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“I don’t care about you,” Savostina said with a grin. “Let’s see,” Martha smiled in reply.
Schulke ran into the room, and stretched out along the line, something reported to Marta.
– Someone was not taken to the commandant’s office – Marina Lena quietly translated.
Martha, standing, looking at Luda, then walked over to the table in the corner of the cell and sat down and gave him some order.
Schulke stretched out and snapped her heels, nodded, and left the cell.
– They will punish – said Lena – Who! ?? – Marina quietly screamed back.
– Yes, not us, calm down. The girls were silent, March was sitting at the table, looking at the wall, on which were hung tools for torture.
After 15 minutes, two escorts entered the room and brought five women and one girl, about 14 years old.
They were placed along the wall, facing the wall.
Hands behind head, feet shoulder width apart.
Schulke and Vasily came in.
The German woman put some papers on the table in front of Martha.
Martha, got up, said something to the guards, and those, clicking his heels, left.
“Well, they did it wrong, the bitches are dirty,” Martha said, passing along the prisoners standing by the wall — we will bring up.
– What is the name – asked the German, sticking a cane, which was in her hands, in the back of the girl.
“Katya Zhukova,” the girl answered quietly.
Martha went to the table and pulled one sheet out of the pile.
– Come to me, Kate – she called the girl.
The girl came up.
Martha raised her chin with her cane and looked into her eyes.
– Do you steal? – No, that you, Frau officer, never, slandered me – the girl began to cry.
– It is good that you do not steal, and who slandered? – Martha asked.
The girl showed a hand on a full black-haired woman, 40 years old, standing against the wall.
“She, a frau officer, steals a damn gypsy herself, and dumped me,” the girl said with a confident voice.

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– Ah, even so – Martha continued with a smile – well, this is very bad.
“Vasily,” Martha said, “on her shop,” and pointed the gypsy with her cane.
The woman fell to her knees, clasped the legs of a German woman, and wail at the beginning.
– My dear, golden, mine, I did not steal, I saw how this small umyknula bag of your officer, I told the truth, my dear, for what? – the woman begged.
Vasily and Schulke approached the gypsy, lifted her from the floor and dragged her to the shop.
The bench was exactly the same as in the upper chamber.
Within a few minutes, the gypsy lay on her clouded, loose and tied.
– Well, Katya, so you say that a gypsy is lying? – Martha turned to the girl.
“Yes, yes,” Katya answered quickly.
“Take the whip and punish her for it,” Martha continued.
The girl, extremely rarely agreed, and taking the whip from the hands of Schulke, approached the gypsy.
– How can you? – the woman shouted – you are a little bitch, you are a thief !!! The last words were drowned out by the ringing whip sound that struck the woman’s buttocks and her cry.
Katya, with a rare frenzy flogging a gypsy.
She beat on the back, buttocks and thighs.
The woman screamed, shouting curses at the girl and pleading for Martha.
Five minutes later, when the entire back of the woman’s buttocks and thighs were covered with many red, swollen stripes, Martha stopped the execution.
“So you are telling the truth,” she bent over the face of a howling woman.
– Yes, pretty, yes, dear – lamented woman.
– Vasily, ask you, yes, through the heels – Martha said

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, with a smile.
She, as usual, approached the victim’s feet, sniffed them, and nodded her head to Vasily.
The executioner took a rubber stick and began to beat the gypsy hard on the heels.
The woman screamed loudly, and squirmed as far as the shop allowed her.
Every five blows, Martha stopped Basil and addressed the woman with a question.
That lies or not.
The gypsy replied that she was not lying and that the bit was not deserved.
After 25 blows, the woman was untied and she slid to the floor.
She got on her knees and, sobbing, rubbing with her hands the broken ass and broken heels.
“And now Katyusha is there,” Martha pointed out with a cane on the bench.
Kate began to yell and rest, but Schulke and Vasily took her to the bench for a couple of minutes and tied her completely naked.
Martha said something to Schulke and she took a rubber stick and began to beat Katina’s feet, after they had been sniffed and stroked by a German woman.
The girl squealed like a pig.
Lena and Marina, watched everything that happens from their corner.
Already accustomed to such scenes, they did not react as painfully as the first time. Hairy nude webcam.

