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Cyril, my lover, is now in the south on vacation with his spouse and children, and I haven’t had a man for two weeks.
My ass and mouth missed his strong big cock.
Unfortunately, by virtue of my shyness, I can’t just go out and surrender to the first person I meet, the real man, but I’ll have the courage to surrender to the virtual man, that is to you, my dear reader.
I understand perfectly well that occasional people rarely visit this site and this section, which means you are either the same “girl” as me, or a man who is looking for acute sexual sensations and exotics.
If you belong to the first category, then I offer you the role of a spectator and a place in the first rows of my virtual auditorium, where you can watch as I now, albeit virtually, give myself up to the entire active half of visitors to this section and my story in particular.
If you, my dear, belong to the second category, it means that now I will belong to you.
So that you have an idea of ??who you will have, I will describe myself again.
My name is Katya and I am 20 years old, 170 cm tall, weight 56 ??kg, hips – 97, waist – 64, chest – 88.
As I wrote earlier, I am not only beautiful, but also absolutely natural.
I have a pretty face with large expressive eyes and sensual lips, thick, curly black hair to the shoulders, long and very slim legs, smooth and delicate skin, delicious ass, knees and hips of a beautiful, round shape.
And its own, albeit small, but the most real beautiful girlish breasts 2 sizes.
I have a small segment between my legs, which in the excited state reaches only 9 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter.
Now I am lying on my bed in front of a laptop, on my short summer dress, barely covering the ass.
I think that you have already stood on me.
I wonder what you are Gentle or prefer to take a rough and tough girl? My fingers are now gently wrapping my favorite “realistic” 21 cm by 6, 5 cm, but I think about your penis, dear.

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Mentally transfer to my bedroom and lie down next to me.
You can touch, stroke and kiss me wherever you wish, I will not resist – now I, though virtually, but completely belong to you, dear.
Do whatever you want with me, I will be your obedient girl.
Imagine how I kneel in front of you and gently wrap your excited member with my fingers.
You feel my hot breath, as the head of your penis is a centimeter from my half-open lips.
I gently kiss her and take it in my mouth, freeing her from the foreskin.
I suck you slowly and deeply.
My hot, tender lips rhythmically glide over your cock.
I help myself with the tongue – you feel how its tip playfully tickles the bridle on your penis.
I swallow your dick entirely and freeze, because I feel that you are balancing on the verge of an orgasm, and I do not want you to finish quickly.
But you can not stand and

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, grabbing my hair, a couple of times abruptly and roughly stick my mouth on your penis.
It “explodes” in my mouth and fills me with sperm.
You violently finish me on the cheek.
I swallow something, something flows from the corners of my mouth.
You pull out your, still trembling, dick and fill my pretty face with sperm.
I continue to gently suck your dick, carefully licking off the remnants of your sperm.
And now he hardens again, I turn my back to you, kneel down and elbows, fully giving my ass to you.
Do what you want with her, dear, this night, she, although virtually, belongs to you completely.
Now, when I write these lines, I have my “realistic” in me, and I manage to write and ride it with my ass, thinking that this is yours.
I hope that you, dear, finished more than once, imagining how to fuck me.
Personally, I finished it twice, while I was virtually appeasing you.
Of course – this is not real sex, but still I liked it, I hope you too.
Perhaps we are destined to ever do this in real life.
Who knows, life is not a predictable thing and is full of surprises.
Kiss you, write me a mail, my dear, if there is a desire.
I hardly opened my eyes.
These gin and tonic things are such treacherous.
Like and drank a little.
And most importantly, it was delicious.
I somehow got up and went to the kitchen.
Igor drank coffee.
– again, gin and tonic, one little bvnochka? He sarcastically asked.
I kept silent.
Igor is a student, I rent him a room.
I have a three-room apartment, left over from my husband.
– I’m tired of cleaning up this mess for you, which you are satisfied with after your gin and tonics.
I shrugged.
– well, and do not clean.
– how not to clean? Do not go right there.
Why do you scatter things? – it happened.
– again? Real sex doll online.

