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And although he is now an employee of a solid (that’s for sure) company, he began to change his principles.
And his former toilet without regret went to the trash.
New life, so new life! This time, Telegin to the doctor was accompanied by a short, short-haired ambalchik in a strict classical suit.
He knocked quietly and politely inquired if dear Alexander Dmitrievich could come out.
Alex wandered after the muzhik and, staring at the back of his head, tried to determine whether it was a robot or a human being.
And it is curious if he can control the will of this, uh, lord.
With the watery eyes of the guard, he met for a moment when he opened the door.
Then for some reason he was not visited by a crazy thought.
And now.
“Stop,” he ordered the man mentally.
He stopped, turning to Alex in bewilderment.
He depicted on the face – What happened? Why we stopped.
“I don’t know, the attendant threw him a depressed look,” You seem to have asked for it.
– I?! – Telegin portrayed sincere surprise, and smiled, – probably you thought.
– We are in the elevator? Xxx live cam chat.

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Without saying a word, I took out a handkerchief, wetted it and began to wipe dried brown spots.
Usually the girls squeal at the sight of blood, but not me, the eyebrow was cut by something sharp about the wound constantly bleeding, I pressed my handkerchief more firmly and waited for the blood to close.
That’s so strange, I met Leshka, then his brother beat him off, he had some kind of psycho at all, he screamed all the time, though I only saw him once, but that turned out to be enough to be squeamish about him, then we became friends with Leshka and he gladly gave me free time.
He became my guide, showed the way to an abandoned village, there are very beautiful places, well, except for mosquitoes who for some reason constantly haunted me, they did not fly behind Leshka.
During the collectivization, everyone was driven into a heap, into a collective farm, thrown at home, they still stood half a century later, they only rotted the floor and the roofs collapsed.
Leshka had to work around the house and I was alone, I never met anyone else so that I could play with someone or just chat.
Once I wandered into a huge field with sunflowers, I don’t even know how I got there, but there was nothing to fear, it’s not a city, everyone knows each other here.
I wandered through the thickets of little suns,

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when the light fell on them, their petals shone so much that I had to squint my eyes and still so many bees.

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Like small bombers, they rushed back and forth, literally flying right under my nose, at first I was shy of them, and then I realized that they didn’t care about me and began to carefully examine them.
Before breaking away from the sunflower, the bee began to buzz, wings first slowly, and then faster and faster began to wave, so that they could not be seen, and then with difficulty lifting from the flower, the bee wagging from side to side was carried away to another goal .
They are so funny and absolutely not scary.
“What are you doing here?” Suddenly, someone’s voice was cut off by my thoughts in a hoarse voice, I cried out in surprise, as if they had bitten me.
– Do not shout, and then scare the whole district.
My heart was beating so hard that it was about to jump out, I carefully turned to the voice.
An old man was standing about ten meters away from me, almost black from sunburn, my skin wrinkled like bark on a cedar that yesterday I examined so carefully.
Spitting a cigarette on the ground, he turned his back on me and went.
– You do not walk here alone, and then Puck somewhere running.
– Who? – involuntarily burst from me.
– Washer, – the strick stopped, reluctantly turned his head in my direction, squinted, felt how he was looking at me, – a dog, he is not afraid, so only barks out of business, but it can scare.
– Dog? – I asked.
“Well, yes, I told you, male,” and without saying no more, turning away the words went somewhere deep into the field.
Now fear out of fear was replaced by anxiety, having turned my head, I rushed after the old man.
In some places, the sunflower was taller than me and I had to jump up and see where the old man was.
In my heart, goosebumps froze, I looked around several times looking out for the very Puck, that is, the very one, because the old man said that he was a dog. Czech fantasy live porn.

