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While she could be engaged in embroidery, and I watch her beautiful face, which brings me pleasure already more aesthetic than erotic.
Half of my life connected with poetry was indifferently rejected by N.
The other half remained – love, in which the thrill of sensations disappeared, and therefore passion gave way to tenderness.
But only in the thrill of sensation, we find ecstasy.
I, proud of my fame as a lover, no less than with poetic fame, I did not find a place in my family life for my career.
I witnessed my vanity with her beauty, kindness, and innocence.
But innocence gradually became coquetry, kindness became sentimentality, and beauty became habitual for me and therefore imperceptible.
Only when everyone admires the beauty of N.
, I feel pride, which, alas, is increasingly turning into jealousy.
For the first time in my hectic life, I began to fall asleep and wake up with the same woman day after day.
The sweetness of novelty always quickly lost its charm for me, and I, without thinking, changed my mistresses or added to one another.
I regretfully understood that it was not fitting for a married person to do that.
The difference between a wife and a mistress is that my wife and I go to bed without lust.
That is why marriage is holy, that lust is gradually being supplanted from it, and relations become either friendly or indifferent, and often hostile.
Then the naked body is no longer considered a sin, because it does not lead to temptation.
Sometimes I experienced peace, quiet joy, looking innocently at my Madonna (after all, this is the only way to look at Madonna).

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Lust became a small part of our lives, for the most part was our cohabitation, full of worries and trifles; cohabitation, seducing passion.

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unpardonably, but inevitably I began to be taken for granted.
I looked at the dagger, peacefully hanging on the wall, and thought that I no longer see the “love battle”, nor feel the smell of hot blood.
There is no better place to indulge my passion in watching other people’s pleasures.
Is not this the most striking example of humanity, when someone else’s pleasure causes me to enjoy not less strong pleasure?
If you see the grief of a stranger to you, then the sympathy you feel cannot be compared in strength with the feelings of the sufferer.
So in the joy of success in the service field: the person who achieved them, will be much happier than the outsider well-wisher who had heard of these successes.
But when we see other people’s love pleasures, they not only cause pleasure in us, but our pleasure is not weaker, and sometimes stronger than the pleasure of participation.
I am convinced that in the world there is no more beautiful picture than the kind of fucking diving and emerging from the pussy.
And you can see it in all eyes only by watching from the side.
When you fuck yourself and step back to look at a miracle, you always see the sight from above – not to see how your eggs crawl along her crotch.
You can, of course, trick with mirrors, but this is not it.
In addition, when you fuck, you are too passionate about the feelings of dick and can not fully surrender to the sight.
Therefore, as a spectacle, I am more worried about someone else’s dick, entering his pussy than my own.
No wonder the ancient Romans demanded not bread and pleasures, bread and circuses.
My passion for shows prepared me an acquaintance, which can now turn into my death.
Sofia Astafyevna has a special room, in the wall of which a peephole is made.
It is allowed to look for a special fee.
Random customers go to this room, frequent guests can occupy the next room and watch the action.
That evening I took with me Nina, the craftswoman.
I put her on my knees in front of me, and she knew what to do and knew perfectly.
While Nina was zealous, I clung to the peephole, and saw Lisa, jumping on some “stallion”.
The girls were trained, being in the viewing room, to unfold the working part to the eye, and put a candlestick next to it.
I saw Lisa’s pale ass with a pink pimple on her left buttock.
She bent over her guest, and her cunt with the cock sliding in it sparkled.
Whenever the dick got out of her pussy to dive deeper again, he pulled out a fringe of shiny red entrails.
Plunging, he shoved them back into the depths. Webcam first time squirt.

