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We both stood side by side and carefully watched her actions.
“Well, how interesting is it to watch?” Christine asked maliciously.
“Why not!” Vasya grinned, “you still hid from us, neither pussy nor ass showed.
And then you put everything on the show right away! “.
“Look, while there is an opportunity,” the cousin answered with a grin, “don’t think that I will show you this every day now.”

“Well, every day is not necessary, it’s enough once a week, is Vanya right?”, The cousin turned to me, I nodded in agreement.
“Guys, you don’t blabble here, but rather bring me some paper or, at worst, a newspaper,” the girl asked.
I took an old newspaper from the bookshelf and gave it to Christine.
She tore her in half, crumpled and began to wipe her ass.
I had to use several such pieces of crumpled paper to wipe dry the entire perineum and the anus area.
Then Christina finally got to her feet and staggered a little, because her limbs were already stiff from immobility and did not want to obey her.
She put on her panties, put the dress down and wanted to carry a bucket into which the contents of the basin were poured, and used pieces of the newspaper were thrown, but Vasya suddenly decided to play a gentleman.
“Do not, Christina, lie down on the sofa, rest, we will take out with Vanya.”
From took the bucket and we both again strode toward the toilet.

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Vasya opened the door of the booth and poured the contents of the bucket into the hole.
We were again overwhelmed with a terrible stench.
At the bottom of the bucket lay a couple of pieces of solid feces, which did not want to stick off, if not so hard, Vasya beat his palm along the bottom of the bucket.
He had to tear off a piece of grass, wrap around his hand and tear off pieces of Crystal feces around his fingers.
“Yes, now I understand why she herself could not poop.
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Having slept a couple of hours, I woke up when it was already 7 am: I didn’t get better, but I was glad that I was on vacation now and I didn’t have to go to work in such a state.
I again spent half an hour in the toilet to no avail: And then I remembered that on the top shelf in the bathroom I had an esmarch mug, which I had been buying for a long time just in case.
I knew that in such situations an enema helps a lot and decided to check it for myself.
I filled it with two liters of warm water and a glass of vegetable oil for the best effect, hung it over the bed.
And on the bed itself was a towel just in case.

I have never done an enema for myself, so I didn’t know what sensations I had: Then I lay down on my back and squeezed some vaseline out of the tube, first smeared my anus with it, and then pushed it into the intestine as deep as I could.
Then I lifted and, as far as I could, I pulled my legs bent at the knees to my swollen stomach and very carefully inserted the enema tip into my ass.

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It was a very pleasant feeling.
Then she slightly opened the tap on the hose, so that the water flowed very slowly.
At first I didn’t feel anything at all, but after two minutes I felt the warm water bursting through my guts, and the gas was boiling in it: The stomach began to swell up slowly, and if earlier it was almost flat, now it was strongly above the chest.
Inside, everything rumbled and gurgled, and more and more wanted to go to the toilet.
But half of the enema remained.
Suddenly my guts twisted a strong spasm and I immediately blocked the water.
It was impossible to tolerate at all and I decided to change my position.
Turning carefully to my left side, I began to breathe deeply and stroked the gurgling belly.
The spasm decreased not all the same I could not continue.
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After a moment, they moaned and rolled over the bed, rolling their eyes.
Their hips danced faster and faster; and the spaceship flew faster and faster, returning to the house of Ney.

Different thoughts swarmed in his head.
And all that sad.
About how he is unlucky in life and even about the fact that he is an extra person on this already sinful planet.
Alexander Telegin, or Alex, as his rare friends called him, gazed out of the carriage window without enthusiasm.
Trees, villages, cities flew by.
And again the trees.
Not even a hint of a miracle.
What, somewhere in the subconscious, hoped this young, moderately pleasant, but some kind of average person with an inconsolable gaze.
“I’m twenty-five years old now, and everything is lost with me,” thought Alexander, “the girlfriend of my beloved gave up, the work is lost, and then what.
? Fate really harsh with Alex in recent days.
It all started with the fact that he was thrown by his beloved girl Masha, with whom he met for nearly three years.
Preferred him, windy in the profession of a journalist of a newspaper of a provincial southern town, to a more reliable and wealthy son of the mayor of this city. Scat cam porn.

