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He preferred to please other wives.
So make up all lost with Kolya.
Do not be silly.
All I missed was sleeping with my son-in-law.
Lena, it seems to me that you are cunning.
Mother-in-law laughed.
Oh, you, by God! I would give him of course, though Nina is a pity.
And you do so that she did not know.
It’s easy for you to give advice.
Well, what do I do, come up to Kolya and say: – “My dear son-in-law, I liked your unit so much that I immediately wanted to sleep with you?” Not so directly, of course.
It’s not for me a girlfriend to teach you how men are lured.
No, Alla, I will not do this.
You can do what you want, but I don’t want to blush in front of Kolya.
If he really is.
somehow, I will not give up.
Their thrilling conversation was clearly coming to an end.
Ay yes mother-in-law! It is necessary to fulfill her wish.
With a heart beating with excitement, Nikolay stepped away from the door.
The main thing he learned.
He sat down and thought.
No need to be cunning in front of him – he wants it.
And, if he approaches her, she will not be able to resist him.
And this means that from time to time, he can have sex with her.
From these thoughts, he was excited.
He jumped up and they collided in the doorway.
Having hurried to the call of the mother-in-law, he opened the door and nearly knocked it down.
Instinctively seizing a woman who swung from his thrust, he involuntarily held her close to him, for the first time he felt with her breast the taut touch of her tightly pressed, bra-covered chest.
Their hips for a short moment pressed against each other.
Impressed by the recently heard, unexpectedly for himself, he squeezed her shoulders, and with a force and passionate desire, tightly embraced, pressed to himself.
Kohl, do not, I beg you, – the woman pleadingly asked, clinging to him with her whole body.
He felt the passionate shiver of her body.

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Her submissive helplessness only spurred him on.
Losing his mind from the surging desire, he quickly lowered his hands and, overcoming her weak resistance, pulled up his dress.
She grabbed the underwear.
The broken gum cracked, and he easily pulled them down.
His cock rested against her wet slit, and Elena Sergeyevna gasped, hid the flaming face on his shoulder.
Hard cock easily entered her wet bosom.
Squeezing her full buttocks, he drove him to the pubis.
Making a stifled moan, she threw her arms around his neck and, spreading her trembling legs, swayed, accompanying each push with a floor with a moan, a floor sob.
A member of the son-in-law pierced through.
Putting a swirling head on his shoulder, Elena Sergeyevna selflessly podmahivala him.
Their orgasm was stormy and unusually long.
Tell me, did you hear our conversation? She asked when, after sex, they rested on the bed.
Yes, I heard everything then.
Nikolai turned his face to her.
Do you blame me for this? Not.
And you me? Stupid! Of course not.
If it were not for him

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, I would never have decided on that.
His wife never knew that they had been lovers for a long time.
We lay under two huge, centuries-old cedars, through the dense crowns of which not a single ray of bright summer sun penetrated.
A light, barely noticeable haze rose from the drying out moss.
Squirrels, not paying attention to us, nibbled nuts, and threw green shells of unripe fruits on our heads.
Under the old, wooden, without a knoll, the cross is an improvised table.
On the type of duffle bag – vodka, cheese, sausage, cucumbers, tomatoes, bread.
They drank without clinking glasses: obviously, someone was commemorated.
We were already finishing the first bottle, but my vis-a-vis was still and silent.
I was silent too.
Yes, the primeval nature of this abandoned corner of nature did not favor a merry chatter: sullen cedars, a glade overgrown with bushes, which, in the absence of a path, we could barely find, a house destroyed by time with a roof that fell inside, a blackened, decayed cross.
I was lured here with a promise to tell an interesting story and, knowing the customs of the indigenous Siberians, I did not rush, did not ask questions, was silent and waited.
Finally, my companion burst, and he began the story.
2 He heard this voice so clearly that a chill came from his surprise.
There were a lot of people around, people were talking, making noise, laughing, singing, dancing, shouting, fooling around, who, as he could, some were playing with a ball, others were chasing each other, screaming, trying to convey the message, improvised table, tirelessly destroying alcohol and food supplies.
It was the most ordinary rural weekend of those stagnant carefree times. Sex movie full hd online.

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Well, it’s time.
I will go.
How are you.
The Italians took a look at Zoe.
Luxurious body, slender legs in black stockings, gleaming anus between the half-open buttocks.
– Nothing if we spend the night here.
-No problem.
When I went in the morning to wake them up I saw a touching picture.
The Italians slept, hugging nude Zoya.
It was not immediately possible to wake the Italians.
Zoe appeared only for dinner.
She walked again with her legs apart.
Apparently the Italians did not go to bed immediately.
Now Zoya and I are all right.
What I like most of all is that the brightest meetings between us and Zoya take place with her husband.
Chef new price was satisfied.
For serious contracts, he always sends us in a pair. Spy cam xxx hd.

