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I love you.
– And I love you.
Edmond? “He doesn’t know anything about it.”
If he finds out that I hurt you, he will kill me! – Yes, he loves me very much.
I like him sister.
And I love him.
– Yes, if I did not know you, then I thought that you are siblings, and that you look like a face.
– Well, yes. We began to talk with him about this and that.
It was nice.
He became my friend.
And everything was so cool, but suddenly struck midnight.
– Is it time for you to turn? – No I do not want to.
– Do you control yourself? – Yes, and you want this beast, right? – No, I need you, although I can not for a long time without him.
Painfully, I got used to my gentle and tender beast.
– If you want, I’ll be whoever you want.
I’m ready for anything for you.
I love you baby.
And the beast too.
I am jealous of you for him and vice versa.
You have no idea what I feel now.
– I think I understand you.
I kissed him gently on the lips.
He answered the kiss and we started kissing for about 15 minutes.
So soft.
He gently hugged my waist.
And here I was naked in front of him on my knees and gave him a blowjob.
He moaned and after 10 minutes I swallowed up a drop of his sperm.
He put me on the bed began to caress the chest.
No, not like my little wolf, but gently.
kissed, licked, caressed, touched fingers.
gently massaged my clit, caressed my pussy, which has long flowed full.
Having licked all this, he spread my legs and gently entered me.
Oh, how good it was.
I have not yet moved away from the orgasm and my clit was especially sensitive when he fucked me at a fast speed and touched him I just died dying of pleasure. Sex phone online.

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I saw him carefully bandaging the vessels that fed the left testicle, and then he cut them off.
He performed the same procedure with the right testicle, putting it in the cup to the penis and the first testicle.
The owner cut off my empty scrotum and stitched the edges of the wound as neatly as he could.
The owner performed the operation so well that after a few days only a thin vertical scar remained on my perineum.
The owner removed the stitches and pulled out the catheter after two weeks.
He carefully watched me urinate for the first time, and smiled, looking as the jet hits from a tiny hole on a smooth crotch.
I knelt and kissed the Master’s foot, proud that I had become a slave to such a powerful man.
I saw that his cock was standing, and he allowed me to suck on him until his thick sperm filled my mouth.
The next operation took place on the next.
He sat me in a chair and injected Novocain into my gums.
Using a scalpel and forceps, he began to remove my teeth, both upper and lower.
This dragged on for a long time, and, despite the anesthesia, I felt and heard the crunch with which he pulled them out of my mouth. Watch sex in online.

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From pain, gradually turning into pleasure.
After a minute, she herself did not understand what she wanted – to be released or continued to fuck hard.
When the girl stopped resisting, I lifted her legs up, brought them together, and continued to pierce the hot and moist female flesh.
The member glistened with grease mixed with the blood of my first woman, and I moved it faster and faster inside Vali.
Her moans were like sobbing, and her legs shook finely.
– Well, come on already, stop it! – I shouted loudly, with the last effort restraining myself.
– Ahhh.
– Val tightly squeezed in my barrel, filling me with their secretions.
Then I finished and did not even bother to pull out a member.
In a few strong jolts, I flooded her vagina with my sperm, and then let go of her legs and slumped down on the bed beside me.
Valya lying next to her was breathing heavily, looking at the ceiling.
Under her hips spread a pinkish stain.
– What are you, inside finished? She asked exhaustedly.
– Yeah, do not break the same contact at the last second.
Don’t worry, I have a pill box for you.
I don’t think you want to be a mother so early.
– I do not want.
– Well, that’s great.
How do you like sex? Steeper than the “grandmother shag”? – I liked it, I will not lie.
But it would be better if you didn’t force me on this.
– And what, I had a chance to do it without blackmail? – Of course.
Normal people do.
– So thats normal.
They have money and free time.
You yourself study for free, you know how difficult it is in our specialty.
– It’s right.
I somehow imperceptibly embraced Valya, and she leaned her head against my shoulder.

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Her hair smelled very nice, and Valya herself was so warm, soft, pliable.
I realized that this was exactly what I lacked in recent years.
Feminine warmth, a feeling of comfort and tranquility.
Turning Vali’s head to me, I gently sank to her lips, but she did not resist.
Probably, she, too, wanted to just feel necessary, desired, protected

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Our lips gently intertwined, her tongue penetrated into my mouth and slowly moved in it.
“Hints that he wants to continue,” I understood.
Taking Valyusha by the shoulders, I smoothly laid her on the shoulder blades, not otlipaya from her gentle mouth.
From ozhezhda she was only my shirt, which she put on after our first intimacy.
Having undid a couple of buttons, on which she was buttoned, I played a little with her small breasts, and then straightened up and asked Valya to get into the pose of “cancer”.
The girl obeyed, and her virgin pussy was no longer glistening with grease.
I pressed a member of her sex lips, and he easily fell inside.
Valya softly groaned and pulled out her beautiful ass even higher.
Continuing to move slowly, I smeared a finger in the secretions of his woman, and gradually introduced him into her anus.
Apparently, Valentine herself loved to fuck herself there with her finger, so that the finger slipped inside easily.
The second passed with great difficulty, but still he plunged inward to the ground.
– Ready to feel dick in your ass? – I dont know.
I feel so ashamed.
I regarded it as a positive response, brought the hot member out of the vagina of his girlfriend, and tried to penetrate her ass.
Valya was afraid, squeezing her hole, and only after a few minutes of persuasion I was able to slowly and gently immerse the head in Vali’s tight and hot ass.
Not paying special attention to her moans and attempts to squeeze the anus, I immediately took an average pace and gradually moved deeper and deeper until a member disappeared all over in Valyushina.
Only then I stopped, giving myself a rest, and Vale – to get used to the new sensations.
Carefully placing it on my stomach, I began to push this lustful ass as deeply as possible onto my stone riser.
Tearing down on the girl on top, with each friction, my hips pressed into her buttocks, listening to a mixture of moans of pain and pleasure. Online porn video sex.

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I will hug you: I will press: – standing from behind, Sanya thought, – I love you !! love !!! And – from the tenderness of hot heart jumped in my chest: I love you, my boy! What’s wrong with that? – and: he was afraid to move, so that Valery would not be frightened off, – even if he did not look back: What would I say to the kid if he sees my mind? After all, she will understand for sure that I, too: also a feeder: what I want him: – the hand slid down hurriedly, and, through the pants squeezing the stand, Sanya stopped: no, darling! I want you not as Ubyudov: I am not a fagot, I am a loving pederast: you are completely different, and I am ashamed to admit: now I’ll go up and what next ?.
I will turn you to myself: I will hug you, my boy: my gray-eyed: – Sanya looked at Valerka from behind: and he was ready to avert his eyes so that he would not face the kid, because: because: gray-eyed – he was different: he would not understand these feelings: he is not gay: not blue, and – decides in an instant that I want the same: no! Sanya was tormented by doubts, and he was not happy that the grandfather, that the sergeant and the castle platoon, all this only interfered with: Sanya smiled: here he is: we are together: and you are standing and afraid to move: what are you, Sanya, grandfather? Secret camera sex tape.

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