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Putting a member to her priest, I pressed a little, the Natushkin anus ring already developed by my tongue, it became easy to expand and my member freely entered into it to the limit.
I started to fuck her in the ass, slapping eggs on her buttocks.
Natasha, her head down limply, stood with cancer, leaning on the heating pipes, and only jerked with her whole body when I planted her penis all the way.
She made no sound.
She was ecstatic.
Having made 50-60 pushes, I pulled Natasha to me and finished it abundantly in the ass.
Pulling a member out of her, I turned her face to me and hugged me and asked: “Well, how are you, little one?”.
“I love you, I am yours, I will die without you,” she whispered, kissing me on the lips.
She cried.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Tears of happiness
There was another visit by Syavka, I was lying on my side, Syavka was lying next to me behind, his cock was creeping in my ass, one of his hands was squeezing my chest, the other hand was curved in my mouth and I was sucking it.
“I wonder how many times the Spypear discharged his gun into me, probably more than a hundred in all the time,” I thought sadly, hearing the syvkin sniff right in my ear, so he grabbed the earlobe of my ear with my teeth, I internally shuddered, but mine the hand stroked Syavkin’s ass, in response, Syawka moved his hips more vigorously and I realized that the climax was near.
And so it happened, after a short time he finished in my ass, then we lay silent for a while without moving and he took out the fallen member and said that the Marquis would most likely come tonight.
After seeing Syvka, I began to think about what to wear for the Marquis, of course, in men’s clothes, but I didn’t have it, the strictest of my wardrobe was a closed evening dress, a lilac shade, but with a deep neckline, but nothing to do and I got into it , hardly by the way, since the dress tightly wrapped my figure.

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The Marquis came and I was very happy to see him, I jumped to embrace him, but the Marquis was not himself, disheveled and red, he was angry and offended, walked past me and sat in the chair and shared: – Well, what a creature! Just mega bitch! – Who? What happened? I asked, alarmed.
– Margo! She laughed at me! Everything was a hoax! Only in order for me, to write her an olympiad work, and when she got hers, she made me laugh at her company! How the sucker spread! They all laughed there, and she said that I was a sad

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schmuck and that I was a completely dumb moron that I thought we might have something! She said that even the fattest and most terrible girl would not let me – the Marquis lamented: – Now it’s clear why we only kissed once and she didn’t allow me to touch, even touch! I thought she was embarrassed.
and she.
now everyone in the group laughs at me and a “sad schmuck” has stuck to me! So it sucks, even climb into the noose! What a bastard !! I sympathized with the problems of the Marquis, but Margot treated him ugly with him, but she used him, okay, but why humiliate him in front of everyone, now Marquis’s reputation is simply zero.
– Well, never mind, Marquis, do not pay attention and after a while it will be forgotten, and everything will be hockey! – I comforted Marquis, sat down beside him and patting him on the shoulder.
– All women are bitches! Everything! And beautiful women bitches triple! – Marquis could not calm down in any way, but nevertheless, he spoke out and felt better for him.
“Tell Sally, tell me like a girl.”
– here the Marquis saw my changed face and, thank God, he immediately recovered: – No, you are a guy by itself, I am about something else! In the sense that you now understand girls better.
hmm, by the way, you’re really prettier than Margo.
And looked me up and down, I mixed up under his gaze and blushed a little: – Marquis.
the beginning was me, but he interrupted me: -No, well, really! Margot can’t hold a candle! – and then finally the Marquis saw my embarrassment and clarified: – Well, of course not to you, but to your kind, to your image! The Marquis’s friendly delicacy was gone today, but I understood why, he was really badly punished today, and of course he was angry, extremely offended and annoyed.
– Did you do what we agreed on with you? – I decided to go to my secret.
-What? But not yet, in the work yet, I am writing a Trojan for this system.
But soon it will be ready, Sullivan, and I will pull you out.
At first I was upset, and then I realized that I was soon glad: – Thank you, thank you !! – as I chirped and clapped my hands. Porn hq online.

