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The man got tired of it, and taking me by the head, smoothly filled my mouth, making forward movements in the groin.
I finally woke up and began to work actively with lips and tongue, forcing him to make a moan of pleasure.
The penis gradually swell, becoming harder, and, to my surprise, increased slightly, allowing my mouth to work, swallowing it completely, so that the testicles slapped my chin.
This went on for quite a long time, I got a taste, working my lips over his head, simultaneously nadrachivaya trunk with one hand and the other – massaging the scrotum.
I was prevented by a hand that gently pushed me away, freeing my mouth from the cannon with a light pop.

Cyril lifted me up and turned my back to me.
I leaned on the nearest drawer with my hands, feeling how I was lifted up by the skirt and the elastic of the underpants that slid along my legs.
The warm touch of my tongue against the smoothly shaved anus made my widely spaced legs tremble.
The man, meanwhile, increased the pace, penetrating the tongue to the full length, continuing to nadrachivat member.

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Then I felt the penetration of a finger, smearing something cold and slippery, and a little later through easily penetrated inside.
Another one joined his finger, and still furiously fucking and penetrating deeper and deeper.
When Cyril was convinced that the anus was sufficiently developed, he plentifully smeared the already beginning to fall, but nevertheless the impressive member was lubricated and put it to the ringlet, which began to slowly stretch, letting in first the head, and then the trunk inside.
At first slowly, and then more and more actively, he began to fuck me, planting the penis to its full length.
Incredible waves of pleasure overwhelmed me, and I groaned when to hold back was unbearable.
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However, like him on her.
After work, we all went to the grocery store for food and drinks, and then we went to our room with Lena.
While we were dealing with convolutions and bottles, my wife went to change clothes.
F and I laid the table and sat waiting for Lena.
And she came out at last.
She was wearing my favorite silk sundress on pink Japanese silk straps.
Only this time she did not wear a bra, which was immediately noticeable, since her breasts were 3 sizes swaying with each of her movements, and her nipples were very noticeable.
F could not hide his admiration for my wife.
He jumped up from the place to move the chair to Lena.
Sitting down, she took the sundress skirt from behind and lifted it, “so as not to hesitate,” but so high that for an instant almost completely naked panties flashed.

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“A good start,” I thought.
Reaction F was not slow in coming.
His dick tried to jump out of sweatpants.
Trying to hide the treacherous bulge, he went to his chair with a strange gait, without bending his legs.
However, Lena did not escape the change in his “mood”.
She shot her eyes at me and blushed slightly.
In the future, everything went as usual.
My colleague drank vodka, I also whipped, and Lena drank this time specially bought for her “Ararat”.
It was the turn to watch TV.
I sat on the sofa closer to the TV, Lena sat next to me, and F. was sitting behind her, also on the sofa.
Lena put her head on my shoulder, reclining, leaning with one hand on my knees, and putting the other in front on the hem of her sundress.
For 20 minutes nothing happened, and I already decided that Lena had changed her mind, but then her palm, lying on the hem, began to quietly pull him forward, thereby baring her hips from behind.

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Only you not turn around, – whispered wife.
The skirt, meanwhile, slowly crept ever higher, revealing more and more.
F, seeing that without any doubt, Lena herself lifts her skirt, took it as a signal to action.
Startled, Lena whispered: He strokes my ass through the panties.
And pussy too.
I squeezed her hand on my lap and put it on my upstairs penis.
Let him do whatever he wants, ”I whispered.
Lena trembled with a shiver, stroking my dick through the pants.
– He got into my panties and stroked my pussy, – his wife whispered hotly.
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He neatly covered with a skirt Lena’s ass in panties wet from his sperm and went to his corner.
My own legs trembled no less.
It was already time for me to “come back from the buffet”.
After a short pause in order to recover a little from what was experienced, I returned to room F.
Vodka is over and as always on me, – I said sadly.
And to hell with it, F. was clearly delighted.
– It’s late, and get up early tomorrow.
Yes, we will go now.
I’ll just wake Lena up, ”I said.
I began to pull at Lena’s shoulder.
She opened her eyes and sat up.
Let’s go to sleep.
It’s late, I said.
Lena got up.
nights, she said.
The pause was apparently caused by the sensation, to put it mildly, of excessive moisture between the legs.
Come on, let’s go, ”I said, not giving her time to come to her senses.