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This was enough for her to meekly heading in my direction.
Coming closer, the slave dutifully lowered her panties, exposing her smoothly shaved pubis, and raised her hands behind her head.
– Well, let’s go wake Vitalik? – I asked quietly, continuing to smile.
Horror flashed in the woman’s eyes, she began to cry.
– Do not do it, Please! My lord, take me to yourself, please! I will be a very diligent slave, me.
I can caress the gentleman, really.
He’s just completely drunk.
I gazed at the luxurious boobs of a humiliated slave woman, invitingly swaying from her sobs.
Remembering the playfulness of this whore, I did not tempt fate.
– Well, well, bitch, take off your pants! – I still quietly ordered.
Putting her panties in my pocket, I hugged the sobbing girl by the waist and led me into the woods, like a romantic young man in his timid beloved.
Finding the right place, I turned my prey and began to study and feel the helpless female body without haste.
Beautiful tits, they will look cool in a dress with a neckline – everyone will die of envy.
The ass is also good, ehhh – well, I still have to work for glory.
Acne, however, thoroughly poured the poor fellow – the whole body of the slave was torn

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with a whip.
I didn’t want to rude her violently right now.
– That’s what.
Anya – I said, reading her name on the collar – let’s show me what I can do.
I pulled her collar ring.
– On the knees of a whore, come on – suck.
Slave hurriedly knelt, unbuttoned my pants and lowered them down.

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Member has long been waiting for attention to himself and happily jumped into her face.
The girl, without delay, took the barrel with a gentle handle and pulled wet sponges on the head.
Slave tried in all – and for fear and conscience.
She was surprisingly cheerful and inventive – she twisted her palms and sponges, sucked, jerked, stroked, licked dick and eggs, massaged my buttocks, she spanked dick on her face, choking dick on the tonsils.
Delightful moans, wheezing, smacking – it was divine.
I wanted to fuck the slaves’ wet tits from the saliva and she diligently hugged my cock with them.
Sensing the arrival of the cargo, I grabbed the girl by the ears and again pulled my mouth onto my penis.
The final turned out to be enchanting in sensations – I swept the slave into my mouth, penetrating through the tight ring of girlish lips and throwing sperm charges into her throat with a cry.
How cool it is to feel how you empty yourself into the warm and wet mouth of a pretty girl who comes to you and eagerly drinks your sperm.
I was already a little bit fucked by such a stormy devastation of my storerooms, and the girl did not stop her worries, now gently and carefully sucking on the tired member of the lord and licking my sweaty eggs.
– Great, bitch, you’re a cool fucking guy.
Mister liked to fuck you in the mouth.
– I patted her cheek.
– Come on, crawl in front of me with cancer, twist your ass! A naked girl obediently went down on all fours and crawled along the ground, arching erotically and invitingly exposing her ass.
– Now to the foot, bitch! Slave crawled to my feet and buried her face in shoes.
– Get up, whore.
I ran my hand in the maiden bosom.
Slave pussy with a squish took my fingers, the girl did not keep a moan.
– So, well, the bitch flowed – you are a real lustful fuck, I like those.
I pulled my hand out and let her lick my fingers.
Oh, it would be good to fuck this pliable slut one more time.
Okay, once, put off for the evening.
I was lucky today – already two new slaves, and until the end of the hunt another two hours.
– Put on the shirt and march to the camp. 360 camera porn video.

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I gently massage it.
Then smoothly and melen finger goes on.
And here she is a treasured wet crack.
From it flows a portion of yesterday’s sperm and female juice.
I was always amazed how her vagina could flow for so long.
She quietly moans and even more pressed in me.
My finger is immersed in wet flesh.
Hot, humid and cramped.
I am filled with desire.
Slowly afraid to wake her, I turn her back.
And spreading her legs start to caress the nipples of her breasts tongue.
They respond with hardness, quiet moans make it clear that she really likes this weasel! My tongue continues to walk on her tiny body, her flat tummy, the navel hollow are not ignored.
All this time she sleeps and smiles in her sleep.
She probably dreams something very pleasant.
But finally I get to the cherished goal.
Smoothly shaved pubis, soft sponges decorated from above with a nimbus of the clitoris.
This is the smell of a beloved woman.
He drives me mad, makes the most primitive instincts awaken.
I slowly stroke her crotch, groaning she instinctively spreads her legs wider.
It makes me, with ecstasy, nestle into her crack.
The tongue begins the dance, with her clitoris, with her genital lips, with her urethral orifice, penetrates deep into her vagina.
I revel in the juices of her pussy, one hand rests on her breast and massages her nipple, the other I caress her buttocks.
My finger again finds her anus, all wet from the flowing discharge, a little massage I insert my finger into her tight ass.
Her moans intensify, she presses my head to her, her body bends.
And she cums with a hoarse moan.
Finally, waking up from an orgasm, she opened her eyes and said: Good morning, darling! Hello! – I smile to her.
It was delicious! I dreamed that I was having sex with a huge bear! Well, the bear is just me! – I kiss her on the lips.
You simply charm! But now I caress you! I lay on my back and Irina settles at my feet.

