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We had a long road ahead.
Jurgen Schechkin

My wife Katya and I live in one of the regional centers of central Russia.
Our city, though not small, but certainly not Moscow, is hard to get lost.
We were married 11 years ago, right after graduation.
Parents were not that for, but did not contradict.
Katyusha took second place in our city beauty contest and many older men who already took place stared at her: high (175 cm), light brown hair, slim, with a beautiful upturned second size chest and legs that called, from the ears.
I have never been handsome, but I studied well, was gentle, caring and had very wealthy parents.
In short, we had love, and she chose me.
Immediately after the wedding, my parents gave me a three-room apartment, where we lived.
Having graduated from universities, we made a good career for ourselves: I became the deputy director of a large law firm, and my wife was the second person in one of the committees of our administration.
Katyusha is 29 years old, I am 30 (by the way, my name is Dmitry, and our last name is Ignatov). Spy cam at nude beach.

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After a few seconds, we again furiously sucked so that the breath intercepted.
He leaned forward, I squeezed his legs harder, lifting his ass.
And then his tail began slipping slippery my anus! That’s why he sucked it like that, you bastard! I coyly fidgeted backwards; it turned out to be funny and at the same time, extremely exciting – a member in me.
Incubus caught me by the buttocks, parted them, stretching the hole.
The tip of his tail began to playfully tickle and tease me from the rear, and then with one blow “zaarpul” ass-drenched in juices! – Oooooh! – from an enchanting kaleidoscope of sensations, I instantly blew off the roof.
I clutched at the horns of my ebar and with all the dope I began to push my heels, sending a demon into a fierce voluptuous gallop.
– Aaaaaaa !.
Another, another, still ebi! Yes da daaaaaa !.
– dick furiously fought in the vagina, rigidly butting the uterus, slippery tail sweetly jerking the ass.
– Glu.
beat deeper !.
– I panted, – beat-beat-beat !!! Goat, horny bloody, hotter! Hotter fuck hotter! I cried hoarsely, shaking under his blows, and frantically raising my hips.
– Yes Yes Yes! – I suddenly felt the very growing sweet vibration of the uterus – that’s it! – Bay, you bastard, hit! Fuck you say fuck bitch !!! – the incubus shook and howled zadolbil that was power.
The uterus trembled under a hail of blows, convulsively “sighed” and – collapsed in a spasm of orgasm.
– Yaaaaai !!! “I whimpered with delight, beating in ecstasy, and he continued to furiously fuck my trembling vagina.
His cock seemed to harden, its slanting eyes tightened

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the veil of lustful agony; wheezing with a hunted horse, the incubus began to tremble and, throwing back his head, began to cum with a bleating roar, firing hot sperm into me.

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I remember holding on to the horns, then forgetting.
I woke up from the fact that her husband, groaning and swearing through his teeth, was fiddling around on the bed.
It was already late morning.
Some time listening to yourself – what was it? Sleep? So bright and believable.
Judging by the sensations, I really finished a couple of times powerfully, the inside still whines.
I put my hand between my legs – the vulva sours, the lubricant flows abundantly from the vagina.
Wow, this kind of thing has never happened to me.
Before the eyes still stands the image of a slutty cuckold – the same dream.
– Count up, ebnulsya out of bed at night, and did not even feel.
Now my back hurts, it seems chilled, – Igor complained moodyly, looking at me reproachfully.
– Why didn’t you wake me up? “I didn’t hear,” I answered, feeling the anxiety wriggle.
Igor snorted with displeasure.
Then something caught his attention: circling the bed, he fished the find out of the folds of the duvet cover and froze in surprise: “I don’t understand, but where did six come from?” Look, he put a black tuft under my nose.
– Tough what a hefty should be a dog! “Take her away,” I said, feeling that what was being done to me was not good.
Well, it can not be, just can not! Igor probably wore wool on his trousers, jostling on a bus with some dog lover.
She said the same a hundred times from work to change clothes and not climb on the bed in the street.
She got out of bed: her legs are buzzing, her thighs immediately began to flow.
I threw a robe and, without losing time, went to the shower – to wash off the consequences of “wet” dreams.
I testify as an eyewitness: discussions about whether homosexuals should be or not to be in our army began long before the collapse of the Soviet Union.
True, these discussions took place in an unusual form.
It was in a small Muslim country, where so many Soviet officers were hanging out permanently.
We performed “international debt”, without particularly delving into: who owed whom and how much exactly? In Muslim countries, it is very boring for a Russian person when they are not bombed or shot.
However, our officers skillfully disperse boredom with vodka, and after the third glass the tragic officer games begin: “freckles”, “cuckoo cookies”, “cigarettes”, “tiger came” – I will not dwell on them in detail, sparing the nerves and morality of readers.
However, there, where fate threw us, it was hard to use the old recipes of the Russian officers: evil people passed a dry law in this country. Teen big tits on cam.