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We left the room.
My wife looked at me with large eyes, in which there was surprise and a question.
But she said nothing.
When we entered our room, she immediately went to the bathroom.
I looked forward to her return with impatience and alarm.
Our whole further sex life depended on how she perceived what had happened.
Lena returned very soon, holding her panties in her hands.
I have all the panties in the sperm, even squeeze.
And pussy all in it, and ass.
Are you finished on me while I was sleeping? Yes, finished, not me, ”I said, looking into her eyes.
Like this? She asked, confused.
Come to me, I’ll tell you everything.
She came to me, and I sat her on his lap.
First, I kissed her long kiss passionately, at the same time pushing her hips and putting her palm on her pussy.

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The wife had not had time to wash away and was without panties.
Indeed, F tried hard, rubbing her sperm with her.
The whole pussy was sticky and wet, and the origin of this stickiness and wetness was not in doubt.
Continuing to caress my wife’s pussy smeared with sperm, I said: You see, when you slept, I accidentally pulled your skirt up.
F looked at your legs so that I could not resist and completely exposed your ass, so that he could admire her.
You should have seen him stand on you.
And I was terribly pleased to see how much you turn it on.
I myself was very excited by this.
I blurted out all this without letting Lena insert a word.
Lena was silent for a minute, and then asked: Was it really very pleasant to you?
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It can be seen, I was very glad that a member was found, or the booze was bad, I just okosel quickly.
My head thinks, but I can’t move a hoof, I don’t have an erection on an Owl.
And the Owl – a fool completely drunk, skirt and panties took off, got up with cancer and said: – Ibatso! And I do not own members.
Well, so they say, with members, they say, with their feet, with their hands (who have them), this does not mean at all that there are many Members.
Congratulations something very offended immediately.
– Oh, are you so ?! We are with you with all our hearts, with gifts, and you don’t even want a single lady.
when to fuck her impatient? Scribe to you! – Let’s get it yourself.
! They grabbed me, and I can’t even resist.
I used to have Pyatak with my feet as I would have!

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And Pooh would clean the snout, and Sovea would kick his ass.
nettle! And now their power has taken.
They put me on my knees.
Pooh has long been swollen, and he has also swollen from lust, he told me in the baker and poked.
And I slurped open and suck like a bitch! And the boar, bitch, let down my pants and let me thrash the rods on my ass.
Lupil – thrashed, Owl says: – Red! And this bastard: – My favorite color! Then he halved my ass, looked: – My favorite size! And Owl, taking out a suitcase with strapon: – You see, Piglet, the size is something we will drill for him.
– Maybe we will not? He is our friend, besides a toy, besides an old one, besides a Donkey.
Sorry for him.
(Winnie the Pooh, donkey Ia-Ia and other celebrities, noted in the porno-genre – approx.

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) But the drunk bird was already unstoppable: – Exactly.
He is a toy in our paws.
Let him get used to it.
(What a bitch! – French.
) Then the boar took his present, brought to me, a blue condom, put it on, smeared my ass with Vaseline (Gad! Have a child, Christopher Robin has a spiz.
! Mary Poppins, Christopher’s governess, smeared his ass with Vaseline when she did an enema) and stuck it in her very boars.
And this was my first time in the ass, it hurts, I scream, and Pyatak, laughs, pleased.
Pooh, eating a pot of honey, accumulated so much seed that when I finished, I almost choked.
Here and Pyatak snarled and finished.
And Owl, old magnus.
, already strapon fit and Pyataka in my train.
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