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I was silent too.
Five minutes later, the mother-in-law returned.
“Go to her, calm her down,” she said.
Waving my hand, I went to our bedroom.
The child slept peacefully and smiled in his sleep.
The wife, having buried in a pillow, cried.
Turning off the light, I lay down in bed and hugged her.
She turned and clung to me.
Hugging her, I reassured her, saying gentle words, stroking and saying that I love her, no matter what.
Reassured, she fell into a deep sleep.
The dream did not go to me.
I lay and thought, thought, thought.
From the next room I heard groans and creaks.
I smiled.
Now I understood what kind of fishing my father in law told me.
Hugging my beloved tightly, I fell asleep.
After I started publishing my stories, different people started writing to me.
Thank you all, I am very pleased with your letters, especially – spicy, if not shameless questions.
It is your interest that makes me remember this or that story from my life and write it down.
And so, one guy asked me a couple of questions that prompted me to another story.
– What about your orientation? Thank you, my orientation is good.
I quite enjoy my bisexuality.

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Why bi, you ask? Because, frankly, both sexes have their own advantages.
Although, to be honest, I like boys a little more.
In addition, they do not have to run after them – it is enough to put on a short skirt, and make up the lips and they line up to get my attention.
Girls, for the most part, pay much more attention to sex during sex.

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Touches, smells.
And, no offense, guys, they know much better how to caress me so that from the lust of a spark flew from my eyes! On the other hand, you can pervert as much as you want with the help of vibrators and a dildo, but not a single toy will be able to do the same to me that a strong guy with a proudly standing member.
No toy is as unpredictable as an experienced lover.
And what to hide here, no dildo is able to powerfully end on my body! So, when I just want sensual pleasure – I prefer to seduce some beauty.
And when I want to indulge in my pleasure – then I would not hesitate to choose guys! However, this answer led to the second question.
– How do you seduce girls? Yeah.
Probably, this is about the same as asking a guy – how does he seduce girls? Differently.
Where caress, where persuasion.
Although, in my opinion, I discovered the most effective way a couple of years ago.
I usually wait until I’m alone with a girl.
In the alley or in the apartment – no difference.
If only there were no people around.
You can even on the balcony during the break, when the whole company of people laughing together in the next room.
Grab by the wrists, press against the wall and slap a deep kiss for a few minutes.
And when the girl started up and got into the taste – slightly prypotput and dug so that her panties were wet through! Simple and does not require unnecessary words.
There is no need to invent anything and persuade for a long time – it is enough to give a little time and she will come to me after this.
However, you are interested in exciting stories from my life, aren’t you? Well, I have one.
It was a few years ago.
I studied at the university and even more so – there was a summer session on the nose.
Relations on the personal front once again failed – my boyfriend after a few of my tricks turned into a weak-willed vegetable, waiting for my next idea.
Needless to say, the prospect of thinking for two did not tempt me at all, and therefore I was thinking with might and main to part, but still hesitated — looking for a lover during the session — that headache was still. Webcam models video porn.

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Although later, thinking calmly, she realized that Kovacs would be the successor.
Lisa had a lot to learn.
Indeed, besides the fact that the teachers stimulated the pupils after the lessons, they had to regularly fulfill their direct duties during work.
In history lessons, Sergievskaya showed educational films, recited poems or put songs about historical events.
Svetlana offered essays with very unconventional and unfamiliar topics, did not force her to teach poetry, but offered to discuss them, although she herself could recite for hours.
And Lisa herself had to find interesting problems with non-standard solutions.
Sometimes she didn’t have any free time at all, so much was spent on preparing for classes.
But all surpassed Olesya.
Three leaders, who tried her caresses, fiercely studied mathematics, looking at the teacher with dedicated eyes.
Lisa foresaw that they would write the final annual exam perfectly, and everyone would have to be promoted again.
Strangely enough, she was in such a perspective without much enthusiasm: she did not care for any of the wards.
On the one hand, it was good: she could relate to them objectively, on the other – badly: she would have to go with someone she didn’t really want to go with.
Liza again appreciated the wisdom of Sergievskaya, who warned her about it after the dedication.
However, she was already completely resigned: man – he is a man.
In addition, all three were already relatively experienced, they didn’t have to explain and show much as the first time, and the fact that two of them, Lisa deprived of virginity, was already listed in her personal book of records.

