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The man got tired of it, and taking me by the head, smoothly filled my mouth, making forward movements in the groin.
I finally woke up and began to work actively with lips and tongue, forcing him to make a moan of pleasure.
The penis gradually swell, becoming harder, and, to my surprise, increased slightly, allowing my mouth to work, swallowing it completely, so that the testicles slapped my chin.
This went on for quite a long time, I got a taste, working my lips over his head, simultaneously nadrachivaya trunk with one hand and the other – massaging the scrotum.
I was prevented by a hand that gently pushed me away, freeing my mouth from the cannon with a light pop.

Cyril lifted me up and turned my back to me.
I leaned on the nearest drawer with my hands, feeling how I was lifted up by the skirt and the elastic of the underpants that slid along my legs.
The warm touch of my tongue against the smoothly shaved anus made my widely spaced legs tremble.
The man, meanwhile, increased the pace, penetrating the tongue to the full length, continuing to nadrachivat member.

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Then I felt the penetration of a finger, smearing something cold and slippery, and a little later through easily penetrated inside.
Another one joined his finger, and still furiously fucking and penetrating deeper and deeper.
When Cyril was convinced that the anus was sufficiently developed, he plentifully smeared the already beginning to fall, but nevertheless the impressive member was lubricated and put it to the ringlet, which began to slowly stretch, letting in first the head, and then the trunk inside.
At first slowly, and then more and more actively, he began to fuck me, planting the penis to its full length.
Incredible waves of pleasure overwhelmed me, and I groaned when to hold back was unbearable.
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However, like him on her.
After work, we all went to the grocery store for food and drinks, and then we went to our room with Lena.
While we were dealing with convolutions and bottles, my wife went to change clothes.
F and I laid the table and sat waiting for Lena.
And she came out at last.
She was wearing my favorite silk sundress on pink Japanese silk straps.
Only this time she did not wear a bra, which was immediately noticeable, since her breasts were 3 sizes swaying with each of her movements, and her nipples were very noticeable.
F could not hide his admiration for my wife.
He jumped up from the place to move the chair to Lena.
Sitting down, she took the sundress skirt from behind and lifted it, “so as not to hesitate,” but so high that for an instant almost completely naked panties flashed.

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“A good start,” I thought.
Reaction F was not slow in coming.
His dick tried to jump out of sweatpants.
Trying to hide the treacherous bulge, he went to his chair with a strange gait, without bending his legs.
However, Lena did not escape the change in his “mood”.
She shot her eyes at me and blushed slightly.
In the future, everything went as usual.
My colleague drank vodka, I also whipped, and Lena drank this time specially bought for her “Ararat”.
It was the turn to watch TV.
I sat on the sofa closer to the TV, Lena sat next to me, and F. was sitting behind her, also on the sofa.
Lena put her head on my shoulder, reclining, leaning with one hand on my knees, and putting the other in front on the hem of her sundress.
For 20 minutes nothing happened, and I already decided that Lena had changed her mind, but then her palm, lying on the hem, began to quietly pull him forward, thereby baring her hips from behind.

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Only you not turn around, – whispered wife.
The skirt, meanwhile, slowly crept ever higher, revealing more and more.
F, seeing that without any doubt, Lena herself lifts her skirt, took it as a signal to action.
Startled, Lena whispered: He strokes my ass through the panties.
And pussy too.
I squeezed her hand on my lap and put it on my upstairs penis.
Let him do whatever he wants, ”I whispered.
Lena trembled with a shiver, stroking my dick through the pants.
– He got into my panties and stroked my pussy, – his wife whispered hotly.
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He neatly covered with a skirt Lena’s ass in panties wet from his sperm and went to his corner.
My own legs trembled no less.
It was already time for me to “come back from the buffet”.
After a short pause in order to recover a little from what was experienced, I returned to room F.
Vodka is over and as always on me, – I said sadly.
And to hell with it, F. was clearly delighted.
– It’s late, and get up early tomorrow.
Yes, we will go now.
I’ll just wake Lena up, ”I said.
I began to pull at Lena’s shoulder.
She opened her eyes and sat up.
Let’s go to sleep.
It’s late, I said.
Lena got up.
nights, she said.
The pause was apparently caused by the sensation, to put it mildly, of excessive moisture between the legs.
Come on, let’s go, ”I said, not giving her time to come to her senses.

