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Her rational calm easily found a response in the soul of the girl, and she felt a close relationship with an unexpected companion, whom she had last seen in her distant childhood.
Why so? At your age it’s time, the woman was surprised.
Christina hesitated how she could explain to a relative those feelings that arise when she speaks to representatives of the opposite sex.
There was no one else I fell in love with, ”she said instead.
Really none? The girl looked down.
No, of course, there were a few, but all of them are not for me.
Why so? Aunt Zoe, look at me.
The woman on the run looked at her companion and did not understand.

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So what? A friend of mine told me that I was a living collective image of all the desires of a man.
Well, probably it is so, you are very beautiful, – Aunt Zoya smiled in response.
And I do not want to be just collected together desires! I want to be considered a person, not a “doll”, – the girl even barely heard a sob, saying the word that half the guys who tried to stick to her spoke to her.
You know, ”Aunt Zoe said thoughtfully,“ I once experienced the same feelings.
My figure of course has never been so attractive.
like yours, but I’ve always had enough boyfriends.
Christine looked at the woman with understanding.
In the end, apparently they were quite similar.

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Beautiful figures were all women in their family.
Beginning with great-grandmother and ending with Christina, everyone had a large chest, a fairly narrow waist, wide hips and long legs.
“Collective image”.
The truth with Christine could not be compared to any of the relatives.
She was probably the most ideal of all.
Of course, she could not be the ideal of any man, but certainly suited for most.
As soon as she put on tight clothes that accentuate her figure, the men, in conversation with her, stopped talking at least something meaningful.
Those who were well brought up tried in vain to distract from her body, those who grew up on the street tried to drag her into bed, and the most impudent shamelessly paw.
Her breasts, the eighth size was too big to be loved, but for the best trophy the winner fit one hundred percent.
Waist size barely reached eighty centimeters with one hundred thirty centimeter thighs, it seemed aspen.
Of one hundred and sixty three centimeters of its height, the length of the legs was ninety-five, that is, almost from the ears.
The soft oval of the face attracted the femininity of its lines.
The long, straight hair of almost black color was perfectly combined with large brown eyes, the iris of which was cut through by clear lines of bright amber color.
A light crook on a thin line of the nose of medium length, which appeared after an unsuccessful fall in childhood, did not spoil the general impression at all, but on the contrary added to the girl’s face identity and charm.
Not the most plump lips enchanted with the elegance of their lines, with barely raised from the nature tips, reminiscent of a slight smile.
All this beauty crowned high, thin neck.
As soon as it seemed to her in the company, in addition to different types of courtship, she began to receive offers from various directors, photographers, artists, modeling agencies and others. Teen hidden cam sex videos.

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They showed each other their power over slaves.
It was difficult to give preference to someone in the bullying.
Katya, Ira and Lena were real Mistresses, and each in their own way cruelly treated their maidservants, not one of them had ever had pity for slaves, for them they were only objects to satisfy their desires.
Katya received another higher education, although in absentia, in order to manage such a large company as hers, she needed good knowledge.
Institutional knowledge was not enough, so she decided to learn more to gain knowledge that helped her in her work.
So, basically the quiet life of Catherine, so far flowed between work and home.
But lately, the vague feeling that some sort of trouble should happen did not leave her.
Arriving at work, Catherine first of all called to her office the head of the security service.
The security of the company was not threatened, but Catherine decided, just in case, to create her own security service from professionals, former employees of law enforcement agencies of the Federal Security Service, the Federal Security Service, the Interior Ministry, and took only those who had vast operational experience and were in good standing in the bodies. was a true professional in his field.
She made the head of the security service Davidenko Boris Mikhailovich, a former FSB general.
He was a competent worker, knew his business very well, and most importantly, he had very large contacts in the bodies and could get almost any information.
She paid security workers a very high salary and didn’t strain them much, so people enjoyed working for Catherine.
Mikhalych, last month we had two contracts “out of our nose”, it may be an accident, but I urge you convincingly, figure this out properly, my intuition tells me that it’s not just that.

