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Fyodor unfolded his son and sat down on the bench, remaining standing, moved closer.
A huge prick was in front of Ivan, he had never seen such people before, and putting his hand began to caress the excited cock of his father, who immediately fired with a thick pulling stream, flooded his face and chest.
The members remained standing proudly, and the father climbed onto the shelves, moved to the wall giving way to his son, gesturing with his hand to point out to an empty seat.
Ivan did not hesitate to climb and lay down next to his father, his face was in front of a huge prick, and his own cock – with the face of his father.
– Lick it! – and Fedor pushed his organ to the lips of his son, for example, taking a swollen prick and began to drive over her tongue.
Ivan felt pleased, he almost finished, but he wanted his father to be just as good, he took hold of a thick dick and hesitantly began to lick a thick red head.
Together, having experienced a powerful orgasm, the exhausted lay down on the shelves, while the sperm was sprinkled throughout the bath.
– Now we will go to the bath together! – the father laughed, got up from the regiment and began to wash off the remains of the male seed with a ladle with water, then he grabbed a birch broom and started whipping his son on the elastic youthful buttocks. Japanese live sex webcam.

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I would take off his skin.
No dick yourself! You heard! He wanted! He wanted, you know, take off your jacket! Wow, puppy! – I lit a cigarette.
– Okay, cool it down.
I almost killed my uncle.
– laughed in a fist Mitya.
– I would uncle this spare hole in the head of his stupid would make if he had twitched again.
– Yes, calm down you finally I tell you Jan! They have wolf laws here.
They are on their own.
Who had time, he ate.
The younger is weaker.
This is a pack! And she lives by animals, the laws of the wolf! You said it yourself, who can believe it as it is, Mitya said.
– This is Mitka, not the wolf, and the jackals laws.
And it is not a pack, but a pack.
A wolf pack lives, and these are every man for himself! Jackals
We reached the gate.
– Well, what is not found? – asked the guard.
– No Vit.
He is not there.
But the workers say it was today.
– said Mitya.
– Yes, you know yourself, wears them there in bundles! God knows
And why not live at home? said the second guard, looking at me sympathetically.
– Thank you guys again – I said, coming out of the gate.
– Good luck.
– they answered.
Getting into the car, I lit a second cigarette and said to Mitya: “Well, what are we going to do next?” – What.

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said Mitya, looking at his watch.
The time is eleven.
And really late.
Let’s go to those houses, – he pointed to the houses standing near the market.
– What is there then? – At the entrance in one look, I told those.
They spent the night there before.
And now maybe there.
Here money will shoot, buy food, and into the entrance.
– Let’s go.
– I sighed, taxiing on the road.
We drove into the courtyard of one of the high-rises.
Putting the car at the entrance, they went out and went to the entrance.
– Only here that, do not touch anyone.

