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She woke up, there were tears in her eyes.
Well, son, I have no words.
She hugged me and I buried my nose in her dress on my chest, so dear, so familiar from childhood.
So we stood for some time – the Old Woman hugged both of us by the waist, how many hands there were and stopped.
We were three – one.
I buttoned the back of the chain, the mother put on a bracelet and went to the mirror – we are after her.
Listen, this is all crazy money worth, eh? Good things can’t cost a penny, you’re right, mom.
But do not worry – I’m creditworthy, as Arsen Arutyunovich said, there are no problems.
The main thing – do you like it? Gorgeous, said the mother and turned in front of the pier glass, like a girl.
That’s because life – my son already gives me jewels, I can not believe.
A solemn old woman returned from the kitchen

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– I also prepared a gift for you.
Not so cool, of course, but I did everything myself – and she stretched a pancake dish in her hands: so much was messing with dough so that it was fluid, like sour cream – horror! Try it.
We went to the table and the Old Woman laid out a few pancakes for each, but how? Perhaps they were a bit fresh and dry, but we were muttering together – who the hell were the goodies and kissed the young cook on both cheeks.
She flushed from the praise and also sat at the table.
And there was a feast.
I opened the children’s champagne, then the adult – semi-sweet Durso, Mommy’s favorite, I know.
We spent the old year, spent it with good words – for all it was kind, just wonderful.
Sat, were silent and thought – everyone about the.

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But everyone smiled, a good sign.
On the TV, something was rubbed by a bald uncle, similar to an elf Dobby, and then the bells sounded.
We again filled the glasses and congratulated.
While the chimes were counting a dozen, I made a wish, I will not say which one.
I tried and Durso, normal, especially if the bubbles disperse.
Gave to try the old woman, just a drop, warned mother.
Wow, the nose full of bubbles, right up to the eyes, they squeaked, the goat squeaked.
I took a teaspoon and chatted in her drink – now try.
Class, delicious! That, remember for the future.
I am drunk, said an aspiring alcoholic, and began to eat sweets.
We almost did not eat anything cooked, except for pancakes.
The table was full of food, but everyone was full of impressions.
Just sat, gnawed nuts and chatted about that, about this.
That there is still no snow, and January — it’s already a couple of minutes has come, as if the rain has bothered us, and even with the wind.
But bati there and snow in bulk, and frost cracking.
What on vacation should go together somewhere, to the movies, or something.
I said that I want to reduce the child to the dentist for a check-up.
Mother approved – the right thing.
The child asked – will not it hurt? No, I assured, absolutely, this is a test, that’s all.
And even if I have to do something, I have looked after the best clinic in the city, they have excellent equipment, I have already checked it out.
So don’t drift.
For talking time flew by unnoticed, it’s time for the side.
I was still going to sit for a bit of monitor, there are cases.
The goat was already yawning full-length, devoid of milk teeth.
But she steadfastly volunteered to help clear the table.
They stayed with the nurse on the farm, and I went to my room.
Late-late, when I was already falling asleep in my bed, I felt my native smell and my mother cautiously kissed my forehead, turned off the light and quietly closed the door and left.
We all woke up quite late, but the Old Woman is the first.
Her ass, covered with pantyhose and speckled, was already protruding, wobbling out of the pantry, when I trundled to the bathroom.
Later, the mother came out in a bathrobe and hairbrush.
After some time we gathered for breakfast.
Do you have fried eggs? asked the old woman. Sex tape full movie english subtitle watch online.

