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Such popochki called “French”, I do not know why.
Probably, like all French, she was small and elegant, slim and with clear lines.
It is no secret that many girls are on the ass and pay their attention in the first place.
Yes, she beckoned, I wanted to take her in my palms and gently rumple her.
But the object of desire went farther and farther away, alienating me from myself, but forever leaving these few minutes in my memory.
Reflection I wandered around the streets for some time.
That phone call that was in the cafe was a call from my friend.
He then called back and invited me to sit with our friends girls in a cafe.
Honestly, I didn’t really want to go there, I wanted to spend this day alone, just me and my thoughts about men.
But friends are friends, they should not be denied.
We met and had a good evening, though, all my thoughts were not with them.
I thought, I remembered, I explained to myself.
That evening there were many men to whom I paid attention, the smells of which I greedily absorbed into myself, whose voices made my heart beat often, often, whose bodies I admired.
The day was coming to an end, and I had to go back home already.
I filled the bath with water and began to undress.
Carelessly scattering things around the bathroom, I, being completely naked, began to climb over the side of the Jacuzzi bath.

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Then a silhouette flashed in a large mirror.
I startled and saw myself in the mirror.
God, I was scared of my own reflection.
I smiled myself and myself.
And after a moment, I realized that I could not tear myself away from the mirror.
Or rather, I could not tear myself away from my reflection.
A slightly tinted bronze mirror gave my body a Mediterranean peach tan.
The play of light gave my strong body even more relief, emphasizing every muscle that was so thoroughly honed in the gym.
The hair on my chest reminded me of Darwin’s theory, and I, running my hand through my hair, suddenly heard a strong heartbeat, like some lioness, that I noticed on the branches of a big and beautiful lion.
I still climbed over the wall of the bath and plunged into the warm water, which

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, like millions of gentle and caring hands, hugged my whole body, warming it with its warmth and caress.
I closed my eyes.
Countless small air bubbles clung to my body.
The underwater streams relaxed my body, and this bliss plunged me into a light sleep.
One by one the scenes of today appeared before my eyes.
And not only pictures, I experienced all those feelings and sensations that rolled on me during the day, in a matter of minutes.
Thrilling smell, tremulous voice, beautiful and sexy body and a great number of emotions unknown to me: I do not remember what I dreamed that night, I remember that I went to bed on a silk sheet, covered myself with a light silk blanket, and, breathing in the fresh night air that burst into the open balcony door, I rested in a deep and deep sleep.
Afterword I woke up when the sun was already high above the ground.
It must be tired of waking me up, tickling and stirring my body with its warm rays.
I basked in a cozy bed on a silk sheet.
Invisible trickles tickling him ran all over the body. Beach nude cabin cam hd.

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And more places and neighbors on the nerves do not act.
Zhenya loved bringing girls here, and I went for a walk for a couple of hours.
Now it’s his turn to jostle! Temporary eviction from the room did not cause problems, quite the contrary.
For some time, after stalking about the fact that here in his absence there will be a vice and debauchery, he agreed to wind him up all night.
Probably, he was already going to leave for some little meeting (I don’t like this word), but I couldn’t scream at my friend-neighbor.
Sitting on pins and needles for the last couple of hours, I rushed to open.
On the threshold stood Valya.
It was dressed, that is called, simply and with taste.
Jeans favorably emphasized her slender legs and delicious ass, and through a white T-shirt small breasts were slightly guessed.
Involuntarily admiring, I asked absently: “Did you write what I wrote?”.
– Yes, I did, – Valya was clearly out of sorts.
– Listen, you after all will cease to blackmail me with this record? I will do what you want, but only today, right? – Oh, undoubtedly.
This recording will cease to be your problem, I will save it only for myself.
Painfully beautiful you end there.
Valya blushed and squeezed past me into the room.
– And no one will go here? In the same block of four people live.
– Only I and my classmate live in this block, but he will not disturb us today.
Do you want a tea or get right to the point? – As you want.
– Then seagull.
At the same time ask you a couple of questions.
During the tea conversation, the tone of Valyusha softened a bit, and I was able to extract some intimate details of her life from her.

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It turned out that Vali had not yet had a man, and that was what prompted her to register in the porn chat.
To my reasonable question, why such a beautiful and passionate girl had not yet had real sex, she replied that she wanted to do it with her husband for the first time, and her character did not contribute to this.
“So you’re still a virgin?” – Finishing off the last sip, I asked.
– But to give me in all holes agreed? – Do I have a choice? I see that you need sex, and men are sometimes ready for everything for it.
Although you are acting very ugly, do you understand this? “Leave morality to the priests, okay?” Take off your clothes and ask for bed.
After a couple of minutes, an absolutely naked girl was already lying on the bed, sliding her legs and covering her chest with her hands.
Smooth crotch appealingly looked at me, and looking with reproach

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green eyes only added zest to the picture.
“No, Valentine, that won’t do.”
In the chat you were much more relaxed.
Come on, take your hands off your chest, spread your legs wider.
Yes it’s good! – I quietly clicked the video recording button on the laptop.
– And now caress yourself, as then.
Valya wet her fingers with saliva, and then put them on the clitoris.
With slow circular motions, she was massaging her neat pink pussy, moaning softly from pleasure.
Slender legs slightly twitching when their hostess touched particularly sensitive areas of the vulva.
Red hair was scattered across the pillow, Valya closed her eyes, moved her hand faster, making choked moans.
Juicy pussy glistened with discharge, Vali’s fingers mercilessly tormented her, bringing her closer to orgasm, and then I could not stand it.
Stepping over to her, I jerked her arm away from the perineum, put a long-standing member at the entrance to the vagina and, until Val, who had died, had not realized what was happening, with a sharp push drove him all the possible depth.
Valya screamed, tried to pull away, but I held her tightly.
Bringing a member in half, I noticed bloody stains on him.
“I did not lie, bitch, and the truth was tselko”, – and I again went inside to the ground.
And again.
And again.
Valya moaned loudly from the pain in the printed pussy. Hidden camera porn black.

