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I decided to arrange a romantic for him – an erotic evening, I asked her to leave somewhere today.
So he called you.
He did not tell you that we have an anniversary? – Honestly, no.
The first time I hear – I answered in bewilderment.
“Apparently, he himself forgot that he has an anniversary, and not a booze today,” Katya said.
– I’m already sick of it – What is it? – I srosil – booze these.
– said Kate – He often drinks? – Not rare.
Every weekend.
And the most important thing is that every time he gets drunk to a pig squeal, like today.
As a result, every weekday he is tired, t.
He gets up to work very early, arrives home, and at 10 o’clock he flops to bed.
I come from work only about 9, that is, I have time only to feed him with dinner.
And on the weekend he’s one day in the insole, the second day he’s gone – he sleeps for half a day, then he takes a couple of hours to soak in the bathroom, then he’s lying on his head until he falls asleep.
Here is a life together! Can you at least please him, Igor? Live sex video chat with girls.

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But I had to act.
Eliya carefully entered the harbor of her virginity.
One powerful step forward – and it was all over.
He plunged deep into her bosom, filled it, stretched it.
Voronitsa screamed, but Eliya covered her mouth with a kiss.
She seemed petrified.
He waited for her body to fade.
This will be the first sign of recognition, and it will come without fail.
He sternly suppressed the rude primitive impulse to immediately quench his thirst in a close, bursting with heat cave.
Elijah entered her trembling body with all her might.
Moving cautiously back and forth, he soon gladly felt that she was answering him! When his spear pierced her, Voronitsa thought that she could not stand it – the pain was not unbearable.
But soon she began to subside, giving way to a delightful

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, unrestrained passion.
But she wants it too! She nibbled his shoulder slightly, and he, smiling, began to move faster.
Her nails dug into his back, and he jokingly said: – Aha, did you decide to bite and scratch, is the cat wild? Wait, you will soon have a gentle kitten! – Never! – furiously breathed Voronitsa.
– And I say, you will become! exclaimed Elijah, penetrating her even more.

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Voronita wanted to forever remember each painfully – a long second of their proximity.
The words were superfluous: strong arms led her forward, never ceasing to caress her chest, abdomen and seductive roundness of her hips.
Shyness, restraint, shyness – everything was gone without a trace.
Their bodies moved in obedience to the ancient, like the world the rhythm of love, merged with each other in complete harmony.
Voronitsa dug into Eliya’s lips and pressed herself against him, defiantly demanding more.
Eliya immediately raised himself up, leaning on his hands, then slowly, carefully, walked out of her, straightening his stiff back, and again with a sharp movement penetrated the burning slippery bosom.
He moved forward, inch by inch.
Her body took it, obeyed, stretched.
Elijah plunged into it to the bottom – the sword entered the narrow silk sheath.
It was hard for Voronitsa to breathe: Eliya filled her completely, she felt an even beat from the inside of his pulse.
His expression suddenly became harsh.
He looked at her like a winner, from top to bottom.
Now she is in his power.
Voronitsa felt that she no longer belonged to herself, and her heart sank painfully.
With each movement, enjoyment grew like an ocean tide, lifting them higher and higher.
Adjusting to his rhythm, Voronitsa kept herself in her masculine nature, then reluctantly let go in a moment.
These most intimate, frenzied, devastating caresses carried her far, far away, and the land unknown to her could already be seen ahead.
Thoughts and feelings mixed together in this dizzying flight. Hidden cam beach porn.

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Now, freedom of movement and drool flow from anticipation.
I went to the bed and lightly patted on the cheeks – zero emotion.
Breathing is even and calm.
Oh, praise medicine! The medicine works.
These lips, these pink lips without lipstick.
Need to make up! And I threw my leg over the rose and found myself on her chest, hanging a standing member over her face.
– Well, rose, where is your lipstick? And I took her warm hand, clasping my balls, and then the barrel itself.
The end approached the lips and I felt the warmth, from which pleasant goosebumps went all over my body.
I zaelozil at the edges of the lips member, as if she was painted.
– Oh, Rose, we were wrong, this is not lipstick, this is a banana.
Do you like bananas? Open your mouth! And I just pulled the jaw.
Zev swung open and I hurriedly thrust her cheek.
First, a finger, (suddenly bite off? Let the finger too), and then the pride of any man.
How warm and good.
Looking at the sleeping Rosa and blowing the cheek, I could not hold on for a long time and white drops flowed down my cheeks, adding a little powder to the makeup.
He lay down on the side of Rosa and caught his breath again.

