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The girl artistically played with dolls, voicing them for different voices, sang, danced, forced dolls to dance.
Finally, when all the ways to draw Ney’s attention were exhausted, she approached him and asked: Uncle, why are you so strange? What? – shuddered Ney.
What are you.
closed? Which one Closed.
If you died.
And I.
I really died, girl.
Why? You’re talking, then you’re alive.
Because I can not solve one problem.
What is the task? You will not understand.
I will understand! – offended shrieked girl and stomped bare foot.
Listen up
There is such an evil kingdom: it takes people to itself and then does not return it back.
They stay there forever.
Fearfully? Yes.
But you still tell! And I tell.
No one knows where this kingdom is, only people disappear – and they do not return.
And that’s all.
So: one.
one wizard figured out how to save people from this kingdom.
How to return them home – safe and sound.
Do you understand? Understand.
How amazing! So what? He invented it in his mind, and then decided to try it in deed. Webcams show xxx.

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And they began to smoke the hobbits with smoke.
We catch them and hang them by the foot in the trees.
Hobbits squeak, swear, but not because of the interrupted dinner – rumors about a mass hunt reached them.
Here and the goblins said.
– Congratulations on a successful hunt, – they say.
– We would receive as a reward the eggs of the Hobbit men.
Our hobbit testicles are considered a great delicacy.
No, do not cut it yourself, we will do it according to the rules, we will cut it off along with the fucker.
And let the fire take advantage.
We eat raw eggs, but we need to fry the dick well on the coals.
We took the hobbits off the branches, sorted out – who should be left for the tribe, who should be used for meat?
Goblins castrated men intended for meat, eat their eggs and chomp with pleasure.
I chose the younger girl on the treadmill, the section, and before the eyes of the other hobbits, gutted to get the fat out of her.
Salo hobbitov best grease for boots.
I see, those who left the tribe, just numb from fear.
Then I gave a speech to them and, especially, to one young guy who seemed to be the smartest.
– Now I am your king, I will punish, pardon, as well as eat lazy and disobedient.
What is your name – I ask.
“Frodo,” this halfling answers.
– Do not eat us, we agree to pay a tax on beer and tobacco.
“Speakers,” I say, “open your mouth again without permission, you will immediately fall on a spit.”
I assign you the main among the hobbits of this village, all the demand from you will be.
Brew three large barrels of beer, tobacco crops to expand.

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took away many of the hobbit men, and the girls are left with you.
Therefore, take each of them five wives and fuck them day and night, so that they give birth continuously, like little rabbits.
And that will give birth a little, that spit in the ass and on the coals.

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Got it? That’s it! “I get it,” says Frodo.
– We hobbits love life calm and measured.
We are a simple, peaceful people, we don’t pay for adventures, they are all about anxiety and trouble! Also, what good, lunch because of them late! It’s time to go home.
Five live neutered hobbits, and five carcasses slaughtered in order to pay off the police kebabs.
Tobacco for Christina the fairy packed up – let him neutered halfling on the hump dragged.
His hunters gave a portion of the milk of elven cows.
– But-but, gentlemen! Milk only for a successful hunt.
If you want to live, look for prey in the forest, catch and imagine.
The eldest goblin from his bounty also gave milk, he was deeply moved and gave out information in gratitude.
– Tomorrow, on the Green Bugre, the wild elves of Queen Tauriel will stand in a circle, hold each other’s nipples and exchange news.
Good luck! While they are in a trance they will mutually comprehend what they have seen and heard in recent days, the most convenient moment for cutting off their panties – at least as Joe Bottle said.
You and I are in a suite, twilight, you have included smooth slow music, I like to dance to it for you.
you sit on the chair, relax, honey, I’ll show you something.
Offline message I am in a black knit dress, in stockings, I have beautiful high-heeled shoes.
I slowly move to the rhythm of music, very erotic, walking in front of you, seductively moving my hips.
your eyes cannot tear myself away from my butt, which moves very erotically, I slowly approach you, you look at me, I run my hands over my body, I embrace myself, I pass my hand over my neck, through my hair, (Porn video and porn videos on the subject of the story! – approx.
) Offline post My hips.
I stroke them, slowly moving them, bending over, standing with my back to you, I’m like a black panther, my posture is so sexy that you start to wind up, but you don’t show it.
I come to you, sit on my knees, you unbutton the zipper on my dress.
, you try to hold me, but I continue to dance, slowly taking off the straps of the dress from my shoulders, it slowly falls on my hips, you can see my curled panties.
your lips are already sliding down my neck, going down to my chest, um, you lick your nipples with your tongue, so wet and Offline the message is gentle, I start to moan from the excitement wave that suddenly covered my pussy Your hands caress my breasts.
I run my hand over your stomach.
It seems to me that the cat is tight in swimming trunks, I unzip, take off my trousers and swimming trunks, slowly crouching,
he is free before my lips, so seductive.
I take it in your mouth, you ooh from a pleasant surprise.
Offline message I caress him with my tongue and lips and it becomes so excitingly elastic that I want. Mature sex private.