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After all, each of them is so diversely developed, so talented, so hardworking; beautiful, eloquent, highly spiritual, deep-thinking, creative.
If men and women were the same, the world would be harmonious, progressive and beautiful.
I hated such speeches, and I despised the androgyns themselves from the very day I first met one of them in my life, and that was how many years ago.
And the more I learned about them,

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the less I liked them.
Embodying human ideals in themselves, they were not gods, but they were always, from birth to death, a little better, and always evolved.
But while they were fewer than men and women.
As far as was known, each androgyne in its life gave birth to one of its kind.
To do this, they, unlike us, did not have to search for partners, create families, and it is unnecessary to mention that androgynous children outnumbered boys and girls, while managing to win the favor of both teachers and same-sex peers.
A similar situation has developed in senior teams.
The first two years of my studies at the institute, I successfully occupied a near-leader position in the group.
The main competitor was my best friend May Ro, the results that sometimes exceeded mine, sometimes mine – his.

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But this little competition, if it was annoying, did not spoil our relationship, connecting us and our third friend, Kishe, in our little illegal activities in our free time.
Students for the most part were learning frivolously, so it was easy to get excellent grades against their background, even despite their own laziness, traveling only on the innate ability to get out.
On the first of September of the third year I met him in our audience.
It sat at the first table and led a small talk with several pupils.
Androgyne named Erry.
Within two months, he was respected by both students and teachers, and he had almost the maximum number of points in all subjects.
It also participated in amateur activities, in informal get-togethers, and was friends with everyone except our troika.
It is because of this that our reputation began to plummet.
People just did not understand how you can not love this beauty.
We have not worked for a long time.
Something creative was absent completely, and in our garage, where previously banned films were shot, most often we just booze, talking about how we hate upstarts, workaholics and androgins.
But it was during one of these dismal gatherings that a brilliant idea was born.
“Androgynes are not engaged in sex at all,” said Kisha, reading the newspaper.
– Seriously? – So it is written.
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– Well, yes, I also heard about this, they, they say, consider it a low human occupation, although they don’t say it directly, they do not allow pathos, they preach that over time people will also give up sex, there are already enough followers of this movement. Young big tits webcam.

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On that and decided.
We went to the hotel.
About 30 minutes later I suggested that Zoe come to me for a minute to agree on one important issue.
She came.
I smoked on the balcony.
He said that in a minute I would finish smoking and go.
And while you open the laptop and download our contract.
For some reason, when I entered the room, it did not surprise me.
Zoe sat red and without blinking looked at the screen.
Still, such a revelation.
I had a screensaver though.
A close up of a zoino’s face with a huge black dick in his mouth.
I took the initiative in my hands, while warm.
-I think that with your help we will be able to improve the terms of the contract.
And you will do everything for it.
Yes, I can change the screensaver with great stories every day for a year. Girls watching live sex.

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Pavel together with one of his acquaintances overtook him in the toilet and with frank threats returned what was acquired by overwork.
But it was not the end! Then there was a mentovka,

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saying about the thief, the investigator’s office, who wanted to fuck Paul right on the table after pouring another dose of alcohol into him (although he could not do it).
When Pashka finally found himself at home with the strongest alcohol syndrome, he looked empty in the mirror at his face, which some two months ago forced others to look after its owner, while he was walking with a proudly raised head and a haughty smile, now it looked like crap near the toilet in a public toilet and was more suited to the person who serves someone on the pod, than a high-paying lawyer with many years of banking experience.
Seeing himself as if from the outside, the guy realized that his life was rolling downhill.
That same evening, a friend’s bell rang in his apartment: – Hello! – voiced a voice in the tube.
– Uh-uh, hello! – the young alcoholic answered somewhat inhibited.
– We are going? – with genuine joy, Paul asked his fellow party.
– Where? Maybe for a start, at least you will ask, how am I doing? – the raised tone and with undisguised irritation in the voice asked the guy.
– Hmm, why?
You do not get used! Ha, I also have a sissy! So we go to the club? Che home to sit? Let’s go and pobuha! – with a mockery said friend.
And then Paul burst out: – Thank you for the offer, but I have enough! And you go wherever you want, and fuck, with whom you want, at least two fucks, you are not used to it! Until! – with frank aggression and anger at this asshole he snapped.