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– laughed Mitya, when we entered the entrance.
– How to go.
– I replied.
Having passed the place of one, all four entrances from the sixteenth to the first floors on foot, we found no one.
I, cursing everything in the world, was already thinking about returning.
Then Mitka remembered that they could go to another friend of his to visit nearby, and, taking the phone from me, called him.
But from the conversation, I immediately realized that his friend had not had them for a long time.
When we got back into the car, I, rubbing my legs, said to Mitya: “A grasshopper.”
The next week, exercises for the legs in the rocking chair, you can not do.
– That’s for sure! Sixty-four floors down! Record! – he laughed.
– Okay then.
Now where will your identity order to touch? – Now on “Pavelyugu” – said Mitya.
– You are completely stupid from love, what about Mityai ?! It is not realistic to look for them all over the Paveletsky railway station! There hell knows what! This is not a cesspool in the market, and not the entrance! – Yes, do not yell you! I know a couple of points there.
If they are not there, it means they spent the night going to Misha’s home.
“They will have time for the last train,” said Mityai.
“If we don’t find a grasshopper there.”
“I’ll put you on this train,” I said, driving onto the road.
Forty minutes later, we were driving along the garden ring.
When I moved through the tram tracks, on Paveletskaya Square, suddenly a patrol “plate” grew out of the ground.
– Seven hundred and eighty! Take a right to the curb! – suddenly came to the whole area.
– Extinguish the light, kin will not.
– I said to Mitya, looking in the mirror at the way the car hung on my tail, blinking beacons.
All fucking Mitya! We arrived! – I neigh, looking at how scared Mitka.
– Yes, not ssy you! – I smiled stopping.
Come on smell.
Doesn’t the fagot carry? No exhaust? – I said to Mity, breathing on him.
– I do not think so.
– grunted Mitya.
I opened the door, and when a traffic cop who came up reported me “who in life he will be,” I handed him the documents.
That, as expected, went into the car.
Five minutes later he came to us, and, giving the documents, said: – All the best.
I, with my mouth open, looked at Mitka.
– It seemed to me yes? – I asked him, turning the key in the ignition.
– What did Jan seem like ?! I pereselno specifically.
This bastard glorified us on the whole square! – screamed Mitka.
– I mean, I have such a custom.
As after drinking, to go somewhere, this is surely some of these bastards, – I pointed to the “plate” that went ahead, it will certainly slow down, – I smiled.
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The train was about to come.
He reached the platform and, sitting on the concrete parapet, due to the absence of benches, he began to wait.
Easy uncertainty settled in him at that moment when he realized that he had not seen his aunt for more than four years, and there is nothing to say about her daughter at all.
The last time they crossed was at the age of twelve, and she left not the most flattering memories of herself.
The capricious and spoiled girl spoiled all the joint rest with her behavior.
However, being a rational man, but romantic, the young man hoped that his age had changed that girl, and her narcissism was lost on the way to the present.
With these thoughts he greeted the approaching train.
An unfriendly voice announced her arrival, and a long strip of carriages appeared in the distance.
The young man rose from his seat, and when the composition stopped he began to peer intently at the faces of the people leaving the platform.
Excuse me, are you Andrew? – He heard a voice behind him.

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He turned and saw two women in front of him.
One of them, a slender lady of about forty, looked intently at him, waiting for an answer, in her he recognized his aunt.
Time almost did not touch her.
Only a few mimic wrinkles became noticeably stronger, well, and black long hair has now turned into a square of medium length.

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Her companion was without a doubt the aunt’s daughter, but her Andrei would never have known if she were alone.
A girl of medium height was hardly on his shoulder.
Her figure could not be distinguished under a wide sweater, so unexpected in hot weather and a long skirt to the ground.
The only explanation for such a dress was that the girl was hiding her fullness, the young man judged.
Her face, framed by the same black hair as her mother, was pale, which gave her a homebody.
Yes, it’s me, – smiled Andrey, – hello, Aunt Asya, you look great.
Oh, come on, ”the aunt laughed and turned to her daughter.
She stood, head down, and squinted in the direction of the car, the doors of which treacherously closed.
And you must be Christina, – the guy guessed.
Yes, hello, – muttered the girl and watched the train drove away.
The young man obligingly took women’s bags and led them away from the station.
Cute talking with my aunt, they went through the whole town and got to the bus stop.
All this time Christina kept silence.
Here is not far the river, – said Andrei, – you can walk to it and take a swim.
It would not be bad, ”Aunt Asya said enthusiastically.
They looked at Christina.
I am without a swimsuit, – the girl confusedly informed.
Great trouble – exclaimed her cheerful mother – go to the river.
I’ll wait for you here, ”Christina tried to resist.
Come on, let’s go for a walk, – imitating the manner of Aunt Asi, exclaimed Andrey, and slightly hugging her shoulders led him to the path leading to the local beach.
The girl shuddered a little at his touch, but did not resist.
The young man looked at her in surprise.
He could not suppress in himself the feeling that this person was not at all his cousin, she had changed so much, and it was not only about her appearance, but also about her character, behavior, manner of serving herself. Sex pot 2009 online.