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See you after the fight.
I wish you victory.
Wish you and me.
She smiled at him, slowly dissolving into the air.
Vitka felt how her weight gradually disappears from his body.
Soon only the shadow of her smile remained in the air.
“Just like the Cheshire Cat,” thought Vitka.
I wish you victory, – he said.
A smile flickered to him – and disappeared.
They chased them out of work, from the party and from the Komsomol for chatter, but all the rumors grew like a snowball, flowed from town to town, from oblast to oblast, until they grew into something completely unbelievable and indigestible.
There was a hitch, Kuzma scolded -.
until they looked at the sky and froze like him.
A round black cloud like a funnel spun around the colony.
It grew, thickened, dimming daylight, and suddenly a lightning bolt broke from its very center, striking one of the buildings of the colony.
“Savelich, Savelich” – a whisper crawled through the crowd.
The red flag was forgotten – everyone looked in horror at the hull, which was not even supposed to burn.
Instead, a black shadow suddenly perched on him, rose to the very cloud – and crawled along with it towards the city.
In the outline of the shadow, the profile was distorted by a vengeful grimace.
“Savelich” – whispered gray convicts, for the first time in their lives, baptizing and mumbling forgotten prayers.
By noon, a shadow that grew a few hundred meters crawled towards the city.
A black funnel spun over her.
Shadow turned in the direction of the suburban lines.
The funnel broke out like a roar of laughter.
A colossal lightning fired from its very center, for some reason, directed not vertically, but at an angle, and struck the top of the dome.

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The dome trembled and sparked, but resisted.
The shadow was approaching – and new, new, new lightning struck the dome until it finally burst with a rain of blue splashes.
Everything around me darkened, as if the sun had been covered with a lead cap.

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shadow came close to the cottage Kokorin.
A blue transparent wall suddenly flashed around the perimeter of the dacha quarter, in one place immediately sparkled with bright fireworks.
There immediately shot lightning, repulsed by a counter lightning.
At this point, the second shadow has outlined and expanded.
She was loose and hunched.
It was evident that it was difficult for her to grow — either from a lightning strike, or from something else — but she grew up, beating off more and more lightnings, which more and more loosened her.
Finally, the same funnel began to spin over her, a new thunder clap struck – and the response lightning flew into the offender’s shadow.
The duel of two shadows lasted no more than ten minutes.
Soon it became clear that the first shadow triumphs a decisive victory: the second shadow broke up, pasted to pieces of black fog, and the funnel above it was resolved before our eyes, turning into liquid black jelly.
One of the lightning bolts suddenly fell exactly in its middle.
The shadow instantly collapsed and spread across the ground.
There was a triumphant roar of thunder-laughter, which smashed glass in half of the neighboring houses, and in the center of the funnel a blue ball of liquid fire shone above the first shadow.
He was shivering, swelling, he was straining – and it was clear that now he would be discharged by lightning of a colossal force that would incinerate the second shadow, and with it half the city.
But at that moment a white figure suddenly grew between the two shadows.
The smoky cover, which covered the remnants of the second shadow with the same dome as it was before, expired from it.
The monstrous lightning struck him – and spread over him like burning mercury, having gone into the ground.
New, new and new lightning struck the dome – and could not pierce it.
The cloud above the first shadow thickened and darkened, turning into an impenetrable black hole. Egypt sex webcam.

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Damn, nails! Surprise you fall out of bed, knocking your head on the bedside table.
Do not worry: this often happens to me.
Near the door you find the switch and in the bright lit light you look around the unfamiliar room.
Maybe you even like the blue and beige tones of the interior.
Or maybe not.
The whole family is asleep, and will sleep long after you leave.
On the way to the bathroom, in the dark corridor you will surely stumble over someone’s boots and touch the picture on the wall with your hand.
Not without it! I admit my defeat again – I do not know what you will think, looking at your body under the shower.
Well, nothing complicated, because feminine hygiene differs little from men’s.
I think you can handle it easily.
And most importantly – how much new you will learn! At least at the level of sensations.
06:54 Now the task is much more difficult: get dressed.
I admit honestly – I’m not always good at it.
To your happiness, I am haunted by the habit of throwing all yesterday’s clothes on a chair until the morning, and clean linen always falls out of the closet itself.
The bag is also not yet disassembled,

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and is a livelihood system for at least three days.
Apart from makeup, you’re ready for the exit.
Okay, you still can’t make up.
Even if you remember this, better not try.
You walk a couple of weeks not made up.
Scary, but nothing can be done.
By the way, now you have a female intuition, and she will tell you that the comb and the keys are on the nightstand under the mirror in the corridor.