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Then the action took place in reverse order.
Mitya, in turn, went to the jacuzzi, and after, having seen enough of the pleasure of porn by vidak, he brought some grass to the house from the garden, and sticking it into the microwave, tried hard to dry it.
Half an hour later, the house was filled with either smoke or the smell of dichlorvos.
They learned all that this is hemp, only later, when he ran out of the kitchen and shouted with annoyance: – Your mother! Here is a bummer! It turns out to be a non-premium! I tried in vain to work with the papers.
Not a single report converged, and there was nothing I wanted to write.
But I still tried to tune.
But when Denis flew into the office, he said to me in a business-like way: “Come on, go away, we found a network with Mishka on the Counter Strike!” It turns out you have computers are connected! – I am terribly “pleased” this “discovery”, and completely lost interest in any work.

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Brown, once arriving in an eternal nirvana, more than once caught up in the boys, and tortured by “violence” on their part, realized that his peace was disturbed and probably would not be restored soon, he simply went into the back room.
And lay down there, only occasionally going down into the courtyard, in order to cope with the natural needs of your body.
All this mess, accompanied by music for the whole house.
All came off to the fullest.
As a result, all gathered together in the evening, at dinner.
The guys shared their impressions of the day among themselves, and Mitya and I just quietly laughed at them.
– Today, let’s get rid of early, but tomorrow we will go on business, we will need to sleep, – I said to the guys.
– We will beat off? What is it like?

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Where will we go? Go shopping? – asked Denis.
– Not.
We will go shopping later, and tomorrow we will go to your assholes, and we will beat it and go to the hang-up, I answered.
– Well, then I went to the rebirth, – Denis told me.
– Come on.
I will come now too.
– Where are you sleeping? – he asked.
– Upstairs Denis, in the room where the TV is big.
Deniska is gone.
Having finished my tea, I said to the guys: – Take a seat, in general.
– Yeah.
Where are you here?
– smiled Bear.
– Mitya, tomorrow if you wake up early, wake me up, okay? – I said to Mitya.
– Okay.
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Live dildo cam. You: – jumped Ashot with jumps, – what are you, Ulyudov, ?! I why left you ?!” Instantly, Ashot’s eyes narrowed – they became narrower than usual: he raised his fist: “Don’t!” – Vaska jerked.
“Handon!” Ashot whispered through clenched teeth, but at the same time he kept his fist.
– You, Ulyudov, pidaras, but not a scoop: pidaras, fucking life! In the absence of pussy, guys instead of masturbation of such fagot like you, fucking, fucking, they put after the end and – fuck you: what I will do to you now, Blasts, here! And it doesn’t matter at all whether you want it or you don’t want it, fuck: it makes no difference to me! Otstrochish you today with me: – And Ashot, looking at Vaska, pushed him to the knots.
“Turn your backside – substitute, fucking, ass: well!” The Ulyudov soldier, shaken, fell on the knots from the push: “I will not:” “You will, blya: take off your panties!” And do not twitch, kid: Once – not a fagot: “A hundred times Ulyudov heard this phrase: but now this phrase was not abstract for him, and – Vaska’s heart was pounding in mute horror, because Vaska asshole – naturally! – realized: if he gives Ashot in the ass, Ashot will tell the boys about him, and then – not to escape the other fucks: and they will even, maybe, fuck in two bows – at the same time – in front of the others – Stas, Ashot, Andryukha, Gena : “Well, Vasek: why is it quiet? Turn around backwards – lower your underpants down: “Vaska jerked:” Don’t! “” I tell you: don’t worry: If you turn me over cool, then you go to sleep. Live dildo cam.