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Hermione gasped and for a moment looked up from Ginny’s vagina to see who was fucking her.
Harper took advantage of this to settle in with Ginny’s hole.
This time, Harry and Ron were at the ready.
Forgetting everything, they dropped the invisibility cloak, preparing the strongest curses.
Rather, they tried to reset the mantle.
As soon as they decided to throw off the disguise, convulsive pain pierced them, all the joints seemed petrified and became motionless.
Gritting his teeth in pain, helplessness and rage, Harry and Ron watched Harper slowly insert Ginny, wide and deeply pushing the walls of her vagina.
The red-haired Gryffindor moaned protrudingly while the Slytherin pulled her still tight pussy on a thick cock like a tight glove on her hand.
“No one told you not to lick anymore, lady,” Malfoy said.
– Kiss these members.
Harper’s dick who fucked Ginny was now hanging over Hermione’s face.
She licked him all the way down — every time he left Ginny’s vagina.
Then Hermione cupped Harper’s hairy eggs with her sponges and sucked them in her mouth — one thing or another. Webcam monster tits.

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I changed, Ney.
I changed even when you were lying in my mind (damn! It seems after all, what happened this morning!), And most importantly, I changed here in a spaceship.
While reviving, and while reviving you.
But one thing I can not understand.
What? Why did you want to die? At first, I even thought that someone had killed you, but then I saw that we were alone on the ship.
Why, Ney? Something happened when I am.
when did you bring me back? Yes.
“And Ney told her about Anubis.”
– I still do not understand why we both are alive.
Someone had to survive alone.
Ney! – Leanna looked at him carefully.
– There is no Anubis.
But I heard the voice! I spoke to him! There is no Anubis! Think about it yourself: we are talking about parallel spaces, about the laws of nature that we control – what guards and ghosts can be here? All this is a fairy tale.
The universe is inanimate.
But with whom did I speak then? I think that was your genocode.
I guessed that there would be something similar, although I did not know in what form it would appear. Love sex online.

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Chapter 1.
Top Studs sexy sandals evenly beat the rhythm of the long school corridor.
Hips were decorated with black tight mini, slender legs and they asked for rough hands along with a chic pedicure.
A white blouse, unbuttoned a few buttons, a little bosom chest, and a black business blazer enveloped the body.
On a pretty face there were black-framed glasses with moderate makeup and bright red lipstick on plump lips.
Expensive earrings served as an ornament to the silky hair of a light shade.
“What a pretty devil.
Her lips would caress my sweaty eggs all day long, and her dirty tongue licked my dirty ass.
In the mornings she would have knelt and begged me to plant her right on the tonsils.
In order bitch deserves for breakfast only a portion of thick sperm, licked from the floor.
“- Gosh, my riser.”
We must have time to go to the toilet before the call.
– I’m sorry, what? – Anastasia took an interest – history teacher.
– Nothing that you should worry about,

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Anastasia Romanovna, just thinking out loud.
– Alex answered and mysteriously smiled, anticipating the upcoming little thing in the toilet.

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– Don’t be late for my lesson.
And stop stripping me with my eyes.
– She pointed to his stand and burst out laughing.
Alex was not going to cover him.
“Let admires” – Do not flatter yourself.
You are not my type, and certainly not at that age.
– On his face a spiteful smirk spread.
– But despite this, I will come in time.
– Listen to me wretch.
– Anastasia leaned toward him so low that he could easily look at her breasts.
And, of course, did not miss this opportunity.
“You will need something more than ordinary rudeness to knock me out of the rut.”
Her lips moved right over his face.
Nose pierced intoxicating perfume.
“God, I’m going to end right in the school hallway right on this bitch.
If only to have time to pull out the bolt.
“Such dialogues were an integral part of their friendship, if you can call it a good relationship between student and teacher.
“Insanely sexy teacher.
And that slut, I think.
“Alex turned and walked straight into the school toilet.
With his back to her, he raised his right hand, as if to say goodbye, and left for her.
Anna went to class.
There is still enough time to call.
“Great, I still have time to drink a cup of coffee” Alex wanted her.
She knew it.
Everyone wanted her.
Colleagues, students, lesbians, even gay people would stand looking at her appearance.
Perfect body.
Perfect for such a bitch.
She otshivala everyone and everything.
Neither her friends nor her colleagues knew anything about her personal life.
Proud, domineering, not submissive to anyone, she liked to catch the greedy looks of those around her.
No one is worthy of her.
No one will ever master it.
No one. Online sex indian movie.