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We left the room.
My wife looked at me with large eyes, in which there was surprise and a question.
But she said nothing.
When we entered our room, she immediately went to the bathroom.
I looked forward to her return with impatience and alarm.
Our whole further sex life depended on how she perceived what had happened.
Lena returned very soon, holding her panties in her hands.
I have all the panties in the sperm, even squeeze.
And pussy all in it, and ass.
Are you finished on me while I was sleeping? Yes, finished, not me, ”I said, looking into her eyes.
Like this? She asked, confused.
Come to me, I’ll tell you everything.
She came to me, and I sat her on his lap.
First, I kissed her long kiss passionately, at the same time pushing her hips and putting her palm on her pussy.

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The wife had not had time to wash away and was without panties.
Indeed, F tried hard, rubbing her sperm with her.
The whole pussy was sticky and wet, and the origin of this stickiness and wetness was not in doubt.
Continuing to caress my wife’s pussy smeared with sperm, I said: You see, when you slept, I accidentally pulled your skirt up.
F looked at your legs so that I could not resist and completely exposed your ass, so that he could admire her.
You should have seen him stand on you.
And I was terribly pleased to see how much you turn it on.
I myself was very excited by this.
I blurted out all this without letting Lena insert a word.
Lena was silent for a minute, and then asked: Was it really very pleasant to you?
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It can be seen, I was very glad that a member was found, or the booze was bad, I just okosel quickly.
My head thinks, but I can’t move a hoof, I don’t have an erection on an Owl.
And the Owl – a fool completely drunk, skirt and panties took off, got up with cancer and said: – Ibatso! And I do not own members.
Well, so they say, with members, they say, with their feet, with their hands (who have them), this does not mean at all that there are many Members.
Congratulations something very offended immediately.
– Oh, are you so ?! We are with you with all our hearts, with gifts, and you don’t even want a single lady.
when to fuck her impatient? Scribe to you! – Let’s get it yourself.
! They grabbed me, and I can’t even resist.
I used to have Pyatak with my feet as I would have!

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And Pooh would clean the snout, and Sovea would kick his ass.
nettle! And now their power has taken.
They put me on my knees.
Pooh has long been swollen, and he has also swollen from lust, he told me in the baker and poked.
And I slurped open and suck like a bitch! And the boar, bitch, let down my pants and let me thrash the rods on my ass.
Lupil – thrashed, Owl says: – Red! And this bastard: – My favorite color! Then he halved my ass, looked: – My favorite size! And Owl, taking out a suitcase with strapon: – You see, Piglet, the size is something we will drill for him.
– Maybe we will not? He is our friend, besides a toy, besides an old one, besides a Donkey.
Sorry for him.
(Winnie the Pooh, donkey Ia-Ia and other celebrities, noted in the porno-genre – approx.

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) But the drunk bird was already unstoppable: – Exactly.
He is a toy in our paws.
Let him get used to it.
(What a bitch! – French.
) Then the boar took his present, brought to me, a blue condom, put it on, smeared my ass with Vaseline (Gad! Have a child, Christopher Robin has a spiz.
! Mary Poppins, Christopher’s governess, smeared his ass with Vaseline when she did an enema) and stuck it in her very boars.
And this was my first time in the ass, it hurts, I scream, and Pyatak, laughs, pleased.
Pooh, eating a pot of honey, accumulated so much seed that when I finished, I almost choked.
Here and Pyatak snarled and finished.
And Owl, old magnus.
, already strapon fit and Pyataka in my train.
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His large black cannon penetrated the wet bosom of the Khitay woman almost to the very eggs.
Her two other lovers came from the other side and Yun-Li, was able to play enough with their male virtues.
She alternately loudly smacking sucking their members, licked their dangling eggs.
The groans of all four, merging into one, spread around.
Watching her maid and warriors, Belit was pretty excited.
In obedience to an irresistible desire, she launched her hand under the hem of her tunic and began to knead and pull at her soaked “flower”.
Soon, a pleasant ripple appeared in the opened slit, which also responded with wonderful sensations in the stiff, pointed nipples.
Having enjoyed mating with the Khitayan, the second warrior gave way to the third.
He did not use my posture, moaning Yun-Li for a couple of minutes, after which, without interrupting the intercourse, he turned the girl on his side and continued to drive his weapon into a squinting, juice-flowing hole of a mistress.
Yun-Li’s right leg lifted high up, and the black man held her hand on her thigh and worked tirelessly with his wet, glittering member.
After five or six minutes of intercourse with the third lover, the Khitayanka screamed a little, then there was silence, and then a series of

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loud voluptuous moans followed.