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With eleventh graders everything was easier, more profitable and.
more boring.
As if meeting with an old lover, with whom not antipathy, but just circumstances.
So it turned out that with all four that she had to encourage, she met during her dedication.
So all of them have already known her as a woman, and there was not even a sense of novelty, but rather nostalgia.
Right from the doorway, they undressed without any frills and got down to business.
They firmly knew that they deserved an award, what this award was, and that they would certainly receive it.
Occasionally Lisa felt like a prostitute who received the money and should work it out.
There were, however, advantages: rarely when she finished with a grade 11 less than three times per night.
Therefore, she spent half the next day in bed, suffering from (or rather enjoying) the aching pain in the perineum, flattened jaws, hickeys and bruises on the most sensitive places, and strained muscles, especially on the thighs and groin.
One of them, Kostya Zhubarov, struck her with stamina and breadth of the repertoire.
She asked who encouraged him last year.
It turned

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out – Svetlana once, and Nadezhda and Alla – as many as three, one of them together.
It became clear that those who had undergone such versatile training would surprise any woman.
And then Gurgen and Volodya wrote a computer program that took second place in the regional competition.
Liza, in truth, was convinced that her role as an informatics teacher in their achievement was small, but they were either sincerely convinced of the opposite, or paid courtesy, or simply had a reason to make love to the teacher, but brought her a bouquet flowers and a box of chocolates.
True, no one had time to put flowers in a vase, and to eat sweets, because after the words of welcome from the boys and congratulations from the teacher, they immediately began to undress her, kiss and feel her at the same time. Webcam teen sex hd.

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Alexander – somewhere in the zone, I heard that his “cons” were buried.
My grandfather-grandfather died.
And the mother is alive and well, at the moment she is going to her useless mother.
But that’s another story.
Our point is good, the location is in the sense, in the center, in the alleys next to the Patriarch’s.
Nurse, as expected, on Tverskaya stands, directs customers, shows how to drive.
I often take a Vitrina, such as young, slim, we all have such.
Advertising in one word.
And I don’t mind, it’s for me that the most “non-problematic” clients are allowed to pick up, then every second one falls on me.
An hour or two I will stand and drive away by choice.
But: not all carnival.
A week ago, we are standing with the mother, by midnight, it’s time to think about myself.
Then he rolls up, dressed with a needle, sports car, Mitsubishi, like.
-Girl, the best, birthday is mine! Mother pushes me in the side, and he already stared at my chest, a lewd look, how many times have I seen this.
But most of all I did not like that young, with them, students, under the rich daddies, how many of our girls had problems.
And Mamashka already takes money and calms me down: – Look, rich, alone, Moscow rooms, not a thug, what else do you want? She sat up, smoked nervously, but it seemed nothing.
Polite, even smiling, some anecdote told, Igor, they say, is called.
Were in some kind of sleeping area.
The usual thing – a rented apartment in a high-rise building, took the elevator, opens the door.
– Do you really have a birthday? – Come in, I’ll tell you everything now.
I went into the usual iron door, behind it, the door to the lock.
– About birthday – I lied, but there are guests and a gift! And two guys in the hallway from the room, Three pairs of hands clutched – Hooray, The gift arrived! “So, hit, okay, not me first, not me last.
How I felt.