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Well, Ekaterina Alekseevna, I will definitely figure it out.
Try to make it faster.
Insult, Ekaterina Alekseevna, I always followed your instructions in the shortest possible time.
You have nothing more to me.
Then I will not detain you anymore, go, work.
When the security chief left, Catherine wondered how it could happen that just before signing the contracts, someone beat them to her, moreover, at the last moment, offering customers more favorable terms.
Maybe someone in the company was playing a double game, then it is necessary to calculate this person.
Worse, there were no competitors on the horizon, which was exactly what bothered Katya.
It was possible to make many assumptions, but it was necessary to wait for the results of the work of Mikhalych.
Having picked up all the documentation of the company, she carefully studied and analyzed the work of the company in recent months and found that several of their regular customers began to do.
fewer orders.
Summoned a commercial director, she decided to find out how he allowed this.
Sergey Petrovich, how can you explain the fact that we have regular customers who have been working with us for a long time, began to make fewer orders, although from the very first day they have never bought our goods less than now.
Ekaterina Alekseevna, I met with partners who make purchases from us, they said that they were offered products similar to ours, only at a lower price.
They decided to compare the quality, and give us the answer with whom they will continue to cooperate.

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Why did you not immediately inform me about this?
Ekaterina Alekseevna this is constantly happening on the market, especially with the current competitiveness, so I thought that when the result is known, I will report to you.
And if we lose customers, it will be too late to report.
Do not think, and we must act.
Why you did not reduce the price, especially since we have been working with these people for a long time, and it was possible to make them small concessions.
Ekaterina Alekseevna, we work with our clients at the lowest rates, there is no place cheaper, you know.
I myself was very surprised when I learned that you can sell products like ours at a lower price.
If fully, as expected, to comply with the production process and put a lower price, you will have to work at a loss to yourself.
I have analyzed everything, calculated that it is cheaper than we sell; no one can sell, if only not to deteriorate the quality. Masters of sex season 3 episode 10 watch online.

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Then her hands slid down her abdomen, the fingers of her right hand parted the hairs and parted her lips in different directions, and her left hand found Sergey’s member and smoothly set the head of her penis to her lips opened towards him.
As soon as the head sank slightly into her, she turned her head sharply in my direction, looked into my eyes, then I glanced behind her glance behind my back, then she looked at Sergei, who had penetrated into her for another couple of centimeters.
She gave way to my hips towards my husband, and spreading her knees wide, lifted them up, and at the same time pulled her husband by the shoulders to her.
His cock is fully entered into it, their pubes were pressed to each other.
She froze, listening to herself and the new sensations.
Then her hands fell from the shoulders of my husband, her head lay back on the pillow, and only her arms spread wide, knees bent and legs raised high showed her tension.
Sergey, not falling on her body, began to move.
Apparently, there was little lubrication, and her lips wrapped around my husband’s cock, reaching for him when he began to leave her.
I first saw live sexual intercourse.
What is happening captured me, warmth poured down in my belly.
My back felt like Igor’s naked legs pressed against me, and his member buried several times in my back, neck, moisturized my skin and unexpectedly slid over the skin of my neck and shoulder, and he pressed against me.
His cock lay on my shoulder and my head poked on my cheek.
His hands lay on my shoulders, slid down, found my chest and the fingers of both hands found the nipples of the chest and gripped them, gently squeezing them began to massage them.
I felt a growing excitement, and gratefully bowing my head, pressed Igor’s cock against my cheek.
By this time Sergey had made several movements inside Vika, she “flowed” and a member of her husband became easier to slide

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into her.

