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I began to kiss and caress Sonya’s nipples, enjoying her reaction to my actions.
It seemed to me that I caress a timid, inexperienced and shy schoolgirl, my first partner and school friend.
With a flick of my hand, I made it clear to Sona that she would roll over and kneel.
She complied with my instructions and bending the back, framed her ass.
At this time, I smeared my finger with a special gel, went back to Sonya and pushed her panties.
I opened a wonderful picture.
The dark ring, a little developed during our past games, beckoned me.
Sonya’s testicles, which she used to remove her hair all the time, were hardly visible.
I admired this view and bent over her anus, let a stream of saliva in the very center of the hole.
She felt it, and her ass slightly opened, as if swallowing saliva.
I kissed this rose and began to caress the tongue.
Sonya screamed and leaned back, trying to get her ass dressed in my tongue, seeing this, I put my finger in her ass.
I penetrated her ass very carefully, although it was not her first time.
Sonya trembled, her movements became intermittent.
I processed her ass more intensively and without waiting until she finished, I grabbed an artificial member and put it in her ass.
The member entered along the already well-oiled passage, almost to the end.
Continuing to move them, I covered Sonin’s penis with my palm, right through the panties and began to actively squeeze him.
I felt like he was twitching, trying to straighten up, and my hand began to cover with warm and sticky sperm.
Sonechka finished, groaning like girls in porn movies.

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I still continued to fuck her ass, but she almost completely slipped on the sofa.
With a whipping sound, I pulled a member out of her ass and Sonya collapsed at my feet.
I slowly taught to end it without stimulating the penis.
She was forbidden to take off her panties so that she could jerk off her cock and somehow restrain her reaction.
I sent Sonya to undermine and change her panties.
By the way, I also love anal sex, and Sonia knows this very well.
I took off my

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panties, already wet from my juices, because I was excited no less than Sonya.
I lay down on the sofa and spread my legs wide apart, squeezed the gel out of the tube and smeared my ass with my finger.
Sonya returned and, following our tradition, began to lick my girl.
She knows perfectly well that from her language I finish almost instantly.
I felt her tongue go over my wet lips and lick them outside.
My sex lips were very wet and Sonia licked all my nectar.
Then, she pushed her tongue apart and licked it from the inside, but since all the juice was flowing and flowing out of me, she had to lick my girl again and again.
Her tongue, then played with my clitoris, then plunged into my hole to the full depth.
I was terribly good.
It was as if I was rocking on the waves, getting from every movement of the tongue in me, a new opportunity to fly up on the wave and roll down from it.
I always scream very loudly, so there is no way to do this if the parents are at home.
Sonya, seeing my reaction, wet her finger and began to fuck my ass.
As I have already said, I get great pleasure from anal stimulation, therefore, immediately the strongest orgasm fell on me.
My two holes began to shrink involuntarily, I felt a finger inside me.
and the orgasm took me.
I disconnected for a long time, and when I came to, I saw that Sonya was licking my nipples.
I still felt so good about what I said.
Sonia, girl, thank you very much.
You did a great job! Your tongue is a miracle.
Go, I suck you, just insert yourself a member itself.
Sonechkin eyes shone.
She smeared a little.
gel on the artificial member and threw a leg over me, sat on my chest.
I lifted her, and she inserted an artificial member in her ass.
Her dick stood right in front of my face and I took it in my mouth, licked the head and launched the tongue under the skin of the head. Tv sex online live.

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This was not a question, but rather an affirmation, since under herself she clearly distinctly felt how his member was rising to a position of full combat readiness.
She ran her lips over the very tip of her tongue.
“Still,” he answered quickly.
“You can touch me if you want to,” Susie whispered in a sudden, harsh voice.
Johnson, without further invitation, began to examine her body with his hands, caressing the skin in which she was dressed, wherever he could reach her.
Particular attention is paid to her amazing breasts, as well as the hem of the dress.
Suzy kissed him with moist, dark red lips, first touching them slightly to his skin,