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My Darling is even more than I am excited and a little nervous.
A couple of glasses and I was very easy and free.
A dark foreign car stopped in the courtyard.
I went out to meet.
A man came out of the car from a photo.
But even more beautiful in real life, well, maybe because I was in such an airy state.
We exchanged kisses.
He had flowers on his hands, and we go into the house in an embrace, where my Beloved sat and watched through the window behind us.
Well, I naturally guessed that he was peeping through the window, and behaved impudently, gave this man a kiss and a hug so that my Korean would start.
We went into the house, met.
For decency, they poured martinis to him, they themselves drank a glass and right at the table I sat on a Caucasian man’s lap.
He hugged me, and we passionately kissed on the lips.
Surprisingly strong hands carried me into the room.
Gently put me in bed and began to take off my pants, sweater, I stayed in one bikini.
At this time, my man comes and watches us.
I am excited not from this Caucasian, but from how he observes.
I discovered in myself a secret desire, if they watch me, I get even more excited by it.
I cling tightly to a new acquaintance.
I begin to tear off his shirt, then rip the strap out of my trousers and pull down his trousers.
His hairy body and sighs, such beautiful words that only these guys from the Caucasus can say, have aroused me greatly.
And I frantically pull him to me.
I feel a huge hardened member at my bottom.
If he shoves, I’m afraid I’ll finish right away.
The desire to take revenge on his Beloved for fucking with such passion and desire at that time Russian enraged me and seized me with a furious desire to fuck wildly and to give this Caucasians to all the cracks.
He very easily carried me to the table, which stood by the window and entered into me, wearing a condom.
I held on to his broad shoulders, and we began to move smoothly.

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I finished with wild cries.
Then she went to the bed where my Korean sprawled, watching us, and got cancer, the Caucasian entered me, and I responded to his passionate tremors.
He went to my ass a few times, this pain excited me even more.
He held my tits, massaged and moaned.
I, too, from overexcitement screamed.
At this time, my beloved knelt down and put his dick in my mouth.
I felt so good from this, so painfully familiar and dear member.
And I sucked and swallowed with pleasure his sperm.
I felt so embarrassed and ill in front of him that I avenged him.
Never in our life will we do this again.
I hugged him tightly, kissed him, cried.
Caucasian left quietly, as he came.
And my beloved and I continued to make real love until the morning in order to wash away the dirt that I experienced on myself.
That evening, she returned home late and immediately went to the bedroom, leaving me on the run, that she was tired and would not have dinner with me.
My heart began to beat quickly when I looked at her face.
She was with someone again! There

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was no doubt about that, because there was almost no lipstick left on her always flawlessly made up lips.
Having swallowed the last piece of my modest dinner and put the dishes in the sink, I went to her.
His wife was dressed on her bed, wearing a raincoat and boots.
– Do not turn on the light! – she asked.
– Why? I asked, walking over to her and sitting down on the bed next to her.
– I am ashamed! she said softly.
I reached out to her and ran my fingers over her slender leg from my knee and above.
She turned her head and looked at me.
– Have you been with him again? – – Not! – My hand gently slid under the hem of her dress and froze, feeling the exciting stickiness on her pantyhose.
– Mmmmm! Is my girl all wet again? – without hiding delight, I exclaimed.
– Yes! – Lena breathed hotly, allowing me to gently stroke her between the legs.
– ABOUT! This time and panties on the spot! – I admired.
– Yes Dear! My favorite! My only one! – – And you are my most beautiful and desirable girl in the world! – – True? – – Yes! Who were you with this time? – I asked, caressing her through her panties and tights under them.
She pressed herself against my fingers! – I dont know! – the wife admitted in a whisper.
– I went to the toilet when I returned from work.
There was nobody there! And I was glad for this! – She paused, remembering what was with her.
I bent over her body and began to lick her knees, gently caressing her between the legs.
– Go on, my sweet! I love you! – – And then suddenly the lights went out.
Someone entered the room and locked the front door with a key.
I did not even have time to get scared! – – Was it a man? – – Yes! – – Old or young? – – Years 40-45. Spy cam lesbian.

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And the rare inclusions of civilization are tiny towns, with a population of no more than a hundred thousand people.
A sort of planetary province.
And here it was possible almost everything.
Drugs, the arms trade, prostitution, the slave trade: No, there were officially some laws, but in practice, if you are not able to stand up for yourself, then get ready: In general, for anything.
To rob, kill, stuff with drugs, rape or just beat them here anywhere, except, perhaps, the most lively and filled with police posts posts of the central cities.