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The main thing – to cope, then we will grieve.
Break out, run – impossible.
Resist – at best beaten.
“- the thoughts pulsate in the brain, for fear of chill on the back.
And I’m already naked, there is nothing to shoot there – a topic, a skirt, panties – one name, the stockings are left true, or I can’t wait so much, or the craving for beauty: Ugh, what nonsense is in my head.
Three members upright.
Igor, apparently, the leader in the company, roughly squeezes his own in my mouth – almost choked, very big.
No, this is no longer a blowjob, this is just fuck in the rock, painfully squeezing his hair, trying to stick as deep as possible.
Well, it happened and that.
Two fascinated looking and pulling my chest.
Next to the sofa, I get up on my knees, spread my legs slightly, but none of them react to this.
Okay, I can handle them, now – Igor.
My hand goes down between my legs and rubs my vagina.
– Oh, you bitch, you like it all !!! – I reached my goal, Igor moved back, and in one motion entered me.
Well, this can not be avoided, I have long learned not to react to any activity of a member in my vagina: Ah, we still shout, – “Get it, bitch! I will beat you everywhere!” Good boy, come on, have it everywhere, but for now I’ll deal with your friends.
One member in the mouth, the other firmly squeeze.
Immediately groaned, think aunt wants you to do more pleasantly: No, they did not guess, you will finish with me now as pretty ones! That’s what I need now and as soon as possible! These members are smaller, and it already looks like a blowjob.
So, rather, rather, in turn, and hand, hand.
So, they already drooled.
Igor didn’t shout from behind, he insistently hammered his dick into me, only slaps of his eggs and moans of this couple could be heard.
It is necessary that they are sure to finish both, a member in his mouth exploded with sperm, his master gasped.
While he is in a stupor, the second member is quickly in his mouth and a new portion of sperm.
Now moan, moan hard and wag your ass.
Yeah, it worked, Igor’s member became even harder, now squeeze the hips a little.
What, you do not want to finish? No, brother, you got there yourself – that’s the jolts, sperm, a lot of warm sperm.
I roll sideways on the sofa.
From cracks immediately begins to ooze,

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so they should, now pour the whole sofa.
ugh, again full of nonsense.
-Where!? – Igor woke up, – Hey, you! Well, fuck her in chorus! Yes, you have finished! Bitch, you want to fool me, will not work !!! – What do you mean, I just can not help myself when there are so many men around: – now the main thing is to pay off the aggression, while I got off pretty easily.
The truth is not worth flattering, so just it will not end.
– She specifically did it! Hidden cam mature sex.

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And good luck to you! ”
Having gone a few steps inertia, the girl turns around, looking at me perplexedly, obviously with some disappointment, but also with relief; uncertainly, half-turning backwards.
I smile at her, wink and wave my hand.
She smiles back, wider and bolder with each passing second, also waves her hand and takes a few more steps away from me; then, thinking for a moment, he stops, runs up to me again, and clasps his arms around his neck, with a slight involuntary groan imprints a juicy kiss on the lips; laughs foolishly, chirps cheerfully: “Bye-bye”, and almost skips off; already from the very doors of the school, once again turning around and smiling from ear to ear, waving at me with both hands at last.
Everything, now I remembered her, in reality, the face of this stranger belonged to an aspiring English teacher, who tried to teach me this language one by one (then, actually, what about the School of Arts? What are all the same strange quirks from the subconscious).
I follow the girl with a look, take a deep and happy breath, turn around and, terribly pleased, go about my business.
And spring begins on the street.
The air is filled with moisture and movement.
Life goes on.
The dream is over, and outside the window is already dawning.
I wake up with a light and fresh head, a full of energy body literally throws me out of bed.
The day promises to be successful.
After the wedding of a friend, Lera closed in on herself.
She didn’t want to see anyone, missed discos, the whole world was not nice to her.
Buried in a pillow, she cried at night, bitterly remembering every minute, not even, probably every second, of that tragic night.
Why did this happen to her, what she did wrong, why fate is so cruel.