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On this day, for the first time in a long time, Paul said “no” to idleness, and after two weeks he went to work, still not as taut and fresh as before, but still getting better.
Six months have passed.
Pavel himself recommended a responsible employee, a professional and just a charming guy at the new job, besides healthy sleep, balanced nutrition and sport did their job, and now the guy looked, what is called, as an updated version and even better than ever.
Here it is worth making a retreat and describe our pseudo-hero.
Perched seventy-eight centimeters high above the ground, Pavel had dark blond hair, powerful legs, a flat stomach, broad shoulders, an elbow-and-boo ass, sensual lips, a straight nose with a light crook, smooth sparkling teeth.
He was always dressed inconspicuously, but with an exceptional sense of style and taste, sexy, but not vulgar.
His main treasure was his eyes — golden brown and sometimes black (depending on the emotions he was experiencing), while slightly slanting, but the matter was not even in their color or shape, but in how this bully looked at people! He could, with one glance, charm or embarrass, talk or force him to shut up, start or cool, the whole range of feelings and emotions could slip on his face in a split second and lead a person into the abyss of despair or pleasure.
This is exactly how Pavel entered the office of the Bank’s Board on that fateful day that changed his life and the life of another person.
The boy, or rather, a lawyer who passed the fire, water, copper pipes and even under the tank was on fire, was sitting in the boardroom now, waiting for everyone to gather.
Today he had a very responsible day, he had to defend the interests of their service, given that one of the deputy heads was very hostile towards the legal department.
The immediate leader of Pavel called the guy yesterday after work and told him in a tired and hoarse voice: – Pavel, I feel very badly and will not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow, therefore you will have to attend it.
– To me?! Bongacams free chat.

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Goddess christina submission euphoria porn online.
The plumber went on to work, and I stayed to wait for them.
Standing near the entrance, I saw my mother coming down.
to the basement (they apparently hid their instrument there).
And at that moment I wanted sex so much that it made me care what my mother was.
I walked to the door leading to the basement, and saw that there was almost total darkness, I could barely see anything.
I thought that this is my chance to relieve tension.
I began to slowly descend to the bottom, and saw the silhouette of a mother standing with cancer, and looking for something.
I walked up behind me and began to press her against the wall, she started, and said: “Maybe after work we will have sex?” And I could not understand, she understood that it was her son or not? – Why are you silent? – Let’s do now? – I said.
– Not.
It is not convenient.
There is no where to really turn even.
In short, I will not give you here! – she said.
– Then suck at least something! – Come on.
Only finish faster, and then a lot of work! – she finished.
Mom started to unbutton my fly, and lowered my pants, pulled her panties down, and the penis was on the rifle.
From this I was already in the seventh heaven with happiness, and from the thought that my mother would blow me now, even my head was spinning.
And then I felt that on my penis her warm lips.
She took in her mouth well, but I had nothing to compare with.
Me and from such a blow job was very good.
when she drove her lips along the length of the penis, I took two fingers and zalupil, and from this I became much

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more pleasant.
This unparalleled feeling of lips and tongue on a prick was sending me to heaven.
() But the end did not take long to wait, and I felt that I would soon be finished.
At the moment when I had to finish the phone rang.
I took it out of my pocket, and at that moment the jet collapsed on her face, I even forgot about the fact that I’ve lit a candle in my face with this phone.