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He said that he could give me some extra lessons if I wanted to.
“” And what did you decide? Will you take these lessons

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? “Andrea asked.
“Are you kidding? That would mean that I would lose all the nights until the end of the month! Why the hell do I need it?” Andrea thought for a minute, and an idea came to her mind.
“Well, there is another way: Remember, I came in this leather skirt last week?” “Well, yes, and in a leather jacket.
He couldn’t take his eyes off you! I thought he would finish right in his pants when you passed him. “That’s for sure,” continued Andrea, “we all noticed that he was sticking on his skin.
That’s what I came up with: if you come to one of these private lessons skinned from head to toe, and make the lesson more: intimate, let’s say: I’m sure you can “convince” him to miss you on the next course, and are not needed there will be all these extra lessons. ”
“Well, and how” convincing “should I be, in your opinion?” – Susie asked suspiciously.
Andrea actually used to have fun, but sometimes her jokes went too far.
“Well, I don’t know,” answered Andrea.
“I think he will be quite happy just by looking at you.
Perhaps he wants to touch you, but he is unlikely to go further.
By the way, the teacher can be fired if they find him with a student.
It all depends on how important it is for you to go to the next course: “She smiled slyly.
Suzy thought for a moment and nodded.
“Well then fine.
I’ll try.
She sincerely liked Susie, but sometimes she was too shy and conservative, and Andrea needed a little girlfriend, the same as herself.
The idea was for Johnson to fuck Suzy properly, and then she would be exactly the kind of companion Andrea needed.
However, more needed to be done so that Johnson really wanted to fuck Suzy when she came to his house tonight.
Andrea made an appointment with Johnson this afternoon, setting a time just before he needed to go home.

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She picked up the clothes for this date especially carefully.
All things, of course, were made of black leather.
First – the pants.
They struggled with difficulty, because Andrea consciously bought them a couple sizes smaller to fit like a glove.
She pulled the pants up with all her strength, then again.
On the third attempt, they finally stretched to the end and, exhaling and pulling in her stomach, she managed to fasten them.
Of course, she did not wear any underwear – her pants were so tight that the underwear would have been visible; moreover, she liked the feeling of touching the stretched skin to the vagina.
The pants were so tight that at every step their skin rubbed on the clitoris, and this excited the girl more and more.
Andrea wore a special bra – made of black leather, he did not hide anything, but on the contrary – opened her eyes to her breasts, compressed and raised.
Over the bra she wore a fitted blouse with long sleeves, also made of black leather, clasping it only to the middle, so that the breasts protrude outward.
Her favorite knee-high boots and a black men’s leather jacket completed the outfit.
Thinking a little, the girl added gloves to them, also made of black leather.
We had to hurry, so as not to be late for a date with Johnson.
When she entered his room and heard how his breath caught, she immediately realized that she had achieved the desired effect.
“Something is wrong?” – asked Andrea.
Johnson turned completely red and swallowed convulsively.
“No: no, it’s all right,” he stammered, still not believing his eyes.
“So what did you want to discuss with me, Andrea?” “Oh, it can wait,” the girl replied.
“I’m sure we can come up with a much more interesting way to spend time,” She ran the tip of her tongue over her lips.
Johnson could not believe the reality of what is happening.
Andrea decided not to waste time.
Kneeling down in front of him, she unbuttoned his pants, and the member fell out.
“You really like girls in the skin, don’t you?” – She purred, swallowing a member of one fast motion.
Johnson vividly remembered how Andrea was dressed last week – which is not surprising, since after that lecture he ran straight to his room and began to masturbate.
God, the girl was so hot! He still could not forget how badly he had finished, thinking about her.
And now she sucked his dick! “Mmmmm.
Mmmmmmmm! ”Andrea moaned, her whole mouth filled with a hot, trembling member of Johnson.
“Oh God, yes, come on, come on!” he breathed.
Andrea looked at his face and grinned and began stroking him with her hands in leather gloves.
“I can not believe this.
God, you’re so hot, God, my God: “Johnson groaned. Live sex cam live.

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On the floor was a uniform of a cavalier guard.
He finished, having planted Lisa so deeply that her cunt was out of sight.
Lisa jumped off him and ran to wash.
Then I saw his face – it was Dantes, who was recently admitted to the Guard and from which all the women went crazy.
We were not presented to each other, but once I pointed to him in the house where the most beautiful women of St. Petersburg gathered.
I stood next to N.
which also saw him for the first time.
And she burst out: “And he is really extraordinarily beautiful!” Blood rushed to my head.
And in the moment when I remembered it, I finished, and Nina swallowed and swallowed.
And suddenly I thought with anger about N.
which, in those rare times when I persuade her to take my cock in her mouth, always chokes, clears her throat and spits out my seed in disgust.
Devilish thought occurred to me – would she spit out his seed? Only one jealous answer appeared to me and threw me into the abyss of hatred: I suppose I would have swallowed without choking, and I also licked my lips.
Going home, I passed through the hall and saw a drunken Dantes with another cavalier guard.
They drank with Lisa and Tamara.
Dantes spoke French and his friend translated.
Liza, noticing me, sent me a kiss, and Dantes turned in my direction and smiled broadly: – I’m betting that you are Pushkin.
“I have no honor,” I said coldly, passing by.
“Oh, let me introduce myself,” he bravely jumped up from the sofa and followed me.
He ran forward, bowed and called himself.
I nodded and went to the front.
He staggered on my heels, staggering.
“I am a new man in Petersburg, and I would like to get closer with you,” he said.
“This is not the most convenient place to meet,” I had to answer.

