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Her eye was much already pisechki.
And the sensations of penetration were completely new.
Besides, I felt with my dick how something was twitching inside her.
Of course, this was Colin’s member, who in turn began to do his ebic work.
Together to fuck the teacher was fervent and fun.

In the beginning, while her anus was not too stretched out, it was harder for me to move into her than for Kolya.
Or maybe it was just easier for him.
Anyway, to my one ebok, Kohl answered with his two.
Then, when the anus stretched out, or maybe it became more comfortable for me, I reached the rhythm of a friend.
Now we were simultaneously driving our members to the teacher.
Tatyana Viktorovna, shaking from each of our double ebka, moaning sweetly.
A few minutes later, Kolya and I decided to switch places.
Now I was lying on my back, the teacher was on me, and Kolya was somewhere there.
From the teacher came a stimulating scent – whether from her chest, or hot breath.
Apparently she was pleased and well from our actions joint action.

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At some point, she stopped controlling herself.
The teacher clung to me with her soft and warm bust.
Long groaning, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and pressed her face to me, shook her whole body.
Entangled in her hair, and not understanding what was happening, I continued my movements.
It was only when the teacher lay back that I realized that at some point Kolya had finished too.
Now he was already lying on the bed, lighting a cigarette.
Tatyana Viktorovna remained on me, moving towards my member.
I also wanted to finish her ass.
So I got up, turned the teacher around and put her on me with cancer.
Immediately, smoothly entered ,.
in her, slightly open, back door.
Slowly, but surely, I brought myself to orgasm, and with incredible pleasure finished it in the ass.
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Of course, I had to bet.
In front of my classmates, I was forced to lay out an oilcloth, a towel, and go to bed without panties and with a smoked bathrobe in the pose “visiting an enema.”
One thing pleases me so far – I did not see their faces when mom with her usual wails inserted and inserted a pear into me.
After this incident, I unexpectedly became a popular person in the class – classmates always came to visit me after classes, and, of course, waited for an enema session.
Today I understand that in the early eighties, my classmates simply had no other source of erotic impressions, but then I preferred not to wonder why the boys are so willing to be friends with me.

For 17 years, t.
to the graduating class, my intestines resigned to the need for double emptying.

One day early in the morning I drove over to my mother’s business.
I had planned a lot of classes for this day, and therefore I decided to look to her before work, so as not to waste time in the evening.
Having dealt with the affairs, I was about to leave.

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But the mother, dressing for work, began to complain to me about my younger brother, an eighteen-year-old student, who, according to her, constantly lazed around and skipped lectures.
– You would talk to him, Denis! And then my strength is no longer.
He is now lying in bed at his place, not going anywhere.
Sick, says.
Well, I know that every day he has diseases, lectures are canceled.
You talk, huh? All right, bye.
I’m late already.
With these words, Mom ran out the door and ran to the elevator.
The difference in age with my brother, we had a big – eight years.
And so my mother often shifted the responsibility for his upbringing on me.
But, to be honest, I’m already tired of all this.
Eighteen years already, how much can you bring up !.
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A real fucking woke up in me and I went to them.
They were on the fun, it was immediately clear that they had found a common language.
I drank two glasses with him.
The husband in the evidence asked us to kiss a hickey and this was continued in bed.
They had me in all holes all night.
Especially my husband was active.
In that city we lived another half a month and went to our city.
From Misha, this is a neighbor, I became pregnant.
After the visit, the doctor learned that she had conceived from the first stick.
We did not talk about pregnancy to Misha, our parents were told that she had become pregnant from artificial insemination.
Now our boy has a year and five months and we are happy.
These days still give birth to her husband and are thinking of going to that city and spending their holidays there.
Five years ago, when Lyudka and I decided to register our marriage, the question arose, and who will be the witness at our wedding? My friends are very shy, my bro, did not have time !!! Lyudka suggested that her classmate, Anton, be the witness! She told me that this is a very funny guy! And the wedding will hold what you need !!! To agree, Luda went on Anton’s birthday, a week before our wedding! I was very sad to be home alone! I decided to go to Ludkin neighborhood, sit in the gazebo, which is in kindergarten! I bought a beer, several bottles, and sat in a dark corner of the gazebo! Soon, I saw my Lyudmila marching with a bouquet of flowers in the direction of the next door! It took quite a lot of time, it was a little dark on the street, and six guys and my Lyuda came out on the balcony of the second floor, which, by the way, does not smoke! She was wearing jeans and a perfectly transparent blouse, through which her neat, delicious breasts shone through! All the difference, from when she left me in the morning, was that there were no white socks on her !!! I noted that now she was barefoot! Two hours later, Luda and Anton went outside, and sat down on a stool at the entrance! And Lyuda sat Anton on her knees, and they began to kiss! Then they whispered, sat down in the arbor next to me! Anton, took off his cloak from Luda, unbuttoned his blouse and began to kiss her breasts! Soon he unbuttoned her jeans, and his hand began to wield between Luda between his