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And our half-child-semi-mature military “service” began to flow.
In the morning – exercise, breakfast, then work in the field, and in the evening war games, drill, sporting events, shower and sleep.
Summer heat drove crazy, the only salvation from it was swimming in a local lake.
Days flowed sluggishly and uniformly.
Every day, each “fighter” was assigned the task of weeding and clearing two long rows of weeds.
These rows were long, 200, 300 meters each, and under the scorching sun it took 4, 4.5 hours to work them out.
It was pure punishment, and only schoolchildren could be forced to work on “bare” enthusiasm, “volunteer work”, that is, for free.
Once, finishing the last row, I saw Lesha next to me, who with frenzy tore and threw down the weary grass, wishing to finish the daily norm as soon as possible.
We began to complain about a difficult share.
Having finished weeding, both fell down to the ground, without feeling back.
The body ached from fatigue, the legs and arms were cotton.
We lay happy with the realization that we had completed the hated work earlier than others and we have 30-40 minutes of complete freedom.
It so

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happened that we were 200-250 meters ahead of everyone else.
Catching their breath and recovering a little, they began to chat, vividly commenting on what was happening.
“Now I’d like to drink some water and take a dip in the lake, otherwise I’m not strong enough,” I said.
After these words, Alex handed me his oval flask of water.
– On, drink.
Taking a few sips, I returned the flask and thanked a friend.
– Listen, all of us are still picking, and we are already resting.
Just a class! Now there would be a sofa here together with Zhanna, she would have rubbed her back, and she would have taken it in her mouth, ”Lech said.
I rolled with laughter.
We nervously laughed, holding on to our stomachs, laughed and could not calm down for a long time.

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Physical fatigue through laughter gradually disappeared.
The fact is that Zhanna is our classmate, an unusually unsympathetic girl, a student with whom no one wanted to sit at the same desk because of her nasty, unbalanced nature.
She was never talked about seriously and always used her name for the most ridiculous and piquant situations.
It was normal, because there are pets and outcasts in any class.
– Zhanna is in town now.
I would not refuse a massage either.
Listen, let’s remember each other’s backs, this is a worldly thing, ”I said.
– Lets do it.
With these words, I threw off my jacket and laid it on the ground.
Alex was the first to lie on her, took off his shirt and put my back to me.
I began to massage his shoulders and lower back with the benefit of such an experience I already had.
The first seconds Leshka moaned, snuffled and groaned like an old grandfather.
But gradually the pain went away, my back came to life, was poured by force, my hands deftly flexed my muscles.
After rubbing followed by acupressure.
Then they changed places.
Fifteen minutes later our backs were already in perfect order, the mood was excellent.
Alex got up, stretched, and suddenly I noticed that his pants were sticking out.
Against the backdrop of a lean, lanky body, it looked a little ridiculous.
Lesch did not notice what was happening.
Apparently spilled over the body languor did its job, and his penis reacted to stimulation of the back.
“What have you got?”
Do you have something? – I asked.
– As you can see, he honestly confessed, it is worth it, apparently it was in vain that we started a massage.
– Why is it in vain, isn’t it easier to have a back? – Well, why, very much so.
“And I felt better too,” I said.
– And does he often react to your massage? – Yes, nobody did it to me.
– Yes, well, that can not be.
Do you think your back never went numb? – Yes, how many times it went numb, but it did not reach the massage.
“Now there would be Jeanne here, bend with the crustacean and grind,” added Lech.
“Well, go and call her, maybe he will come,” I said reluctantly.
– Want to see it? – View.
Well, show me if you want? – Yes, I do not mind, look at.
Just sit down, do not shine above the bushes.
With these words, Lesha looked around and, making sure that no one sees him except for me, he pulled off his pants, and then the pants.
Elastic member jumped free and rocked.
It was a cropped, straight lengthwise member with a small head.
He made a good impression on me.
the testicles were pressed to the penis, and the hair around the pubis was neatly trimmed.
– Beautiful you, Lech.
How much is in it? – Sixteen and a half.
– Can I touch him? – Touch it. Milf squirting on webcam.

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