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But I was still finishing, and the little drops flowed from my penis on my mother’s face.
At that moment I heard: – Oleg ?! What is this?! She squealed.
And I stood, and could not utter a word.
Can you imagine? The mother is sitting on something with cropped lips, nose, cheek and hair.
And only after a minute pause I said: – Mom, forgive me.
This is all the guys instigated me.
I was just very excited.
– I said in a trembling voice.
– And I’m good too.
Sucked, and did not even look at anyone.
I thought it was someone from the plumbers! Here I am fucking! At this time, she wiped her face from the sperm with some kind of rag, and after that she threw that rag under her feet.
– So: nobody here knows that I am your mother! You didn’t tell anyone? – No, mom.
– It’s good.
The main thing is not to say a word, but what will people think of me ?! I said nothing.
– Mom! – What? – Do you ever make a blow job? – I barely said it, but it was worth a try.
– Yes, I will.
Where am I going now? You already do not peel off me.
– How I was lucky with my mother! – Oh, do not suck up already! And we climbed to the top.
And by the way on time, plumbing just went down.
Mom ran to the top, and I went to the car.
The day was not noticeable.
When I came home from work my mother was already at home and was preparing dinner.
She constantly smiled at me, but she said little.
We all ate together and went to watch TV.
But what kind of TV was there when my member stood like an oak tree? I could not wait for my grandmother to go to sleep.
And then the grandmother said: – I’m going as I go to bed, and then I’m tired today! – Go! Goodnight! – said mom.
and added – And I and Oleg will still watch the TV a bit, and also run to sleep.
Mom got up from the sofa on which we were lying and brought a blanket with which she covered both me and myself.
My mom had only a little dress and panties, but the nightie was very thin, and almost covered.
After lying a bit, behind the noise of the TV, I heard that grandmother was snoring.
I smoothly took off my home shorts and t-shirt, staying in shorts and socks.
I stroked mom on the pope and she did not resist, it was very exciting.
But when I wrapped the nightie and crawled under my underwear, my mother quickly took my hand and took it out, saying: – Did you not become impudent? Right on my bed you wanna fuck me? She whispered.
– But mom ?! I have a riser! – having lost all shame I said.
– Well, I do not know.
Maybe let’s slowly fuck me in the ass? And in the meantime I’ll see the news? Is that right for you? – Yes mom.
I want to try.
– Good.
She took off her panties under the department, and pulled her nightie on top. Goddess christina submission euphoria porn online.

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The dick again wetted in water glistens.
I enter it from behind.
Podmahivaet to meet.
Dawn birds chirp, a gopher sniffs a fishing rod cast on the shore, bushes tremble under our pressure.
Her prizes turn into moans.
Throat is tired.
Yes, and I sort of missed a couple of her mini-orgasms.
Time is over, it no longer exists.
Finally, a large wave rolls, already legs in the water lack of cramp.
She starts screaming too.
Probably coincided.
I barely have time to pull it out and finish it for a long time on her buttocks, lower back, back.
For a couple of weeks has accumulated.
Exhausted, I breathe like a fish on the shore and fall into the water next to the hummock.
She, stretching like a panther, slowly slips off the hummocks and sits in the water nearby.
Hugging, relaxed, smiling stupidly.

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The dawn sun, rising above the trees, shines as if only for us.
For about ten minutes we disconnect from everything that happens.
What is your name? – conquers part of the blood of the upper brain, remembering the rules of a decent.
Mermaid, – my frightening swimmer responds lazily, pressing her cheek against my chest.
– And you? Seal.
the seal does not move.
How does it move? Instead of answering, she takes my farm in her hands and starts gently driving her palm along the trunk.
Hands are warm, small waves splash on eggs, blood treacherously leaves the upper brain again.
She apparently forgets the question, I just feel her warm lips and tongue.
The crown of head starts to twitch rhythmically, it is necessary to move forward a bit, now her crown of head periodically hides me from the sun.