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Aaa, how does it fit into it all? Do you practice something in bars? Yes, she will shut the aunt’s belt.
Whiskey pounded.
I stood in the middle of the window, no longer hiding behind the curtains, and mist swam before my eyes.
Diko wanted sex, and his hands were tired of holding the rope.
Taking a deep breath, I forced my eyes to look away from the rather amusing picture and moved to the second window, from which the light was burning, and in a row – the third.
It was the parent bedroom.
But I did not notice my parents.
More precisely noticed, but only the father.
And he shamelessly tormented the anus of the housekeeper Elsa.
Rounded ass almost flattened by each friction dad.
Rigid swotting.
Elsa even moans, confusing and mixing pain and pleasure.
Strange cocktail.
Probably, the father cannot do otherwise, age, stress and.
Yes to hell, I also want to fuck Elsa.
Tomorrow I’ll take advantage of it so that I’ll tell my mother everything if I don’t suck me properly.
And let him just try to rebel.
Now I know how to hook her.
From somewhere on the back I heard cries.
Chasing on my tired legs, I turned half open and peripheral vision showed where the mother is still located.

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And I thought that the gardener had gone home early.
Yes, that they are now Viagra in tea poured something? Heh, jumps on soft bags of leaves.
A graying gardener from below sits on his throne, and his mother jumps on a pole.
Both are dressed.
He just unbuttoned his fly, and she slightly raised her dress and pushed her underpants.
Probably afraid to freeze.
That’s it, I won’t call her an old wallet anymore.
Jumps like a young filly and a sister with a daughter in the race will not give up.
Depraved my little family.
But where are they to me? Looking at his watch, he sighed, realizing that Jessica, my girlfriend, was already sleeping and was unlikely to come, even if I called her a taxi.
Well, the plan remains B.
And I walked to the last window with a long dimmed light.
The maid’s room.
The maid and our Polish cook Rosa spend the night here.
She is older than me at some five years and shy, as if still a virgin.
I don’t know if you can be a twenty-two virgins, but she refused all attempts at courtship.
But in vain did I buy half the supply of sleeping

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pills at a pharmacy and in vain did a decanter of water in this room dissolve a dozen of tablets today? I pushed the window out and climbed over the edge, leaving the rope on the windowsill.
A member has not yet taken all the blood and left the ability to think.
And here is the Rose.
Sleeps in a sweet dream and the blanket slipped to the floor, leaving her in a light nightgown.
From this view and two mounds of a good third size, I felt a distinct ass in my pants.
I had to remove them and put them next to the window. Masturbation webcam teen girls.

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Olga growled.
– I will punish you later.
– How much do you want – smiled Irina.
She was happy that her friend agreed.
– I’ll pick you up – said Irina.

After lunch, the women broke up.
At home, Igor called Igor.
– Olga said that today you have a meeting? – Yes.
– Olga goes with you? – Yes, I want to see her flog.
– Sorry I will not be with you – Igor sighed.
– I’ll tell you everything – promised Irina.
– Love you.
– And I love you.
At half past five, Irina drove after Olga.
“It’s good that I am wearing a skirt today,” said Olga.
– Panties took off? – I took it off – my friend answered evil – and bought stockings.
Irina saw that her friend did not want this meeting.
She even felt sorry for Olga.
But she wanted to see Squirrel.
I wanted to see an animal.
At ten to six, Irina drove up to the house she needed.
– Previously, he lived in another area – said Olga.
Irina called the intercom.
The women entered the porch.
We climbed to the 5th floor.
The door to the apartment was ajar.
Girlfriends went to the apartment.
Alex met them in a bathrobe.

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He was surprised.
– Squirrel, did not expect to see you.
What are the fates? Olga was silent, not knowing how to say it.
For not all told Irina.
– I don’t believe the ears – Alex smiled – does your cow want to see you as a dog? – Yes, Master.
– Suddenly, but nice.
I have two bitches today.
Irina groaned.
Today she is not the only toy.
Olga, her friend, her MASTER, today is the same animal as she.
– Take off your clothes.
Women took off and hung fur coats.
They took off their boots.
Stood in front of Alex.
– I’m waiting – he smiled – take off your clothes.
Girlfriends began to undress further.
– Stockings leave.
Women undressed.
– On knees.
Girlfriends dutifully down.
– Wait here.
Irina flowed.
A stranger’s apartment, a stranger man.
Now she will become his toy.
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On that day, there were few people on the beach, and the nearest couple, a man and a woman, were located about 60 meters from us.
– Dim, anoint my shoulders with cream, but I’m afraid I’ll burn you! – She suddenly asked, slightly thrusting my hip in the leg.
The second wave of adrenaline was not so strong, but the sound in the ears again made itself felt.
“Okay,” I said, reaching for my bag behind the tube.
I sat on my knees near her back, and squeezed a small amount of cream into my palm.
Then I realized that my erection can be seen from the side and asked Lena not to turn her head (such as it is more convenient for me).
I began to smear the cream on the upper back and shoulders, especially often sticking the strap of the bra at the neck.
– And still anoint your back! – With an easily perceptible pleasure she asked.
I also squeezed out and my hands began very gently, as it seemed to me to slide all over her back.
The only thing that strongly hindered, so this fastener at the level of