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Again played with me.
Again and again, rubbed against me, making me moan with desire, but did not enter into me.
“Please,” I pleaded.
– Yes? What do you want? – you ask in a tense voice, which showed that you, too, are hard to resist.
“I need you,” I pleaded, trying to lift my hips, but you moved away from me every time.
– Do you want this, baby? – Yes please. Live lesbian sex videos.

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But you understand that we have not finished yet? Just smiling back, I smacked you once more.
Slipping out of cuddles, we moved toward our house, holding hands.
Passing by two girls who, apparently, noticed us from a distance, we synchronously winked at them to erase a puzzled look from their faces.
Obviously not expecting such a reaction from our side, they waved a pen to us in embarrassment and, hurrying, hurried away. Cam transfer main office.

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Am I not suitable to give birth to your child? – Natashenka, I’m ashamed to say, but after being wounded, I cannot lie down on you and the member will not rise.
She looked with devoted eyes: – Nothing, I will help you.
Come on, go to bed.
I will do everything myself and sit on top of you, I will not disturb your wounded shoulder.
I lay down.
Even asked to remove the pillow.
When the body lies flat, the wound does not bother at all.
Helen between my legs is located, took a limp member in his hands, rolled it between the palms, stroking it.
So far no effect.
She moved the foreskin, took the head in her mouth and began to stroke her tongue.
The feeling is pleasant.
I feel my jigit move.
While Lena was doing this, I thought.
I remembered when the most likely to get pregnant comes.

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Lena took the head in her mouth and began to stroke her tongue.
– Lena, come off.
Tell me, how many more “dangerous days” do you have? Has let out the risen member from a mouth.
I thought about it.
“Four more days, that’s for sure.”
All right, I think.
In a man, the amount of sperm sufficient for fertilization accumulates in two days.
So Thursday is today and Sunday.
And if you are not lucky, repeat it in a month.
And Natasha did not go under me on Sunday.
Let him caress me till I get stuck.
He stroked Lenochkin tithechku.
She took it as a command to ride me.
It stands on my lap.
The hips are wide apart, the intimate folds of the lower lips protrude between them.
Very much this kind of provoke me.
He put a healthy right hand on her pubis, stroked short hair.
– Sit down – I say.

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She went down and took my jigit to the very bottom.
And I suffered a healthy hand from the pubis to the buttock.
When she rises, I squeeze the buttock.
When down, then let go.
Strongly squeeze, would not instruct her bruises on the ass.
But she probably will not be offended, she will still be proud of such bruises.
A girl uchilochka jumps on me, a child gets herself.
Started backward to move back and forth.
The moan has become, howls even.
And I’m at the limit.
Everything is forgotten, and the wound and pain in the shoulder.
Dzhigit my stake is inside her.
And I shot her all accumulated.
Gave her up, go down a few more times.
Then he grabbed his breast and pulled him tightly to him (and here a bruise can turn out).
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I already felt that he would finish soon, but Kostya stopped, put me on cancer and with all his might, dicked at me.
I already screamed.
I dreamed for almost 2 months to enter me like this.
He finished very quickly.
But it was just a warm-up, we fucked him until midnight.
In all rooms, in all poses, both finished 6 times !!! I was on the 7th heaven with happiness.
But unfortunately, I could not stay for the night, I had to go home.

At random, he put, Ninka, for money. He put on the table, put in bed and chest. With a great desire to tear her holes in all holes. He is a male! Is he! Ninku fuck This is a complete pice dec.
On the chervontsa he stuck her to the tits. To luck, he thrust it in her mouth,
PIS dec.
Slippery bitch.
It is not given to grab, it strives to slip away And for sure, she always succeeds in doing this Ninka laughs – again ran His luck to catch Yesterday you swore and fucked your loser For your good fortune And today you are again.
at random.
I drove my dick And quietly, sopya say Good luck, my luck – fuck I!

Not the time of complaints, tears, curses.
Recall ardent meetings.
I keep warm embrace, Honey lips beckoning hops, Hair loose snowstorm.
The attraction will not return again.
The keys are broken from happiness, A horseshoe cracked above the door, It is time for dashing madnesses, Stocks of feelings have been squandered.
I excommunicated, former idol, But your eye is omnipotent power, Forbidden caress immensely sweet

Part One DOES NOT WALK, GIRL: Valerka left to serve – all the relatives accompanied: his girlfriend, Verka, and the neighbors, and the friends of the guy, too, accompanied them — they ate and drank at the table: “We were all in the army, husband, – old grandfather Groin, tipping a pile, smiled. Afterpartyy webcam porn.