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then hugged him and kissed him more deeply, playing her tongue in his mouth.
Johnson took this as a sign of approval and moved on in his research.
With one hand he caressed her breasts, quickly releasing them from under the dress.
He squeezed and stroked them, pinched her nipples, which made Suzy catch her breath, but she didn’t interrupt the kiss — she didn’t want to.
His other hand fumbled for a long slit of the skirt and penetrated under it, caressing the inner side of the thighs and rising higher and higher.
Suzy slightly spread her legs.
The hand continued upward until it reached her crotch.
Johnson began to stroke her, stroking the most intimate parts of her body with his fingers.
Suddenly one of his fingers was inside.
Okay, that should be enough, Susie thought, and stopped kissing.
“Well,” she said with a mischievous grin, “Will you change my marks?” Her breath caught involuntarily when Johnson inserted another finger into her vagina and began to move his hand back and forth.
“Oh no, dear, you won’t get off so easily,” said Johnson.
“If you sincerely think that I will reconsider all your work, having just played a little bit with you, then you are very much mistaken.”
After today’s disappointment with Andrea, he wanted nothing more than to get to the end with Suzy now — that is, exactly what Andrea was seeking.

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“And what should I do?” she asked.
“I thought it was obvious,” he replied, making it even more obvious, adding a third finger to the two who worked tirelessly between her legs.
“You mean:” “Well, you have a choice.
We can finish what we started – and I will change your grades, or you fly out.
What do you choose? ”As Susie thought, Johnson suddenly leaned over and grabbed one of her nipples with her mouth.
“Oooooooooh,” she moaned.
Honestly, she was already excited and in any case would not want to stop.
“Okay,” she said, “let’s do it.”
Johnson stopped.
“Stand up,” he ordered.
She complied, wondering what he had planned to do with her.
“I’m going to fuck you like no one ever fucked you,” he told her.
“So that you and I remember it better, you have to put on your raincoat.”
Suzy went to the coat rack and took the raincoat.
On the way back, she played a little with her breasts, feeling her nipples tighten under her fingers.
She put on her raincoat, and now, just as before, her breasts protruded outside, only now the dress did not hold them back.
The girl returned to Johnson, who in the meantime had already undressed.
“I like girls dressed in leather,” he said, “and the more layers of skin they are wearing, the better.
Now you will have the coolest sex in your life, baby! “He led Suzie to the arm of the sofa.
“Sit here,” he said.
Suzy sat down.
“Lean back!” She obeyed, and now her ass lay on the arm of the sofa, her back was on the seat, and her legs were hanging down.
The floors of the cloak fell back, opening the dress.
Johnson stood between the legs of the girl.
His cock was so tense that it seemed that he was about to explode.
He lifted up her dress and quickly inserted the penis into the vagina.
“LTD!” – Suzy moaned.
Johnson began to quickly and strongly move the member.
“Oooh! Aaaa! Aaahhhh!” He continued to fuck her, inserting a member as much as he could.
Nobody ever fucked her like that.
It was awesome! If it comes to that, Johnson hasn’t fucked anyone yet.
This evening, under the influence of meeting Andrea and Suzie’s overt sexuality, he simply surpassed himself.
Continuing to work rhythmically with a member in the vagina, he leaned forward and grabbed her breasts.
“Come on, don’t stop!” she cried.
“Fuck me, honey, fuck me harder !!!” She almost sobbed, writhing from the pleasure caused by the incessant movement of the member inside her.
The back of the girl arched in anticipation of the approaching orgasm.
Johnson decided it was time to change something.
He pulled out a member and roughly turned Suzy over.
Pulling up her cloak and pushing the dress back to the floor, he was amazed at the sight of her beautiful ass. Sex doll online purchase.

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They opened a new can of beer and continued the game, who won can not remember.
But the picture was this: the stars were bright, almost full moon and the girls lying on the cloak licked each other’s temples 69.
Seregoy and I joined each other.
Then Seryoga asked me if my wife does not give in the ass.
I said that sometimes I like these holidays.
But then Lena interrupted and said that she would not give.
So we listened to her.
They took another position: Serega was downstairs, Lena sat down on his member, Sophie and my cock faced her girls in the mouth in turns.
True! Sophie sucked perfectly! But my wife is not worse.
Between that, I listened to how my wife eagerly moaned and squished her wet pussy.
I could not stand it and came up behind her and began to insert a finger in the ass, but she began to moan even harder.

