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Moistened fingers, I sent to my flaming pussy, falling directly over the Lidino naked body.
I kissed her, rubbing her breasts with her breasts, and she worked hard with the pen, playing with my cunt.
What a holiday it was! For a long time I was not so good from the first sex.
Sensing the approach of an orgasm, I looked up from Lida, and stood up so that her head was between my legs.
I sat down on her face.
The girl looked a little confused.
– I have never.
– She began to make excuses.
“Just work the tongue.”
I’ll tell you what to do.
– I replied, dropping pussy to her lips.
Lida began to lick, trying to emit my movements on her.
It turned out she was not bad.
– A little bit faster.
– I said languidly.
– Yeah.
Like this.
Lida licked her conscience, sincerely trying to give me as much pleasure as possible.
– A little deeper.
– I asked, and she immediately performed.
I lost myself and a sense of reality, playing with my nipples, while a hot tongue ran between my legs.
It was so good that it took me a little strength to ask: – Now.
Lida obediently fulfilled the request.
It took me exactly five seconds, after which I just exploded.
Finishing, I squirmed and spewed my juices on Lida’s lips, neck and tits.
I settled Lida on the chest, but my pussy was all throbbing, and throbbing for about a minute.
Only when I calmed down, I noticed Lida’s startled look.
I gratefully winked at the girl, pulled herself up to her face, and kissed her a good hitch.
The taste of my pussy was on her lips, a little less pleasant than Lidin.
Pulling away from her, I saw that the girl was still in shock.
– What’s the matter, sweet? – I asked carefully.
– What are you so screaming? – Lida asked displeased.
– Shouted? Oh, and I did not even notice.
What is very loud? – I asked, feeling shame.
– The guy from the corner woke up, and ran away with a fright.
– answered Lida.

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I smiled, and looked into the corner.
The guy really was not.
– Damn, I’m sorry.
But you’re just a cunnilingus bomb.
– I replied smiling.
– Seriously? – Lida asked incredulously.
– Seriously.
The best orgasm of the year.
– I replied jokingly.
– Ha, ha.
– Lida parried irritably.
– No, well, really cool licked.
You are super! – I tried to convince her.
But she was still pouting.
Turning from words to deeds, I decided to show her how grateful I am.
I passed the tongue down along her belly, kissing in all the right points.
Luda did not resist.
I saw that she wants more.
I lifted her right leg up into the air, and caressing everything around, clambered up to her little ring.
– Ay, ticklish! – She startled when the tip of my tongue touched her anus.
– Be patient, it will be nice soon.
– I promised.
– Sure, this, you

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have not done.
I continued to play with her second hole, only slightly touching her pussy.
And a couple of minutes later, when my tongue began to confidently enter her anus, Lida launched a finger in her pussy and began to podrachivat itself.
– Let me? – I suggested, and Lida removed her hand.
Licking her ass, I began to drive fingers on her pussy, playing with her clit and lips.
Lida focused on her breasts.
When the time came, I put two fingers inside Lidina’s pussy, and began to actively fuck this wonderful girl.
Lida was about to finish.
– Tell me when.
Cum in my mouth.
Okay? – I asked.
– Aha.
– Leda languid languidly.
I continued to fuck her fingers, licked the anus.
– Now.
– She moaned, and I pressed against her slit mouth.
She moaned, and the hot moisture, just a few drops, fell on my tongue.
I gently kissed her electrolyzed pussy.
Lida squeezed my head with hips, and twitched in orgasm.
At this, the interesting part of the story ends.
– Well.
– Pff.
– Hmm.
Earthlings arrived, two months later.
Flo and Vika laughed amicably when they looked at the puzzled faces of the rescuers, who were looking at the backside of a copy of Victoria with anal balls sticking out of her and a crotch phallus.
The sound of the girl was not included, but even so it was clear that the senior of the group was not happy.
He kicked things on the lawn in front of the bowels of the base and yelled at subordinates.
Vika was surprised to find that she had no regrets or a desire to return to earthlings.
People seemed funny to her.
And even in her thoughts she called herself they and we.
Voltran and Earthlings.
It was a turning point.
She finally turned into an alien for her former fellow tribesmen.
Vika looked warmly at Flo standing next to her and smiled.
Voltranka happily returned a smile and put her arm around her shoulders.
The girls watched the bustle of earthlings.
It was very much like they were winding up the camp. Watch free gay sex online.

