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behaved somehow suspiciously in general.
that it was he who I understood when he walked several times so that he could look into the windows that we were talking about.
and there was something in his look.
something bestial, maniac.
although it may have seemed to me, yet I looked from above, quite high.

he has gone.
I already thought, maybe I was mistaken, and he had not yet come, who was waiting.
or maybe it won’t come.
and continued to look out.
but no one else was suspiciously spotted.
but closer to midnight, after all, the Caucasian came, a guy, about 25 years old.
settled in the bushes and began to look.
my hand involuntarily reached for the puska, but nothing happened.
I was already scared, I wondered if suddenly they would not have sex today.
or maybe this guy just doesn’t like to masturbate, but just looks at it.
he did not leave for a long time, from which I concluded that something is still happening there.
then I got the idea to go check.
it was already after midnight, I barely audibly tried to leave the apartment, went downstairs and sneaked in a roundabout way so that the victim would not see me either (hmm.

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victim! dy it is i’m a maniac that more), and to look still out the window cherished.
and here, I am also hiding in the bushes, from where I can see a drocher, and away, worse, but somehow I could see the action in the window.
the couple has not yet begun to caress, they talked about something.
and the drocher saw my aunt like, since he had been sitting here for more than an hour waiting for the weather by the sea.
the couple moved into bed, I was not particularly consider what was happening there, and the boy began to knead his penis.
through jeans, just stroked and squeezed around the zipper, without much activity.
and here I started.
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