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Aniri in bed, like good prose, requires unhurriedness.
And Midav is in sex approaching true creativity – the creation of pleasure for two.
God, creating a mortal life, probably experienced an orgasm, because there is no other way to explain the origin of this highest in the world of pleasure.
An endless white river of female flesh flowed under him on the bed of the hotel for an hour.
Two open hands plaited him powerless streams.
Midav looked at this body with tenderness, tenderness, love.
There were only feelings.
A wish.
From the impending delight, my heart sank.
Midav understood that on Saturday Aniri was awaiting the punishment that he should execute publicly according to the verdict of the court.
Dozens of eyes will observe this and not one will have to understand that the imitation of which they now need to agree will deliver only imaginary, perhaps a little pain.
Aniri is faced with the difficult task of choosing tools for voluptuous public torture.
But now she belonged to him all — with all her flesh, rivers, forests, and birds singing in her hazy gardens.
And – with its elastic neck, darkened nipples of the white breast, trembling hollow of the abdomen, with trustingly wide-open legs, it caused an unbearable thirst not to quench which is now simply impossible.

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Chapter 5 Aniri appeared before the public, among whom were women dressed in luxurious outfits.
In the men’s eyes, she knew how and loved to kindle ecstatic fire.
The eyes of the women were cold and ironic.
For them, she was a toy, with which Midav will now do everything that she wants without harming her health.
No one now knows what it will be, no one knows that Aniri and Midav have already agreed on everything and agreed on the whole scenario of the upcoming punishment for such nonsense by Moscow standards as ticketless travel on a monorail.
Due to cruel laws, there was practically no crime on the island and public executions, as a rule, were carried out only for administrative offenses.
Aniri only once, for the sake of curiosity, visited one of those where a naked girl hung on the crossbar mercilessly flogged.
She screamed and twisted, and a thin whip, wrapped around her slim body, overwhelmed the most intimate places punishable.
Aniri was madly sorry for her and then she could not even imagine that such a thing would happen

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to her.
Midavu, being appointed to the position of executing judge, has so far managed to avoid the role of the executor directly.
And now before him stood his beloved girl, whom he had to punish her body according to her own script.
How many times did he tell her that everything here is not the same as in a careless Russia.
What a thrown piece of paper past an urn is sentenced to the pillory, and for traveling without a ticket, it can be sentenced to three years hard labor.
All in vain.
With great difficulty, he managed to convince the rest of the tribunal that for the first time it would be quite enough just an execution, which he would execute independently.
Aniri now had to undress.
Everyone was waiting for this exciting moment.
Many men came here solely to admire women’s bodies and the sufferings of young women. Sex couple cam.

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It was a completely new feeling of making a lover not at his own will, but a demand won in gambling the satisfaction of her whim.
These affection, obtained by the game, with crazy power led the winner, moaning from ecstasy.
She, enjoying herself, absorbed every touch of the debt-giving language and enthusiastically accepted the triumph of the winner.
After an outrageously short period of time, the partner changed, and Olga still a little bit snatched from the first experienced sensations of this kind of sex. Sex online ru.

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Read hot sex stories online.
Here, my girls, quite cheered up.
They put themselves on a champagne glass of wine, and drank to brotherhood, embraced and merged into a sweet kiss.
After such stress, alcohol hit my head and the eyelids closed themselves.
I do not know how long it lasted, but when I opened my eyes, I did not immediately understand where I was and what happened to me.
And so the fun began.
I am lying on a huge bed, completely naked, my hands are separated to the sides and tied to the headboard, two large pillows are planted under the ass, my legs are spread apart and are also tied with some kind of ribbons.
I hear An asking Laziness.
– How are we gonna fuck him? My first desire was outraged, so arrogant.
But it is clear that a sedative pill acted on me, and the alcohol also affected me.
To be honest, I had such a cool state, and I did not want to spoil it.
In my heart, all the time there was a struggle, I, as if in my soul, justified myself.
– Like, I’m not at all in business here.
And in such a helpless state, I probably will be raped, and I, as they say, only a member, I can move.
In the meantime, preparations for my “fuck” were in full swing.
Liliputki quickly undressed.
When I saw their chiseled bodies, I immediately began to rise my mustang.
– Look, one of them says, he is already getting up, let’s get down to business.
An sit on my stomach, my back to me, takes my dick in my hand and presses it to my stomach.
And Laziness to sit on the thighs, opposite her, closer to the groin.
My dick was caught between two hot bodies.
They embraced and hugged each other even more tightly, and I felt how my cock pressed against both navels, and the base of the penis was embraced by two pischiki.