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The stunned escort girls moved behind her, and the count somehow stared blankly at the demon’s concubine who was still crying, who did not move, although her master had already gone away.
She stood and trembled violently.
Then the leash on which she was tied to a demon twitched, and she had to follow her master.
“Some strange.
However, what I care about her, I am waiting for this restless beast.
Well, I accept the challenge! ”Resolutely moving behind his queen, the count threw one last glance toward the carriage of Jabo – the servant and the accompanying demon werewolf somehow shoved the huge carcass inside.
The way back for the graph was the best possible way – Cassandra expressed a desire to ride with him in one carriage and, as soon as the door closed, rushed to her knees in her legs and only the men who had time to sit down, shaking hands with excitement, untied her pants, loosed her penis and, like, starving who received a hearty meal, began to suck him passionately.
“Look how excited, bitch.
Ha, she’s just crazy about me

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! Well, hold on then, rubbish – for a long time you ruined my life, it’s time to return the favor with interest! ”And he put his hands on the back of his queen’s head, forcing his fighter through the most eggs in her wonderful mouth.

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Cassandra galloped on a member of the Count of Luxembourg most of the way – they just fucked, washed, slept and ate.
Then they fucked again.
The life of the future king was on the mend.
As for the present mistress of the seas, she was at the same time moving farther from her lands towards the Empire, along with her new master and his companion.
At first they drove in silence, then.
just as silently, the queen rose from her seat and knelt before the lord.
Then she dutifully dived under his belly and the werewolf, who was sitting opposite, for quite a long time saw only her elastic ass, covered with a dress and protruding from under the belly of the demon, who was increasingly blurred in a contented smile.
The monotonous tapping of the wheels of the carriage was disturbed only by smacking-sucking sounds.
Then the woman’s ass twitched, echoing the jolts of the reproductive organ, fucking her throat.
Then a natural ending came, after which the mistress of the seas paused for a short while below, and then still got out from under the belly – her hair was disheveled, her face was flushed and drenched with tears of humiliation, smeared with saliva and everything that could be smeared there – the mark before just affectionately pink, began to wore.
The queen straightened her veil, hurrying to hide her stigma from the eyes of the werewolf, who was watching her intently.
She sat in her seat and turned away through the window, without saying a word.
It took quite a bit of time before the woman shuddered, feeling a freak on her leg.
He first idly stroked his knee, then, after washing the dress between the pliable legs, he stroked the inside of his thighs.
Against her will, the queen took off her veil and looked at the werewolf when the hands of her torturer began to rudely crush the delicate sex lips, very sensitive after yesterday, through the fabric. Elonaally bongacams.

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Michelle reluctantly gave the right address.
Lucille reached the right door.
She hesitated, wondering if it was worth the last step.
Finally, exhaling sharply, she compressed her lips and pressed the greasy button of the doorbell.
It was too late to retreat.
That night, Lucille visited Kimberley’s house and cut off the brake hoses of her car.
Given the steepness of the hills in the area where Kimmy lived, the blonde already today will obviously need something more serious than just plastic surgery.
She shuddered and screamed in fright when the massive door angrily rattled, opening to her a passage.
Trying to calm her heartbeat, Lucille took a step into the darkness of the room.
Her eyes struggled to adjust to the gloom.
She almost groped forward and found an elevator.
When the elevator door opened, Lucile introduced a stench of urine.
The noise made by the elevator reminded her of a fairy tale about a haunted house.
Finally, the elevator opened the door in front of her, opening the passage to the building’s penthouse.
Fear squeezed Lucille’s heart as she walked down a dimly lit corridor to the double doors at the very end of the floor.
There was no sign, no sign that a surgical clinic could be located in this building inhabited by rats and ghosts.
At the last door, Lucille hesitated again.