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She just did not allow anyone to, virginity for her was the most sacred.
A week passed, and the pain did not stop.
It was soaring in the lower abdomen and in the perineum, well at least stopped bleeding.
But these pains were tolerable, compared with mental pains.
The heart was breaking apart.
I’m not a girl anymore.
She could not imagine what she would say to someone with whom she would later decide to spend the rest of her life, who she would truly love.
Most of all, of course, she was worried by the fact that if the whole village finds out, there will be talk and gossip.
And the impatient Lerochka will turn into a leker Lavka.
I would rather have classes, so I want to go to the city, and forget this nightmare.
But in the village it was quiet and calm, the friend was silent, as she showed the sheets as her innocence, and Vitek was afraid to open her mouth.
Suddenly a rape will be reported to the police, or local youth will take revenge.
No one noticed the change in the girl’s life, the parents were preparing for the harvest, and the younger sister ran all the way along her friends.
And only one grandmother drew on the behavior of her beloved granddaughter.
Insularity, excessive silence and strict female eyes betrayed Leroux.
And still favorite blue panties, soiled supposedly in menstruation, could not help but alert the experienced woman, who had seen a lot in her lifetime.
With tears in her eyes, she washed the bloody stain, boiled them.
I wanted to throw it out, but after thinking it over, I decided: “If Lera did not do it, then they are dear to her”
And they were dear to her because their grandmother had bought them.
The old woman experienced no less than her granddaughter.
She did not ask Lera about anything, she knew for sure that the time would come and she would tell everything.
It did not take long to wait.
Left alone at home,

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Lera, with tears in her eyes, said: “I have become a woman.”
“Keep quiet” – her finger pressed to her lips, the grandmother answered: “I know everything”.
But she did not know that the granddaughter did this against her will.
A wise woman predicted to her beloved that this is not her fate, Vitya is not your pair, you don’t love him, and your prince will appear on a white horse, and he will understand and forgive you.
But while no less severe tests are waiting for you, and you must overcome them with honor, perhaps even over the heads of your girlfriends.
With this thought, Lera went to a distant city to study.
New furnishings and activities distracted from past thoughts. Best live sex shows.

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And the kiss did not stop everything.
And the legs did not move.
Though at the same time, Tarzan’s eyes were looking agitated through the mirror.
Tarzan both kissed her and felt her body and estimated: how exactly now her husband behaves in the cabin of his mistress.
It’s very cool how completely naked Kate, slowly wagging her booty, overcame this space by the couches.
By way, Katya grabbed a piece of salami from the buffet table.
But not so much she ate salami, how much she showed to her Tarzan with gestures how she sucked on a sausage.
Even moving away from the embrace of her lover, she provoked him to leave the place and again drag him to the bed of love.
Already, breaking the secret door, she just dipped her hair in the shower.
Well, then portrayed himself a wife, who just that just came out of the shower.
Katya wrapped her body in a huge bath towel.
But so, what exactly the pubis was and not covered.
Well, very seductive bitch.
And right, at the exit from the shower room, I almost tripped over both pants and Tarzan panties.
Pretended to fall towel.
She picked up a towel in front of her husband and picked up Tarzan’s pants and underpants under the towel.
Katya, along with a towel, threw the hidden clothes deep into the waiting room.
And after that she proceeded naked straight to her husband.

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I looked spellbound.
Now someone’s blood will be shed! After throwing “just a towel,” there was a punch of a belt buckle on a tile.
Nevertheless, he did not remove his penis from Aigulka.
And, on the contrary, Aygulka was transferred from the position of cancer to the position “sideways”.
And even more untied, he continued to fuck Aygulka from the back.
At the same time, Vitalka helped Aigulka to get more comfortable on the side.
And at the same time spread her one leg wider, helping Aigulka to pull at her clitoris.
“Look, look, Darka, you’ve probably never seen anything like this: how a cuckold husband meets his wife right after she leaves her lover’s embrace.”
With these words, Tarzan also rushed from the sexodrome.
He stood straight at the mirror.
Just as I, he apparently was preparing for the worst.
His fists were clenched, but the dick stood !!! – PANCAKE! The husband, after all, sees men’s clothes, my clothes, and even hears her rumble – burst out to himself from Tarzan.
– From his own words – he blushed red.
Apparently he was thinking all the scenarios in his mind how to behave in the face of real danger.
From such a dash of Tarzan to the stained-glass mirror, I began to hammer Aigulka, having lost my sense of reality altogether

