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“Go away guys! What do you want here?” She asked displeased.
“Come to see what you are doing here, why you are sitting for so long,” answered Vasya.
“And this is not your business, as I want, I sit so much,” the girl cut off and licked the chapped lips, which she had bitten her teeth for, had been sitting for more than a quarter of an hour and vainly squeezing the kaku, which still did not want to get out of her priests the second day in a row.
“No, it’s our business, because we are older than you and should look after your health, isn’t it so, Vanya?”, Vasya objected and looked at me, I nodded my head in agreement.
“You have constipation, haven’t you?” Vasya continued to pry.

“Even so, it’s not your problem, I can handle it myself,” Christina snapped off and suddenly burst into tears.
“You can’t do it, as you can see, you are crying like a little now,” my cousin grinned.
“It’s you, bastards, who brought me to this with their arrogant curiosity,” the girl replied sobbing, but Vasya again objected: “No, this constipation is already beginning to affect your psyche, but nothing, we will quickly cure you of this disease.”
He climbed to the dais, grabbed Christina by her left hand and shouted to me: “Vanya, you take the right, lead her to her grandmother to do an enema!”.

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I immediately followed his order, and we, like two policemen leading the criminal, dragged the girl to the house.
Not expecting such a reaction from our side, Christina first, without even resisting, dutifully went with us, but then began to object: “Wait a minute, guys, let me wear at least my panties!”.
“It makes no sense to put on”, Vasya snapped, “you will have to shoot anyway immediately.”
We brought Christina to the house, I opened the klyamka on the doors, and we brought our cousin inside.
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Hired for huge money, the nutritionist was ready to go into hysterics.
“Sam” preferred eastern cuisine with an abundance of pepper and herring for vodka, the spouse was “almost vegetarian” and ate only fish and all herbs, the teenage daughter did not tolerate onions, in any form, and only the lyceum student ate everything.
There is still a whole body of bodyguards to feed, guarding the owner, madam, personally daughter and son.
There will be many artists who have met at the reception with Madame, a reputed art connoisseur and patron of the arts.
The manor is fed by a crowd of courtyards, a women’s folk choir and a team of gymnasts.
But they have another kitchen, their own cooks.
The chef already has enough worries, from excitement, he gives out chewing to cooks and dishwashers, threatens to arrange a general spanking.

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Grabs the heart of a major domo.
It is required to clear the yard of construction debris, comb the lawns with a rake, clean the floors in the house, arrange the things that arrived before the owners.
Cleaning in the house is done by maids brought from the city, not older than thirty years old, with a good figure, on a pretty face.
He trained them as a major domo for a whole week, for the first acquaintance he personally carved each one with rods.
The maids were still not guilty, and with that great fear they lifted the hems of their mini-skirts and bent over, sweeping their ankles in their hands.
The major domo was not a monster, did not find pleasure in punishing his subordinates, but was convinced that only through the buttocks would the serf maids acquire fear and reverence for the owners.

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Having received their portion of “wooden porridge”, the girls and young women wiped away tears and continued to establish order with double zeal.
The main work fell on the shoulders of women and men driven from the villages.
In the era of continuous privatization, the village was taken away and drank up all the property of state farms.
Personality vouchers also went to drink.
The current owner bought the surrounding villages along with the residents, now they are completely dependent on him.
Now they diligently scrape the yard and lawns.
Would try to work without diligence – against the porch bench and buckets with rods.
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I can’t go there to look.
It starts to stir inside of me.
– I forbid you to look at him.
Well, stand behind them in order not to see.
Got up? – Yes.
From this side is no better.
I now see her ass and crotch and can not tear myself away.
She is on all fours, ass lifted up.
Everything is flowing there, dripping to the floor.
Sticking something out of there.
I do not understand what. Free online adult sex chat.

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But Anna still got out, wrapped in a sheet, climbed onto a huge bed, which, covered with a blue silk veil, resembled an endless sea.
Anna, bending her legs, settled on the edge, immediately drowning in the unusual softness of the bed.
She awoke from gentle touches.
Opening his eyes, she saw Serge bending over her.
His hair was wet, and droplets of water glistened on a bare chest in a curly black growth.
Apparently, he also took a bath.
“Annette, girl,” he whispered, smiling, “wake up, please.”
He lifted her with one hand, and with the other he pulled out the cover, threw off the wet sheet in which Anna wrapped herself.
“So it will be better,” he smiled again, and cautiously, barely touching, kissed the pink pearl of the lips.
Anna woke up and stretched her hands to his neck, hugged her, put her nose into the collarbone.
“Sorry,” her lips opened in a smile, “I fell asleep.”
Where have you been? “I arranged for Jim and gave some orders.”
– He answered, frankly admiring her, gliding along it with the dark blue waves of his gaze.
The satin skin of its delightful forms, lying on the luxurious silk of a snow-white bed, was inexpressibly beautiful.
His gaze made her flutter, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and desire, which, competing, at once seized her.
With a thin finger, Anna ran across his face, outlined her eyebrows, the even shape of a straight, large nose, beautiful thin lips smiling at her, a resolute willed chin with a small dimple in the middle.
Oh, how she loved these features! She loved from the very first moment, when she saw them, at first not giving herself in this report. British big tits webcam.