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It seems to me, or my wife, about five years older than this mermaid, doesn’t like anything? It was lucky to marry a frigid woman.
Yes, the brain is capable of thinking without blood.
Listless so episodes.
Gathering with thoughts, I rise from the bush and again put it on a hummock.
She knowingly flexes and begins to rub the clitoris with her palm.
Slowly I enter the shriveled little ring of the anus.
The walls tightly wrap, even her thighs tremble slightly.
Come on! Deeper! – She breaks down to scream, stooping to the limit.
This cry rushes over the river and there will be a bull in me.
It turns out that after the army has not forgotten how to execute orders.
“Sink, squish.”
What is it?
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But very carefully and only proven people.
Prepayment, by the way, one hundred percent.
– You are talking about a secret, but after all, another client himself may inadvertently give it away.
Sergey Anatolyevich raised his finger: – Well done, Alex! Think great.
The fact is that we are working with the client.
I convince him afterwards that the girl is not a doll at all, but a very good prostitute who worthily does her job.
And my girls are very good in this respect, so they are loved, cherished, and groomed.
And soon, I think, they will overshadow our living beauties.
Although I stand for the peaceful coexistence of people and cars.
– But how to convince them.
After all, they order a doll.
– The right question.
I, Alex, just have a small gift to convince people.
– Are you a hypnotist? – Not so petty guy.
Hypnosis is an ordinary thing.
I can dominate people by force of will.
But due to natural modesty I don’t want to do it.
That is, I do, but in case of extreme necessity.
No one in my company has such a gift. Chat sex online.

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Almost silently, this couple arrives at the State Bank.
Naum releases the car and after a while they change to a taxi.
Only here, Naum reports that he missed his racha very much and that they were already waiting for them in the sauna.
– You are crazy.
After all, I am married, – Raim’s lover’s ardor cools

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the heat of her lover.
– So what? – Quietly parries the fictitious refusal of Naum, – you and I were already in this sauna more than once.
– There were, I do not argue.
And, honestly, I do not regret it.
Even on Friday we could have succeeded at corporate events, but you left me.
In short, you lost me.
– You know that you did not quit.
I was taken away from a corporate party by a wife.
You know my wife.
– I know.
You have a wife, and I have a husband.
And if he finds out? – Do not know.
Here I am no less your risk.
– This is your business, and my circumstances have changed and I can no longer lead a similar way of life.
I already have a fully grown son.
Only after uttering the last phrase did Raisa herself understand her true meaning.
The son has really grown up and can now be a great lover, who is always there.
She doesn’t need to explain anything to anyone when they are alone at home with her son.
– What does the son have to do with it? And what circumstances could there be? After all, we are already waiting.
And then, what our employees will think, if we fly headlong to the State Bank, let go of the car with a hint of a long delay in the bank, while we ourselves almost immediately go back.

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– I have already told you that it will not bring all this to good and now I don’t need it at all.
– Well, well, Rachek, let it be the last time.
I ask you.
Just begging.
After all, we still need to “kill” somewhere for three hours.
– Okay, I agree.
But, this is really the last time and not in the sauna.
– And where? “We are going to my dacha,” Raisa knew well what she was doing.
For the last time, Naum could have videotaped in the sauna.
Previously, he did not do this, for he knew that Raisa was his man.
Now could.
And she is helpless in her country house.
– What is the cottage? After all, we are waiting in the sauna.
Everything is ready there.
– At the dacha, I also prepare everything for you at its best.
Agree, either for the last time and in the country, or never.
There was no choice and the car turned in the direction of the dacha village.
Raisa honestly performed the role of mistress for the last time, anticipating any desire of Nahum, who remembers for a long time this really their last meeting.
Tired, but pleased Raisa appeared at home by fifteen o’clock.
_____ Already for dinner, Tanya was at home, and Misha still had two lessons.
However, from the last lesson he escaped, because he was impatient to be near such a small and at the same time so reasonable sister.
At home, Tanya, as usual after school, did her homework and Misha gladly helped her this time with arithmetic.
Then they decided to take a break and both went to the bathroom.
There they splashed merrily.
They especially liked to wash each other.
Out of the bathroom, the guys, without dressing, slipped into Tanya’s room.
This room was very close to the bathroom.
Misha immediately pulled the girl’s head to his dick, but Tanya asked first to caress her clitoris, as her mother did yesterday.
Misha lay on his back, and the little sister, kneeling at his head, leaned over his penis and took him in his mouth.
Mikhail’s tongue immediately felt a small clitoris between girl’s legs.
Tanya quickly “started”, but she still did not know what an orgasm is. Black sex video online.

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