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And she starts to caress me with her mouth.
Now her tongue was walking through my body.
Finally, sighing happily, she begins to kiss my dick.
Then confidently she swallows my dick.
She generally masterfully masters blowjob.
It is very pleasant to feel her tongue, hot breath and how her hair tickles my stomach.
Her tongue runs along the penis, plays with a hole, completely envelops the head.
Lips tightly squeeze the penis, and hands pleasantly massage the eggs.
I like to feel your cock in your mouth! You are a huge and strong man.
But when I have your dick, I feel like your sovereign.
After all, the most vulnerable part of your body is at my disposal! – Irina confessed to me once.
After a long caress, Irina quietly, gently parted the lips of sex, introduces my penis into her expiring vagina.
This moment is always exciting.
Irina freezes and falls with a hoarse moan on my dick, her vagina takes me in a warm embrace.
She always shaves her little crotch completely, and I can see how her sex lips cover my cock.
Irina begins to slowly ride my dick.
Sometimes in a fit of passion, she scratches my chest with sharp nails.
I feel her inner muscles gently massaging my dick.
I confess that before her I had both girls and women.
But none of them owned their vagina like my little wife.
They simply lay their legs wide apart.
But my favorite is just perfect.
Her narrow vagina takes me up with a tight and tender tube.
Irina relaxes tender muscles when she sits on my penis, and strains when she rises.
This is amazing.
I am sure that not every man can boast of such a wife.
Oh my dear, how big you are! Ltd! – with moans Irina continues to move smoothly and slowly.
Of course you want painfully squeeze into this woman, feel like a member rests on the uterus, but now I’ve left everything to my wife.
I could not stand this torture for a long time.
And hot sperm sprayed into the vagina.
Irina, feeling a sharp stream in herself, groans falling on me.
This moment is always exciting.
I feel her vagina being compressed, sucking the last drop of sperm out of me.
We freeze.
Enjoying the closeness of our bodies.
I put my hands on her warm buttocks and start to caress them.
Her hot breath pleasantly burns my skin, Irina begins to lightly bite my chest.
Loved how good

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to wake up with you! To love you! You are my husband! – she whispers to me words of love.
This is of course good! But you have to get up! – Irina rises and goes to the bathroom.
And more recently, everything seemed different.
It seemed to have something to catch on.
And today: Now it seemed that there are few things in the world, worse than being unnecessary to anyone.
Than aimless life.
3 Some people called to him, said something about what had happened. Sword art online sex hentai.

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I have already been there, which cannot be said about my wife, and she looked at the interior of the studio with interest: spotlights, umbrellas, screens, lights, and other specific rubbish.
I felt constrained, although Sergei tried to relax us, telling something about the intricacies of his work.
Irka was easier – she slapped a beer in advance.
And the steering wheel prevented me.
Therefore, when she disappeared behind a screen in order to enter the role and change clothes, I hardly, at random, answered the questions of the photographer.
However, our jaws dropped at the same time as him, when in about fifteen minutes the spouse revealed herself to us.
I, in general, got used to the reaction of the surrounding men to my wife, but still, every time I notice these views.
There is something to watch, and in truth.
Irka is not high – sixty meter and weighs only forty five.
There is no fat in it.
I have not yet found, for example.
But all the primary sexual signs brazenly stick out in those places where they are supposed to stick out.
In a nutshell, it is impossible to describe.
Both legs, and a stomach, and a breast, and her long black hair, demand the long separate story.
But in general, for Irkiny twenty five years old, all her charms make her noticeable among the heaps of women, even when she is dressed.
At the moment, I could not call her dressed.
Rather, she was cleverly undressed.
Retaining on her face the decorous expression inherent in a virgin, she very intelligently exposed all that can be exposed without stepping over the norms of public morality.
It was something from the acquired: beige satin corset and panties – thong, with embroidered red flowers, and red stockings.
Apparently, all from one set.
Completed the outfit, very, I must say, erotic, bright red sandals on a low heel, and a red carnation in loose Irkin hair.
It looked amazing on a blue background.