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His other hand slid off to the steel rods wrapping around her waist and released her.
It was so easy for a demon to make a feather move in the other direction.
She leaned forward, ready to fall to the floor, but the steel rods held her wrists and knees.
A hand moved on, on the skirt she touched her knees, which immediately became goosebumps and stopped edge between them.
Jules instinctively squeezed them.
Franz slapped her cheek lightly, but then her hand closed her eyes again, the girl’s eyelashes fluttered under his palm, slightly tickling.
He touched her earlobe with his tongue, and then bit his teeth.
His nose moved outside along the spine of the ear.
Bottom up, top down.
Jules closed her eyes

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, he felt it, his hand slipped between her knees, moved deeper.
It was hot, she liked it, he understood right away, she wanted it.
He swallowed hot lump in his throat, his lips froze on the lobe of her ear, and his fingers were already tugging at the clitoris.
She shook her head, pulling away from his lips, and her hips moved towards his fingers.
She restrained herself, had not yet made a sound.
It was too late to flutter, so Franz fearlessly released her knees and then her wrists.
Her back arched backwards, her arms were thrown back behind her and gently wrapped around his neck, her hands caught the weakened tie and pulled him off, throwing him back to the floor.

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He leaned closer to her, her lips touched him and opened, tongues touching.
He wanted to penetrate her, she – into him.
The kiss was long, inseparable, he did not feel her breath, it seems she did not breathe at all.
His right hand caressed the clitoris, and the left already slowly unbuttoned her blouse.
There were no impulses in their movements, everything was slow, they enjoyed every movement and step towards each other.
The inevitable and expected will happen anyway, and the moment of waiting is so sweet and painful.
They appreciated that moment.
She wanted more, fell off her seat, lowered her arms, and the silk fell down, rolled off her shoulders, exposing her chest.
Rising nipples rested in his chest, which caused.
he has a surge of energy and strength.
He intercepted her hands, distracted from her lips and pressed into the cold wall, scorching heat.
Her hands were raised and pressed, the leg raised itself arbitrarily and touched his legs, pressed against them and began to rub.
Franz’s lips dug into her neck, ran over her stream and rushed to her chest.
He kissed her with pleasure, typing each kiss into her flesh, trying to burn through.
She pressed herself against the wall under his onslaught, blinked at half-light and bit her lip.
She was so impatient.
Finally, he let go of her hands, unbuttoned her skirt, which exposed her legs and pussy.
He grabbed her around the waist and still did not tear herself away from her chest.
Jules’s hands tore off his shirt and dug into a solid back.
She pressed him to her, pressing herself against the wall.
He was amused.
She seemed to be trying to slip away, but also pulled him to her.
He straightened up.
His chest pressed her against the wall, pressed against her nipples, the bottom of the stomach, she felt his rising member. Amg65 bongacams.

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Dima studied at the Faculty of Engineering, and Sasha on economics.
They became friends and became good friends.
Alisa and Dima have already begun to live together, but for some reason Sasha did not want this.
It was Sunday morning, Ira was still lying in her bed, and was watching her pictures.
She didn’t like herself, although other people, especially men, considered her attractive enough.
Brown hair shoulder length, neat ass, medium height, second breast size and beautiful amber eyes.
She wrote to Sasha, but he, as usual, did not answer, apparently was busy with something, and Dima was with the network, with whom they already had strong friendships.
– Hello how are you? – wrote Ira to her friend.
– Boring, Alice went to her mother until Monday, I have not been in contact with anyone for two days already.
Whether laziness, or no desire.
I myself have not figured it out yet.
– answered Dima, almost immediately.
– There is no desire to drink? And then I’m also bored, and the mood is kind of melancholy.
Autumn affects.
– wrote Ira.
– Is there somewhere to go or sit at home? – Come on home, I don’t want to go anywhere.
I will come to you? – Come on, what will we drink? I only have a viskar.

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– I’ll take the wine, I do not want whiskey.
He is too strong.
– I then will cook something to eat – Dima wrote.
– I’ll be in an hour.
– Of course, Ira could have gotten earlier, because they live only two blocks from each other, but for some reason the girl wanted to look beautiful before Dima, and for that she had to make up, pick up clothes, put her hair on.
In general, the work is no end.
Dima prepared a salad, fried meat and boiled potatoes, by the time Ira came to the house.
The young man always liked his girlfriend’s friend, even very much.
Therefore, when Ira offered a drink, he estimated several different options for continuing the evening.
One of the fantastic options was to seduce a girl, and how to fuck her.
But unfortunately, he did not take this plan as viable.
The bell rang, Dima opened the door, helped Irochka to take off her jacket and they went to the kitchen.
The girl was wearing jeans and a tight blue T-shirt.
They sat opposite each other opened a bottle of wine.
– For the meeting – the girl said.