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After a while I put her cock in the anus, making about a dozen frictions, Lena began to finish.
and I finished her ass.
She got off Seregi, Sophia quickly sat on him, my wife parted her ass and began to lick the anus.
Then I entered the prepared ass Sophie and she immediately finished.
All lit up.
From the pussies and ass girls flowed with me and Sergei sperm.
Lena got cancer, while continuing to smoke, and Sophie stroked her ass with her tongue, showing it all to us.
Then a fisherman came out of the darkness, pretending to be passing by, went to the fire to light it.
The story is based on real events with some fictional elements.
From the diaries and interviews of the main character: Good morning, dear diary! For a long time I didn’t write anything down to you, probably because there wasn’t anything after I came to visit a friend.

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My name is Stanislav.
oh god, we don’t even know each other.
heck! I do not know and do not understand myself.
Why I did it, why I did it and what I was thinking at that moment, but it seems to me that if I were not such a cruel pervert, she would be dead and never know what real life is.
Chapter 1 Today was the second of May.
Finally spring came, and the cold left us.
On this day, a young man, who recently turned 21, arrived in a small town.
Stanislav decided to visit the house of his grandmother, who died several years ago and bequeathed this house to him.
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In the sun, her breasts, with the shadow falling under her, seemed even more.
– Let’s go to my place.

What’s your name? – Julia.
Go far? And then I do not want to throw the car.
– Do you have a car? From where – Dad gave it.
– Once such a thing, my father’s daughter went.
– I smiled.
After five minutes, the contents of the packages were packed in the refrigerator.
Julia was sitting in my room.
Having finished with the supplies, I went to her, looked at the appetizing bulging forms appreciatively.
I could see my eyes were very frank, the girl visibly worried, often blinked her make-up eyes and did not know where to put her hands, eventually crossed them on her chest and hid her eyes, without a clue what she was doing here and what to do next.
– Nice for you.
– she began.
I walked up, pressed the remote control button.
– Spread your legs.
The girl, often blinking, uncertainly spread her knees.
Appeared white, transparent panties, the seam of shiny tights leaving between the buttocks.
I stroked her round knee, ran my palm along the elastic leg inwards towards the perineum, causing Julia to cringe.
– Today, you are my toy and you will do everything that you say.

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scholar, so you called me in the store? – Yes, yes.
i am random
I will try to be your toy — the girl nodded timidly under the influence of the console.
– Stand up and hold the skirt on the belt.
Let’s see how old you are.
She got up, and, blushing, moving her hips and ridiculously, with a ponytail of red hair, raised her narrow skirt.
The student stood, shifting from one foot to the other in the middle of the room and glittering with underwear.
I pressed my hand to her hot pubic, ran my hand over

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it, felt the fat lips of the labia under the slippery synthetics of the pantyhose and the panty cloth, squeezed and pulled them, took it with my fingers and squeezed, Julia sighed, her large breast in the pink top flapped.
– You and I just started kitty.
I tore a capron between beautiful legs with force, the soft flesh of her thighs was exposed through a hole, pulled a strip of white transparent fabric to the side and opened a neat, smoothly shaved, pink slit.
My fingers roughly entered her soft bosom, it was dry there, but I continued to shove them and rub the delicate folds of Yulina’s crotch.
– What a dumpling you have juicy – I moaned pawing girl greedily, in response only had noisy breathing.
Through the top, my second hand scooped her delightful udder, the nipples pulled out of the satin bra, sticking out like cherry bones, were immediately crushed under my finger pads.
Gradually, the girlish narrow hole was moistened and began to ooze, squish at every push of the fingers.
There was a slight moan.
Her face burned with excitement, a blush played on her cheeks, half-opened lips filled with blood and slightly swelled, I dug into them with a long kiss, they tasted like hot strawberry syrup. Redhead dildo cam.

