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When I unfastened Olya from the chair, she was completely wet from sweat and exhausted, I took her to the shower, where she washed her with warm water and fragrant soap, and then returned to the hall for entertainment.
It was 4 o’clock in the morning, we had fun more than 5 hours

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, but I did not have it in one eye, although only a couple of days ago my friends and I (yes, there are people who consider me to be a girlfriend) celebrated the new year before noon.
Olya hung, hanging by the arms, her feet were centimeters 20 from the floor and also held by chains emanating from the wall.
I walked around her and rudely crushed her charms, forced her vagina developed on the sex chair, tickled her legs and armpits, she did not try to resist, only mumbled in a gag member.
– You probably can not believe that this is happening to you.
Poor, naive girl.
– I smiled as kindly as I could.
My smile disarmed so often that I wanted at least someone to understand how false it was, Olga understood.
Unfortunately for her, I realized late, now, and not when I was on a dark street asking her to get into my car and show the way.
I would have kidnapped her anyway, not now so much later, but she would have more time to go free.
I looked at her buttocks, no longer red, I decided to fix it, took a belt from the rack.
The first blow brought Olenka out of oblivion, she squealed, and I beat and beat with all my might.
After the execution of her ass was not even red, but blue, I walked around the front of it, the prisoner hung exhausted on her chains and looked at me, hoping for mercy.
I took the gag out of her mouth.
– Please, I can no longer.
– whispered Olya.
– I bet you can.
– I can not stand it, I die.
– I believe in you.
– I smiled, and then with the same strap whipped it over the exhausted buttocks.
Olga screamed, she screamed at each next blow.

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Finally, I realized that the girl lost consciousness, threw off the belt and doused her with icy water.
Olya came to herself and looked at me with a blurred look, while I kissed and gently caressed her breasts with my hands.
– What do you want, I will do everything, just do not need more.
– whispered Olya.
– I just want to make you suffer.
– I said, patting Olga on the head.
– I can not stand it any longer.
– In tears, the captive whispered.
– You said it before, but the fact is that you endure, and I decide.
– I took a box with needles, showed them to Ole.
– Not.
– she cried, but it only turned me on, I pierced her nipples, with two needles each.
Every time she screamed loudly, caressing my ears.
I threw a vibrator with electrostimulation into her vagina and turned it on.
He worked perfectly, excited her, even allowed her to cum, despite her agony.
I sat on the floor and played with her legs, tickled her feet, poked them with needles.
She pulled her fingers, did not allow more chains, then I pulled her needles on the nipples, she continued to beg me.
Despite the apparent monotony of her lamentations, they turned me on, because I did not forget to caress myself.
Then I went to the shower myself and came back fresh, like after 10 hours of sleep, although it was already 8 in the morning.
Olya was much worse, I lowered her to the floor, she fell to her knees, I kissed the captive on the lips, and then returned to the sex chair, only the nozzle on the artificial member fucking her, replaced by a smaller one, otherwise I didn’t spare the girl was going to.
Stretched her legs parallel to the floor and took a rubber stick, which she began to process her feet.
She screamed again, and I beat and beat, then I fucked myself with the same stick.
How good it was! I sat in a chair opposite Oli, looked at the prisoner, she at me.
Artificial member continued to wield in her hole.
– Lick my ass, and I’ll spare you.
– I said, coming to Ole.
She readily licked me, her tongue penetrated my anus, I moaned with pleasure.
She walked away from her, the captive looked at me imploringly, I smiled, freed her from the straps and led her to the bed to which she chained, laying on her stomach.
She needed some rest.
I went to bed, lay for an hour, but the dream did not go at all.
In my imagination, I was doing more and more bullying Olya.
Returned down, the prisoner slept completely exhausted.
“Get up, bitch” – I said, slapping a girl on a beaten ass.
Olya screamed and woke up.
– I beg you, do not.
– She lamented when I took a whip from the rack and showed it to her.
– Sorry, Olenka, insomnia.
– I started to beat her, mostly on the back, but the poor ass also got hers.
The captive, without ceasing, screamed. Latex model porn.

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My palms gently covered my chest, which seemed about to break.
The accumulated heat, emotions and strength burst out.
I melted like metal under it.
You lay on me, and I felt like an erection pressed against my entrance.
You rubbed your head against my crack, but you never entered me.
I was already burning with excitement, but you didn’t want to give me relaxation. Sex tv live france.

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This huge dick will rip you off! “” But you liked it! “Protested Jeri.
“I want to know how you felt.”
“Honey, I started with a much smaller penis!” Carrie said, but it was too late.
Tamara started to fasten a huge dick to her straps, and Judy and Nicky untied Carrie.
They put her on the floor near the table.
Then they bent over the table and tied her up just as her mother had been tied to before. View online porn video.

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Two men led the bald man under the arms home.
Three left: Dzhinsovka, Petrovich and mustache.
– Have a drink with us? – handed a bottle of beer barbel.
“I don’t want to,” the mother replied, wiping her face with the hem of a sundress.
She sat on the edge of the bench, her legs crossed.
Petrovich sat down to her right, and jeans and barbel stood in front of them.
Petrovich stroked her mother’s thigh, she sat quietly.
Then the mother got up and said: – I will probably go, otherwise it becomes boring with you.
She specifically said so, she wanted to spur the men.
My mother made it clear to the peasants that she wanted them to start fucking her.
Yes, she wanted to fuck, and the men just booze.
The reaction of men followed instantly.
– Stop, – exclaimed jeans.
– Where are you going. Free live naked cams.