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– From what? On the contrary.
This house has a rapprochement.

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I stopped and looked at him curiously.
I had no idea how many more puns I would have to hear.
Meanwhile, he continued: “You are a famous poet, but have you ever thought about the greatest poetic phenomenon in nature?” I wondered what he would say, and I hesitated to leave.
– Looking at any woman, I know quite firmly that each of them has a cunt.
Yes, yes, a simple fact, but how much poetry in this unshakable confidence.
After all, only she gives us a goal in behavior with any woman.
Were it not for this confidence, we would be overwhelmed with sorrow, because women in society behave as if they have no pussy.
I could not help smiling from the likeness of our thoughts and told him that when he learned Russian, I would let him read my fairy tale, where the confidence about which he speaks is questioned.
In order not to continue the conversation with this young man, which was unpleasant for me to lead, I quickly said goodbye.
Under other circumstances and with someone else, I would love to enter into an entertaining conversation, but at first glance my heart did not lie to Dantes.
In addition, after marriage, I was even afraid with close friends to discuss the pleasures of fucking and pussy, which was always my favorite topic of conversation.
I understood that a conversation on these topics of a married man involves his wife in them, for any comment will inevitably be taken into her account.
And the wife’s name must be inviolable.
When I began to change N.
I stopped holding back in words: I returned to my favorite topics of conversation, mentioning other women.
But my interlocutors still attributed all N.
what I say.
Now it became clear to me.
But, alas, too late.
Since then, when I meet Dantes in the light, I always catch on him his roguish gaze.
One day, he even dared to wink at me, but when he saw the anger flaring on my face, he no longer decided on such liberty.
Whenever he dances with N.
, I have a feeling that he fucks her – he is too sure that she has a pussy, he is deprived of any romantic doubt.
This thought does not leave me and infuriates me, so I leave the dance hall and turn off my jealousy with the excitement of a gambling game or drag after beauties.
– Wife slut! – added Arthur.
– Yeah: – I no longer had anything to say, I let Karina put on her panties, which I specifically took with me.
Now, though she looked like a whore-bride, but at least her pussy was covered up.
So, the wedding continued in the new room, everything was as usual – the guests drank, ate, had fun, danced, my wife and I had to participate in various competitions, from which I blushed more often than excited. Hentai living sex toy delivery.

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Just do not swallow – said Sophia.

Ilya finished.
I collected all the sperm in my mouth and started kissing Katia.
– It’s time to fuck you, Sophia broke our kiss.
She pressed on my shoulders, put on her knees and put a strapon in Katin’s mouth.
It looks like Sophia is the main one here, I won’t be surprised if she fucks Katya and pees in her mouth and uses her ashtray.
Meanwhile, Sofia, in the meantime, raised July, and I began to suck two cocks, I hooked a strapon myself – I suck three cocks.
Having rubbed me in my mouth, Sophia put me and Ilya in the 69th position from above, Ilya from below and sucked my dick, and she put a strapon in my ass

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My mouth got strapon Kati.
Ilya was forced to masturbate himself.
I lowered Illya into my mouth, Illya lowered himself on his stomach.
Katya collected his sperm with a strap-on and sent it to my mouth.
While I was cleaning Katin with a strap-on from sperm, Illya was lying with his mouth full of my sperm, he was waiting for Katya to kiss.
When they kissed, Sophia took Ilya for pussy and took a smoke break, and I was left alone with Katya.
– She is your home? – I asked right in the forehead.
– Yes – Katya answered confused – it happened somehow gradually, we did not notice.
– Are you an ashtray too? – Yes, and a urinal too, And Ilya, she uses as a stool.

