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I was already afraid that she decided to ruin the water for me, but she still froze in front of me in the pose of a “peeing boy”.
– Well? She asked.
– What is it? – I asked my question.
– Wash the little one, he’s in the urine now! – Did you learn to shake something? – I frowned? – And you tell me what ?! She asked with fake rigor and moved the segment closer to my face.
– Well.
okay, just don’t make it a habit, okay? – I raised one hand above the water and moved my fingers around the edge of my friend’s soft penis.
I also launched my little finger under the foreskin and walked a bit like this, after doing a wet cleaning of the rooms (sorry for professional slang).
– Oh, thank you, my dear, you are the best! “Well, you’re my friend,” I shrugged.
– Only a friend? – Well, still a neighbor.
– and everything? – Co-worker there.
– Evil you, Anka, I will leave you, then who will tighten your tongue? You’ll be chatting in a turtle style for the rest of your life, ”she again feigned to have puffed up her lips.
I was about to answer something, as the familiar trill sounded so painfully and the sound came from Julia.
It must have been something reminiscent of duty, since in the Bibik she stood like a melody, saying that a job had appeared.
It is like a small wristwatch that can signal and receive text messages.
Female employees from our 13th floor are obliged to wear them constantly, without removing them at all.
They are shockproof and waterproof, so I wash in them right now.
Bibika Julia cracked.
She hastily turned her left hand to her wrist and read the message on the screen of the “clock”.

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– Hmm, it looks like I’m really leaving you now, Anka, so forgive me.
Zaparochka, we have originated there below.
– she quickly took new panties from the dryer and put them on, carefully tucking the segment between her legs, so as not to interfere much.
Once again she slapped me on the cheek and went into the room to get the uniform out of the closet.
Well zaporochka so zaparochka.
We both work here, so I know that anything can happen in our complex hotel.
Soon she slammed the front door, and I was able to rest in peace.
When I climbed out of the water, water flowed down from my segment – it had already fallen down and thank God, otherwise this was Julia who set me up completely at the wrong way.
Worn with a towel and straightened the hair protected from moisture, I gently combed them and decorated them with a rim.
Moving away from the mirror away, I admired a little naked.
I’m still the same attractive woman, as before, with the exception of my new “supplement”, which has already managed to get used to.
I would take a longer look at myself and give myself a memory, but this will have to be postponed, because the pipe is calling.
Quickly choosing and wearing white panties (my segment is longer than Yulin and I prefer to shove him into my own vagina, but the main thing is not to get excited), I went out into the room with Julia and pulled out my ironed uniform from the closet.
Well, let’s see what the coming day is preparing for me.
– – —— Really need feedback, so do not be confused!
– No, I have a holiday today, an anniversary can be said to have been awarded the Order, therefore, to walk, so to walk.
I wish debauchery indulge.
Nute, sir, let’s go out into the light, take a closer look.
Maybe some are lakhudra, their noses are broken or their faces are broken.
The girls obediently came to light, the official meticulously examined each, like a gypsy horse, only did not look in his teeth.
Choice stopped on Katka.
Sucking in and lighting a cigarette, he walked to the Bristol Hotel,

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which was really close by.
The dark-haired bellboy, Shilka, stomping with her shoemakers, walked up to the stairs, handed Kateke the room key, winked conspiratorially at the official: – They chose a reasonably successful girl, patronage. One on one sex cam chat.

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Do not upset me – come to Valerka tomorrow: “” I see.
Tomorrow I’ll come up: “” And say that you were wrong: and that you realized your guilt: “” I see, Sanya.
I am not that: not stupid! “” You, Vasek, are a normal guy.
Vasya – with a hole tight: “” That was why it was painful that it was all for the first time: “” So, I still knocked down the seal? “” Once – not a motherfucker! “” That’s exactly what you noticed: oh, you are a funny kid !” “I? Normal.
Only these: annoy: well, you yourself understand: “” I? From where Tell me about you: “” I, Sanya, I will not knock! “” That’s right too.
Boys you should not lay: Okay, everything! It’s time to go bye-bye: Tomorrow, Vasya, we will starter.
“It’s clear, Sanya!” “Tomorrow ass butcher: And ask the guy forgiveness, Vasya:” “Yes, of course.
I understand: “” Well done, Vasily! Seduction I will treat you tomorrow with a Malafeka: “Shuddering from an orgasm, Misha fired a jet – and at the same time either sobbed, or moaned sweetly: damn! I almost didn’t betray the hidden boy, – almost everything is excellent, he automatically milked his collar a lump, and: suddenly a delicate, burning chill swept over the crotch – Michael squeaked, snotty dick in his fist clenching: instantly sweating forehead covered: everything: heard me: everything! heard! burned! – he thought – I stayed on the dick in the toilet ?! – the heart was beating like a motor, – I will not be! I will not be! I will not be given! – salabon, erestav breathe in fear, trying to overcome the trembling: “Well, you women, Vasya, fucked?” “I? Hidden camera office sex.