Makoto is the heroine of the Japanese anime series Sailor Moon.
Tall, slim girl with big breasts and ass.
Brown hair gathered in a magnificent tail.
Age – 16 years.
Big green eyes of an almost ripe woman.
Minako – the heroine of the Japanese anime series Sailor Moon.
A girl of medium height 15 years old, still slim in her youthful grace.
Long golden hair to the waist.
Big blue eyes beckon innocent playfulness.
In the subway train it was stuffy and crowded, the stale air and the terrible crowding did their job.
Minako ran out at the very first stop in search of a latrine.
Fortunately, the public toilet was nearby.
She knocked, there was no answer.
Slamming the door impatiently, Minako ran inside and.
Right in front of the Japanese girls toilet, which is a semi-cylindrical notch in the floor, with a hole and a small dome above it – a quarter of a sphere, so that splashes of liquid gold would not irrigate the walls of the female toilet, and Mako would sit where they needed to squat. Small penis humiliation camwhores porn.

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But, two years before the sixtieth anniversary, she settled down and let the retired colonel of the armored troops sit at her post, cooked jam with him and was happy, sitting in front of the TV on long winter evenings finally leaning against a strong man’s shoulder.
And what about our newlyweds? In due time, having tortured him with

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late toxicosis and whims (remember the anecdote about the Georgian prince, who was carrying a pregnant wife on a steamer), Lyadova, that is, sorry, Khryakova, gave birth to a boy who was completely overwhelmed by the happiness of Oleg Petrovich.
The child was painful, constantly crying at night and demanded a lot of attention.
Lena began to get annoyed, to fall in turn either into rage or depression.
Somehow imperceptibly, all the worries about the heir lay on the shoulders of a middle-aged father.
A year later, Helen cheered up and began to visit her friends, sometimes staying with them for the night.
In the morning came a prettier, soaked to the panties with the smell of tobacco.
But today, almost all girls smoke, so Oleg Petrovich had no reason for dirty suspicions and could not be.
Yes, he had no time to be tormented by doubts! Try and replace the mother with one year old baby! The once stormy and frequent copulation of young spouses somehow disappeared by themselves.
Helen more and more declined, referring to the headache, the women’s troubles, or even simply, without coming home to sleep.
And once, when Oleg Petrovich very much wanted it too unbearably, he, according to the old habit and rightful lawful spouse, pressed his wife with a voluminous belly to the bed and was about to infiltrate her with a powerful member, suddenly received a blow to the solar plexus, accompanied by hissing: ” Get out, nit! I don’t tolerate you, fat boar, in my house so that you can trash my white body! Grow your son and be happy that you have a young beautiful wife.

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“I explain about“ in my house ”: after giving the former wife a country palace, Oleg Petrovich was forced to sell his luxurious apartment in order to build a new summer cottage and reassure Lenochkin’s hysterics about the loss.
It was necessary to live temporarily with the young wife, to earn a new apartment was not so easy.
So, think of Lenochka, throwing the annoyed peasant out on the street, and our hero would become an ordinary homeless man, for half the dacha would probably have choked off his predatory spouse.
But E.
Lyadov was a good woman, and just excommunicated her husband from the body, rightly believing that it was necessary for him to bastard, because the achieved “Goal” was not as abundant as we would like.
But, what are her years! Still ahead, only let the son Pavlik grow up, and there she will again take to the warpath.
If someone is interested in the fate of Marya Gavrilovna and Yura’s friend, I report that Gavrilovna on the very first day after her return to work, Mademoiselle Lyadova Khryakov dismissed at the request of her future spouse, t.
Pobedopostseva allowed herself a sidelong glance in the direction of a young employee, too openly clinging to the body of the director Khryakova.
But friend Yura surprised everyone by getting married to Tanka for some reason.
It is true that he was offended at something, put a fingal under her eye and drove her out of the house into the night.
However, he did not take away the three-carat wedding ring with the diamond, that’s what a noble man means!
After that unforgettable evening with Miranda, two days passed (although Shepard had not completely departed).
Then, two days ago, he could not even imagine such a violent sex, and even with an officer of Cerberus – a woman who was specially created to be perfect.
But if he knew what was waiting for him ahead, then would he lie so surprised.
Exactly two days later, Shepard again set foot on his Normandy SR-2, after another flight to the Citadel – problems after his revival were constantly falling on him, and with such force that he was not sure that it was the best thought of the Cerberus scientists. Granny big tits cam.