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The lips of her vagina ceased to follow the movements of Sergey’s member, swelled and went a little apart in different directions.
Vikin’s head turned in our direction, his mouth opened a little.
She again put her hands on Sergey’s shoulders, and stroked him.
Looking at her carefully, I saw a stream of saliva flowing from her mouth, her eyes opened a little, but the look, which just a moment ago was purposeful and tenacious, became blurred, and was directed somewhere inward.
Sergey, without removing the member from the girl, covered her body with hers, she limply embraced him with her hands, and her legs stood up, clasped and joined at the back of my husband.
Sergey fucked Vika not quickly, alternating deep sweeping blows with a member, with fading inside her body.
Vika’s breasts, sticking up in different directions before, under the pressure of my husband’s body, divorced to an even wider scale, and one of her nipples looked out and stuck in my direction.
I noticed that Sergei’s fading became shorter and shorter.
He was getting faster and faster into Vika, my head was spinning from the excitement of what was happening, I put my right hand on Vika’s nipple sticking out of my chest, and I began to caress my left hand between my legs.
Behind all this, I completely forgot about Igor, and he was excited not less than all those present, who were already frankly rubbing with their member sandwiched between my cheek and shoulder.
HE: “Cool” !? What is cool? – What is your wife some kind of damn fucking camera poking at a camera !! ?? And she still stretches her pussy? Me: I think it’s great! – And you see everything, as you wanted.
See the details, buddy, eh? HE: Yes, there is not only “details”, damn it, all the entrails are visible here! I: Well, great! – Are you jealous? Maybe I would like to try it myself? HE: Oh you, Dimych! I’m already sitting, afraid to touch a member, and you say.
Me: But seriously? – Let me get Irku to get you to pofotkat her, huh? Or, even better, offer her yourself! – Say, like, saw all our pictures, and you want to shoot it yourself !! BUT!? He is not.
Me: Why, I don’t like the idea? Or do you want to talk to Irka? HE: I want to talk, but not on such topics, damn it! I: Well, in vain! – Maybe you would have got even better.
Well, then look at Greece? There’s more fun there.
HE: Oh! The continuation of the Greek banquet? – Now they hug.
What’s next? I: Here you go.
HE: Dimych, he is for her.
for tits keeps! Me: Well, she for the end has already held it.
HE: They will not fuck there, an hour !? Me not.
He smears it with cream, that’s all.
Watch it.
HE: Yeah. Amateur webcam couple porn.

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But I have since lost my head.
All the time I was thinking how else to repeat this.
I began to drop into the room with my stepdaughter, when she was still sleeping in the morning, and my wife was already leaving for work, since my work was at home with some trips around the city.
Irochka in her dreams dumped the blanket and I had such a view of her lovely ass in panties, when she was lying on her tummy, that the hand itself was reaching for the penis and was starting to jerk it off.
Sometimes, when she was sleeping in spacious shorts on a naked body, I would sit next to her and push away that part of the shorts that were located between the legs on her pussy.
He leaned over to this place and breathed in such an incomparable scent of young flesh, but trying not to wake her.
One time, when she was still sleeping soundly in the morning, I sneaked into her room and pushed her panties aside, kissed Irochka right in her soft, naked “pussy” and ran my tongue.
The hand immediately reached for the member and I wanted to cum next

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to her, but changed my mind.
Once again, kissing her pussy goodbye, I went to my wife in the room where she was still sleeping, exposing their charms from under the blanket (we always slept naked).
Without waking her up, I attached myself to her ass and shoved her “fighter” into her pussy, quickly pumped her with my sperm, imagining Irochka in her place.
In the morning she was a little surprised that I took advantage of her in a dream and she wanted to repeat, but Irina suddenly woke up early and my wife had to go and make breakfast.
I was in seventh heaven from my nightly fun.
Soon, my wife needed to go on a business trip for three days and I stayed with Irochka together at home.
On the first evening, we fooled around with her, played cards and were a little late, that she soon fell asleep with cards in her hands in her chair while I went to the kitchen.

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I had to make a bed and didn’t want to wake up Irochka, so I laid her next to him, and at the same time I took off her pants and a T-shirt, leaving her in only her panties.
It was the height of bliss.
I began to caress her small breasts, lick her nipples, while taking her fingers into her panties and stroking her slit.
Now I wanted more.
In the light of the night light, I pulled off her panties and put my lips to her “girl”.
I licked her for about ten minutes, then took off my panties and framed the dick to her mouth.
He was slightly ajar and my member is not without difficulty, but climbed there.
What a thrill it was! I began to slowly shake my pelvis to fuck her a little in her mouth, and I even wanted her to wake up.
I didn’t bring the case to the end, otherwise she could have choked on the amount of sperm that had accumulated in me.
Then I pulled a member out of her mouth, hugged her and fell asleep.
I woke up in the morning, Irochka lay on my chest, still naked, her pen squeezed my penis and held him tight.
I even wondered if she had done it in a dream or was already waking up.
But for a long time it was impossible to put it on, I put her panties on, without having forgotten to lick her “girl” again, pulled her t-shirt over her body and went to another room, supposedly to fill it up, so that when she woke up, Irochka did not see anything and did not understand how she found herself in my bed.
But when Irochka woke up, she behaved so naturally, which is why I realized that everything was ok.
I really wanted to repeat my games on the second night, but her girlfriend Katya, a classmate, came to spend time with Ira, but she was a year older and I had no choice but to sit patiently in my room and wait for something.
They frolicked for a long time, then went into the shower and went to bed.
Already late at night I made my way to their room.
Irina slept as usual in shorts and a T-shirt, and Katya, in the absence of her home clothes, wore a nightgown to Irochka, which she wore a year ago and she became already small to her.
Katya slept without a blanket, as Irochka pulled off all over herself and I saw that she was sleeping in one nightie, without panties (it was obvious that I didn’t wear after a shower).
I was not slow to cling to her pussy, she smelled so nice and it was a pleasure to lick her.
Suddenly, she parted her legs, and lowered her pen into a crack and began to rub it slowly.
I realized that she was already masturbating, and my caress made a new urge.
Katya caressed herself and quietly moaned in her sleep.
I immediately took her second pen and put it on my dick.
She grabbed him very tightly and held him all the time while caressing herself, but never woke up. Teen cam porn live.

