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Chapter 2
It was the 27th day of the Law (it was called the Law with a capital letter) when the sisters returned to Moscow after a month and a half, spent with their parents on holiday on exotic islands.
Father and mother, diplomats who had been away on business trips for years, had long planned to devote a lot of time to children and take them to some exotic country, and they finally succeeded.
A month and a half of the continuous sea, palm trees and relaxation swept quickly, and now on a warm July night the girls returned to Moscow.
Since they didn’t even have a television set in their bungalows, they, along with their parents, deliberately isolated themselves from the outside world, the girls did not know anything about the Law.
Therefore, they were surprised that the customs official, a woman of indefinite age, told them in a strict voice that she would not make a fuss, but they had to tidy up their appearance.

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The girls decided that the aunt was crazy and that they should not take her words seriously – they were dressed normally – tops and mini-skirts – how else to return from a trip to the sea.
Taxis were waiting for them at the exit, and after 40 minutes they entered their apartment.
True, the taxi driver, an elderly uncle with a tired face, also conducted them with a strange tirade, they say, you have to be careful and follow the law.
Tired of the road, the girls did not give it all the particular attention, and after half an hour, after water procedures, they slept sweetly – the next day, Kate had to go to school – she already missed two weeks of classes, and the older one, Lena – to work.
While the girls are sleeping, it is worth describing their appearance, especially since there is something to describe.

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The girls were very similar, looking at them, you could unmistakably say that they are sisters.
Both have beautiful, blue black hair to the shoulders, eyes that strike with a deep blue color, classic facial features, wasp waist, long slender legs.
The younger, Kate, was a little higher – 179 cm against 176 for Lena, but the older one had more breasts – a fourth size against the third for Lena, who, incidentally, was still ahead in this matter.
In this case, the shape of the breasts of both was such that it drove men crazy with their outlines for a long time.
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The girl is quickly “carried away”, the look is lost, the movements go astray from the rhythm, but her man does not let her finish, comes out and asks her to turn over.
She, somewhat shaky, gets up from me, I help her to turn around while he changes the condom; she sits on me with her back to me, then she lies on me and spreads her legs.
I kiss her neck, ear, hands stroking her body, squeezing nipples.
He enters her, putting his legs on his shoulders, immediately takes a furious pace, the moan escaping from her was turned into a scream.
I can’t move at all in this position, pressed against two bodies, and all I can do is caress her, where I reach.

She begins to tremble finely, I press her, tweeze and twist her nipples; he accelerates, each time almost coming out of it and re-filling to the end, I feel the pressure of his penis through a thin wall.
She cums violently, digging her teeth into his shoulder.
I barely hold her writhing body on me.
He does not stop and after a few movements with heavy breathing falls on her.

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They merge in a long kiss; I feel a little odd; they catch their breath.
He gets up, goes to the corridor, apparently, in the shower, throws on the move, grinning, “leaving her at your disposal.”
We turn on her side with her, she is still sobbing, grabbing the air, shaking a little; I do not disturb her, gently caress and kiss, my half-drunk from inaction member slips out of her ass.
She calms down, turns her face to me.
Smiles, kisses face.
Not at all a whore, affectionate and “home” girl.
Touches my limp member: “Well, what are you despondent? Do you want me in the ass? And do you want to suck? ”Without waiting for an answer, he crawls lower, tightens the gum from me and swallows the penis at once, quickly taking its proper form and ceasing to fit in her mouth.
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She, too, always woke up early, and then having learned that her beloved granddaughter had arrived, the old woman could not help but visit her.
Fearing such shame, she silently prayed.
– Igor, well, please, only not here and not this.
I can not stand.
You’re there to tear me all.
Why do I need extra hemorrhoids.
In general, leave me alone! Are you saying that you have never been so fucked? Mockingly asked Igor.
– No, Lera lied to him.
– Not? What are you talking about?
And in the capter with us – Well, only then, and then once.
You know that soldier had a not so huge shishak like yours, but on the contrary a very small segment.
– I know, such dickheads do not happen to me! The inspired son-in-law laughed – Igor, well, please, I don’t like to go there, and in general I don’t want to go there, I think it will be very painful, she begged.
– You will tolerate anything, God tolerated you and the bitches.
And you whore, in general, it is worth planting an aspen stake, because you planted my Alena under your ebar.
“Igor, I didn’t give her under anybody, these inmates themselves tracked me when I hijacked the car and ran away from them.”
And Alyona just became their victim.
Igorek Well, forgive me, maybe I’m to blame for anything, but not in that.
– Do not make excuses, you still get full now.
He squeezed her breast to the pain, and pulled over, pressing the broad, like a mushroom cap, a hilly fossilized fob to the fire-breathing star.
No longer paying attention to the entreaties and muffled cries of the woman, who was gradually turning her feet over the floor, her flat thighs, Igor, began to punch her way into the anus.
The member stood like a wooden one, but to the surprise of the owner himself, in spite of powerful pushes, he refused to move apart the sphincter’s taut muscles.
With its large end, he simply crushed the entire skin around the anus, pressing it deeply between the pelvic bones.

