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These were the happiest moments of my life.
Until that unfortunate day, which at one stroke destroyed my whole life, came.
I remember this day as clearly as if it happened yesterday.
It was a hot spring day, and my mother and I went on bikes to the mountains.
Despite the fact that we knew the forest far and wide, somehow we drove onto a path that we had never been to before. Bongacams red.

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The owner of the house, Oleg, greeted us and carefully found us places where we could stay.
I noticed how a young guy gave me a rating look.
Somewhere for half an hour we just chatted, drank and ate.
Pleasant music played, Arthur sitting next to me (an older couple) kissed his wife and invited Inna (a young girl) to a slow dance.
The situation was becoming more liberated.
Olga suggested that everyone go to dance. She took Arthur-Lena’s wife by the hand and they went to the center of the room.
Sasha, that same young guy, also took me by the hand and gently put his arm around my waist and led for Olga.
I was very excited by this closeness to him, he was a little shy and kept his hands on my waist, I so wanted him to lower them below.
Arthur was already gently kissing Sasha’s friend, Anya, and his hand was already tightly clutching her ass in dark leggings.
Sasha, at the same time, was looking at this pair, and his hands went down, he pulled me to him and I felt a hard knob on his pants poking into my stomach.
I did not wait for his initiative, and dug my lips into his, he answered me with a passionate kiss.
He squeezed my buttocks harder, so I caught my breath, how long I waited for it.

Events developed quickly, when I again turned to face Anya, she was already on her knees sucking Arthur, he had a very thick dick, so that Ani’s little handle barely closed on it and she had to open her mouth wide to place .
She rhythmically moved her head, tightly squeezing a member with one hand, the second massaged Arthur’s eggs.

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I didn’t want to be left behind them, I sat Sasha on the sofa and quickly pulled off the jeans that had already been stretched out, along with my underpants.
He caught my admiring glance at his big dick, about 20 centimeters in length, it widened at the base, and the head was relatively small, I could not wait to catch it in my mouth.
I thoroughly licked up the droplets of grease, took his dick in my hand and began to lick the eggs, dropping a little lower to his anus, after a few movements, I touched his tongue again then, and not continuing to jerk him focused entirely on his ass.
He closed his eyes and moaned from bliss.
I passed to his penis, took his head in his mouth and played with her tongue.
I was still fully dressed,

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my pussy was all burning with excitement, and my panties were soaked through.
I just could not tear my lips from this handsome man to take off my jeans.
Meanwhile, Anya and Arthur moved closer to us, at arm’s length.
He put her on cancer, so she clapped her hands on the back of the sofa and began to gently insert her unit into her hot pussy.
I noticed a tube of grease next to them, and Arthur greased Anya’s anus with her thumb.
I could not bear it any longer, quickly began to get rid of the clothes, Sasha helped me with this, I pushed him back onto the sofa, straddled him and screwed his dick into my wet hole, when his first centimeter entered me, it began to darken in my eyes, I pressed her tits tight to his face and sank lower and lower, I was not ashamed to scream with might and main.
Finally, my pubis touched his, his healthy dick was completely in me only from this one thought I could finish.
Obomlev from pleasure, I began to move my ass rhythmically, I felt how the walls of my vagina expand under the pressure of Sasha’s penis.
The moans of Anya that I heard from the outside grew louder, and looked at them, and to my amazement I discovered that Arthur was already fucking Anya in the ass.
In general, at first I doubted that such a thick cock would fit Anya in the pussy, and then he had her in the ass, and she was also waving it to him. Secret hidden camera sex videos.

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I’m not a sadist.
With these words, he began to insert his member where Lena categorically disagreed all of our life together.
She tried to remove her ass, but he took her by the hips, pulled her tightly to him, and planted her on his huge hose.
Lena screamed in pain, his cock went into it for the most eggs.
Having paused for a few seconds, Alex began to fuck her ass with strong and sharp movements, he firmly held her hips and rhythmically drove his piston into her previously virgin hole.
Gradually, Lenochka began moaning and giving her ass to meet him.
Soon Lesha, snarling with pleasure, squeezed her hips, drove a member to the maximum depth and began to finish.
Taking out a member, he slapped her ass and said: – Rest, goat.
Yes, go podmosya Lena did not immediately go into the shower, and a couple of minutes and was cancer, and I could see her from behind.
From her pussy and anus, streams of sperm flowed out, on the thighs were red spots from strong fingers.
In general, she was like in a trance – a missing look, inhibited reactions.
She still got up and went in the direction of the shower, when suddenly Alex ordered her to return.
– Listen to the men, this is not a thing that would be all that we had lost in it.
This is too valuable an elixir, take out his gag.
I was untied, the gag was taken out of my mouth and brought to the sofa.
– Do what you say, otherwise it will be bad.
– You have to lick everything that flows from it, and more thoroughly! Lena was ordered to lie down on the sofa again and lift her legs, Alex and Vadim stood on the sides and held her legs, and I bent down and plunged my tongue into her pussy.
I felt the taste of her juice mixed with someone else’s seed, I was easily pushed into the back and I began to lick her crotch, swallowing this mixture.