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The excitement reached a critical point, and Olga came violently, shaking with her whole body.
The last to reach orgasm Rustam, filling her mouth with splashes of his sperm.
After swallowing all the incoming fluid and squeezing out the remnants of the canal, she with an enthusiastic feeling of a gratifying woman pulled away from his handsome man.
Then there was a short break, and the men also tore off Marina from both sides. Hidden cam orgasm.

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I avoid her and masturbate on her panties every day.
What is the result – fucked aunt in all holes and ran away like a coward, now I don’t know what to do: go to her with condoms or apologies.
“Write to you about the attic and rain?” she asked.
in chat.
“Write,” he said.
“I’ll wait”.
One summer day I went to the country.
Getting into the train, I opened a color magazine and began to read.
After some time I felt a curious look on me.
Looking up, I saw you.
You sat opposite and looked at me rather boldly, smiling a little.
I also smiled in response and again began to read.
But I still distracted myself from reading again and again to take a quick look at you.
A crazy thought flashed through my head, – And what if you invite him with you, does your husband still come tomorrow evening? From this thought, a smile began to play on my lips, and I could not hold back the excitement that engulfed me, lowering my eyes, I fantasized about you when I suddenly heard your voice.
– Tell me what you read? I shuddered in surprise and looked up, after speaking – Brownie.
You asked – “Interesting?”.
I laughed and replied that I didn’t really put the magazine aside.
She began to look out the window, villages and summer residences and forests raced by.
Summer celebrated the very middle.
The sun beat down mercilessly, and a great day flared up.
I turned my head in your direction and, casually asked.
– And you, to what station are you going? Do you want to go out with me? I will show you the house, and the garden, and all my flowers.
You shook your head a little in surprise, but, agreeing, answered.
Yes, I would like to, and notice that I do not ask questions.
I offered to go “to you” and we met.
The train stopped, we got out, holding hands.
I felt such jubilation – did my fantasy really start to come true? Not believing what was happening to the end, I glanced at you to make sure that you were there, you were walking and said something carelessly, absolutely not going to leave an unexpected companion.

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The road to the cottage ran through fields of golden wheat, surrounded by forest, a narrow path winding between them, and we walked along it one after another, intoxicated with the smells of summer.
From time to time I ran ahead in search of cornflowers that grew right there among the ears in a great variety, so that my blue sundress was almost lost sight of.
You shouted to me.
don’t run far, i don’t know where to go.
And I came back, slapping barefoot on the clay path, holding sandals in one hand, a bouquet of cornflowers in the other hand, laughing.
Running up to you, I immediately threw my luggage around my neck with my hands, and, having brought my lips close to yours, whispered.
– Is it not a dream? Are we together? You answered me with a long and deep kiss of anxious waiting, and I felt the anticipation of the upcoming, new adventure sweeping over me.
I closed my eyes and fell into the captivity of your hands, which clutched my shoulders, not allowing me to move.
Freed, though with obvious reluctance, I said, laughing, “Let’s go, otherwise we won’t get to the house like that.”
As we walked, clouds appeared in the sky, foreshadowing the beginning of the summer rain, and large drops began to drum on the leaves.
You looked at the sky with concern and said – We will get wet to the skin, if we do not hurry.
I replied that we had already arrived.
We already went towards the house, opened the gate and found ourselves in the garden.
I turned the key in the lock and we entered the house.
The house greeted us with the smell of heated wood and dust.
Memories of childhood have come to mind.
I remembered how little she came here with her parents.
I closed the door and we heard that the rain had intensified, and the first rumble of thunder rumbled somewhere far away.
I turned to you – We had time to rain.
-Yes, you answered and drew me to him.
I clung to you, and our lips met again, your hands began to roam my body, stopping at the hips.
You stretched out your hand and took a colored handkerchief from a hanger, quickly blindfolded me, said, “It will be more interesting.
I felt a chill run down my back.
In the meantime, your hands continued on their way,

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they began to caress and stroke my breasts, they squeezed it a little, and you could not help noticing how quickly the nipples came through the thin fabric of the sundress.
I said a little embarrassed.
I’m so flammable.
I heard you laugh, and I felt how with a quick movement I removed the straps of the sundress from my shoulders.
I stayed in front of you in some white lace panties, feeling my complete defenselessness in front of you. Livejasmin private chat.