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Makeev obviously played the role of an intelligent “good policeman.”
“Let’s go visit our office and have a leisurely conversation there,” he said politely, “What is the matter, who do you work for, and so on.”
– I am a slave.
– I began and faltered, – I hope to get a job at the Center.
– Now you are joking, hohmach! – said Pasha.
– Please folder, – asked Makeev, – You hardly need it anymore.
Now the contents of the pockets.
Pasha put his hand on the unbuttoned axillary holster.
“Thank you,” thanked Makeev once more, taking my wallet and mobile phone from me, “And now let’s go.”
“This is some kind of misunderstanding,” I was annoyed that standard phrases from films had come to my head.
– Do not worry, Alexander Mikhailovich, – said Makeev, – We will now figure everything out.
I expected to be handcuffed, but Makeev simply began to descend the stairs to the black X5 standing under the platform.
– Forward! – pushed me in the back Pasha.
In the car, I was still handcuffed.
“Standard precautionary measure,” Makeev explained with a guilty smile, “Let’s go, Tolik.”
– In the third building? – the driver specified. Model free sex.

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Vanya, This is my first day at this company, and you are my first client.
When I came here, I decided that this “job” was not for me.
It’s better to die of hunger than to become.
Keep quiet! I know everything.
He did not let her utter an offensive word for herself.
Be quiet.
From now on, you have protection.
I will not leave you in trouble.
All I have is yours.
I have some small savings.
Sell ??a car.
I almost did not go on it, it is like new.
We will find the money.
Finally, I get a job.
The woman smiled sadly.
Do you know Vanya, how much is the apartment now? I have nowhere to live.
Ivan went to Lena and hugged her.
Can you accept a gift from me? Excited, he asked.
Will this apartment suit you? I know you lived in much better conditions.
This housing is just a den compared to where you lived.
I remember your Moscow apartment.
Hugging against his chest, Elena looked at Ivan with a sad smile.
I now Vanya live with completely unfamiliar people, rented a room.
This apartment for me is now just unattainable luxury.
Wait, where are you going to live? Concede your apartment to me, and you yourself will huddle somewhere in a hotel? Or do you want to settle in the sewer? Not! I do not agree to such a sacrifice! Although.
I can accept your offer, provided you live here with me.
But that means, ”she faltered slightly,“ that we will be husband and wife. ”
Do I still interest you as

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a wife? From bottom to top, looking into his eyes, she asked timidly.
Ivan leaned over and gently touched his lips to his beloved lips.
Only now he realized that his lonely life had finally ended successfully.

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And a new life begins.
They have a difficult but happy life ahead of them.
He finally met a girl whom he had waited patiently for twenty long years.
And still waited.
Together, they will not be afraid of any difficulties, because they are together.
And most importantly, they remain the same, real people.
December 10, 1998
I woke up from the sun that shone in my eyes, immediately realizing that something was wrong.
So it was, it was almost noon on the clock.
I was late, I had to go to the Airport, to meet my friend’s brother, who was now studying.
His name is Pasha.
He is 29 years old, he is dark and has brown eyes.
Announced the landing of the flight St. Petersburg – Moscow.
After 10 minutes I saw him.
He ran his eyes over the terminal and looked for me.
Low blonde, pale as death and with a rose tattoo on her wrist.
I have blue eyes and a neat face, a small nose “button”.
In general, I was quite an attractive girl.
Noticing me, he looked at me twice.
In his eyes was read surprise, confusion, arousal.
I was wearing a short white skirt, flesh-colored tights and a white jacket.
He approached me and asked: Are you Daria? Yes! And you must be Paul? What are you, just Pasha.
We continued to talk and slowly went down to the parking lot.
I opened the car, he put the suitcase in the trunk and we drove off.
On the way, we talked about all sorts of things, and several times I caught his eyes on my legs, but decided not to pay attention to it and wait for him to lead himself further.
An hour later we came to my house.
Soon his sister was supposed to come, and we had to go to the club, “wash” his arrival.
We went into the room, he sat on the sofa, and I began to change clothes.
I first took off my jacket with a blouse, and then the skirt with tights pulled off and put on mini-shorts and a topic over the bra.
I noticed that Pasha didn’t feel at ease about this, and a bump appeared on his jeans.
A smile stretched across my face, and an awkward silence settled in the room.
I broke it by asking: Why did you come to Moscow? I’m only two weeks to settle some things with the transport company and back to St. Petersburg.
He was a businessman, I do not know exactly what he did, I only know that his monthly income exceeded the seven-digit number. Www sex xxx online com.