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We quickly set to work.
More precisely, I sat down in a chair in the corner, so as not to interfere and follow the process, and Sergei, having buried himself in the viewfinder, occasionally prompted Irinka what positions to take.
There was nothing special about the poses.
Began to shoot traditionally: Irka standing turned in different directions, raised, lowered hands, touched hair, a flower and gradually relaxed.
After ten frames, Irka turned out to be in a rather defiant pose, at the request of the master.
With her back to us, with her legs slightly apart and slightly bending down, she rested her hands against the wall and looked at us half a turn.
Judging by the blush on Irkin cheeks, she liked it.
And this, and the fact that it was practically forced to accept this position, is an absolutely unfamiliar man.
After a few more shots, the slope of her became so low that even from my place I could easily see the Irishkin pip, barely covered with a thin cloth of panties.
Another flash, and she ran behind the screen to change the image.
And I was left to sit with erection and surprise.
I did not expect that my wife could so easily hold herself in front of the camera.
Even Sergey, changing the color background, praised her.
Like, – for the nonprofessional she keeps herself very well, and it’s a pleasure to shoot her.
Irinka appeared very soon, having changed once again.
Now she was wearing red silk underwear shorts with cuts, and a short, free topic on thin straps, leaving a tidy Irkin navel for everyone to see.
She combed her hair in two tails, and looked like a depraved schoolgirl.
Noticeably sticking out of the silk nipples, completes the similarity.
Wife was excited.
And it was noticeable not only to me.
Now Sergey was shooting her on a white background, sitting on a high, chrome bar stool.
Poses have become more frank.
I was excited even more.
The photographer also got it, judging by the swelling in jeans.
This is not surprising – a woman in lingerie and so it looks seductive.
And in the bright light

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of the spotlights, beneath the relentlessly tracking lens, he appealed in his chair invitingly: Irka even began to sweat.
It was really hot, and the thought came to me that it would not be superfluous to take off the sweater, but I decided to fasten it so that it would not be ambiguous.
Moreover, the sweater successfully concealed my apparent fascination with the shooting process.
Only when Sergey changed the next film did it become clear how much was shot.
– The whole hour passed in the same breath.
With the new film began a new film set.
Sergey asked Irinka to reset his sandals.
I mentally supported him.
I liked her small feet, with thin neat fingers and nails, painted in red (of course) varnish. Hot girl webcam porn.

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How to watch sex videos online.
Andrei indifferently mumbled: “Busy.”
– I do not like water.
At once to business, – the persistent man told.
“Busy,” repeated Andrei.
– So, I chose you.
Why? You are familiar with one person.
This man is not easy.
I would even say – special.
Andrei threw up his eyes and took a sip of vodka.
– This case is very interested in me, so I am here.
The case is unusual.
Andrei was going to change seats, but the man grabbed his arm.
Grabbed with such force that Andrew was even surprised.
– I have a business proposal for you.
I can fulfill your every desire.
– the man did not have time to finish, as Andrew interrupted him: – And you, what a fairy or a goldfish to be a patron of the arts? – No, I’m Lucifer.
“Then, I am Joan of Arc!” Piss off !! – Hot.
It’s good.
The man took out a notebook, and said: “I propose a deal.”
And Roma is yours.
Andrew instantly lost his “arrogance”, and only now looked into the eyes of impudent.
Not like a madman.
Definitely not.
– Well.
– Andrew squeezed out.
– Sign it, and any desire is yours! – Yeah, blood certificate of sale of the soul.
– Why bled.
It’s all tales.
But the definition of “certificate” I liked.
Here is a pen, a regular pen.
Andrew was ready for anything now, if only this interlocutor had evaporated.
In addition, do not even have to dirty his “fists” about him.
One zagibulina – and the eccentric will leave.
Andrei took a pen and put a cross under the small text.
– Satisfied? – Too easy.
It’s a pity.