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Yun-Li squirmed her whole body and jerked her legs, experiencing a very strong and very long orgasm.
One of the Negroes bent down and, turning over the thick black hair of the girl with his hands, something tenderly began to tell her while she struggled in pleasure.
Perhaps he whispered how beautiful she was, how he loved her, or he said something different and tender and vulgar at the same time, which aroused many women no less than words about love and adoration.
Having a little recovered and caressing the members of the warriors with her hands and tongue, Yun-Li sat on top of the first lover.
He grabbed her by the hips and with one deft and quick movement she drove a member of the maid into the vagina.
Resting her palms against the black warrior’s mighty chest, Yun-Li began to move up and down.
At first, she did it slowly and measuredly, but very quickly entering a rage, she began literally jumping on a man, uttering enthusiastic screams.
Her buttocks hit the negro’s thighs with wet slaps.
And soon something like this happened that Belit could not imagine.
The second lover fell in behind a copulating couple in the back, bent, legs spread wide and.
Also entered Yun-Li! Here are just a member of his squeezed into a different hole – in a small anus Khitayanka.
She screamed hoarsely and Belit did not understand, either from pain, or from pleasure.
However, be that as it may, penetration into the ass in the future began to bring her pleasure.
Yun-Li slightly turned the body around and clasped the second lover around the neck with her hand.
Drawn to her and their lips merged into a kiss.
After that, the warrior began to whisper something hotly in the ear of the Khitayanka and squeeze her elastic breasts with sharply protruding nipples in her hands.
She breathed loudly and violently, moaning, rolling her eyes. Family guy live porn.

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More precisely, he lay on it.
They did not cease to caress and kiss each other.
Moving his hips Vitya tried to find the entrance to the vagina.
Irina spread her legs wide apart and moving her pelvis as quickly as possible to substitute this entrance for him.
This did not last long, and soon the head of his member felt the soft and moist flesh of the vagina in one motion, he plunged into it.
Ira made a sweet moan.
He began to move in her.
Ira groaning biting her lower lip.
Victor twisted and began to kiss and suck her breast.
Her nipples hardened and he nibbled them slightly, causing Ira to draw a long groan.
Her hands slid across his back from neck to ass and back.
He felt that her breathing was somehow intermittent, now something had to happen.
He felt his mother dug his nails into his buttocks, and seemed to be trying to push all of him into himself.
He intensified his tremors in the womb of his mother.
Then she let go of her lower lip and she broke out: Ebi.
Ebi is stronger.
Yeah-hh! After these words her whole body began to shake.
He felt that she was coming, her vagina was squeezing and releasing his cock.
And unable to stand, he also began to finish, filling the mother’s womb with sperm.
Each portion of the sperm was accompanied by a strong impetus, from which Irina moaned even more and sagged under him.
Having finished, they both froze.
Vitya tried to support his body on his elbows, so as not to put pressure on his mother with his whole body.
When he felt that the member is not so tense, he took it out.
He got up in his arms, looked into Irina’s eyes and, breathing hard after sex, said: Mom, I love you.
These words now sounded completely different, not like the words of the son to the mother, but as the words of a loving man to the woman he loved.
Behind that, he bent and kissed her in the half-open mouth, she not only accepted this kiss, but responded to it.

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Then he gently got off her and stretched out beside him on the bed.
For a while they lay, breathing deeply, silently and not moving.
After some time, Irina turned to her son, moved closer to him.
She put her head on his chest, hugged her with one hand, put her leg on his, and pressed tightly.
He also hugged her with one hand and helped her pull closer to him.
You know, – Irina interrupted silence.
– I feel so good now.
You can’t even imagine it.
I feel like a little defenseless girl, next to a strong loving man.
I know that it sounds trite, and every woman in love says this to her man after having the desired sex, but probably you will not say anything else about this feeling.
In response to

