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The smell of your hair, the look of neat hands drives me crazy; I cannot control myself, restrain my impulses.
Want very much.
What I’m talking about? You can not understand.
You have never experienced such a thing, at least in relation to yourself.
Now you will learn something new, you will not even see it, but rather you will feel completely on the other side.
No magic, I will lift the curtain, and you will see yourself through the eyes of a deranged

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girl, almost the way I see you every morning.
It would seem – nothing special.
You have seen yourself billions of times, reflected from hundreds of glare-free surfaces: mirrors, wet asphalt, window glass, superimposed on dense blue twilight.
Objectively, you will like yourself no more than usual, but remember – the body.
3 Now imagine for a moment that you are in a completely empty space.
You can not determine the size and shape of the room, its walls then seem very far, imperceptible, then threaten to crush you with their proximity.
There is nothing.
There is no light, no sound, and only thick darkness, like cotton wool or marsh mud clouches you.
There are no external stimuli – and the analyzers are turned off, spreading in a viscous silence.
Only space continues to pulsate in time with the heart: knock-knock, knock-knock, squeezing, it moves away again, spreading out in a vacuum.
The body dissolves, passing into another remote and unknown dimension.
You do not feel the tip of the nose, the surface of the skin loses its tactile sensations and gradually ceases to exist, the phalanges of the fingers, one after the other, transfer to another level of consciousness, and only the heart continues to tap: tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk.

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Consciousness is paralyzed.
You are no more.
Instant flash forces the micro universe to shrink faster.
A thin ray of light, too bright, cuts non-existent more flesh from somewhere inside.
You find yourself locked in a cramped cage of the ribs.
An unusual foreign body begins to materialize around.
In contrast to the narrow, sharp shoulders, you feel immensely heavy hips, between which a new pulling feeling is emerging – an emptiness, furiously demanding filling, a gap, spewing glowing earth’s bowels.
Get used to it.
Now it will be so until you again dissolve into the abyss of indifferent calm, leaving the monastery that now belongs to you.
Consciousness currents probing new container for themselves, reaching the most distant of its ends.
Here are the long ones.
Straight hair stubbornly cuts an uncut bang into the eyes, touching the light lashes.
You already feel the nails weighed down and tied off with an aggressive varnish, and you run your tongue over slightly twisted teeth.
Everything is different.
At first it will be a little hard to get confused in too long legs, and be surprised at the absence of dark stubble on the face.
But adaptation to a temporary body is made easier by almost the same frail physique, short stature and frankly small breasts, which I myself, in truth, do not feel at all.
Now you are me.
And I? I am no more, I give you my body.
Dispose of them wisely, at least to the degree of freedom that I can allow you.
4 Sleepless dreams.
You seem to soar high above the earth in the soft starlight.
Without anxiety, without worries and experiences.
The sharp squeal of the mobile phone pulls you out of the hands of serenity.
06:25 Outside the window and in the room is dark.
You lie warm in a blanket, a thought knocks into consciousness: something is wrong.
All wrong! Well, first, it’s impossible to scratch the scrotum – you have to rub your eyes. Bongacams visaya.

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He himself could no longer tolerate.
– Cach, make your legs wider.
– He asked, holding his finger between the lips.
– Only be careful, and then fall.
The member gently entered the wet vagina, smoothly filling it.
Oleg bent Katka even lower, so as not to block the review.
A rather long organ of Henki has already disappeared halfway behind the partner’s thigh.
Really have not got it? – Oleg was tormented – Then why does Tanka not react? Well, except that over the edge of the shop hands clutched.
If I could twitch.
Or gasped.
Genka reached out with his hands to her breasts, squeezing them, but his pelvis continued to draw closer to Tankina’s crotch.
Finally, clinging to her, he stopped.
– Oleg thought – Now for sure.
Katka impatiently wagged his ass and he carefully, trying not to push hard, began smooth movements in the hot slippery cramp.
Before Genk there were no such restrictions.
He rammed the dick into Tatyana, frankly enjoying it.
Some kind of animal pleasure appeared on her face, she sighed, gasped and pressed her legs to her chest with both hands, as much as possible replacing Genka. Crossdresser webcam porn.