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I licked her clean, even tongue crawled into the depths of her pussy, strange, but the taste of sperm did not seem to me nasty.
When I lifted my head, Lena was ordered to stand up and with a slap on the bottom was sent to the side of the shower.
– You can not hurry, wash off, as it should be She left, and I sat on the edge of the sofa and silently looked at this trinity.
I thought that it would be most prudent to fulfill all their wishes, and wait until they, after playing enough, let us go.
Meanwhile, Ali, who did not participate in the fucking of my wife, went up to the sofa and stood in front of me, his member was right in front of my face.
I felt the

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musky smell of the male body, this mixture of sweat and the smell of a member.
– Suck on Short, but clearly expressed his thought to Ali.
I took the base of the trunk with my fingers, opened my mouth and wrapped my head around my lips.
Remembering how my wife did it, I started moving my head back and forth smacking my lips.
Strange but I did not feel shame or disgust, I really liked to suck on this sweet stick, I even began to feel not like a man but a whore that satisfies everyone who wants it.
Our rapists noticed this – Look, men like our girl broke up And I, not hearing anything, continued to suck in my heart, and suddenly I felt a powerful jet of sperm hit me in the mouth.
I began to swallow her, but she arrived, and I did not have time, the trickles flowed from the lips and dripped on me.
Finally, exhausted, I stopped, Ali took out his penis and ran them several times on my face, while I tried to lick him.
Watching this picture, Vadim got excited again, went up to the bed, sat down next to me and put his hand on my thigh, then, having tumbled me down, began to knead my ass with my paws and run my tongue over my nipples.
Gradually, I began to breathe intermittently, the sweet languor took hold of me, I did not try to escape, but on the contrary stroked his powerful body and moaned.
I stretched my hand to his groin, and his piston was hard as a stone, and as if I heard my voice from the side: – Take me quickly. Vadim put me on the edge of the bed, lifted my legs and put my dick to my virgin hole: – It’s time to make you a real Lady. With these words, he pressed and introduced his handsome man into me, the first feeling was pain, but gradually it became so good for me that I began to moan and podmahivat my booty to the beat of his movements. Hot flirt livejasmin.

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Big ones in themselves, they were very large, because they were very widely spaced.
Gray-green, not very light, but some very transparent and therefore luminous, like spring ice on a river, pierced by a sunbeam.
But there was something else in them.
Eyes – a mirror of the soul? Probably the classic was right.
In any case, a reflection of whether a person has a soul or not.
In these eyes, the soul was.
Yes, her eyes immediately made a completely destructive impression on me.
Eyelashes, long and fluffy, like a tree in a winter forest, framed them with dignity.
And above, the brows were bent with absolutely correct wide arcs, which clearly did not know the touch of the tweezers because they were completely unnecessary.
Just some Hollywood, the right word! Actually – it seemed to me that I perceive in this face both the impeccability of the features of Sharon Stone, and the sensuality of Kim Basinger, and the inimitable charm of Michelle Pfeiffer, and the owner of this person was in no way similar to any of these movie stars – absolutely original and therefore even more amazing beauty! Until that moment, I knew for sure that the most beautiful woman I had ever known for all my nearly quarter-century dog-dressing practice – I knew in the sense not only personally, but also in bed – this is Jeanne.

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But that was only until the minute I saw this face.
Yes, but the most important thing – nothing, thank God, absolutely nothing in this face, or in the outlines of an elegant figure did not say,

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simply could not say that I could not stand in front of me, let’s say, not quite a woman.
My heart beat evenly, I thought that just to stare was becoming indecent, and I had already opened my mouth to say something, but then the girl broke the first silence: – Well, hello! Not disappointed? she said with a smile.
The timbre of her voice was also quite feminine, deep and very, very exciting.
– No, no, of course not! – I realized it, smiling at her in response to the most charming of my smiles.
– On the contrary, I am simply delighted, I am.
“That’s fine,” she interrupted me very nicely.
– Then pass, and for the sake of God, excuse me for this kind, dozed off while waiting for you.
“That you, you look beautiful,” I began to grovel, but she already gestured for me to enter the room, having passed by herself first.
A lit up floor lamp with the same boudoir red dim light illuminated the outlines of a small one, to match the entrance hall of the room, the whole situation of which spoke of its very definite purpose.
In the corner of the window, tightly curtained with heavy curtains, were a TV and a VCR, in the opposite – a small coffee table with a cassette and an ashtray on it and two chairs next to it. Xxx public webcam.