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He was all wet, but there was no blood on him.
“It’s all right,” said Lucy, “good luck to you.”
And she patted Masha in the ass.
Vadik carnivorous snarled and threw his dick into Masha with a sweep.
She clutched at the edge of the sofa and bit her pillow so as not to shout.
Lucy slapped her husband on the ass.
“Come on, stallion,” she said approvingly, “show her what a really cruel fucking is.”
And Vadik showed.
Now he no longer cared about caution and did not pay attention to Masha’s screams, which broke through the pillow.
He fucked Masha madly, just as he had fucked Lucy before.
He literally tore her, rushed at her with all the weight of her body.
He scratched her back and buttocks until blood and bit her shoulders. Office spy cam sex.

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The legs are apart and a black rubber phallus sticks out of the pussy.
Oh, that’s what those two last done.
I remembered the laughter of one of them: “Clogged up,” he shouted.
The sheets were crumpled, a few pubic hairs were strewn about them, and there were streaks of either sperm or material secretions.
Between her legs, under the booty, there was a small puddle.
Emerged from the ass.
She looked at me wearily and slowly sat on the edge of the bed.
Wiped her face with a sheet.
Only then she realized that in her pussy something was sticking out.
I looked down and, giving me a guilty smile, slowly pulled out a long, 25 centimeter black phallus.
Sperm immediately poured from the broken-down vagina and flowed down on my mother’s thighs. Porn live streaming video.

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Her silhouette in the darkness looked like a mermaid.
It’s cold, she complained sluggishly.
– Can I come to you? Do you like it? Probably, – she intermittently sighed and pulled the blanket to her chin.
Danila touched lips closed century.
Ticklish – she waved away crying.
Woo, yes, you have a fever, Fox, – he got out of bed.
– Come on, let’s go.
I will not go anywhere.
I want to sleep! He threw back the blanket, took it under the arms, like a child, and carried it to the kitchen.
Alice dropped her chin on his shoulder and was moaning sleepily.
In the kitchen, he sat her on a cutting table near the sink and reached into the cabinet.
Long hair fell on her face, covered her breasts in a short nightgown, barely reaching the knees.
She sat, crouching, her head thrown back, her eyes closed.
The girl was sleeping on the go.
He took from the shelf a bottle of pepper vodka and two glasses.
Drink up.
Mmmm, what is this crap? Vodka.
Drink up.
I will be bad.
If you don’t drink, it will be worse.
He brought the pile to her lips.
Alice grimaced.
Come on, come on. ”He persistently pressed a glass to her mouth, poured peppermint into the girl, and drank himself.

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Alice coughed and opened her eyes.
They glittered brightly in the lamplight.
Ugh, – she smiled.
Danila smiled back.
She went blush and this languorous sleepiness.
Thanks for pulling me out, ”she said softly.
And had to give water? Throw there so that you do not have children from hypothermia? Who do you think I am? And where, by the way, are all these hints of my loving nature? What tricks? Marinka told me that you fucked everything that moves.
She lives in the same house with you.
She described your girls, said, every week is new and everything is very beautiful, – Alice shrugged her shoulder and stretched

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Fool your Marinka, – he growled viciously.
– She climbed into my pants to me, and when I realized that the number would not pass, I began to write all sorts of nonsense.
Danila poured another glass and drank, wrinkling.
Then he looked askance at her guilty face and warmed up.
Leg hurts? It seems not.
Only to attack is unpleasant.
Give me the lymph nodes, I can feel it. ”He stood in front of her and pressed his thumbs on the hollows on her neck.
Alice wrinkled nose.
Painfully? Seemingly not magnified, he frowned.
No, your hands are just very strong, ”she snorted.
Danila looked into her eyes and smiled.
Funny you, Liska, – he opened the locker and put the bottle in there.
Suddenly he pulled his hand back, gritting his teeth.
– Pancake! Who put the stationery knife there ?! Is there a patch? The latter wore three days ago, – Alice blamed her shoulders.
– Give it to me.
She took his hand and looked at the deep cut on the thumb.
We will save the situation – she said, and took it in her mouth. Strip club private porn.

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