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But not with my husband the first time I fall asleep! – she smiled, she answered me.
I woke up when the sun was already shining brightly, from the smell of coffee.
Opening my eyes, I saw a naked Igor sitting next to me.
In his hands

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he held two cups of coffee.
I sat down on the couch, I kissed him on the cheek and took a cup of coffee from his hands.
Then she turned her head towards the ottoman, where Sergey and Vika were sleeping.
– they already woke up and drank coffee, and not only drank coffee! – Igor told me in a whisper.
I saw how Vick opened her eyes, stretched out on the bed and sat down too.
– Do I need coffee? – she said.
– come to us and you will have coffee, – said Igor.
Vika, stood up, noticing my curious glance thrown at her, blushed.
But then, leaving her shyness, she quickly moved onto the sofa to me, and sat down next to me and took the cup from Igor’s hands.
– how did you sleep? she asked us badly.
– Good! – we answered her in chorus.
She sat next to me, touching me with her body, and drank coffee.
Igor looked at us both with curiosity.
I noticed that his cock was a little excited.
Reaching out, I began to stroke his penis.

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He immediately moved closer to me and surrendered to my caress.
In my head flashed: “Why am I doing this?” And then the answer came: “I want him! I want him to take me in front of his wife, that she would see how he has sex with me.”
I want my husband to see it! ”
Vika leaned towards me and quietly said to me in her ear: “let’s go to the bathroom, I want to tell you something.”
I looked at her in surprise, but after finishing my coffee and with the words: “Women have their own secrets!” , took her hand and retired to the bathroom.
Vika closed the door tightly and turned on the water and climbed into the bathroom.
I silently followed her.
“I don’t know how to start,” she said – what are you talking about? – I asked her.
– I.
Well, in general, you never had the desire to try with two men at once? – Blushing and dropping her eyes down, she asked me.
Her question took me by surprise.
In my fantasies, Sergei and I often presented the third partner in bed.
And it really turned me on, especially when my husband fantasized how I resist them, and they forcibly take me.
It is strange that such a thought did not occur to me first.
Vika silently looked at me, waiting for my answer.
– Yes.
– I stuttered to her.
– then let?! – toli asked, toli told me Vika.
– you mean me? – I asked her in surprise.
– I don’t mind trying with you! But I had in mind that I want to feel two members at once at once, ”Vika told me.
She looked into my eyes, stroking her palms over my shoulders and chest.
I did not answer her, but without words she understood that I agree.
“But I’m not sure that our men will be enough for another two times,” she suddenly said to me.
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We barely have time to wash this horde before the arrival of the next squad.
And who knew that this aunt would come.
– Yes? – the manager inquired slyly, – Should the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station warn us about the inspections in a day? And it is better for a week – so that the pants could manage to clean up and change clothes for all children.
By the way, why are they really so dirty? Out of toilet paper? “All the boys at this age are untidy,” said Tanya, “if you knew how much I had seen enough of their dirty priests during the examinations.”
Almost everyone wiped herself.
Baby napkins are not enough for them.
– Yeah, I saw how Tanya did it when the day before yesterday my squad examined, – Ira remembered, -.
What do I have every day for boys to drive to her? – I found myself a free nursery nursery! – the nurse looked displeased at Ira, – Wip the priests with it themselves.
I have a first-aid post, not a ward for babies.
“Tanya is right,” Valentina Sergeyevna supported the nurse. “You and Sveta should take care of children’s hygiene.”
Just amazed, Ira, your irresponsibility.
Watch the nurse wipe the child’s dirty ass and do not even ask him to change his underwear after the medical examination.
“So why change the day before the bath day?” – Ira smiled.
“Please do not argue with me,” the manager interrupted her. “You would know how much I had to listen to from that inspector.”
She basically rolled barrels at you – why a seventh grader works for us as a

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Ira hurt flashed.
“I defended you as best I could,” the head manager sighed. “But this does not mean that you will get away with everything.
The first from the camp will take off if this story repeats.
– Valentina Sergeyevna, well, we are honest.
– Ira could not resist and burst into tears, – This is the first bath day.
We have not seen their dirty underwear before.
We try to wash everyone from head to toe.
Of course dirty ass.
“Sunny, I know everything,” the manager said softly, covering Irina’s palm, “You are one of the best counselors in this shift.”
But with dirty cowards really ugly left.
– Are they really because of such garbage can close the camp? – asked Light.
“They can,” Valentina Sergeyevna replied gloomily, “By way of example to others.”
“Well, we are not to blame for the fact that these boys were not taught to wipe the ass at home,” Ira began to sob again.
– Calm down, kitten, – smiled the head, – Light, dry her tears.
And the nose too.
As our snub nose reddened.
– Valentina Sergeyevna, – addressed the head of the Light, – Ira really tries so hard.
And the fact that this aunt came out was my fault.
I am in the camps tutor is not the first year.
Should have known that SES inspectors with checks are coming.
“Actually, I have to intercept these fucking checks,” Tanya said guiltily.
– Well? – the head tenderly looked at Ira, – Has calmed down? You see how Sveta and Tanya stood up for you.
“Do you think this inspector will come to us again?” – asked Ira.
– What’s the difference? – smiled the head – Why should outsiders remind you of the basic rules of hygiene? Hopefully, nothing like this will happen again.
Because now in the three junior squads the boys will change their underpants every day.
– Not too often? – asked Ira, – Parents are good if five pairs were given.
Even for a week is not enough.
“We have laundry,” said Valentina Sergeyevna.
– And who will wear dirty pants there? – asked Ira.
– Like who? We are with you, – Sveta grinned.
– What is it? – the head addressed to Ira, – I’m not forcing you to wipe every ass. Lesbian in hidden camera.

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Genka crouched a bit and moved back, sweeping his head over Tank’s face from chin to forehead.
His palms kneaded his neat little breasts, and now his penis hung very low, swaying from his movements and touching his nose and cheeks.
Tatiana did not attempt to turn away, and then completely stuck out her tongue, trying to lick the head.
– Oleg, what are you looking at !? He is now your wife for the sunnet cheek! – Katya teased him.
– Do not sunet! – he answered, although he himself was not at all sure of that.
– And if anything, I have his wife at hand.
– without looking, he extended his hand and squeezed his soft chest.
– I’ll take off.
– Do not press too much! – Katerina moved closer to him without taking her eyes off what was happening in the next room.
– All to you, Olezhik, jokes.
Genka really did not poke his cheek.
He again came from the opposite side and took up his feet.
Massaging his ankle, he put his foot on his shoulder and moved to the thigh.
Then Tatyana’s second leg was also there.
Also in the process of massaging the upper side of the thigh, the panties of her swimsuit slipped a little, opening intimate places, but not much, still covering the crotch from Genkin’s gaze from above. Teen orgasm on cam.

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And the girl, kissing her boyfriend, looked at me appreciatively.
I smiled at her, which she immediately did not fail to inform her boyfriend.
Because he immediately looked at me and nodded to her.
Now they changed places and the guy looked at me, kissing the girl and whispering in her ear, obviously telling her my reaction to his views.
In general, it turned out such a peculiar look at plays.
There was nothing to do anyway – so why not pass the time.
Finally, our bus appeared.
The crowd revived and quickly turned into a queue.
At the same time, the guy from the couple gallantly missed me in front of himself and became himself after his girlfriend.
While we were squeezing on the bus, I clearly felt no accidental touch with my hand to my ass.
“Who could it be of them?” I thought, turning back a little. Xxx videos live hd.

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