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So, being in the room, Andrew, without thinking twice, took the guy’s arm by the arm and wanted to draw him to him, but Paul abruptly pulled away from the boss: – What are you doing? – he mock up portrayed surprise on his face.
– Pavel, I can’t take it anymore, in my opinion, I’m going crazy! I madly want you, all of you, I want to

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kiss your eyes, lips, feel the scent of your body! I want you to belong only to me! – Andrei cried out hysterically, while approaching Paul, who was still retreating from him.
– Yes, you obviously went crazy, once you decided that I would ever agree to it at least! What are you, for an idiot take me? Tomorrow you will throw me out as unnecessary on the street, and then what should I do next? – the young man screamed hard at the man’s face, while feeling the wall behind his back.
And then the thought flashed through his head: “Everything, put out the headlights, turn off the engine, we arrived.
Welcome, this is a complete paragraph!
”- What are you talking about? – a man boiling rapidly.
Not understanding the guy and not understanding what he says and what he does, Andrew grabbed him tightly by the waist and pulled him to himself.
– Let go! Andrew, do not! I.
– the further stream of words of Paul was interrupted by a hot, scorching kiss of Andrew.
The young man tightly wrapped his arms around the neck of his beloved man, his strength, and he no longer had the desire to resist, and he surrendered to the winner.

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With each movement of their lips, merging in endless pleasure, the intensity of the passions increased.
The man’s hands wandered around the body of the guy, occasionally squeezing his juicy halves, his tongue fluttered in such sweet lips of a young man.
Sometimes Paul’s lips wrapped around Andrei’s tongue and made movements that were given in a powerful member of a man who was already standing with an iron sledgehammer and begging outside.
Andrei’s lips covered kisses on Paul’s cheeks and eyes, grabbed his earlobes, slid over his neck, and the man’s strong hands tore off his clothes from a guy.
(Erotic stories) In the meantime, Pavlik’s skilled fingers slipped on Andrew’s hot cock, squeezing him with a force and pulling a draw from his owner.
He did not have the strength to hold on, and the man picked up the guy, threw him onto the bed, yanked off the remnants of clothing from him and himself, and his powerful body turned out to capture the guy’s strong legs, and his cock rested in the narrow hole that hid future indescribable pleasure.
And so the man’s hand slides along the leg of the young man, grease is oozing from his penis, moistening the entrance to the body of Paul, who is already at the limit, and he gradually sits on the large pink head of Andrew.
Here she already slipped inside the body of a guy, a tight ring wraps her, and the man, without restraining himself, introduces his powerful piston into the tight passage with one jerk.
A member of it is like something burning, tightness squeezes him, to the limit strengthening the feeling of animal pleasure and proximity of the young body.
Andrey begins to hammer the guy more and more, tearing off the groans of pleasure from his lips, glaring his lips into his tender skin.
Pavel whispers in his ear so that he gets more into it.
Well, Andrey doesn’t need to say it twice! Their eyes meet, the man holds the young man practically on weight, Paul bends, and a wave of orgasm captures him and gives up a powerful wave in the man, who simultaneously, like a volcano, pours into him, and there is no end to it! Hidden spy cam porn.