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The frames were really quite good – the cats did not fear the Old Woman at all and allowed to shoot themselves anyway, even though standing on the tail.
Of the hundreds of shots taken, she left the heels, the rest – erased.
Dad called every day, worried about everything under our control.
He, too, flew to Moscow without delay, none of the schedule has not been beaten out.
Once again, everything checked: passport, ticket, money.
But then came the morning of departure.
Everything was normal and at the appointed time in the morning Batin Drugan arrived at the jeep for the mother.
I saw the mother in front of the mirror putting my emerald gift around my neck, a lump in my throat.
Then we sat on the track, after everything she was loaded, we embraced once more and she was ready to go to the airport.
I do not like long wires, so I refused to go with them, saying that they were doing nothing.
Nurse perfectly understood me and we stood, embracing, in front of the car.
Then they left.
I still felt her such a native smell, standing in front of the entrance.
The old woman took my hand and took me home.
There, she silently took up cleaning, delicately not disturbing me to completely feel through these sensations – I broke up with my mother, albeit briefly, but still.
I have never parted with my mother at all, except sometimes to stay with you at night.
But it is – not? in, right? We sat in the kitchen drinking milk.
Then the friends came, we went to Vitka and spent half a day there.
Later called Arsen Arutyunovich – there is a small task for you, Dima, if not difficult.
The car is already near your house, go, the driver will tell everything.

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The boys respectfully watched my conversation with the chief on the mobile phone.
The idea has already captured the masses and the guys decided to also acquire such devices and be in touch.
I have already shown them how to type text messages, it’s unrealistic to spend money on conversations, when you can perfectly communicate for a penny.
All approved – it remains to choose the appropriate model.
They had money and I did not interfere – choose the device to your liking, only without boasting, pliz.
I looked out – the car was standing, the boys also looked out and completely quieted down.
I’m on business, you finish here.
Obviously, my lord, blurted out Vitek.
Okay, you pin up, just doing something, without a car – no way.
Who argues, Vityok answered – now it’s absolutely impossible to take a step without a Mercedes.
Here I agree with him – it would not be so stressful in a car with a simpler brand.
But, on the other hand, no one ever stopped us, always and everywhere passed silently, respectfully.
Okay, drive, see you tomorrow.
And I witnessed the

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I returned quite late, the Old Woman began to warm up dinner.
I asked for my mother to stay the night with you.
Okay, okay, how are things at home? Mom is still in the cafe – Mamed helps her, and they are not in a hurry to go home.
And Eleanor Mikhalny’s uncle Vitya is visiting, he is on duty at night soon, he is with her in the evening.
All in pairs, I’ve decided too.
She took out borsch from mikruhi and put it on the table, thrusting a plate with chakhokhbili to warm it up instead – the nurse prepared it for a month before leaving for sure.
I’m getting a bath, okay? I nodded, not looking up from my plate.
Damn, a goat reads my mind! A couple of hours ago, the nurse called – she flew normally, son, everything goes according to plan.
Dad too will arrive here with the whole group of tourists.
So, the nurse is fine.
And with me.
Everything goes on life that? it’s good that I’m tense – it doesn’t happen that way, you have to wait for the bandwagon from fate.
Or am I so lucky? Let it be so, but to be prepared for the worst times is harmless.
While I was thinking, the nurse again called – we already met up with Batey in Domodedovo, the entire group of tourists, we are already going to register. Full hd sex movie online.

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There was a girl behind me, and she seemed to be concerned only about how to squeeze them away from the entrance.
“It seemed,” I decided.
– “Pass the woman with the child”, – the girl has jokingly shouted.
– “Who is this baby here?” – asked her boyfriend.
“Of course you are, you are a child,” was the answer to him.
As a result of pushing and swinging, I was pressed to the window of the rear platform for standing passengers.
And pressed.
this couple.
I hardly turned to them – I wondered what would happen next.
The three of us stood, rather pressed to each other by the nearest passengers.
“Forgive me, as they say, in crampedness and not mad,” the guy apologized to me.
I said nothing.
The bus soon got into a tight traffic jam. Livejasmin hot live sex.

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