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legs !!! I just, stunned !!! After a while, my Lyudka finished with a groan! Anton, put her back to him and, removing the blouse and pulling off, jeans up to the ankles came in from behind until it stops !!! After a couple of minutes, Anton’s friends left the door, sipping wine and beer! It was not quite dark outside, and the few passersby could see everything quite well !!! The guys sat down in the gazebo, next to them! Soon Lilka, our future witness at the wedding, came out for a walk.

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With a smile, she went into the gazebo and sat down to watch! The next was short, burly, trimmed bald! Lyudka pulled off her boots and one leg.
Then put the leg on the bench, and put the pussy to this guy.
He was not slow to take advantage of this and entered to the full depth! At that time, a tall guy, even slightly above me, began to take off his shirt and jeans! As soon as this burly man with Lyudka had finished, the long guy took the second boot, jeans and blouse off Lyudka.
Luda, already completely naked, hung on him, wrapping her arms and legs around him, and then with a handle she brought in his trunk! So they fucked, probably a full minute !!! The next guy was already fussing, spreading a Lyudkin cloak on a bench! As soon as these guys finished, the guy put Lyudka on all fours, and entered her from behind! Luda is already tired and having laid her head on the railing of the arbor, she only moaned loudly, not paying attention to anything around! This guy pecked her the longest, there was silence around, interrupted only by Lyudkin loud moans! When the guy walked away from Lyudka, who was standing on all fours, the 5th came up! As soon as he stuck it, he immediately said: “You have everything squattering there! Spread the buns! Eh? I’m in the ass!” I saw my Lyudka obediently spread her ass.
And just a little oyknula when the guy entered her anus.
At this time, Lilka said: “Guys, Ludka would need to take her mouth with something, so as not to scream to the whole yard!” The sixth guy immediately pulled off his pants, sat on the railing gazebos, and framed his penis! Lyudka immediately began to suck his trunk! I do not know how long it lasted, but after a while the guy who had hammered Lyudka in the back bowed and began to finish with moans! Vikki bongacams.

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Glory to the madmen who live for themselves, as if they are immortal.
“Your last tale was funny.”
Anyway, successful.
Maybe the best. ”
My hands worked separately from my mind.
And in them, from the ninth attempt, a figure was created.
Graceful, slightly arched, back, long legs, coquettishly coiled tail around the paws, and the head – to the side and down, meekly lowered eyes half-closed eyes.
Son’s approving words: “Well, here.”
Roasting in the oven took