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The fog disappeared a little and the heat calmed down a little.
But after two minutes, listening to the even breathing and feeling the warmth of her body, I wanted new adventures.
– Rose, why do you need this shirt in such a heat? And I, having penetrated under the blanket, pulled the shirt up.
It was not possible to remove everything, but she remained in the area of ??the cook’s neck, and I tasted everything above.
Where is Columbus up to me? This is me a discoverer! Let’s start with the mountains.
Have you ever seen nipple hills? That is still geography, I tell you.
Gentle, elastic (yes, my cook was excited even in a dream) and the smell of her body stupefies her head.
A woman does not need perfume, just wash and crawl under a blanket and the natural smell intoxicates better than any deodorant.
I dug my lips into these nipples, walked my tongue around the dark spot and from the hill to the hill.
Her breath stopped.
She could not wake up, but I give the entire lower jaw, she now dreamed of not children’s cartoons.

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wanted to be close again.
I slid to the feet of Rosa and parted my hips, crawling beyond the limits of the blanket with my legs.
Under the blanket you can not see her “flower”, let him remain her secret, but he is in danger of flooding.
He drowns in her juices, I feel it, and the forest is agitated, like during an earthquake.
I, as a rescuer, hurriedly plugged the “hole”, even with two fingers, but I didn’t feel any obstacles in this cave.
Shy my cook, oh and shy.
– Shells, to fight! Point the gun! And I attached to the entrance.
– To battle! Teen amateur webcam orgasm.

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Opening my eyes and looking at him, I smiled, he also smiled at me, though only with his eyes, because dogs do not have lips, but he smiled and wagged his tail.
Sitting down and looking around, I found a little bit high grass, I got up and had sex in it.
The puck ran after me, he did not lag behind me even a step, entering the grass, it was dry under my feet, sand, I trod the grass around me, and then I unbuttoned my swimsuit and laid it

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near my feet.
I never bathed naked, even tried to go to the bath alone, that’s just why it is, but now I wanted to remove everything from myself, and swimming trunks, too, I wanted freedom in everything.
The grass was just above the belt, I sat down, once again pressed the naughty grass through my hands and lay down.
Everything was familiar, as if it were yesterday.
I went to the gatehouse, it was updated, there was a booth without wheels, there was no one inside, I shouted, the dog barked, my heart beat in small fractions and a huge dog jumped out of the thickets of sunflower.
I didn’t even think to run, but I wouldn’t have time to jump into the gatehouse, so I remained standing where I stood.
The dog again barked loudly several times, ran around me, looked at me attentively, sniffed appreciatively and sat down against me, wagged its tail.

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Something familiar was in this face, the same look, intelligent, all understanding.
– Ugh! – from where it came from.
I turned my head.
Wow, time does not change, the same eternal old man, he has not changed a bit.
Same black and wrinkled as the bark of an old tree.
I am back in the past.
– Ugh! – the old man rasped once again – do not be afraid of him, he doesn’t like anything else.
He, as before, fed me, took out milk, honey and bread, I learned that the Puck died five years ago, in the winter, ran away from home and did not return, and this is a dog that got at my feet and constantly licked them, its offspring .
I was sad, but what else could I hear, he was no longer young then, and yet I was sad.
I said goodbye and went, Bolt, was the name of the Washer scion, that for the nicknames and who only gives them, went after me.
“Be careful,” the grandfather warned me.
– About what? – I asked.
I knew the road, but now I did not want to go on the road, I decided to go through the field and go back to the village along the coast.
“About him,” and he pointed with a stick at Bolt, “he is still young, jumping.”
I patted the dog by the ears, and he, as if understanding my thoughts, was wagging his tail.
– Do not worry, I found a common language with him – and went on.
He shouted something else, but I couldn’t understand his words.
“To me,” I told Scheibe, “he happily wagged his tail and ran up to me.
I stooped and smacked his nose, with joy the dog spun on the spot, he could not calm down for a minute, I looked at him and laughed, and then collapsed on the grass.
She tingled her skin slightly, was cool and soft.
The puck calmed down, ran up to me and poked the muzzle in the side, licked once, then another, then poked the muzzle again in the side, I looked at it and turned over.
I was pleased with how he does it, he licked a few more times and again poked me in the side, I turned over again. Boy spy cam porn.

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