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the blades.
Suddenly, Lena stretched out two hands and unzipped the zipper.
At this point, her back arched a little and tightened.
The straps hung on the sides and the gorgeous back of the most beautiful woman in the world opened to my gaze.
With each movement on her back, my erection intensified and, it seemed to me that it was enough just to touch my penis and not to ejaculate.
I stroked her entire back, very gently walked in a circular motion on the shoulder blades, upper part of the neck, sides, several times with my fingertips even touched the armpits and the back of the chest.

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Carefully not finished.
Suddenly, Lena stretched out her hands to the ties on the neck and accidentally (or maybe not) with her right hand, either touched or ran across the front of my shorts, naturally feeling my standing member, did not quickly look at the ties, and lowered her arms, again touching my friend’s right hand.
But this time, her right hand palm on my hip.
Having understood the hint, I also began to gently no longer smear the cream, but rather to massage the upper part of the back and its beautiful thin neck.
Her hair was picked up by a barrette and did not prevent me (and maybe her) from enjoying the process.
Periodically, her palm was slightly barely perceptibly squeezing my thigh, which caused me additional excitement.
To be honest, I really wanted to finish at that moment.
It was probably the only way to relieve a giant sexual tension.
But something in this sensation was such that he always wanted to remain in such a state.
Suddenly I don’t know why, I took her hand in my hand and began to gently knead her hand and fingers with my fingers.
From the cream, my fingers slid smoothly over her tender palm.
Without saying a word, Lena turned her head in my direction and, with a kind of gentle look, invited me to lie down beside me.
I lay down next to her tightly pressed the left side of the body to her.
We lay on our stomach and looked at each other.
Even through her sunglasses, I could feel her gentle look.
She put her right hand on my back and began to gently stroke me.
– Want to go home? She suddenly asked.
– Already almost 12, now it will be very hot.
I agreed, and we began to gather a little.
Sensing an erection, I did not dare to immediately get up and sitting down began to collect things.
Lena, meanwhile, reluctantly zipped up the swimsuit clasps and stood upright in front of me.
Oh god How beautiful she is! Light brown hair was gathered behind a hairpin.
I eagerly began to glance all over her body starting from the neck, went down to her chest. Korean porn hd online.

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How I love when my dick enters her pussy, however, I’m far from the original: it’s all peasants high! Then both heels are placed in my mouth, and her hands rest on the floor behind her back.
I suck heels – golden studs, and Mistress with moans beating on my penis.
Strapon, though not involved, but adds extreme to what is happening.
Here she rolled her eyes and twitched, immediately and a wave of orgasm fell on me and I discharged into her vagina, biting her heels.
Several convulsive jerks and she sat down on the penis to the eggs.

Mrs. still for some time crawls on my falling penis, squelching and slurping sounds from her juices and poured sperm are delicious.
Recovering, she again sits on the face and I thoroughly lick her heated orgasm, expiring trembling vagina from ringlets to the clitoris, and more, and deep into the entire length of the tongue.
He leaves the room to rest, take a shower and generally disconnect for a while from the process.
I fastened in the corner of the collar, put on a chain like a dog, but I was thrown cigarettes, lighter and have a bowl of water.