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Not interested.
True, sorry.
So your wish? Almost angry Andrew blurted out: – Sex with any man to whom I touch! And as soon as Andrew closed his mouth, the annoying man, and his notebook, and his pen, disappeared.
Just like that.
One and no! “Yes, that’s enough for today,” Andrew said out loud, pushing the glass of vodka away from himself.
He got up and went to the toilet.
Opening the door, he saw naked Roma standing in the middle of the toilet.
In his arms he held a sleeping red hare.
Roma sobbed “to blast.”
What he saw so shocked Andrew that he lost consciousness.
The void began to take on some meaning.
Thoughts appeared.
They got confused, broke off and came to one: “Why, actually, asleep? Why did the rabbit in his arms sleep?
After all, he could be.
Andrei began to open his eyes.
Consciousness has returned.
He began to look around.
Where is he?!.
Yes, he is lying in a strange bed! Naked!!.
on his left, he is embraced by a naked young man, on his right, by a naked man.
“The night was stormy.
“- Andrew thought.
Carefully, so as not to wake the sleeping, Andrew stood up.
Got dressed.

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was good outside! Fresh gentle wind.
It is very good here.
Andrew went through the park.
An impressive guy was walking towards him.
He really liked Andrew.
Remembering yesterday’s “dream”, Andrei specially touched the one passing by.
The boy stopped, looked at him with eyes full of endless lust.
Hand touched the hair of Andrei and.
easily pulled to him; and kissed! “It can’t be true!” “It can not be that” yesterday “- it was true !!” Right here, in the park, having lost shame and last modesty, the stranger hugged and kissed Andrew.
He “diverged” more and more.
And now the hand of a stranger in the pants of Andrew, caressing his pouring member.
Under such a bold onslaught, Andrew quickly lost his head.
He eagerly began to respond to caresses; pulled off his pants with a guy.
And with both hands he grabbed a hard, hot barrel.
They caressed each other, as if there was no one in the park.
As if it was their very last time.
After mutual rapid ejaculation, the guy went on, and Andrew sat on the bench. How to watch sex videos online.

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and I, my reader, thoughtfully listening attentively to the infinitely freedom-loving intonations of their disinterested voices, tried to remember everything, where and when I heard it.
or maybe read.
and – remembered! “Destroy homosexuals, and fascism will disappear,” called the family and therefore infinitely truthful newspapers and other magazines, and in the meantime in the German Reich homosexuals were already destroyed, and none other than Fascists did it: Mr. Stalin, like Comrade Hitler, not without success used prejudices and other phobias against sexual minorities to expand their personal domination.
n-yes! such unbanal arithmetic: in order to strengthen his own, that is, personal and even personal, power, Comrade Hitler in the now distant thousand nine hundred and thirty fourth year ordered to shoot over a thousand opponents in the party led by Ernst Rem, the leader of attack aircraft, who was for this

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very firing goal pre-arrested on the “night of the long knives” of the thirtieth june of the same thousand nine hundred and thirty-fourth year right in bed, where he, the leader of attack aircraft and at the same time competitor Comrade Git EPA, caressed his chauffeur.
By the way, about competitors: there was nothing exclusive in the discovery of the above-mentioned gentlemen and even comrades, because for a long time all those selflessly public and other little-known people who need it are well and for certain known that, playing on sexual fears and prejudices, it is easiest to discredit the political the enemy – this method was well known already in Byzantium and even in the eleventh century, where pederasty became the crime of those who could not be blamed for any other crime.

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and it also happened that the cards, a little marked, were the one who was the first to take the initiative – publicly announced the beginning of the company to eradicate any sexual fraud, and the logic here was simple, but among the poorly educated masses it was completely passable: who would shout first “hold the thief!”, that means, he himself is not a thief.
Well, that is, not sodomite, if we talk in relation to our blue and even the lunar theme.
“Death to sodomites!”
how come And then we, the reader, do not know, as already ours — not Byzantine — comrade Peter, aka the First, aka the Great.
By the way, if we are already talking about this delicate topic: other non-party historians claim that the first sexual mentor of the future Peter the Great – following the example of the great Caesar – was Franz Lefort, the admiral and the Swiss seeker of all sorts of different adventures in general.
Russia, fuck, bearded – the ringing is crimson, and Peter’s accession to sex was straightforwardly Greek – European.
you ask, reader: what does Peter have to do with it? But with it: this same Lefort, a Swiss goose, picked up the boy Alexashka Menshikov on the street, who was selling on this very street not only with pies, but also with his young ass.
Well, of course, why did he, Lefort, pick up our Sanya-nagolibil.
and now, having made his way with Sanina’s ass, he, that is, this Lefort of Switzerland, gave way to the boy to young Peter, who gave Alexashka the official title of a sleeping-sleeping bed – the person serving the king in the bedroom.
then from this sleeping bag, which traded its backside and pies on the street, the first drinking buddy and the right hand of Peter the Great came out – Field Marshal and Highness Prince Alexander Menshikov, but this, again, is all to the word.
in the essence: in the years of the youngsters, having played enough and even nehilo having taken a nap with his friend, Sanya Menshikov, this very Peter, he is the First and even the Great, suddenly bam – and in the year seventeen sixteen sixteen introduced punishment into the Military Charter for all sorts of rear games: “if someone defiles the young man, or the husband and husband cheers.
“and although, let’s say honestly, from a more enlightened and therefore more sophisticated in this respect Europe in our country, that is, in Russia, at the stake for this very” Sodom Sin “they did not burn the kids, and the punishment for them, the boys were wrong, was invented only bodily, but nonetheless. Indian desi sex online.