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Slowly, slowing down, he began to stop, but, having missed, slipped a little further, and we had to walk to our, the seventh car, dragging bags on wheels behind us.
The conductor checked our tickets with passports, after which we climbed into the car, found our seats (4 sides) and, as soon as we were located, the train immediately started off, taking us south.
We had to go for three days, or rather, three days and two nights.
Sveta and I decided that we would occupy the lower places, and the guys would lie on the upper ones.
A conductor came, gave us lingerie.

Throwing bags on the top shelves, we began to be placed.
In the car – it was getting hot.
Therefore, the first thing was to change clothes.
But how to do that? After all, if we had a whole second-class compartment, we could close it with a sheet and change our clothes calmly.
And so, have to do all this in the toilet.
I got out the shorts, T-shirt, and waited for the toilet to open.
Has taken a turn.
Finally, I came out of the closet in short scarlet very tight fitting shorts and a white T-shirt without a bra, carrying a sundress in my hand, which was folded neatly so as not to hesitate.

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Sveta was also in shorts, in lilac, not so tight, but also very sexy (her legs are as long as me and just as beautiful).
She put her hair in a tight tail so that it was not hot.
Our guys dressed in sports shirts and boxers.
Now we were dressed about as freely as all the other passengers of our car.
The south began already here, in a train.
Disia took out a 2-liter bottle with Sprite, a plastic one, where in fact was not a Sprite, but a Martini with ice; we drank to ensure that the journey was successful – at least, it began very fun and funny.
And as soon as the first minute fever ended, I began to study all the passengers of our car, and felt a wave of sexuality emanating from each.
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She also talked about her stunning love for Eloim.
And that, wants to him, no matter what, she still loves him.
And the fact that he let her go only because he fell in love with her himself.
Alina told about his mistress demoness Izigiri, who threatened to kill her.
And if it were not for Elohim, then surely they would have done so.
She has influence on him and makes him do it.
That she is there the most terrible and bloodthirsty creature, which, probably, the world has not yet seen.
But Alina did not know that she had made Elohim the way he became.
Turning into the same monster as she herself.
And she did not tell Alexander about what she did not know and know how a man could never have, that this terrible demoness of a dark night herself was from angels.
One of the firstborn.
She was the Angel of Chaos.
The angel is even more ancient than Elohim himself.
There is a border of light and shadow.
There, beyond the borders of all the worlds and the Creation of the Great God.
She was born by more ancient gods.
She penetrated secretly into the world of Father Elohim, a long time ago, and her brothers and sisters were the spirits of the elements Leviathan and Jinnah.
She fell in love with Eloim.
Fell in love with his beauty and the Divine Light radiated by him.
It was love at first sight.
And she did not have peace until she stole, seducing him with her diabolical beauty from Paradise itself.
Iziriga herself became who she became, and she liked to be a Succubus.
Izigir was burned in her raging fire of love passion, looking at Eloim in Paradise, and turned into black ash. Hidden cam caught couple fuck.

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Crucian, you bastard, splashing a meter away from me.
Hastily, they unwind the bait, pierce the worm and mold the breadcrumbs.
Who knows what they bite? I throw a telescopic bait on a bush, I mess around with spinning.
But the thoughts remained near the red car.
What kind of attack? Ulov was, as from movie Diamond hand.
He barely had time to run from the spinning to the fishing pole.
Zadok filled quickly.
I did not immediately hear the shine from the side, but when I saw the mermaid, I did not immediately believe.
My terrible friend pulled out of the bushes, swimming under water.
It’s nice to look at a woman slowly walking out of the water, from whose tanned skin water flows.
Drops in the rising dawn light beautifully shine, flowing from wet hair, rolling down the neck on the high chest, protruding nipples.