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Her humanism knows no bounds! Time passed, I already enough smoked and drank almost all the water from the bowl.
Of oblivion.
I was returned by the knock of the closing door and the steps in my direction.
Her steps.
I will not confuse them with anyone.
Madam rested look.
She is also beautiful in snake skin a la Mississress suit with a rearing transparent strap-on, green sandals with gold stilettos with gold of the legs and vagina ornaments, dark and light emerald varnish on the hands and feet.
Kick-off beauty! The mistress grabs a red-black whip along the way and, spreading her long, delightful legs, looks at her slave at the dog’s chain.
– What, doggie, came to his senses, now I will take you for a walk.
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I threw out the things, I had to take something from the local wardrobe.
There was nothing more neutral in the closet than in the ass shorts and a light T-shirt.
Taking a breath, I went out.
In the living room, mom was already sitting in a completely normal form with her dad and talked, as if nothing had happened.
“And here our little star woke up!” She said tenderly and looked at me.
I was waiting for dad’s reaction.
“Sit down, Zhenya, dad and I want to talk to you.
“I went and sat in a chair opposite my parents, feeling on the move, like wagging my ass, but I could not help it, now it happened by itself.
Dad was sitting on the couch and looking at me carefully.
“There was nothing more neutral?” – from this father’s exclamation, I realized that he was not very pleased with me.
I hesitated.
“Come on, Denis, young girl, I also dressed myself when we met.”
“I’m not so embarrassed that I now have not a son, but a daughter, as the fact that she fucked with my boss.
Or did you do it in your youth too? ”
From this conversation, I realized that dad knew far from everything, and it seems he doesn’t know anything about mom, “how did she manage not to give herself away? And why didn’t you wake me up? ”In the meantime, we felt that the yacht had moored.
“Here we are sailing” – sadly we toli, dad said tiredly.
“Zhenya, to be honest with me, it is not particularly important who you decided to become and what kind of personal life you lead! But I care about my career in the company, I don’t want to be thrown out because of your intrigues with the boss, did you understand? ”
I just sat and was silent, not quite understanding what he was driving at.

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“Show her sms!”.
“Well, yes, look here!” – said Dad pulling me the phone.
Sms had the following content: “Denis, you kicked out yesterday and you probably don’t remember anything.
So I’d rather tell you, than you learn from anyone else

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Your Zhenya and I had a great time yesterday and I would like to continue our relationship with her.
I think you are aware of what the consequences might be if you put obstacles in my way.
And if you will help, believe, you will not be offended.
I hope I understand myself clearly.
After a week, Zhenya and I will go to rest in Thailand, and you stay for the senior at the firm, see how you can do it! ”I was overwhelmed with emotions, on the one hand, I was scared that my father recognized everything in that moment.
On the other hand, I understood that he knew far from everything to my happiness, and the thought of going with Thailand to Thailand was reflected in a sweet languor in the lower abdomen.
“Well, what do you say, daughter? This prospect doesn’t scare you and I have nothing to worry about, ”papa said with a half-laughter, noticing my dreamy look.
“Nothing” – only I could say.
“That’s fine! Well, girls, it’s time to go home, only I have no money for a taxi. ”
“I have it!” I said, taking from my pocket one hundred dollars that Yegor left me.
“Next,” I shouted.
February day was nearing its end, 45 minutes left until the end of the work.
Today was a long day: in the morning, a medical examination of future draftees was conducted.
– Can? – shy asked another recruit.
“You can hold the dick behind the cheek,” I recalled one of those answers that can be heard in the army to such a question.
“Come in,” I commanded.
“Are you the last?” “Yes,” answered the recruit as if he were going to die.
– What is the name, how many full years? – I could not wait to go home.
– My name is Dima, I am eighteen, he answered shyly.
Just now I looked at him.
Small stature – about 165, thin.
He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
Rather, it would be possible to give about 16 years.
Long hair, thin features: small straight nose, big brown eyes, long black eyelashes, expressive mouth.
Directly poured girl.
“Close the door on the latch and take off your clothes, take off your socks too,” I said clearly, so as not to ask again.
“Look at you.”
The boys always attracted me more than girls. In live porn.

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