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I settled in the driver, of course you were offended at me that I allowed this to happen.
and I just smiled and hugging you, took you closer to the depths of Sosnovka Park, where we can find another unfamiliarity who wants to get acquainted with your holes.
Has always been inclined to experiment.
Plus sbycha dream.
Do you think this is all easy and free? Not! For sbychi need to match! With Vanechka we met again on the site.
He had never heard, and did not see the sight.
Under me exactly ten.
Our first meeting was fun.
He took me to a cafe after work, fed me sushi that I had long wanted.
Required nothing.
But I did not want to let him go.
Hooked! Height below me in heels (and I am about 182 in heels) on the head.
Moderately plump military.
The bearing is visible immediately, confirmed that the military.
Found a sauna.
The girl at the reception looked at me with such an evil look that I felt uneasy.
Yes, and tries.
We had an hour.
Conversations, which have not yet sounded, steam for pro forma.
The pool turned ugly, with stagnant trough water.
I can not tolerate such, did not dare.
Vanya did not ask for anything.
But I’m on edge.
Is this how it will end? Hrenushki.
I know what you want! I remove the sheet from the loins.
Women are wound from the chest, and men only from below.
I take it in my mouth.
And in the mouth lies, as it was here.
Suck with pleasure, like candy.
I take the initiative in my hands.
“Come on the bed, it will be more convenient.”

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Stele sheets in the “rest room” on a failed bed two by two.
Third-rate sauna, disgusting.
Although space and advertising prices are given regularly! I know, I’m doing this damn advertising myself.
He fucks me like a jackhammer, but for some reason I am pleased.
Pressure, passion – everything is there.
Climbs in the ass, asking if it is possible.
And then a knock at the door.
Yes, we are busy, go to the stump.
A knock does not stop.
Vanechka ends after five minutes of knocking! “Young people, you have 15 minutes left” – the girl from the reception shouts through the door.
Roly falls near and laughs.
I laugh in your voice! And then a brilliant idea comes to my mind – and you, bitch, 10 minutes from our time, did you try to turn on the TV, which we don’t need? For 15 minutes, had time to wash, get dressed.
We leave.
The girl looks even angrier at my contented, no, satisfied face! A month has passed.
She remembered Vanya, but somehow casually, not so much, but also without discontent.
The message on the site: “Hello, what about mzhm?” Oh how.
But she wanted for a long time.
Okay, I enter into a dialogue.
– And what is the option? – There is.
I think.
And suddenly there is a desire.
Thoughts breed fantasies.
– Come on.
My script, your performance.
– Come on.
– Something suffered me! Yes, I agree on mzhm, then, of course, the apartment is unique.
My script, your study! Two friends under brandy, order a prostitute.
You can contact me according to this “status”.
The more real you do it, the more interesting to me! Plus photo shoot.
Pour me desirable, to relax.
In terms of sex – complete freedom.
But most importantly, I want you to pay me.
It’s not a sum, let it be at least a hundred rubles.
The very fact that is important to me is how you do it, it’s up to you, it all depends on your imagination! The more realistic the game, the better.
I want to gossip like this.
I will take my camera, you can take pictures as you like! About propriety we forget completely! Yes, if

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you want something harder, in principle, you can even flog me, but without fanaticism, of course.
If it seems to me that there is going over something, in this case we come up with a stop word and stop the game, okay? – Good! Do you have any toys? Take with you.
Cum where you can? – I’ll take the toys.
Cum anywhere! Bigo live thai xxx.

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