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Igor sat peacefully in the kitchen and looked at me.
I caught myself flying around the kitchen.
I deliberately wag my booty, throw back my hair from my forehead, and in general, I behave like a woman admired by a man.
“Can I have one gin and tonic for me for dinner?” Igor smiled.
– I’m coming now.
– Take the money in my wallet.
– I treat you, I got a scholarship.
He gently kissed me on the cheek.
The door closed behind him.
What’s up with dumplings? He will be back soon.
Now, having exchanged the third dozen, I recall this incident with a smile, and then, at seven, I was not amused.
The main event at the age of seven was of course the school.
At the beginning of the eighties, the school was still ten years old and was taken in the first grade at seven years old, and not a year earlier, as it is now.
The age of seven was officially considered kindergarten.
Well, at seven, with the arrival at the school, everything was thoroughly changed.
Attitudes of others, clothing.
No more wearing children’s tights – at least boys.
Not to mention the pot.
In general, I felt at the age of seven almost an adult.
And hesitate, of course, began.
For my mother, I sometimes made exceptions, but my older sister could not go into the bathroom when I was standing there in the shower.
Although a year ago everything was completely different.
In the kindergarten age I liked to swim in

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the presence of my sister, because she always came up with interesting games.
(Get yourself a Russian virtual lover-davalku! – good advice) My sister Natasha was nine years older than me and accordingly studied in ninth grade.
The relationship between us at that time was rather strained.
I even got the impression that I began to interfere with Natasha.
She was constantly not sitting at home and of course did not like it when her mother asked her to stay with me.

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Natasha and her school girlfriends always had other plans that I, of course, did not include.
I do not remember how it all began that day.
Natasha was unhappy with me since the morning and constantly nagged at something.
In the evening, my sister’s discontent intensified because she had to go to the school disco, and my mother, as luck would have it, was late at work.
I wasn’t left me alone at the age of seven, so Natasha had to wait for mom.
As for his father, he then worked on a rotational basis in the north and had not been home for several months.
But in the garage in the spring should have appeared brand new “Lada”.
Finally, my mother called home and said that she was leaving.
Since it took about an hour to get home from her, my mother asked Natasha to warm up dinner for me.
Natasha, although she managed to dress up in a disco, began to mess around at the stove.
Warming up dinner, she called me to eat.
We sat at the table and I silently began to eat.
Now it was better not to mess with Natasha.
Having finished the porridge with sausages, I pulled a cup of tea to me and reached for a jar of currant jam on the edge of the table.
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) It would be better if that bank fell to the floor and broke.
All this, she fell on her knees sitting at the table Natasha.
I watched with horror as the red jam slowly flowed from the open cans onto Natasha’s light beige shtoks.
Those who remember the beginning of the eighties, do not need to explain anything.
Just one word “shtroksy”.
Well, the rest, who did not find this glorious time, I will explain that imported jeans from small velveteen, called shtroks, officially cost the engineer an average monthly salary.
Of course, officially and at the official price, the shtroks were almost impossible to buy, but my mother managed to find them somewhere — so much Natasha wanted them.
My sister got mother about Shtroks almost half a year and in the end Mom gave them to her for her birthday.
Half a minute Natasha sat in shock.
– What have you done? – Sister asked me indignantly, when speechless returned to her, – Where am I going to the disco now? I shrank from fright because Natashin did not foretell anything good.
“I am not on purpose,” I said, feeling that tears were coming to my eyes.
Natasha began to insult me ??offensively.
For several minutes I silently listened to her angry speech that she had nothing to go to the disco.
“I’m sick of your antics,” Natasha finished her speech, “Now I’ll drop my pants and stick my belt over my bare bottom.”
I thought that Natasha was scaring me, but she dragged me by the hand from the kitchen to the hall.
Noticing that my sister unbuttons her belt as she goes, I finally believed in her threat. Ebony huge tits webcam.

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