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From such sensations, my dick excited in three seconds, and like a wild Mustang reared.
And they merged into a sweet kiss, and began to rise and fall in sync, in one word to excite me, and myself too.
Such a buzz, I have not experienced.
My dick was already buzzing, the head has become burgundy, like that of a little pig.
It lasted about five minutes, as soon as they began to flow, and this was immediately apparent in my groin, it was already all wet and sticky.
Then Laziness lay between my legs, head to my penis, and An began to sit down on my penis.
Or rather, it was like that.
Anh seemed to hang over my dick, and Laziness led my dick to an unopened bud.
Then Anh crouched lightly, but, not there it was, the member bent and could not enter this narrow hole.
Then Anh stretched out her bud with her hands, and Laziness helped her to insert my penis with her hand.
At first I was hurt, because when they pressed on him from the top, he could not enter immediately and arched himself.
But thanks to the efforts of the two girls, the head gradually began to hide in this lovely hole.
The member straightened up, and the pain immediately went away, and An slowly, everything sat down and sat down.
Then Anh sat down sharply, the member flew into half and immediately rested against something warm and soft, I groaned, and An screamed and froze.
Laziness, she asks.
-What planted, huh? – Well, how it hurts? Anh responds.
– Quiet, I caught such a buzz that now in the “fly away”.
– You hurry, or our birthday girl will inadvertently wake up, and then again we will be in the wings.
– And we have planned so many experiments !!!! And then An, jumped on me, like on a trampoline, in my trunk began to flow trickles of grease.
And Laziness did not waste time in vain, she dived right under my balls, and began to lick them, because they were all covered with An secretions.
From such a buzz, Laziness, so flowed that it could not, nothing to do with it.
– Quickly give way, otherwise I will die, says Laziness

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– And what do I say An, – I have not quite finished yet.
– And you quickly jump on his face, and let him fuck you up with his tongue.
– And if he does not want me to fuck my tongue? – Then whisper in his ear that he will not receive the video tape, and then he will do for you, whatever you want, and even more. Read hot sex stories online.

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Masturbated cams girls. Sanya, embracing hotly, kissed: and suddenly Dolbak dulled at Valerka – he hardened instantly: oh, the cock pressed into the lock between his legs, and Sanya squeezed him with his legs member: What Verka? Where is she?.
The boy was shaking with the sweetest chill – his hands shot up, and – Sanya: Sanya-zamkomvzvod, choking with love, he pressed to his back, without hesitation: oh, glowing at Valerka’s young heat between his legs, and not a bit ashamed of gray-eyed salabon! Sanya stared at his lips with his mouth wide open, greedy – Valery was sucked in passionately, and Valery: he didn’t move away — he didn’t even think! Sanya squeezed his dick harder – he squeezed his cock with his feet: and, tugging backwards – bastard – gray-eyed slid back and forth between his legs tense huy: oh, it turned out that he Sanya spire-hooked between his legs! Nakatila-Valerka ran into this passion, and Valeraka’s body was already buzzing, —Sanya, the gray-eyed boy was hugging, squeezing, hugging, and slinging voluptuously into Valerka — he was rubbing against his stomach, rubbing it, knowing that he was impassively given to gray-eyed, Sanya became attached to the boy’s soul, and he was burning with happiness: the guys were rubbing against each other, gasping for breath: it was not a dream, not an obsession – everything was real! Oh, both of them had a pleasure that increased with each moment between their legs: ely-burnt: the pleasure grew: and – suddenly Valerka exploded: it became very good! That is, very: very, very! Masturbated cams girls.

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Vibra bongacams.

Morning, August 30th.
I woke up under the last summer sun of this year.
Despite the breath of autumn, the still warm, joy-causing light of them, infused energy into the soul and body.
After two months spent in the country, it is nice to be in your bed, and, in general, at home, especially when the long-awaited moments of the realization of his fantasies, which disturbed me throughout the entire length of the vacation, approached! It seemed as if the whole eternity had passed since that moment when I had last passionately embraced my beloved wife, kissed her tender lips and gently slid my hand over a very smooth “silk” skin.
With impatience, every moment, I imagined this day when I could realize all my passionate desires, overwhelming my whole being.
And so, it happened! Before I even had time to open my eyes, the thought immediately flashed through my head: “Today I will be the happiest person in the world!”
And I was him! Through a closed door in the room, I heard the TV running in the kitchen and water pouring from the tap, which indicated the awakening of the most charming “girl”, who in 51 days would turn 51! Vibra bongacams.

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She is forever doomed to these merchant dresses, these shawls, long skirts, coral earrings in her ears.
Masha was beautiful, but not at all with the beauty she wanted.
Even her voice let her down: thick, low, like that of Frosya Burlakova, he was buzzing with village warmth, even when Masha spoke about the theory of chaos – and she was angry with him, like a naughty dog.
And you will not tell anyone.
Beauty is not her, and the voice is not the same, and her hair is not, and world fame does not please in the tenth grade.
Lit up girl.
Ugh! ”- Masha could not stand it and burst into tears.
She hated crying in public, but she never managed to hold back her tears.
As soon as something happened, her face turned against her will, her cheeks were made crimson, her eyes were crystal, and from them flowed like a crane.
Here and now.
Weeeeeee !.
– approx.
Well, what are we crying? Our eyes are spoiling? Are they made for that? BUT? Masha gently, but imperiously restrained someone’s hand.
A tall man in a jacket stood in front of her and looked at her eyes mockingly.
Masha wanted to tell him something poisonous

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, intellectual, as she knew how, but instead she burst into tears even more: Geeeeeee !.
Oh well! He hurt you, right? He’s a scoundrel, right? Nothing: he is a fool worse.
Such a treasure profukal! You will show him more.
Masha snorted against her will.
Here you go! Smiled! Well, it’s a completely different thing! And still! Try it! Rrraz! First of all! And further! And further.
Look: it turns out! Machine cheeks, despite her misfortune, desperately crawled to the side.
Let’s consolidate success, – a stranger winked at her conspiratorially.
– Let’s do something very nice.
We slap on a shampusiku, for example.
BUT? Do you like shampusik? What kind of animal are you? You! furry fox, golden-haired maiden! What is your name? He asked, holding Masha’s hand.