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5 minutes.
Then coloring.
The final touch is a chain around the neck.
And photos.
Three in the morning.
Part two.
In the morning, the Cat stood on the table where I left her.
I took the figure in hand.
She was warm and blue.
! Blue cats do not happen! And there are pink elephants! In the darkness of the night I mixed up the bubbles with paint, and instead of black I painted it dark blue.
– Good morning, Cat.
I looked at the creation of my hands and my consciousness and understood that I like it.
She is alive.
She is real.
I suddenly wanted to show it to people.
Submit to the world and hear the opinions of others.
I found a box, carefully packed the figure and put it in my purse.
At work, showed everyone.
The reaction was fun! – What did she do? – Why is the head so tilted? – Cool.
– Wow.
– She has character and looks like you.
– Yes, it reflects the essence.
The cat walked hands, and everyone stroked her, she liked her.
And she seemed to like it too.
And in the evening there was a thunderstorm.
At first I heard thunder peals.
And then the storm came so close that lightning seemed to fly out the window.
I love thunderstorms.
There is something demonic in it, real, elemental, something that is hidden deep in me.
Thunderstorm allows me to open up, to become myself for a couple of minutes.
Another flash of lightning tore up the dark space of the room.
And through the balcony door lit up the silhouette of a cat standing on the table.

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She seemed to start and lead her ears.
Looking at her, I realized that I see myself.
No, not the physical body, but your soul, as in the palm of your hand.
And I suddenly realized that I love this creature.
org) This is a creation of his hands.
This piece of soul, of my soul, that has acquired a real existence.
On the ninth attempt, the embodiment of the most valuable that is inside of me was born.
Cats have nine lives.
and I fell in love with myself.
No, I love myself as I am, but in the Cat I saw something different, something beyond myself.
Witch? Yes.
Itself such.
In general, the word “witch” is very simply deciphered – “Ved” – to know, to know, “ma” – the future, darkness.
The witch is the one that knows about the future.
And the fact that I am a born witch, I know for a long time.
Part Three
Meeting with the Boss I, as always, made coffee, knelt in front of the Boss, a little further than usual, served coffee and picked up a box.
– May I? We just waited so long together.
Permissive glance.
I take the cat out of the box and clamp it in my hand.
I mess up the background and open the palm.
– Meet, the Cat is your Master, the Master is the Cat! A proper name, that is her name.
The owner took the figure in hand, a slight smirk, a hand on my neck, a kiss and a whisper in my ear: “Thank you, girl.”
– Attach her to live somewhere on the shelf.
Just do not let anyone else take it in hand.
It contains everything that I want to give you.
It has a soul and strength.
If you need something, take it in hand, it will help.
And may she always protect you and help you.
So I want, and she – my embodiment.
Through her, I will always be there.
And always help.
If it breaks, a piece of my soul will die, or myself.
You decide.
Love her.
And she will protect you.
– Tomorrow I will find her a place at work.
Epilogue And then there was a wonderful day, which has not yet happened.
Wonderful and unusual, it is difficult to call it a session, well, if only a very romantic session.
Whether the Cat tried? Happy birthday, Master.
New year of life is always new events, new plans, new joys.
And let them be many – good and pleasant.
And let Fortune turn, finally, to face you.
Stop running after her and catch up! And if you still want to take it from behind, let it set itself up! With adoration and humility, your slave.
The next day, a message came to the e-mail: “The working day was occupied by making a house for the Cat.
Now she has a personal shelf, from where she can always look at me and I at her. ”
“And you don’t give her body, but the soul — all without a trace.” For her, sex has long become not a mechanical movement of two heterosexual subjects, but a certain sacrament, a unity of souls – not important, holy or sinful. Erotic live sex chat.

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The room was quiet and comfortable.
And it was not clear where the work is in full swing.
However, while it is not his business.
Not to be surprised – to mean, not to be surprised.
The girl came out from the table and showed a very good figure.
A strict business suit could not reduce its perfection.
A beautiful face, perfect posture, impeccable manners said that Sergei Anatolyevich selects his shots with great taste.
And yet what is he doing here ?! Irina gave him a pleasantly-official smile and asked to follow her.
Alex followed the girl and thought that such as she would never be available to him.
But even her simple contemplation made Alex’s lower abdomen ache.
Telegin and his attendant went into the elevator.
Sasha, as a hereditary intellectual, missed Irina ahead.
The girl thanked him politely.
They stood in the elevator opposite each other.
And Alex could not believe that he was standing next to such a beautiful woman.
True, the indifferent cold look of her dark eyes somewhat spoiled such a marvelous picture. Sexy webcam orgasm.