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Lera barely held back the screams of pain.
The fear that someone might hear and enter the room, and even worse to see her quiet son-in-law impaled on the spit, forced her to endure inhuman torment.
Gradually, languishing from the feeling that the member rests simultaneously on the ass and pussy, tearing the partition between them.
Moving her feet, Lera raised her ass higher and higher, and then his mace deftly slipped a little lower, and abruptly entered her womb.
She just sank, and then moaned silently.
Still not knowing where the end fell.
Feeling her tight hole, compressed with fear, Igor seemed outraged.
With such a frenzy,

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he began to fuck his sister-in-law, when it was the last sex in his life.
Continuing to hold her breast with both hands, he pushed the penis into it to the very eggs.
Lera, in order not to make any sounds, bit her collar on her robe and only feverishly twitched her head.
It seems that he decently banged on her ass.
Vagina tightly clamped his huge lump, and did not let out.
But in the next deep entry, the son-in-law finally finally thoroughly discharged, and as soon as the member went limp, he took out his muscled trunk and, realizing that he had missed the anal again, he quietly went back into the house.
Despite the absurdity of the situation and the battered appearance of a lying wife, all the same, nature did its job, its limp member began to fill with blood and harden.
Realizing that everyone had already got up and left the hut, Igor unfolded her body on her back, and untied the belt on her robe, spread the floor around.
Alena tore her narrow eyes, and looked at him in bewilderment.
“Well, don’t you see, I’m still asleep, leave me alone, my wife said in her repertoire.”
– tired? Yes, you are still that kind of slut.
You spent the night with someone that you were so tired? Who is this bull that turned your pussy beyond recognition? Oh, come on answer! – What are you, from the oak fell? I: – Do not lie to me, I saw everything myself, how you moaned and dragged after a bath under it! – You saw everything, and could not protect me, but then you: You, you know who you are: – I thought it was your sister! So it was you after all.
You know who you are after this: – Igor, forgive me, I am not to blame for anything, it was he who came to her, to Lerka, it was her lover, then I understood it.
When I came out of the bath, and was about to go into the house, he overtook me at the fence, and holding his mouth pulled over the bath.
And what could I do with this big man, Rejoice that at least the living remained.
– Lerkin say, well, your Lerka will still get full, but for now you answer for yourself. Date a live kurumi porn.

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Of course, neither Rostec’s cadet corps, nor mattresses soaked in Vaseline and sperm in hot soldiers’ rooms, nor any other equally interesting places, little Rostik could ever know anything because of his supervised childhood.
But, entering into life, is not life “according to the concepts” and not the “concepts” themselves, we involuntarily and even subconsciously assimilate first of all, without knowing anything about this life? As they say, it is not at all necessary to trample on a zone – the zone is always with you.
and little Rostik, breathing the same common air with the dusty children of the city suburbs, was, of course, aware that the older ones as a sign of punishment – under the guise of punishment – could fake younger ones.
“I fuck you!” – said Vanya in the meaning of “I will punish you,” and little Rostik said this promise to punish Vanino, pronounced in a popular folk form, immediately interpreted in favor of his waking curiosity, namely: “punishment” can be expressed in the form of a sexual act, and this as one Petrograd sailor said, he came to the southern land at the call of the party to raise virgin soil, a fact.
“Stop!” The meticulous reader will say.
– It turns out that little Rostik wanted to be punished in such a, frankly, popular form in places of same-sex gathering? But is it.
Is the first word that dusty children from the dusty outskirts still characterize the first adherent of the lunar love celebrated by the greatest minds of civilization they encountered – is it not relish the blasphemous word curse fagaras? And unless, really, without knowing anything about any sexual predilections, and for this very reason, we still have no any of our own conscious predilections, we do not absorb with a sensitive ear of memory that if not uniquely mocking, but still mocking intonation, with which Is the word pronounced right and left at the threshold of our beginning life? What, the reader exclaims incredulously, did little Rostik really want to become a pidaras? After all, he did not fly from Mars, and he was not born on Saturn! And so on.

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however, – the meticulous reader will come to his senses, realizing that with similar questions and other exclamations you will not get far, – let us assume that the rude word “fagot” was once really the only word for the designations of followers of lunar love, in the most different centuries and centuries, in very different words, are celebrated by the various minds of civilization.
but, exclaiming impatiently, the meticulous reader exclaiming, didn’t a new wonderful life full of freedom and light emerge and grow on the fragments of the defeated camps after that dismal camp period? And didn’t there appear new harmonious words denoting adherents of non-traditional inclinations? And, indeed, my impatient reader will begin to develop his thought more and more confidently, isn’t there today that wonderful freedom that we all could not even dream

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of in the camp years of totalitarian monotony? – Will exclaim the triumphant reader, after watching the news and other optimistic programs in the local television clerk, – is all this wrong? So! Truly so! And if so, then.
forward! To hell with outdated vile words, by virtue of their incorrigible modality, only distort moon love, sung by the best minds of civilization! Let Rostik drop his pants without any fear – let him quickly, maturing Rostik, give Vanya a virgin sweet, perfectly beautiful ass! AND.
“Stop! – I will cool dear reader.
Here, it would seem, is undeniable evidence of irreversible changes: new people! But no! Upon closer inspection, all these new people.
Well, you understand, reader, who they are, these seemingly new people: their appearance, including movable property and real estate, they, forever principled, have not without success pribarahlili. Sexy game live.

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