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You enter her mouth, helping yourself with your hand.
The tongue is playing with your very excited filling tip.
Strongly sucking you in, she squeezes the phallus with her teeth, and you moan from the voluptuous pain, entering into her mouth deeper and deeper! Having enjoyed her mouth, you turn the girl on the tummy and lift her ass.
She is all wet and full of desire.
You gently enter it.
She screams.
You squeeze her hips and get in stronger.
You utter outrageous moans.
You go deeper.
It is wet and cramped.
And she likes it! She starts to move towards.
You no longer “love” her, you fuck her furiously with a steel hot member! OOOOOOO !!! Daaaaaaaaa! She feels your hot stream of semen and cums with you! It was just a firework of passion! Free webcam sex com.

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Misha was the first who could not stand it and finished with a wild roar into Sveta’s vagina, firmly clinging to her buttocks.
Seeing that a foreign man fills the vagina of his wife with sperm, Pasha also shot a spouse in her mouth, who honestly tried to swallow, which was very difficult to do in her condition.
Finally, the men fell away from the battered woman, and she remained lying on the table with dripping sperm from the mouth and vagina.
Having recovered a bit, the men transferred Sveta to the bed, wiped her from the traces of sperm and covered her with a blanket.
Under the measured sighing women, they drank wine.
Suddenly, Sveta came to herself and demanded wine herself.
Her embarrassment and shyness went somewhere deep in her.
She sat naked in front of two men, occasionally straightening her tangled curls.
Then Sveta retired to the bath, put herself in order, and the men began to agree on a further plan of action.
It was decided again to unobtrusively excite a woman and continue sexual intercourse with her, now concentrating on the last untouched opening of the female body. Masturbating cam free.

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Acts on all patients superbly.
Try, you will not regret.
Little girl, let me prepare you for a meeting with the beautiful, “- the last phrase was already related to Marga.
Job moved his hand to

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her ass on the vagina and began to gently fuck her finger between the legs.
The door to the ward opened, two girls entered – young simpamposhki.
“Wow, I am myself! Job Abramych, we have practice ends, we need your signature, we published the reviews about our practice,” they often started in duet.
“A – a – a! Prak – ti – kan – tok – ki – and! Help to transfer Marga to the table, we share, the signature later,” the doctor rejoiced.
The patient was transferred to the table, on the move he took off her robe and, having managed to spread a couple of blankets on the table for greater softness.
Marga was laid on her back, while the interns bent her legs at the knees and spread them apart, grabbing her thighs and calves.
Her cave opened, the doctor licked carnivorous and ordered Denis: “Attack! What are you standing like stepon? Take off your clothes!” “Somehow you all too suddenly:” – Petrov mumbled and hesitantly began to unbutton his jacket.

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“Marina and Irina, quickly prepare the client, I still hold up the bullshire,” continued Job.
He grabbed the thighs of the prostrate patient with both hands, spread them wider, and drowned his face between her legs.
Marina and Irina together quickly, but gently stripped Denis and began to take turns kissing him and adjusting his piece with a fine manual adjustment.
Job tore off his wet face from the charms of Margot, saw that the patient was ready, and gave him his place.
Petrov did not want to work with his tongue, he put his rod in her pussy and slowly began to have a damsel, Marina and Irina intercepted Margo’s hips again, and stroked her breasts with her free hands.
The doctor lifted Marina’s skirt, pushed the strip of panties to the side, inserted a finger and checked the humidity.
“Take off your underwear completely, blot it out,” the intern suggested.
“Eh, no romance,” Job sighed, but he still took off her panties.
The girl stooped, the doctor planted her from behind.
“Irka, do not waste your time, take off your pants for the time being, too,” puffing, said the head of the practice.
“I came without panties, I knew that your signature to receive today,” – said the intern.
“Well done,” the young mentor praised, pulled out a member from the depths of Marina, went over to Irina, lifted up her skirt, tilted her and planted her.
“Are you gonna stop?” – after some time, the doctor asked Denis, – “The girls have finished by razik, and I also want to, but I can only go to Marga.
For a signature on the practice of ending up in students zapadlo, only for a test or an exam is possible. ”
Denis, going to meet the wishes of the workers, naddal, they finished with the girl almost simultaneously. Lesbian squirt live.

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