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Beautifully gleaming with the silver scales of their fish tails, they, standing to the waist in the water, shamelessly laughed at him! Laughing with similar smiles on.
similar faces! For, being 18-year-old twin sisters, they had the same waves of long blond hair, large dull blue eye lakes, prominent pointed noses, and plump red lips! – Who you are?! – only exclaimed Vasilis, bashfully closing his hairy hips.
– We are mermaids of this lake! – one of them said with a singing voice, with a descending smile, swimming closer.
– My name is Julia, and her Inna – we are twin sisters! – Mermaids.
– he said, amazedly looking at one, then at another.
– Yes, even the twins.
– And what is your name? – Julia asked, immediately “shooting” lushly-ciliary eyes.
– Me?
Hearing the name, the water maidens exchanged glances and.
sprinkled a new jingle giggle! – Funny name.
– through laughter, said Julia, wrinkling with white sharp teeth.
– Vasi-lis, hee-hee.
– What really is.
He muttered in embarrassment, unwittingly trying to see their girlish breasts hidden behind the wet cobwebs of flowing hair.
– What did you do in our forest? – the voice and another mermaid, like my sister, slyly looking at him.

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– I?! – startled Vasilis.
– I just decided to get some rest, and apparently fell asleep.
Mermaids poured over the forest with a cheerful laugh, and, very much swam up to it! “And you’re pretty handsome for satire.”
– Julia admitted, as if accidentally touching the pale hands of his dark-brown hooves.
– And not bad complicated.
True, Inna? A half-ascent to the next stone, the second mermaid, slyly grinning with a “sharp-toothed” smile, nodded affirmatively.
– Thank.
– more and more embarrassed, he babbled.
– You too, pretty nothing.
Seeing near their wet pale blue bodies, and feeling an unusual blend of smells of flowers, fish and mud, he suddenly became seriously worried! I was excited, but.
did not give the slightest sight! – And what is this with you? – Julia asked, nodding in the direction of his fur, near which also lay the same flute.
– It.
This is fur with Boeoti wine.
– Vasilis answered, looking her straight into the blue murk of big eyes.
– And my flute.
– Flute?! – happily waved tail mermaid.
– Then, please, play us something! – Well I do not know.
I’m a little drunk now and.
– All the same, please play, Vasilis! We are asking, asking, asking! – Okay, girls, I’ll play for you.
– Hooray! Ur-r-ra! Under the exultation

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of the twin mermaids, he took out his flute, put it to her plump lips and, soon, her beautiful sound, poured over the lake with air currents of melancholic melody.
It poured, at once transforming everything around in an even more charming light, harmoniously intertwining with the eternal sounds of the evening forest. Anal fist camgirl.

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And again I lean back into the sofa cushions.
A few minutes later there was a knock.
Looks like he can’t be quiet.
The slave sat by the bed.
– As you understand, today we will go to the bartender.
– With these words, I gave him a kissing leg-In the club today is a masquerade.
With trepidation, he took my leg in his hands.
Softly slid lips over stockings.
I was pleased to look at it.
– Therefore, today you will need to wear costumes.
By the way, I want you to be in the form of a girl today.
I saw him flinch.
I did not know what he was thinking, but I knew that he did not want to finish the kisses.
However, it was necessary to gather and I unceremoniously pushed him.
The slave pressed his belly to the carpet, not whining, not sobbing.
I got up and went to the dressing room.
– mm.
What would you wear.
– I was walking between the rows of clothes, already knowing who today would be my adorable bitch-come here.
After a couple of minutes, he sat on a chair, and watched his transformations in the mirror.
My slave has a frail appearance, if I did not know him so well, I would call him a porcelain boy. Webcam sex chat.