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Somewhere in forty minutes, cover me dinner, after serving me at dinner, continue to clean up further.
Accompanied by Olga, the Mrs. went to the pool, having a large amount of swimming, taking a shower, Catherine went to the dining room, where the table was already served.
After dinner, she watched TV, Olga at this time delivered oral sex to her, first she licked her crotch, and then her ass.
Mistress loved when they caressed her anus, she was very pleased to feel the tongue of a slave penetrated deep in the ass.
Satisfied with caresses, Mrs. went to bed, and Olga ordered: Go, help your girlfriends clean up.
Olya was very offended by the fact that Katya sent her to help slaves, and did not leave her in her room.
Catherine herself appointed her eldest among the slaves.

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And despite the fact that the Mistress punished her with them, the slaves were afraid of Olga very much.
When the Lady was not at home, she disposed of slaves, as if she was their real Mistress.
She, as she could, humiliated them, beat, but lightly, so as not to leave traces.
She so intimidated the slaves, if they, one of them, reported to the Lady about her antics, she would make the slaves regret that they were born into the world.
At the very beginning, Lizka somehow told Catherine that Olga, without her permission, had punished her, to which Catherine replied, it meant it was, for which she ordered Olga to place her in the basement, where she was tortured alternately for a whole week now Olga, then Katya, especially lyutovala Olga.
This was a good lesson for all the other slaves.

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Olga came to the slaves who cleaned the house and told them that if Mrs. asked in the morning, she would help to take part in the cleaning so that they answered that she was cleaning with them, and went herself, lay down on the sofa in the living room.
Olya was lying on the sofa and thought it was time to change her life.
In the morning she decided to talk to Catherine not as a slave, but as a person.
For the first time during the whole time Olga was a slave, she decided to take this step.
She did not want to be a slave anymore, but simply to become Katya’s assistant.
And she realized that the time had come to carry out her plan, which had already matured in her head for a long time.
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But he held on and did not let go, apparently for himself he decided to continue such powerful feelings from my vaginal muscles for a longer time.
Or maybe two dick in one pussy? Yes, let’s do it.
Immediately above me was the second newcomer.
He is without.
problems immediately introduced his dick on top of a member of his partner.
They synchronously enough continued to hammer me.
The second one, just howled with delight, as I pull in their members into myself and apparently already together they could not control themselves.
At once both descents into me and both shouted with delight.
I myself felt that my already endless orgasm began to turn into a continuous multi orgasm.
I felt a half-swoon as if by the second, for the third time my lovely men let me go.
But it seems among these descending, and there was no my macho? So it is: I still twitch with my whole body from a multi orgasm; men scattered around the office, two of whom turn out to be shooting non-stop on a professional camera.
And everyone, it turns out, was waiting for me to start the blowjob of my macho man.
My macho appeared above me, I only had time to lick his head a couple of times, as everyone demanded to make measurements.

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Right next to my face.
Clicked cameras.
Verdict – 27cm.
and 6, 5 cm.

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diameter of a trunk and almost 8 in diameter of a head.
Well, just ka small children, I could barely shove the whole head in my mouth and began to drive the entire length of the trunk with both hands.
Then they decided this: Dick in the pussy – and shake in the mouth.
Thank God, I feel it again in myself.
Only he stuck his dick to me at the very balls, as I once again embraced an orgasm, I squeezed his cock so tightly with my muscles that it seems he soon began to let me down.
But apparently not everything is lowered into the pussy, because when I felt his cock in my mouth at home, he did not fill me with sperm, and so I squeezed a few drops from myself.
But I was happy that I felt it again in myself, I was still sausage-and-sausage, it turned out to be one of the men, I was the first to dress and peck me with a cucumber, and the rest began to diverge.
All four gentlemen left, Timur and Yuri left.
Only Yuri was watching me, as I, all alone in convulsions, poke myself even with a bottle of champagne.
By the edge of my ear I hear Katya’s secretary already completing the washing up.
A solid buzz.
Can you stay overnight or go home? Let’s go home, of course.
I’ll put your envelope in the safe.
Your macho you here 20t.
with the euro presented.
What you spend.
I rushed to check – stunned – a lot of money – wow !!! Buy an apartment, like any married woman, I want to live in a good apartment with my husband and son. Hidden cam wife naked.

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