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And maybe it sounds horrible, but I already put some vaseline in the ass, in the hope that everything will go a little spontaneously, if everything is as I hoped tonight.
I think my chances of seducing Rick are pretty high, I look stunning, and he will have to spend the night with me in one room no matter what happens.
Just before the exit, Anna gave me a handbag on a long strap.
She told me to check the contents.
Lipstick, lip gloss, bottle of grease and a dozen condoms.
I could not believe how everything went smoothly.
When we left the hotel, we both received encouraging glances from the men standing at the entrance to the hotel.
I had no doubt that we would be the sexiest girls at the party.
I definitely looked better than an ordinary girl, and no doubt the natural boys will look at me (not knowing) and not finding me at least attractive.
Sitting in the front seat of Phil’s car, I thought about the previous time as I was sitting in the car of a guy fully dressed as a woman, and how this guy spattered me with sperm after I paid for my work.
I almost made him a blowjob, but he finished before I decided to dip his dick in my mouth.
I felt confident, knowing that I looked even better than that evening.
Needless to say, I felt sexy when we got into the car and got out of it, with my mega-sexy legs and when we just walked in shoes with an incredibly high heel.
Somewhere in an hour we entered the hostel and took the elevator.
When we were walking along the corridor to our room, Anna told me that the guys we passed by in the hall did not recognize me.
Some guys stared at us both, but no one called me by name and no one recognized me.
Anna knocked on the door of our room, not allowing me to use my key, and to my surprise, Rick was waiting for us there, instead of going downstairs and starting to drink.
Even more surprising was his reaction to me.

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He looked at me, it took him some time to recover from what he saw, and he said, “Wow, you really look good like a girl.
Rick went without us, while Phil asked the usual questions about the room, and about life in a hostel, Anna and I went to the bathroom, considering that we had already looked into the bathroom after shopping a couple of times, now it could be called “a women’s bath” .
“Returning from the bathroom, we took Phil and headed for the elevator.
Phil took us both by the hand and reminded us once more (although it is not superfluous) that we are sexy and that we excite him very much.
I watched as Anna puts her legs on public display while walking, and tried to imitate her walk.
Of course, I didn’t have a big practice of walking in high heels, but I definitely had an effect on guys who literally devoured us, heels, legs, breasts, and their eyes kept watching how we walked down the corridor to the room where we went. a party.
The party was already in full swing, there was a dim light in the room, and it took some time for the eyes to adjust to the gloom.
Phil went to the bar and brought us a beer while we were leaning against the wall.
All the places were already occupied by guys who were known for sitting and drinking all through the party.
Rick was sitting on one of the chairs.
I sneaked a glance at him, but Rick showed with his whole face that he did not notice us.
Through the rumble of music, Anna shouted in my ear, “Ignore him.
“Anna and Phil were my real guardian angels, in the first half hour they did not leave me a single step.
And then something extremely exciting happened, one guy who was a head taller than me and whom I hadn’t seen before, leaned over my ear and asked me to dance with him.
It was a great opportunity for me, as I had a good sense of rhythm, and living in the same house with my two older sisters, I secretly studied all the sexy dance moves that the sisters knew.
I made it clear to the guy that I like him and as soon as the slow dance began, the guy clasped me, drawing me to him, and his hands immediately found my ass.
He must have been wearing underpants shorts, and while we were dancing, I felt like a dick rests against my stomach.
In fact, while the music was playing, the guy did his best so that I could make sure that his member was already on full alert, and I felt how he pressed against me, holding me in his strong hands.
I was incredibly excited by this guy, holding his cock against me, and exploring my ass with my own hands while we were dancing.
I already thought that if Rick didn’t burn out today, a member of this guy would certainly meet my mouth, and perhaps not only

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his mouth. Porn online magazine.

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