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Apparently I put it on my penis like meat on skewers, without thinking about the fact that I was there to tear her whole uterus.
But Aigulka herself, in the courage, herself, podmahivala me.
Yes, as if only about that and dreamed that it would be torn from the inside.
Katya approached her husband with such dignity and serenity.
This is very cool.
So depraved.
Fucking sexy.
With springy gait.
Cheerful and playful.
At the same time she straightens her jumping boobs with one hand.
Well, with the other hand he caresses his thighs, along which water flows down in streams. Indian lesbian hidden cam.

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However, the sorceress has worked for some time to secure the trance, then, withdrawing, then again immersing this living toy in a trance.
This time, the newly-minted Vlada “remembered” many more amazing things: how to choose a wardrobe that matches the moment, walk on heels, put makeup on correctly, make a haircut (good, your hair was of sufficient length), or use a wig to change your image.
Despite the seemingly absent look of the neophyte, the training was extremely effective.
The third lesson was quite remarkable, because the coming (already) Vlada, at first was awarded the praise of the Voice for the appearance – the square of her own hair framed a pretty face with moderately applied makeup, a short black dress revealed a pair of slender legs covered with black openwork nylon and in shoes on high heels, matched to the dress and leather black handbag, which was held neatly manicured hands, with false nails.
Only a close look could see in this attractive person a feature unusual for the female sex — a small Adam’s apple, barely visible due to a few strands of artificial pearls.
After a brief check of the consolidation of the skill of entering a trance, under the guidance of the Voice and with obvious pleasure, Vlad began to pose for the camera, gradually exposing to the bottom, a very frivolous, underwear.
– Vlada, you see this member, this beautiful, delightful member, which is so nice to admire, and even more pleasant, to stroke it and take it in your mouth.
Before the “sunburned” eyes of Vlada there was an artificial phallus, very accurately imitating a male organ.
– Take him.
It is so pleasant and exciting to hold it in handles, to feel the weary heat that forms in the lower abdomen.
Nod when you feel it warm.
So, clever, now this heat spreads all over your body, spreading the desire to take a dick in your mouth, I really want to, it is impossible to resist.

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I will allow you to do this if you are a good girl.
Will you be a good girl? “Yeah-hh,” Vlada answered in a hoarse voice, breaking from excitement.
– Umnichka, hold the tongue from the base of the penis to the head, you will like it very much, this is such a pleasant sweetness (and these were not empty words, because the dildo was smeared with cream beforehand) is now around.
A detailed briefing, quite repeating the manual R.
Dixon on the treatment of man’s dignity, constantly mixed with verbal encouragements, as well as appealing to Vlada’s attention to the pleasant sensations from these actions.
Then, in a similar way was conducted a class aimed at getting anal pleasure.
Here actively participated a girl armed with a whole battery of strap-ons of various sizes and diameters.
Adapting to the words of the sorceress, she inserted these devices in turn into Vlada’s hole, starting with the small ones, pouring them abundantly with lubricant, and then, making translational movements, then fading, following the speech and signs of the sorceress.
After a while, it was already difficult to say: Whether the voice guides the actions of Vlada, or her independent gestures are performed simply under the comments.
Vlad’s ass, covered with black nylon with an intricate pattern of tights with special cuts, for free access to intimate places, moved in time with the girl’s movements.
And sometimes, when the girl died down at the sign of the witch, Vlada’s body, like a drug addict, looking for a dose, eagerly tried to absorb the strapon on her own.
But only once again, by agreeing with something (with her own sensation, desire, or duty), about which the Voice spoke, did Vlada get what she wanted, subconsciously reinforcing the thought that was inspired with positive emotions.
The result of the lessons was the stormy voluptuous convulsions of Vlada, who had finished without touching her “surprise” and was thirsting for new pleasures.
– Advertising is the engine of trade, especially made by such specialists.
Yes, no wonder I spent with my higher medical, for many years in one closed structure, where the brain was studied, including