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He was self-confident to indecency, but at the same time charming and good-natured, and his charm justified self-confidence, as it always happens.
Abbreviated Mnazya ”- Masha wanted to tell him, but for some reason she babbled: Ma-asha.
It sounded so infantile that her cheeks lit up like two traffic lights.
Masha? Doll Masha? Where is the bear? Do you know that Masha should be with a bear? Can I be your bear? She wanted to say something to him, like, “I only speak to polite bears, which are presented to a lady,” but instead she stammered again: Yeah.
It was a nightmare: her body responded in her place.
“Yugu!” The stranger mocked her.
– Where did you find such a doll-Masha-no-bear? Where else do these live? Where did you wander to our city of sins? Tell me! Masha opened her mouth.
and suddenly a crazy thought flashed through her mind.
With a sob, she replied: “That is not far off.
From the village of Zakopteyev we.
Zakopteyevo? How I heard, heard.
Have you heard? – Masha happily picked up.
I myself was not, I will not lie.
And I heard.
you can’t even imagine, the doll Masha from Zakopteyev, which only I have not heard! Well, do you want shampusika? With a bear, I mean with me? Shampusik
Is this something like a gimlet? How do you drive? Are they chasing? With grapes, Masha, with grapes.
Shampusik is much tastier than a gimlet, I can assure you.
With grapes? Duck, it should be delicious! – Masha idiotically smiled, looking at the Bear.
Playing the doll Masha was easy and reckless, and did not want to cry at all.
Tasty, tasty, do not hesitate! Come on! And where are we going? And a tude.
Come to my residence.
Here, near, on the eighth line.
Let’s go Well send.
The bear slyly smiled at Masha and led her along the embankment, without releasing her hand.
how did you say Misha-Misha-Bear, teach me how to fart! Ha ha ha ha !.
They sat with the Bear in the hotel “Sokos”, in his room, and laughed like crazy.
Masha has already managed to tell him the story of her life – how she lived in the driver of the tractor driver Zory Mordokvas, how he tried to pump her “with love,” and she ran off to Aunt Bouferich, where she was killing cabbage day and night, bitten by her mad.
hedgehog, as she moved to St. Petersburg, finished school, and then washed the dishes “in the same dining room, Striptease in Heaven is called.”
Masha lied inspiredly, almost without thinking about what she was saying, and the Bear seemed to believe her every word.
Laughing with her, he bent his head – and they suddenly cracked their foreheads; oyknuli, sprinkled again – and continued to laugh.
Laughing faces were very close, and hot waves of laughter burned the skin. Webcam group anal.

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After some silence caused by a protracted kiss, she confesses: How good you are! Especially when our tongues find each other and start.
Repeat? Yeah !.
In the meantime, his fingers, playing with the will of the fleece on the pubic protrusion, move on.
Sasha instinctively squeezes his thighs, but then he pushes them apart, and much wider than they were before.
And then he feels his finger penetrating the gates of her flesh.
Bah, yes there, honey, it is already quite wet.
Panties do not mind? Maybe we remove them? Oh my God! These panties were given to you !.
Not the panties were given to me, but those of your lips, which are unfairly called disgraceful, and which caress for me to interfere with these damn panties! And you think it’s so easy to get rid of them?

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There is a whole system of protection.
It is clear, as if at a nuclear reactor.
Here is a belt with pendants, and stockings are attached to those.
Yes, armor is strong.
But our fingers are fast.
Already one stocking unfastened, that’s another.
Let them pull them down gently.
Well, if only, carefully, so as not to break.
It seems to have not broken.
Yes, in the art of undressing you make undoubted success.
Wow, took off, did not cause pain and, it seems, did not break.
Not that with a bra and a skirt !.
To the bra, I believe, we will return.
In the meantime, you can take up the panties.
Help me, raise one thigh ,.
then another.
Like this.
Let them lie on the floor, and we will deal with more pleasant things.
Is not it? Osadchaya only nestles on him even more and sticks in his lips.

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At the bottom of her all blazing from the touch and friction of his fingers.
The pelvis moved involuntarily.
And the further, the more energetic.
And the palm, for the third time persistently caught by him and brought to its causal place, remains so.
And her fingers do not remain indifferent to such a neighborhood for a long time, after a while they rather timidly try to pull at his tense flesh through the fabric of his underpants, and then dare to get acquainted with her and in more detail.
The thought that it’s not time to throw out the white flag comes to her head.
But, it turns out, in order to surrender, courage is also needed, and she has already been completely spent on agreeing to get rid of the skirt.
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