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I was shaking.
Lena did not let my cock out of her mouth and continued to suck it, swallowing sperm.
I realized that she was excited to the extreme.
I reached out and turned off the lights in the bathroom, leaving only the highlight in the niche next to my hand.
My dick remained in his wife’s mouth, he lay on her tongue, she caressed him and sucked like candy.
It was divine.
I lifted her shoulders and kissed her hot face, lips, stuck her tongue in her mouth and felt her tongue there.
Lena moaned.
-You want so? – I asked.
– Do you want me to call back this Polina and we will go to her now? The wife even stopped breathing, then opened her eyes and looked at me.
-Are you serious? -Of course.
You do want it? Yes, Zaya, can I? -Good.
– And I, again sliding the curtain, shouted – Natuska, bring the phone again, please! Lena slid down again, opened her mouth and took the dick in her mouth.
The door creaked and I reached for the curtain.
In my hand lay down the phone.
Lena groaned hollowly at the bottom, barely audible, but loud enough for me to suddenly realize that her daughter not only heard it, but also on the curtain, as in the shadow theater, she perfectly sees what her mother does.

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“All, Natalka, go, I’ll take the phone myself,” I almost croaked in a settled voice.
Daughter did not leave.
Then I stuck my head out from behind the curtain and looked at it.
Natashka stood rooted to the spot and watched our wife and I shadow on the curtain.
Her face was red, and her lips parted, as if she were petrified and unable to even blink.
She was wearing a Nike sweatpants and a T-shirt.
There was no bra under her T-shirt and her absolutely non-girlish breasts were perfectly outlined, and I suddenly realized that I was looking at her nipples that were appearing.
God, she is only 11 years old, and I bet that she perfectly understands what her mother does! My daughter looked at my face, saw that I was looking at her, and the whole was turning crimson.
Lena groaned at my cock, Natashka started, glanced again at the shadow on the curtain and, turning, jumped out of the bath.
I did not say anything to my wife, only stroked her on the head
In the last series of the “Army Club” I told how I was fucked by Seryoga.
Now about Oleg.
Lover of

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He needed theatricality, play.
And we played with might and main.
Here is one of his visits.
I am waiting for him dressed in all the sexiest that I had – white stockings on the belt and lace panties, a soft blue translucent corset, with soft cups, on thin straps.
Especially for Oleg, I begged myself a small wig and with his help turned into a blonde.
Dressed in all this beauty, I already wound up and look forward to.
I stand at the window and look into the darkness – this is how Oleg and I were led. Xxx video live porn.

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And the dump, it is from all over the market carry boxes there, and garbage.
There the press stands, here they sometimes help the peasants unload this cardboard.
– BUT.
Well then, let’s go? – I pushed the button of a window regulator, and through the trimmed glass I looked at the two Mordovorot with clubs at the gate.
– Let’s go to.
There are just my friends today in the shift.
We got out of the car, I closed the doors and followed Mitka, who had already approached two guards at the gate.
They were talking to each other about something, all the time, looking at me and the jeep.
– Yes, everything is fine Vit! – spoke Mitya with a chubby security guard, from whom he was cool to be “fresh”.
This is this little brother eldest.
– he pointed to me.
If we don’t find, his daddy will tear off everything! You understand, worried parents.
– Mit, well, if someone sees you from the authorities? You know I have a problem, then there will be.
– the guard broke.
– Yes, enough for you Vitek! What bosses at this time ?! We go back and everything.
– smiled Mitya.
He examined me once more, and looking at his watch said: – Ok.
Let’s just in fifteen minutes here already.
– Everything is as it should be, Vit! Do not worry! – said Mitya, and pulling my sleeve went into the gate.
– Thank.
– I turned to the guard when we passed by.
Walking along the containers equipped for the outlets, I said to Mitya: “Well, you and the fox pancake.”
– Yes, what is there.
– smiled Mitya.
He just wanted to dissolve us on the bubble.
– Yes.
Everyone turns as they can, ”I said.
To each his own.
After going through the entire market, we actually went to a small fenced dump.
In the very corner, a canopy stood at the fence, illuminated by a weak light bulb, which was pulled by a wire to a nearby hangar.