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They look at me like laser sights.
I did not immediately believe that this was happening to me.
But he didn’t hurry to chuck himself.
The fishing rod for three hundred bucks was casually thrown back, twitching spinning for seven hundred, immediately forgotten.
She came to me, smiling pleasantly.
I remotely noticed how the hands themselves khaki-colored sweater, vest.
And you are hasty, – she dropped in a languid voice, squeezing her hair.
Drops ran down the belly, stuck in the pubic bushes.
And you are sudden, – I replied, getting into the water in sneakers in order to embrace her faster.
Giggling, she put her neck under my kiss.
My hands eagerly grabbed her by the buttocks.
(yes, exactly elastic.
Fitnes is engaged, but still a bit soft, which is even better).
In response, they pulled me by the belt and together we fell into the water.

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When we got up, we were deep in the neck.
She hugged me by the neck, by the shoulders, holding above the water at the expense of me.
I was still a head taller, but she herself did not reach the bottom.
Giggling again, she pulled a wet nipple to her face.
I wrapped my lips around him, trying to taste the cold skin.
She sighed, feeling my warmth.
I take a few steps back.
The smaller, the easier it is to deal with the current, and the muddy bottom sucks, bringing the chin to the top? She dives under me and dexterous fingers are taken to tear the belt.
Soon he flies ashore.
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When Sashka put a blindfold on him, he smiled at my camera and said with his lips “Thank you!”.
Then he already smeared his ass for his friend, and for the next two hours I watched how Sashkin’s dream came true.
“Thank you, goblin friend, for the valuable information.”
If we take on your tip-off elfiek, you can fuck them all week for free.
And now not in the service, and I ask for friendship.
Take the slaughtered Hobbits to the city to those policemen who were at the fairy ball.
I apologize on my behalf that I cannot fry kebabs for them myself, as I am mired in concerns about the farm.
He gave his mercenaries a team to prepare for the hunt.
We camped in the forest, covertly — not even a fire was lit — to capture the elves in a circle.
I really wanted to take Queen Tauriel herself.
My hunters grumbled, but they did without a hot brew.
Who distributed to the right, and who to the left of the queen will cut the belts.
– I will take Taurie myself, nobody bother me.
And early in the morning they left in the parking lot the neutered hobbits and almost ran off to the Green Hillock.
Silently crept up and lay in wait.
Here they are elfs, five cows and Tauriel herself.
She is also a pregnant lady.
There are big-minded, hacking elves around the meadow, purring in their own way.
Charm, what cows.

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their thighs are poured, the ass is smooth, the boobs are full of milk, the clitoris of everyone has long been bitten off by a peasant.
Ah, the elf hunt! No nightmare more exciting and, at the same time, dangerous hunting.
They stood in a circle, took each other by the nipples, rolled their eyes and swayed, as in a dance.
Hunters rose and tiptoed, silently, so that the knot under the foot did not crack, sneak.
They are six and we are six.
Each hunter stood behind him with a knife in his hand.
And I also have a dragon skin whip in my belt.
This whip cost me dearly, but just in case it is necessary to have it.
All the hunters are ready, in my sign, to cut the belt of elven cowards and put the loot in front of the elven world, dwarves, goblins and other local evil spirits.
I nodded and six knives hooked up a leather belt on the back of the cows.
I have no time to look after the hunters,

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because my task is to take the proud queen, who has declared a war of annihilation to me.
With five cows, the belts fell to the ground, only one hunter blundered, did not sharpen his knife properly.
The circle broke up;
It is very convenient now to cut off the tail.
Only one lady early woke up, cracked on the head of a hunter-loser and set off to run.
Not to her now and not to the dead hunter.
I shout to the rest.
– Cut off their tails! And he grabbed the tail of Tauriel and twisted it with urine, she even described a little pain.
Only here I looked around.
Four cows are still closing their recordings with their palms and crying in the most bitter way.
My hunters probe extraction for soft tits and buttocks, they are promised that they can rationalize the male desire with the harvested cows.
“But only in the ass, gentlemen, only in the ass.
And no encroachments on the front “! Hunters do not lose time (guys suffered!), Set cows on all fours and quickly lower their pants. Huge black tits on cam.

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