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her words, Victor pressed her to himself a little harder, tilted his head to her head and kissed the top of her head.
Ira slightly raised herself and put her head on his shoulder, then continued to say: You know, when I started to talk while dancing, I was afraid.
What are you afraid of, mom? I was afraid that after all that I tell you, you will be an impenetrable moralist.
Push me away.
Then an insuperable gulf would have formed between us.
We would be strangers to each other.
I can not imagine how we could then continue to live.
More precisely, not we, but me.
You would have the opportunity to leave home, and I would have disappeared without you.
Vitya grinned and asked with a smile: Mom, tell me where at such a happy moment you have such sad and silly thoughts? Probably from there that I’m afraid this unexpected happiness scare away.
She raised her head and stretched her lips to his lips, he moved to meet her and they kissed deeply, hickered, but not for long.
After the kiss, she again laid her head on his shoulder.
He with his hand, on which she was lying on his shoulder, stroked her gently on the back, shoulder, hair.
Mom, you know, if you hadn’t started that conversation, I would never have decided to start it myself.
Even if I knew everything that you told me.
And we would toil each on our own with our desires.
Now I am glad that I had the courage, but then I really took a great risk, and the risk paid off a thousand times.
With a smile, she summed up.
Her hand is hugging her son, began to slide on his stomach, chest.
Mom, I did not assume that you know how to swear.
– Vitya broke the silence.
Sorry, I held on as much as I could, even bit my lip.
Well, your lip suffered in vain, – Victor began with a smile, – I really liked it.
I even wanted to say something myself.
Why did not you say? – In the voice of Ira heard annoyance.
I was afraid that you would not like it, and I would spoil everything.
– The son was justified.
Well, in vain! – Ira indignantly said indignantly, – And I am lying now and worrying that with my obscenity I brought you into shock. Hidden cam nude wife.

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And then, straightened member, Kate grabbed in her mouth.
Only for a

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second or two, Katya could not correctly put it into the frame.
But it was felt that she had both the will and the power to build this blowjob in the public garden “under the picture”.
That’s right for hidden cameras.
Almost the same thing is synchronous, but Aigulka has already done this with me.
Although the three of us were naturally naked.
Of course, how much now Aygulka suck my dick and Vitalka’s member, of course, so quickly now we will not let go.
Well, if only because we have yet to see how events will develop.
We now at the plasma enjoyed the way Catherine was sprinkled on her face, and on her hair, and on her breast.
And on the plasma, we already see how, in fact, several people are peeking at a point of view because of the bushes.
And O God! There in the bushes some woman also sucks one of the men.
And not alone.
She is the same as our Aigulka sucks one or another peasant.
Of course, our couple does not know about such living observers.
Apparently, the noise past the rushing cars drowns out the possible rustling from the trio that lurked in the bushes.
– Do you want to take your girlfriend to a restaurant like this with cum in her hair? The guy from this statement stopped wiping his dick on Katina’s lush hair.

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– Well, you do not worry.
The receptionist has already reported to me that you did not have money not only for a prostitute, but also for extending your hotel room.
So, I myself treat you to a restaurant.
Well and you be kind ebi me like a real whore.
After all, that’s exactly the way you talk about me at the reception? The guy is already speechless lost.
– Okay.
Silent means consent.
But you mean – I just provoke you.
Of course, they will not say anything similar about their administrator.
I at least hope that they did not let it slip to you, that I told them that you were me.
Well, this, you traveler liked.
– Did you like me too? In as in romance they again clined.
Good girl – this Kate.
Knows how to behave like a real romantic nature.
Katerina opened the raincoat one more time.
Again we rolled out curvy breasts.
We, the audience, to the joy.
And now on her breasts, on one of the nipples adorned thick sperm.
How romantically, with two hands, she raised her breast and licked this sperm.
While allowing his other breast with two hands to knead his boyfriend.
Katya’s breasts were standing.
And the nipples looked in different directions.
As the guy was actively crushing only one such big tit with both hands – it was possible to be jealous that I am not in his place now.
Aygulka in size of her boobs was still inferior to Kati’s big boobs.
And so she brought us to the senses:
– In! As jaws drooped.
On TV show any whores.
Well, I’m worse.
And we immediately with Vitalka also hushed her breasts.
I use both of her hands on one of her boobs, and Vitalka with two hands on her other boobs.
– Aygulka, and what channel are you showing us? “69 + ___ + ___”? – Well, most likely we will be shown later to the “subscribers”.
After all, the picture will fall, and our fucking Aigulka, and that is how our romantic couple is now embracing from the public garden. Webcam big tits red lips.

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