her.
Raising it under her arms, he sat her on the back of the sofa, beating around her, stood behind her.
Running his hands along her spine, he stretched her shoulders and neck, she relaxed tight muscles.
Transferring his hands to her breasts, he pressed her to him and, twisting her nipples until they hardened, lowered his palms on her closed legs.
Spreading them apart, he told her to raise his hands on his shoulders and not to lower them.
Stroking her bulging breasts, he again went down to her open crotch and, whispering in her ear of tenderness, began to masturbate her dry bosom.
She was trembling, but tolerated, not reducing his legs, not unclasping his arms closed on his neck.
Pushing his finger in the tight hole, he added the 2nd finger and stretched a narrow hole to the sides.
Her breathing became uneven, she then froze, then sighed intermittently.
Maximally stretching the hole until she screamed, he switched to a tender point, first slightly, then vigorously stimulating her.
It became harder to suffer from pain and some vibrating sensations below; the sensitive area under his arm pulsed, I wanted to break free and roll on the floor to drown out and stop the incomprehensible and previously unknown impressions, but I also wanted to shower with a cold shower in order to appease the convulsions that had beaten her.
His hand worked without stopping, sparing it, exciting the vagina and clitoris, increasing the painful condition of the whole body. 18 sex cam.

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