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There were knocks and hissing from the hangar.
I immediately realized that the press was working there.
Under the canopy sat a few people.
When we got closer, I saw three boys in dirty clothes, and a pair of homeless-looking men.
– Oh hello Mityay! – said one of the boys.
Why are you suddenly looking at night? – Hello Igor, – Mitya greeted him.
Did you see Mishka here today? – he asked.
– How not seen? Saw, of course.
Yesterday he was here in the morning today.
With this still freak.
Well, how is it.
With Denis.
Here, he said.
I also wanted to take off my jacket.
– he laughed.
But Bear said he did not.
Then they ran away.
Mitya suddenly jumped up to me, and shouted – Yang! Do not! Nooooo !!!!!! I felt the blood approaching my head, pushed him aside, and going up to the boy raised him

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by the breast above the ground and said: “What did you say the flash mob is small ?! – Hey! Let go of the baby! – in a stray language one of the men pronounced.
– Sit down! – I shouted to him.
Mitka, snatching the boy out of my hands, did not give him a big hit on his head, and said: “What are you doing !?” Totally crazy crazy! This, by the way, is his brother.
Come running from here until something happened! But he was already roaring with fear.
The men got up from the table, and came up to me: – Why are you spreading this arms here ?! – said one and tried to slap me in the face.
I caught his fist, abruptly twisted my arm back, and kicking his leg on the shin sat on his knees: – If you don’t shut your fucker right now, I’ll break it at best.
Do you understand the goat? – I said releasing his hand.
– Guys! – shouted Mitya.
Enough for you! This is Denis’s brother! He is looking for him.
Stop it! The one whom I let go, crawled away on all fours to the side, and rubbing his foot, said: “A little foot did not break the fuck !!!” Well, it is necessary to warn ebent! – Business cards are over.
So I do not warn you.
And you don’t really scatter your bitches next time, ”I told him.
The boy I lifted up, ran into that very hole about which Mitya told me, and the second man approached Mitya and said: – They left at seven o’clock.
There are no them here.
Get out of here.
– Thank you uncle, Kohl.
said Mitya, shaking his hand.
– Let’s go Jan from here, Mitka told me.
Once again I looked at the two boys, who were sitting at a table under a canopy with open mouths, and at a homeless-looking guy who was shaking off his pants.
– What are you so immediately his hammers then ?! – Mitka told me while we were walking.
– Lawlessness fucking! Webcam sexy live free.

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But most importantly, she is not alone.
Near the same naked Olga.
Same toy as a cow.
How did Irina liked it.
Alex is back.

In his hands he had two collars.
The man took turns putting them on the women’s neck.
– Squirrel, what do you call your cow? – asked Alex.
– No, Master.
Just a cow.
– Not bad, the animal does not even have a name.
Alex picked up a thick chain.
Length about one meter, two carbines on the ends.
Hooked to the rings on the collars.
Now the animals were linked.
Alex took another longer chain.
Trailer in the middle of the first.
– Follow me.
Women synchronously crawled into the room.
Seen struck Irina.
A huge room in red and black tones.
The windows are thick curtains.
Scourge, shackles and clips on the floor and walls.
Vibrators of all colors and sizes.
In the corner is a huge round table with lots of clips.
Irina groaned.
How much is there all.
What awaits her? And what did the others get? – Sit down.
Friends sat in the middle of the room.
Alex sat in the chair.
Opened robe.
There was nothing under it.

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Irina groaned.
Alex had a rather large organ.
“Ready to meet him?” – Yes, Boss – the women answered.
“Your ass missed him, Belka?” – Yes, Boss – Olga whined plaintively.
“You never loved anal sex,” Alex laughed.
Irina looked at her friend.
Over the years of family life, she quite got used to anal sex and even began to enjoy.
And Olga did not like this kind of sex.
– Squirrel, it seemed to me that you did not expect to see me in a cafe? – Yes, Master.
– What was it? – Black thong, Boss – the woman replied.
She lowered her head.
“Do you remember that you should never be in my underwear?” Look in my eyes! – Yes Master, I remember – Olga looked up.
– What should I do? – Punish the Squirrel, Master.
– How many? – Five, Master.
Irina listened and flowed.
How Olga is trained, how Irina likes to see her as an animal.
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