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Boots without heels – this is my mother’s, they are too big for you, so the choice is small – high on heels are mine, or rather now – yours.
07:05 Instant check in front of the door: Shoes – is, Bag – on the shoulder, Keys – in your pocket.
At the start, attention, march – and your first morning started.
07:46 Gray morning.
The bus crawls along the highway, which is littered with snow, in short jerks, each of which dangerously sways its heels, throwing you into the strong embrace of unfamiliar men.
Road torment is nearing its end.
Following you out of the crush, you pull out a bag that will squeeze your right shoulder all day and pull to the ground with such force that in the evening it will seem to you that you’d better drop it on the bus.
Or quit? That is also the question: what kind of contact you now? Okay, do not be offended.
Even renting a female ass for a while, you still remain a man.
Exactly until you fully feel my body and begin to talk like a woman, obeying his dumb signals.
But back to your first morning.
08:39 Having run about two hundred meters on the ice on the heels, shaken to the limit, you will jerk the habitual door of the biological faculty to yourself, but not at that! Today, it will not give in to you, and you will have to wait a few seconds until someone following you, someone big and strong, rushes past an energetic hurricane, leaving a quickly closing gap.
Even when you spend a few minutes in the heat, your fingers still refuse to obey.
Long nails give off too much heat, sharp-nosed boots squeeze their fingers in a death grip.
It is necessary to cut them off, and to break the heels, cut off the nails, and tear out the hair so that they do not climb into the mouth.
It’s not time to give up, berries in front.
5 Let it be Monday, the practice of botany.
After all, after the weekend, what just does not happen.
You enter 223.
And there he is.
Or rather you.
It does not matter, in short – a small asshole with lots of curls and expressive eyes.
I do not dare to dream what you think, but it seems that the boy is familiar to you. Indian model porn video.

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although there were some figures that deserve attention, slim, taut, they immediately concentrated on the views of others, but they were already in the companies.
Having bathed, Givi and I settled down on the water on the sun beds, sunbathing.
And then I saw a rather beautiful woman: long blond hair slightly waved a light breeze, an excellent figure and an even beautiful tan emphasized white bikini swimsuit.
She talked about something with a nearby, plump, dark-haired woman of the eastern type, from time to time, casting a glance around.
Finally, our eyes met.
Givi, noticing my interest, immediately dragged his lounger closer to them and after a few minutes Tonya and Natasha (that was their name) were in our room to drink acquaintance: After a few glasses, to the Kazakh Natasha, something was urgently needed in his room, Givi went to her conduct and we were left with Tonya together. Porn webcam arab.

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her not very pleased.
The cold glass impartially reflected the portrait of the maid from the sexual visions of the sexual maniac.
Slender legs, wrapped in black stockings, short flared skirt, from which you could see the bottom edge of a lace gum stocking, a tiny white pinafore and, finally, a corset, whose bodice lifted the girls’ juicy breasts so that they seemed to be two pink balls arranged in black the holes.
Kelly was afraid even to take a deep breath or to lean slightly.
It seemed to her that at the slightest movement the magnificent flesh would immediately break free.
After a little experimentation, the girl came to the conclusion that if she didn’t breathe too deeply and did not lean too much, nothing irreparable would happen and those around her would not see her nipples.
And one more thought occurred to the girl.
She turned her back on the mirror and tried to bend down again.
What Kelly saw when she glanced over her shoulder didn’t like her very much.
It turned out that even slight inclinations could lead not only to bare bust, but also to much more unpleasant consequences – a short little skirt turned up, partially revealing strong elastic buttocks and a narrow white strip of panties, barely covering the intimate space.
However, the thinnest fabric so vividly depicted the pussy that even Kelly, actually a well-bred and modest girl, involuntarily stretched between her legs.

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Her manicured finger went into the crevice between the genital lips.
“Ah,” Kelly let out a little sigh.
In the College of Service Staff at home, girls were trained separately from boys, and it would be difficult to endure sexual loneliness.
Kelly heard that some girls in college make love to each other, but she herself occasionally allowed herself to relieve tension with her own fingers.
In general, despite all good manners, Kelly could not resist the temptation and at least slightly caress her crack.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and Kelly hurriedly jumped away from the mirror, pretending to admire the ocean through the window.
Entered Agnes, the wife of the younger brother in the Sommers family.
She meticulously examined Kelly and shook her blond head with satisfaction.
“The boys will like it,” she smiled, and gave the maid a box.
– Hurry up, the family is already going to dinner.
Kelly blushed slightly from the blatant hint of her outfit’s sexuality, while Agnes smiled slyly and slipped out of the room.
Kelly hastily put on what was in the box — black shoes with a high stiletto heel with a white edge that almost covered the slightly pointed noses, a white ribbon around the neck, white gloves and a white hairpin in her hair.
Kelly, almost physically, felt her eyes groping her slim figure, gliding along her long legs, touching her semi-naked chest.
Her eyes lowered, the girl hurriedly crossed the dining room and fell into place.
All the windows in the dining room were covered with thick fabric, and not a single ray of the tropical sun penetrated the room.
At the table are all seven people living in the villa Sommersov – the head of the clan John Sommers, his wife Patricia, two sons – Marvin and Sten, the wife of the last Agnes, as well as the youngest in the family, daughter Dorothy with her fiance Paolo. Livejasmin i.

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