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– And something to change? – I do not know, Ilya seems to like it, and Vanya was attached.
– Let’s go to the nursery, see what happens there? – Let’s go to.
In the nursery, Vanya and Polina played doctor.
She was wearing a toy strobe and a white cap with a red cross.
Naked Vanya was sitting on the armchair, with his feet on the armrests.
Polina with a magnifying glass examined his pussy.
– Yes, the patient – the girl spoke in an instructive tone – You started your farm.
It is bad for you to wear pants and pants.
Run more naked, so pussy aired.
I will write you a referral to a special sanatorium, two weeks like walking naked, plus special jerking courses.
Here it is.
A few months passed since I became a slave to Mrs. Demeter, during which time she taught me to lick her varnished boots with her tongue, developed my ass and made me a deep neck thrusting long and thick dildos in my holes.
Often I spent the night tied to a chain near the toilet, with an anal plug tucked into my ass.
Madam in every way humiliated me, according to her, it brings up loyalty, docility and obedience, but she has to admit she did everything consistently and did not scare me at the very beginning of my slavery, I never even thought about running away from her, although I had many good cases .
Just think what it would be if on the very first day, when I was in her three-story mansion, Mrs. ordered me to do everything that now I began to consider to be the norm.
One game “catch spit” is worth something (when I stand naked on my knees with my mouth open, and Mrs. spits on me until I catch spit in my mouth, and I don’t lick everything that I didn’t catch; in this situation, you start dreaming Harknuli straight into the mouth), and when Mrs. Demeter invites girlfriends and they spit on all sides that half a cup is gathered from the caught saliva from my body and floor. Rockbitch live sex.

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Karina was wet.
Her husband slept on the other – and this thought is now her great plant! Karina herself took his dick in her hand and put it in her hole.
org) The guy began to move back and forth pushing it.
His hands grabbed Karinins hips, pulled to him.
A member fucked a girl, quite a bit without reaching the uterus.
Karina, in one motion, rolled her sweater up – pressed her chin and snapped her bra clasp from behind.
Her sprawled tits of the second size began to twitch up and down in time with the fuck.
The dance of her boobs was the last straw – the guy stopped, frantically asked: Where to stop? “He is without a stick!” Karina pondered for only a second, and decided – it is so natural! She clung to him, flattening her tits on his torso, whispered in her ear: In me! The guy did not hesitate, grabbed the ass – a couple of times he plunged into it and froze – with powerful jolts filling the girl with seed.
Karina felt the cum of a completely unfamiliar guy spill inside.
Alien seed, filling it, at the same time brought relief to the soul.
Today I will forgive my husband and I will be gentle to him as never before! Then Karina ran home to her husband.

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She remembered that she didn’t even ask the boy’s name, but now it didn’t matter – someone else’s sperm arising from the vagina said one thing – now they are just the same with her husband! She found a way out of the stalemate – now she could forgive her lover!
She darted right under the wheels of his Zhiguli.
The girl was clearly dressed not for the weather: that day

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cold rains poured.
Bad weather, in fact, drove Korobov from the garden.
Thank God, Korobov managed to take the wheel back and did not hit the girl.
Forest animal The girl squatted at the curb, clasping her shoulders, and pounded her teeth.
“Help me,” she whispered.
– They will kill me.
– They? – Korobov asked, looking around, – the place is deaf, not a soul for twenty kilometers.
– Come quickly in the car! – powerfully he commanded.
She humbly laid down in the backseat, curled up.
“Hey, Mowgli,” he asked, including the stove, “and how long have you been roaming the forests?” “Three days,” she replied.
Immediately she sniffed and slept right up to Moscow.
In Moscow, Korobov took her home, laid her on the sofa.
She lifted her eyelids and smiled.
“That’s what, Mowgli,” said Korobov.
– Throw off the rags.
I’ll dial a bath.
Returning five minutes later, he found her standing at the dark window.
Her things stood a small hill next to the sofa.
Not at all embarrassed by nudity, the girl approached Korobov and slowly ran her hand over his cheek.
There was so much simplicity and naturalness in this gesture that Korobov drew her to him and stood there, enjoying the warmth of her body. Model sex free video.

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