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I wanted to hook one of these serious girls and so that she, for me, sniff impudently, took it.
I wanted the sexy girl to have real power over me, not play power.
This is not practiced in the world.
Behind the “half-games” is the future, and this future is not far off, I am only one of the first to start doing this.
The essence of this game is in its reality, which is so extreme and beautiful because this gentle trembling runs all over the body.
This game is a small hybrid of sexy pervert games with a famous thing called Prank.
The victim should not guess that she is bred.
The most important thing: She must be blind and one hundred percent sure that it is she who plays with me, and not me with her.
Anyway! The essence of this thing you will understand in the course of the story.
In my case, I looked and should have looked like a stupid juvenile jerk who, from his own impunity, decided to make fun of women on the Internet.
In principle, it is, but in a different way.
I took the girls for a long time and finally I was lucky! One dark-haired, beautiful girl, slim girl, with strict facial features, named Maria answered me.
I first gave her that I wanted to fuck her, then I said that I wanted to be her slave and lick her heels, then I said that it was time for my parents not to dress as a girl and dab myself at the point.
In general, everything that was in my head – I said! I thought that I would go now, as I did all the other times in three funny letters with lots of exclamation marks.
She wrote: “Parents know about this?” Yes! The girl is serious! I ran into It gave me both sweetness and fear.
A little shaking hands from her head.
The fact that inside the quotes is inserted conversation quotes, the rest is comments.

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I: “About what?” She: “What are you doing!” I: “No, of course!” She: “What do they do?” This question was strange! I didn’t know what to say, but I was excited and I wanted more and more “lights!”.
I: “in the sense of?” She: “Where do they work?” I: “Father in the realtor! Mother does not work!” She: “Are you alone at home?” This is all to what? I did not understand, but answered.
Me: “No! With Parents!” She: “I want to talk to your dad!” Yeah !!! Schaz !!! I inserted from these words, specifically! I: “About what?” She: “About your behavior!” I: “M.
do you want me to be punished and spanked like hell !? “I went into a rage.
She: “Yes! You deserve it!” You would know how I felt! Me: “What else besides the belt?” She: “House arrest for the whole summer.
Will you sit in a room without the Internet and contentment, and think about your behavior! “Is she serious! ????? She thinks she’s, I just took her out and gave myself the whole info ??? Naive girl.
I: “Oh! How scary !.
I’m afraid of you !!! “It was true.

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The data on your parents tell me.
And she seriously, mind you! I do not.
I’m scared of dad! If he finds out, he will kill me! ”It was true.
She: “Are you afraid of punishment? And you were not afraid to say such a stranger to a girl? You have to answer for your actions! Speak your father’s name and his mail!” And here I was struck! Why I, such an idiot, did not create in advance the page of the “father” and did not live it in, giving it a real look.
Then I would give his address and calmly end, and she would be full of triumph, having dealt with me! And everyone would be happy! But not in this case.
I: “I am afraid! I will not give!” She: “Alive! I’m waiting! Otherwise it will be worse!” I do not.
Masha, I do not want to give! I’m afraid! “She:” I said quickly !! Give him his mobile phone.
Dad should know what his son is doing in his absence.
He will be very happy to find out.
” Me not!!! I’m not a suicide! “She:” It will be worse! If you give it now, he will only learn about the fact that you are pestering everyone.
If I find it myself, then I will tell everything! And about how you dab at the point, disguised as a girl, and therefore tell all this.
I’m still lying, that you shared with me that you have a blue friend, and that you get up while your parents are not at home.
“Wow! My defense just fell in! But her bluff was obvious! Firstly! The fact that she finds me is bluffing! She decided to buy me! Secondly! She would have told him everything, even if would give her a phone or father’s mail! Watch sex online.

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