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with the help of various technical things.
Of course, the money did not work, but experience in certain areas and necessary connections.
These are witchcraft schools, – the interlocutor laughed in a pleasant low voice.
– Curiosity, caused by the abundance of reviews, will attract all new customers, and a little technical support in the form of a record with the appearance of an ordinary porno film, but with small videos and sound inserts, which our spoiler will definitely put to guests, will awaken mutual lust and desire to thank “the girl” well. Sex arabic movies online.

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He behaved with young people simply, was not made up of his position.
– Well, how do you live here, where are you going, – asked Leshka.
– In the gym, today I have stretching exercises.
I can not understand why I need to master the landing on the splits.
And what ways are you here? Alexey Vasilevich hesitated for a moment.
– You see, I was also included in the number of elite male manufacturers.
Passed the survey and today I really use the first time.
And I asked you to be an elite mom.
Hearing this, Tanya blushed deeply.
The last thing she expected was that Leshka would visit her, the same Leshka who saw her without panties when she was accepted into the Union of Legionnaires. At that time he was so attentively looking at the hairs on her pubic hair.
Tanya wanted the first man to be unfamiliar to her, with an order on her chest, a face weathered on hikes and attentive, dumb, tired eyes.
That’s from such a hero is really nice to get pregnant.
How she would have tried for him! It is on such a visitor that she has psychologically tuned herself in recent days and was ready to fulfill any of his wishes.
The fact is that Tanya Leshka was somehow not sympathetic to the party.
He wanted to consult with him about school affairs, to ask his opinion about the next note of the bourgeois opponents of our State.
And then he will be in a completely different quality.

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Well, I ran, until the evening.
– all she could say.
All day she thought only about it.
As he enters and sees Tanya in lace openwork panties and bra.
What will they talk about before this? Will he just take off his underpants or undress before the goal? And how long Leshka linger in her room.
He will quickly leave on his party affairs or will sleep in her bed until the morning.
And in the morning? He will brush her teeth and dress with her.
And in general, will Leshka kiss her, as the book “Everything about Sex” allows.
There are a lot of questions.
And it is not always clear what to do.
Alexey Vasilievich Sedykh went to the

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directorate to settle the formalities.
This enthusiastic and so naive fool for a long time he liked.
He called Tanya “sweetie” to himself.
It was he who proposed her candidacy to the squad of Racial Purity.
Even then, Alexey Vasilyevich gave himself the word to fuck her FIRST.
Such young girls, naive in their devotion to the Party and the Father of the People, can deliver a lot of pleasure to an intelligent party member.
But, God forbid (in fact, it does not exist) if it realizes that the whole party ideology, the whole crackle of propaganda is just a soap bubble designed to fool the gray masses, to make them serve with the soul and body interests of the party elite.
If these masses find out the truth, then the Power will be smashed from frustration into smithereens, nothing and no one will be spared.
And the evening, meanwhile, was approaching.
Alexey Vasilyevich’s turnout time was set at 9 o’clock in the evening.
Ten minutes before, Tanya had put on lacy underwear and was thinking in front of a mirror.
“Why is it nice for men when all the places on the girl are barely covered,” she thought.
“Then in the Raykom in the presence of many I was not at all ashamed, not like it is now.”
In obedience to some kind of inner impulse, she stood sideways to the mirror, lowered her panties to her knees and slightly spread her legs. Porn games online 3d.

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