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Her kisses became hotter, they covered his body.
Franz was lying on his back, and Jules was sitting on his stomach.
It was hard to breathe.
The girl finally broke away from him and pushed the hips back, stumbled upon a standing member.
She easily knelt, nipples standing touched his chest, and pussy hung over his penis.
Her hands gently tore at his chest, deep blue eyes glittering in the twilight.
She straightened her back and sat on the dick.
The head has not cooled down since the previous time and, wet, entered easily.
She shook her hips from side to side and completely sank on his penis.
The body tensed, and the spine arched.
Franz’s hands clasped her waist and started lifting Jules.
He controlled her movements, pace, she resisted, she wanted more quickly, but in his firm hands he still suffered from dissatisfaction.
He did it easily and calmly.
This time it was much longer.
She herself decided on it, and now she squirmed in his hands, moaning, begging faster.
Sometimes he gave her a head start, he obeyed, but he still did what he thought was necessary.
He was also tense.
Streams of sweat rolled down his face, but his mouth was dry and he occasionally stuck into her lips, touched the tongue of her tongue, but it still did not help.
He crushed her breasts, caressed standing nipples.

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Finally, she frantically pushed back his hands, got on all fours and began to make sharp movements, then completely moving off his penis, then pressing Franz on the table.
He stood her steadfastly, clenched her jaw, kept her hands on a wooden surface while she fully used his services.
And suddenly everything stopped abruptly.
She froze on his penis, from which the sperm splashed into her vagina.
She, too, finished.
Pussy was hot, she gently touched the clitoris.
Franz allowed it to her.
For a few minutes she swayed on his penis, his head thrown up, and he caressed her body, stroked it.
He lifted her and pulled her to his lips.
They exchanged kisses, he covered their neck and shoulders with them, barely touched her nipples as he pressed against him, but he stopped her, pulled her from him and looked into her eyes.
Slightly confused, as if she was awakened from a dream.
He put on his pants, put on a shirt, tied a tie, slung a uniform over his shoulder, straightened his hair and put on his cap.
Her eyes were looking again,

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under her brows.
But now she saw in them risk, passion, heat.
She frantically straightened her hair.
Franz noticed her nervous movement and ran his finger from her lips to the lower abdomen.
She squatted, did not look away from him and somehow dressed.
Jules rocked on heels, carefully smoothed her hair.
He followed her movements like a wolf for the movements of the victim.
His presence was crazy.
She turned away, not to see the gray look, but now his eyes burned back to her.
She moved her shoulders.
He grinned at that bold and devilish smile, straightened her curl and took her chin, approached her face.
Lips kissed her on the forehead, on the ear, and found her lips, hot and hot.
The kiss lasted a moment.
Franz took his hand and adjusted his cap with his usual gesture.
Jules did not notice how the iron door slammed. Cute webcam porn.

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But I somehow held on, kept the rest of the girls and boys.
Michael wrote in the ass that same boy who had an amazing ability to take his dick.
When the last guy finished writing, the girls who were barely holding on to the youngsters approached.
My Mary approached me, which made me very happy.
She dug her lips into the anus, and I relaxed him.
A powerful stream of urine and shit was sprayed into her mouth and face, but then she caught the jet and did not miss. Handjob webcam porn.

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Waking up early, Olga checked what the slaves did during the night.
They were knocked down from exhaustion, but the rest was still decent, they almost licked every crack with their tongues, fearing the wrath of the Lady.
Olga walked through the cleaned rooms, meticulously examining how they were removed and was satisfied with the work done.
She went to the slaves, they told her that they would not have time to remove everything before the Lady awakened.
Continue to clean up, soon the Mrs. wakes up, I will go to her room, I will report to her and if you need me, I will call you.
Waking up, Katya saw Olga sitting in front of her on a chair.
She rubbed her eyes, thinking that it was her dream.
For the first time ever, when she awoke, the slave was not on her knees, but was sitting on a chair.

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She was in such a stupor that she did not know what to say.
Seeing the confused reaction of Catherine, Olga decided to speak first.
Katya, I beg you, listen to me, please.
I have been with you for almost eight years, over the years, I have endured any punishments, insults from you, pleased all your whims and caprices.
I am aware of all your affairs, I help you manage your company, I know everything about your life and everything that concerns you.
I have never betrayed you, but I realized that I can no longer be your slave, but I want to be your friend.
I will help you in all your affairs, but just don’t treat me like a slave.
You can beat me, punish me for impudence, but whatever you do, I will not be a slave anymore, better kill me or hammer me to death.
Listening to Olga, Katya was confused and did not know what to say to her.

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She sat silent for a few minutes.
Olga looked at Katino’s face, which changed its expression several times, many feelings swept over it.
Olga already regretted that she had started this conversation, but there was nowhere to retreat.
Finally Katya said: You know, I myself have thought a lot about it lately.
I think you are ol ‘right, you will no longer be a slave, I will free you.
But how to deal with all matters, you will not refuse to help me? Olga was very surprised by such a tone of Catherine, she expected anything, scandal, threats, but only not such a response.
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