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“A healthy dose of penicillin can cope with any infection,” she whispered and pushed the door with her hands.
The door swung open easily, and Lucille blinked, blinded by a bright light.
When the sight returned to her, an expensive wall decoration rushed into her eyes, and her nose smelled a faint smell of antiseptic.
Because of the large glass table with a laptop, the receptionist girl looked at her.
“Senorita Kimberly?” Lucille was stunned by the girl’s youth and her beauty.
Her exotic dark eyes, chiseled full lips and slim chin were adorable.
She could never be a model.
She was too cute to perform on the podium.
No one would have paid attention to any product she sold — all attention would have been paid to her.
My wife and I have been married for 10 years, we have two children.
But she looks great – she goes to the shaping and to the solarium, a manicure room, etc.
In general, he takes care of himself.
Buys clothes such to emphasize their slender legs and rounded ass.
Lingerie is always lacy and thin, often when I help her out of the car, she spreads her legs, and her snow-white panties are visible, so exciting against the background of tanned slender legs.
Once we went to the market in Luzhniki to buy clothes for ourselves and children.
We bought quite a lot and were already going home, but suddenly I saw a light, sexy dress.
I say Ira: “I think you really go.”
The salesman, a young guy, a Caucasian, looked at her and

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said fervently: “Yes, you will be fine!
“Ira seems to be shy, but I saw a guy looking at her and I got a member.
I calmly tell her: “Go, try on!” We went into a kind of van, rather dark.
The guy gives her a dress and says “If not your size, bring more.
“Ira right in front of him in one motion takes off her dress and remains in light underwear with barely covering her shaved, cropped pubis with transparent lace panties. Watch jav online porn.

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His cock responded and stood up completely, fat and ready.
He flinched as I wrapped my arm around him.
“Maybe I’m already old, but still not dead,” he said.
“Oh, yes, you are so old at thirty-two,” I did not fail to torture him.
He often made some silly statements about his age.
My hand crawled under the gum of his underpants, feeling the silk skin of his erect penis.
This time, when I leaned towards him with my lips to taste it, he did not stop me.
We spent the whole next hour leisurely making love.
We both knew that this is the first and probably the last time when we meet “alive.”
Without a trace of embarrassment, he opened up before me, allowing me to explore in ways my husband would never give.
Putting two fingers together, I squeezed some grease on them and put them in his tight ass. Teen squirt webcam porn.

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Toy couple in love.
Quite young, but such depraved.
– Can I have her in the ass – he asked.
– Yes, Zaya, yes.
Irina closed her eyes.

The young man spat on his fingers, put them in the ass of a woman.
Then introduced a member.
Irina mumbled.
It was a little painful.
But she soon got used to it.
– Love you.
And I you – moaning couple.
First finished girl.
Then her boyfriend.
Straight into Irina’s gut.
Rising, they returned to the table.
Irina fell to the floor.
She played enough.
How humiliating and nice.
Then she took a few more times.
She oral pleaded adult woman.
Irina thought it was all a dream.
She is extremely tired.
It was past midnight when they were led to the stable.
Wet, obekdivshihsya, fucked cows.
Animal people.
Irina smiled.
She never had such an adventure.
Jeanne and Max brought them to the sand and the cows did not hesitate to write anything.
In her stall, Irina immediately disconnected.
She dreamed of cows, members, naked people.
In the morning they were woken by Max.
Each cow in turn, he drove into the shower.

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There just poured warm water from a hose.
Irina flowed.
How she liked to be an animal.
After a shower, they were taken to the lawn.
After the toilet, Jeanne milked them.
Irina smiled.
She was happy.
In the afternoon Serzh came to them.
He thanked the cows for a wonderful evening.
Invited to visit the “Polesie” After his departure, Jeanne once again milked the cows.
They sunbathed a little more and were taken to the stable.
– It’s time to return to the people, my cows – announced Joan.
Together with Max, they freed the cows from the “hoof”.
Irina barely stood up.
What would happen if she had been in Polesie for a week? Unlearning to walk? The women were led into a room with lockers.
Irina got dressed.
Again the minibus.
And here she is at home.
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