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Standing right above her, he took the penis in his hand and offered it to Nastya, but she wrinkled her nose and turned away.
In the lust of sex, she forgot that Arthur has a “rosette” and he can be dangerous.
For some reason, unexpectedly, he angrily and inadequately reacted, his face twisted with rage, and stepping back a couple of steps, he lunged, stabbing Nastya under her left chest.
She only at the last moment realized that she was in danger and tried to get up, but.
from this, the blow only strongly threw it on the door of the car.
Knocking back on the metal with the head, Nastya ceased to clearly perceive reality.
Through the pain and troubled mind, she heard Micah’s voice asking Arthur what he had done.
Immediately a voice answered him: “Into that river whore.
She was dragged somewhere, then overrun.
Then there was a short flight, a flash of pain in the whole body – it seemed that she had broken something.
It turned out that it was not dropped into the river, but dropped onto a granite landing platform down to the water, which is used as a pier for boats and boats.
It smelled of garbage and rotten water, which was splashing, somewhere at the level of the ankle.
And now, lying on her side, Nastya, inhaling the air, sucked in the dirty water, and as she exhaled, started blowing bubbles on the water.
The wound on his shoulder hurt and burned a wound under the left breast, from which a wave of heat spread throughout the body, and from which it was so good.

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The water continued to sway from her fall, and these waves, like a cradle, rocked her, as she had once done when she was far away, when she was on the shores of the Black Sea, lying in shallow water, enjoying the hot sun and the game of warm waves.

Now she did not feel pain, she wanted to sleep, and she relaxed, remembering her childhood and the sea.
She even heard the cries of seagulls and the noise of the oncoming waves, even the smell of sea water tickled the scent.
Nastya felt that she was falling somewhere and falling, but slowly as in a dream! How in a dream? Yes, this is a dream! Dying sleep
The next wave shook her head, and Nastya drank some sea water.
Reflexively jerking, she crouched and opened her eyes.
It was dark, the water flowing from the hair impaired visibility, but right before my eyes could see the sand and shells! Then a wave poured her again and, running away, dragged her along.
Now the sand crunched on his teeth.
The wave slightly wound it and released.
Nastya got up, throwing back her hair, and wiping the water, she saw a sandy beach, illuminated by the light of the moon.
Turning around, she saw an increasing wave and a huge water (sea?) Space, on the surface of which the caps of large waves were white.
Part two.
Nastya turned around and ran away from the sea.
Feet ankle buried in the wet sand.
A wave fell from behind, the legs immediately sank to the middle of the leg, it became very difficult to move around, it was necessary to rip out the legs as if from a quagmire.
The waves rolled over again and again, but when the girl moved a few meters away from the sea, the waves only slightly interfered with the escape from the approaching thunderstorms.
And the fact that the thunderstorm was approaching did not have to be a weather forecaster.
Lightning flashed over the horizon, thunder thundered and the clouds were rapidly approaching the full moon.
Glancing at the sky, Nastya saw four more moons of different colors! It was almost

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as light as day.
“Can not be! Is not.
not my world! Klass! ”On the shore, Nastya was obsalyutno naked. Busty buffy cam.

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However, to say that it was a bedroom, it means to say absolutely nothing.
The walls of several adjacent rooms were torn down, and, thus, inside the modest house there was a spacious hall furnished according to its size.
Between the windows there were large mirrors, and the light of the chandeliers reflected in them.
In the same place where there were no mirrors, hung pictures in gilded frames; and let them be the paintings of not the most famous masters, but still they were the originals, for which any connoisseur would have laid out more than the whole of this house with all the other furnishings.
In the middle of the hall stood a luxurious four-poster bed.
Although the bed itself was worthy of a separate description, yet the woman’s gaze did not linger at all on the carved wood, no, filled with tenderness, he devoured the sleeping youth.

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So, the stranger crept to his box and knelt before him.
“It’s morning, my dear Etienne,” she said in her most gentle voice.
Etienne (that is the name of the young man), in response to this gentle greeting, deigned to open one eye.
“Oh, Countess,” he seemed to have prayed: “Can’t I sleep yet?” “My love,” the one whom he called the Countess answered as gently as before: “Look.”
I am kneeling in front of your bed, waiting as the highest mercy that you allow me to lie down beside you and fulfill all your masculine whims, as if I was your slave – but, seeing that even such frank speeches cannot overcome the power of Morpheus, she stretched out her arms to her lover and began to stroke him, while continuing: “Well, look, my lord.”
I do not know if there will be any other woman standing in front of you in the same way, but I have never been.

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Just now.
And here.
Leaving you yesterday, I spent all night dancing at the ball.
But with whom I would not dance, I thought only about you.
And here I am at the foot of your bed.
And I beg you to accept me.
Meanwhile, while she was saying all this, her hands gradually pushed aside the blanket that was disturbing the caresses, so that soon, to the accompaniment of famous speeches, the young man was already lying before a passionate woman in all her beauty, that is, completely naked.
Now he was completely free from sleep, but the laziness inherent in awakening had not yet left him, and he only stroked his mistress through her hair, which seemed to give her unearthly pleasure.
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