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Hand grabbing the second candle, she began to hollow Christina’s pussy.
Now, in this roundabout, only me was missing.
Sin was not to join! Having lowered the tights with Alyona’s ass, I covered her pussy with my lips, screwing the tongue deep inside, and spinning it wildly.
The girl, feeling my hand, put one finger, and put it to her ass.
Realizing what was required of me, I began to massage her anus, carefully penetrating inside, and, feeling that the hole was ready, with force stuck him into the blonde.
The whole engine reacted to this movement – Alenka, squealing, bent, and earned with a tripled force over Christina’s holes.
That, in turn, squeezing Katina’s hips, squeaked and buried her tongue even deeper into my sister’s pussy.
The last one in our chain moaned loudly and bent, ending.
Then, pressing the blonde’s head to her divine ass, as the other recently pressed me, the mistress of the house began to cum.
Alenka, too, shook herself in ecstasy, rubbing her big lips over my lips, nose and face.
The girls, exhausted, fell to the floor.
Now only I remained unsatisfied! What a terrible injustice! Blood segment

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pulled the panties like a sail.
Now would be a man! – Yes, Katya.
– drawling pronounced blonde.
– Your little sister is a born pussy! “Oh, my dear,” Christine turned over to me.
– You did not finish! Come on now I will make you well! – Do not! – I resisted.
– Need, Need! – confidently declared Alenka, by the foot pulling me to her.
Something will now be when they take off my panties, and they find there is not what they expected to see! I glanced at my little sister in search of salvation, but she, folding her legs in Turkish, watched our landfill curiously.
It seems that she was just interested in the reaction of friends! In the meantime, the hostess got to my panties, and pulled them.
The fabric broke off with a bang, and my tormented segment, having received freedom, loudly slapped on the tummy.

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The girls froze.
There was a ringing silence in the hall.
“She has a dick,” said the brunette suddenly calmly.
– Bitch, you’re Kate! – Alenka got mad.
– Hid such beauty from us! Krista, hold her, now I will fuck you up! ”The hostess, with my hands up, pressed her wrists to the floor with her knees, put her hands on my chest, and pressed her too hard.
I had to talk with my feet, but, having turned my back on me, the second rapist intercepted them, and, hanging her ass over my segment, tried to catch him with her vagina.
– Katya, damn it! – the blonde has not endured.
“Help!” My sister readily jumped, took my segment, and introduced it to Alenka.
– In the ass why? – she was indignant.
– I wanted to pussy! – Well, excuse me.
– Kate spread her hands.
– Where hit.
“Oh, come on,” the rapist humbled herself.
Twisting her ass, she sank to my end to the end, and began to fuck me.
But not the way it was with Katya and me – up and down, or how I gave myself to her or Anton – no! Tightly pressed against me, she slowly began to rotate her ass so that my segment moved in it in a circle, touching its intestines with different parts.
I even like the beginning.
Yes, and where to go was? Having resigned myself, I stretched out my lips for Christina’s big nipple, like a cherry, and sucked it.
– Oh, what a clever !.
– praised me girl, loosening grip.
Alenka no longer held me either, but, still accelerating, she twisted her ass, rubbing her cunt with one hand, and squeezing my testicles with the second.
– You’re quieter! – warned brunette girlfriend.
– And now she will finish, and what should I do? “Don’t worry, she’ll finish her,” Katya reassured her.
– She ends only if her ass fuck.
– What a wonderful sister you have! – surprised the rapist.
“Just the perfect guy!” The blonde, frantically twisting her ass with the speed of a propeller, finally stopped, squeezed, and began to cum, falling on me and squeezing the testicles in pain.
– Everything, dump, – the hostess of the house has pushed off.
– My turn.
Do you hold? – She clarified with me.
“I myself,” I replied.
– Well, that myself, – smiled Christina, sitting on my segment.
Having settled on it, the rapist leaned forward, leaning her nipple against my lips.
– Suck, make the girl nice.
I obeyed.
Sighing noisily, the brunette began a furious leap, hammering me into the carpet with each stroke.
I diligently sucked on her nipples and squeezed her amazing ass, hoping that I could soon enjoy myself.
“Be patient,” Katya leaned toward me.
– I promise – after that I will make you very, very well.
By the way, put your finger in her ass, if you want to finish quickly. Full sex online.

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