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– For a pleasant companion – smiled Dima.
– How are you with Alice? The girl asked.
– Yes.
Slowly, nothing extraordinary, everything is in order.
And you and Sasha.
Ira lowered her eyes.
– Let’s drink some more, and I’ll tell you, okay? – Come on – Dima smiled and poured wine to her and himself.
They talked on various topics for half an hour, discussed fresh institute gossip, and that’s when a bottle of wine came to an end. Irochka offered to drink whiskey.
Dima did not mind, and quickly organized glasses of whiskey, coke and the actual alcohol itself. When did glen campbell pass away.

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That evening, we sent an expedition to the market to purchase a huge amount of (alcohol) everything needed.
And they made a plan for the gradual departure of the entire mafia from Koktebel.
Irishka and I were going to hang out a couple of days in the bay and come back.
But Seryoga and Vika could not decide what and with whom they like more.
In general – so.
And here is the morning.
I write, Irka is sleeping.
Kharkiv friends are already going on their Zhiguli to Fox Bay, so that, after unloading, return for us.
I am in anticipation of new experiences! sixteen.
2008 Oh, my impressionable !! – I went for impressions! And I would read my “notes of the hunter”, I think, impressions would be enough where we dumped so suddenly, leaving most of our junk in our bungalow.
Yes, precisely, – we are already in Fox Bay.
It is noon in the yard, I sit in a tent and cook my report on my knees.
Very inconvenient to write! – Knee, you know, not a desk, and

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the heat.
And even harder all this scribbling then hide, believe me, not easy! But while they don’t bother me, I, like, siesta, write.
In general, my impressions of our new place are not bad.
Of course, the lack of sanitary amenities and culinary delights, of course, can not be discounted, but then: clean sea, beautiful nature and, most importantly, do not need to wear anything on yourself! And this is the main point.
For the sake of the opportunity to hang out a couple – three days absolutely naked, but in the company of wonderful (and also absolutely naked men !!) you can suffer tiny inconveniences.
And there are plenty of opportunities to expand your sexual horizons! But I promised about a party, – I fulfill.
In general, my faithful stated everything with the highest possible accuracy.

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For him, our party was just a great party with friends – nudists, maybe just a little colored in erotic tones.
Beautifully, I wrote! But it was much more difficult for me: for me this drinking with a dance became a difficult sexual test – all evening and half the night I endured serious signs of attention from a whole heap of men, expressed not only and not so much in words, but to give way to my exhausted long waiting, libido, could not.
Now in order.
To begin with, I very seriously prepared for the reception of guests: I washed my hair and put on my hair, put on make-up and, of course, carefully shaved my legs between my legs.
And directly, my party began with the arrival of Vicky and Sergey.
We have just started to cook, as Seryoga was ready.
Puns! Not only that they walked with our Vika in our “bungalow” in what her mother gave birth, so separately, they constantly touched me for all sorts of interesting places and climbed to kiss.
And I’m not iron, in fact! Soaked up by these harassment that I had to undress.
And at all I’m not brave, as Dimon wrote.
Just walking in wet shorts is bad and unpleasant.
On the other hand, he correctly noted that exposing a house, with outsiders, is completely different from undressing on the beach.
At home – sex.
When you undress at home, all sorts of pleasant erotic thoughts begin to creep into your head.
And the nipples begin to stick themselves – themselves.
And much more! Therefore, when everyone was undressed, including my Dimona, intim was flooded so much that I was afraid to seat my body on the sofa.
Because of this intima, I very actively flowed.
Or maybe it was because of Seryoga with his ever-excited member, who constantly strove to shove his fingers at me or lick at the nipple.
And Dimon, of course, as usual, did not notice anything.
Lying, of course – he accurately noticed me.
And with him, we also kissed and moved off.
But back to the get-together.
The guys dragged the tape recorder and it became noticeably more fun.
Seryoga begged Dimon for our camera, so that, as he said, to preserve our fun for posterity.
Incidentally, I watched this fun, – the horror that I got up there! Okay.
In general, the fun began.
In parallel with active drinking and snacks.
I tell you! – I have never been able to drink at home naked, in the company of naked men, but with her husband, and when I’m of the women of all I and another girl.
Vika and I naturally bathed in male attention.
And also these neat male clusters flashing at the level of the scrotum and the tip, swaying with every movement! Cam tv sex.

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