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On a member of my tense Nadet to the chapel, Squeezes gently ass ending Lena.
Not holding back anymore I finish with Lena, filling her ass with Flow of warm semen.
For a brief moment, forgetting myself From the thrill, Lying together With the silence of the universe.
But with a mirage of the invisible Istayalo bliss, Soul and body ask for Other perfection.
And taking out a member of the ass I admire inspired From the hole opened by the current white sperm.
Remembering our dissolute battle.
And thoughts jump on to other “poems.”
H loupes of bloated redness Foretell us a wondrous moment – Your x # nd, having cracked all the bolts, A spear will pierce me now! I am waiting with the excitement of the moment (I am waiting for the wonderful moment) Penetration into myself, I crave for a miracle of shock, Pulling my clitoris in anger.
At that moment I can’t hear myself, Although my chest is torn from shouting, It’s not at all scary that I’ll exceed the Limit, which I dreamed about like horror.
As an electric discharge Pierces the body from the inside, And blows up a fantastic projectile, taking everything out of the way! (Blows up, ripping everything to pieces!)
Increasingly I recall our meetings.
With you, we were so good.
I’m short one evening, But I know that our train didn’t leave.
Perekipeli everything in the soul of insult.
Alive, I want heat so much, There is no power to fight with loneliness.
And you know, yet I waited for you! You wisely acted, keeping silence So many months (thanks for not years), And now, when full of despair, Ready to be near.
This is your answer.

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You do not look askance and reproach.
Ready to do the same as I am.
About the past I will not be a hint, I know – you are not capable of revenge.
You melt again.
We grow both.
Reward us – the convergence of our bodies.
Oh, how your hugs are familiar to me! Only you managed to reveal me.
With you I will only be by myself, Caress you, and believe, and love.
And if suddenly we part with you, Those meetings I will not be able to forget.
The reward be my punishment il, What is the difference in what is the essence? Today I am writing you a confession, I pray you, my dear, JUST BE !!!
Tired of life’s fun, The count appeared in his native enclave, Hoping to secretly that idleness Will save from dirty melodramas.
In the morning, a glorious maid Comes naked into the office, And even though he knows how to play a lezbian: “Count, excuse me, take the blows.
“At the count boredom reduces cheekbones:” Oh, my God, what a passage.
“And stretching the legs, in the chair Taste a sweet massage.
Then there is a milkman, Carrying a can with sour cream, Lazily moving the sole, Our graph turns on a phonograph, Smears a warm smearing penis, And pulls a boy in the ass, Then waving at tennis for a short time, And after that he walks into the kitchen, Where a slim cook awaits, Having rolled his ass over the stove .
Drops the apron dirty quietly And on p # here will pass by hand.
Will go into the anal opening, Sigh, shaking his head, Scratch the clitoris with an ancient ring, Shake with a gray beard.
But there is no escape from boredom, Lost in life interest.
Goes to the kennel, catches the bitch, Leads it to the next forest.
And then again everything is in a circle, Like a squirrel, spinning a wheel, The whole district is rebuilt, And even a distant village.
The house is turned upside down, the tea gets sadly cold.
The wound from the soul will sob and drain away.
Anger on the wire subsides.
What did you do? Help us, God.
Only once having fallen in love – you will remember forever, But do not enter the river twice.
Remember these words

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Crumpled bed and dinner not cleaned.
Why is the snow circling outside? – Will notice traces, in memory will be locked up, And, having covered, will leave, having wished good luck.
Only once having fallen in love – you will remember forever, But do not enter the river twice. Live webcam sex xxx.

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The driver braked and parked.
The car was filled with screams and moans, a restrained roar of guards, and a chuckle of a chauffeur.
The door opened and the barman peeked into the car.
He grunted and sat down opposite.
– Oh, guys, guys, and not ashamed of you? Bitch something, personally mine.
The security guards, even without this, at the limit, fire almost at the same time as a torrent.
One down in the ass of my slave, and the second on my tummy.
Right before the eyes of the jealous Barman.
Throw us on the couch and back down to the door.
We can not catch our breath and lie on each other, ass tingles unpleasantly on a strap-on.
– Stand.
My bitches next to me to plant and disappear.
We were easily picked up and seated next to him, removing me from the strap-on.
The door slammed.
The bartender embraced both rudely and snarled velvetly.
“I didn’t like to catch you with my subordinates.”
So now you pray for your sin with a blowjob.
And then be prepared for the fact that today I can take possession of any of you when I feel like it. Melomanka bongacams.

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Slightly retreating and hooking my skirt with your fingers, you pick it up above the belt.
I readily opened my legs and waited for your touches and caresses.
Slowly running your hand over the panties, you notice that they are already wet.
I hear your noisy exhale at your ear.
I know you always loved when I was wet only from the thought of everything happening to us. Bigo live sex.

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Her breathing quickened.
She closed her eyes and began to slightly move her ass towards her fingers F.
Apparently he knew a lot about such kind of caresses.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw F’s hand, which took Lena’s hand, which was lying on the hem of the sundress, and pulled it backward, behind Lena’s back.
He put my hand on his dick, – his wife whispered again, leading this sweet report for me.
Lena’s hand began to make rhythmic movements, obviously jerking member of F.
The situation was not for the faint of heart.
Another man caresses my wife’s pussy, and she, in turn, jerks his dick to him.
And all this in my presence.
He is so fat and hot, – Lena’s whisper has become intermittent, and the movements of her hips are more outspoken.
After a moment, she froze, and then, digging her teeth into my shoulder, huddled in her orgasm.

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F began to cum almost simultaneously with her, so that the couch just shuddered at their mutual orgasm.
For five minutes, everyone sat in silence, catching their breath.
Lena’s hand came back and returned not empty.
She was all in thick sperm.
F got up and went to the balcony to smoke.
Are you happy? – Lena asked, examining the sperm on her arm.
Very satisfied! Well done, I replied.
Only today I will not fuck with him, – said Lena.
Well, let’s leave it for later, I said, not without regret.
Lena went to the bathroom to wash the sperm from her hands.
F returned from the balcony and sat on the sofa.
I’ll go and breathe on the balcony, ”I said, as if nothing had happened.
I went to the balcony and closed the door behind me.
There was a light in the room, so I completely saw what was going on in the room.

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I was not visible.
Lena returned from the bathroom.
She sat on a chair and poured herself brandy.
Sitting down, she performed the same operation with a skirt, as for the first time, showing off her white panties.
Lena sat so that I saw her on the side.
F got up and walked over to my wife from behind, with her hands on her shoulders.
He began to whisper something in Lena’s ear, and his hands crept down to her breasts and squeezed them.
Lena raised her face to him to say something, but he dug his lips into a passionate kiss.
Lena did not resist.
F’s hands freed Lena’s breasts from a sundress and crushed them with might and main, twisting their nipples, which made them noticeably larger.
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