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The torn jersey was sticking out the breasts of obviously two sizes bigger than mine.
Although her face was beaten with beatings, her big mouth with full lips was adorable.
Do you want to sober up? – I asked, as if in thought.
The girl trembled.
Is there? – she stammered.
Find – I decided, and said – Only you have to do one thing for me.
Of course, she agreed without thinking.
What is your name? – I asked.
She is – she faithfully never took her eyes off me.
And Natasha – I sighed and took out a new t-shirt from the package.
To get dressed, and it’s embarrassing for you to go out with people – I handed her my t-shirt and skirt.
Tanka quickly threw off her ragged.
I caught my breath.
Wait – I gasped in a choked voice.
She is puzzled, staring at me.
From the morning coolness, she trembled violently, and with her trembled her huge, gorgeous breast shape with large, nipples shrunk from the cold.
God gave such a snuffle such beauty! Yes, such tits can be

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the floor – the city of babies to feed! You have a great chest – I made her a compliment.
Yes, everybody likes the peasants – she has boastfully rebuilt it in her own manner.
I jarred on.
If only peasants – I thought enviously.
I myself had an ugly chest.
So, two semi-suspended hillocks between which a third would fit in perfectly.
The breasts were immensely brown and the nipples were huge, so when I looked in the mirror I could see only the nipples that were always wrinkled and looking sadly at the ground.
I was terribly embarrassed about my titics, and probably that is why I was so reluctant to have sex.

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I looked away from Tankin’s splendor and looked at her feet.
Her thickly overgrown pubis probably never knew a razor.
Thick hair began almost from the navel tightly closing the gap.
Hair curls were on the inside of the thighs and below.
She gave the impression of a very healthy strong female, ready for fertilization.
Get dressed, I said, unable to take my eyes off.
She pulled on her shirt, flashing a thick undergrowth of armpits, and her breasts brazenly stuck out on the fabric.
Another minute and her curls hid my long-suffering skirt.
What are you going to drink? – I asked Tanka when we came to a stall in the square.
Port – she replied, eagerly looking at the batteries of the bottles behind the glass.
I bought two bombs, a chocolate bar, and we walked to the old place in the bushes.
Damn, and how to open it? – I thought.
Come on, I, Tanka, snatched the bottle from me and shoved it into my mouth and skillfully pulled off the cork with my teeth.
I grimaced.
Take off my shirt – I ordered.
She looked at me offended – I thought you gave it to me.
Gave, gave – through her teeth, I said – Only I still want to look at your boobs.
What are you, man? – giggled Tanka.
I will break the bottle now – I said indifferently.
Tanka scaredly pulled the shirt.
Her powerful chest swayed and froze in front of my nose.
Beautiful – I gently ran over them and squeezed lightly.
Their stiff elasticity made me shiver inwardly.
Let’s have a drink – Tanyukha plaintively reminded of herself.
I poured the wine in plastic cups.
Tanya eagerly at one time poured wine into the throat and imploringly looked at me – Let’s take one more.
I did not even have time to sip.
I poured her another glass, she reached out to him, the nipple of her breast touched my hand.
Not remembering myself, I suddenly grabbed her hard rock-like nipples with my fingers and squeezed tightly.
She has shrieked and dropped a glass.
Wine poured over her breasts and skirt.
What are you, stupid? she screamed.
Without getting up, I hit her hard on the face.
For what? she whined.
Do you remember what you promised me? – I asked.
I’m not joking, you will be exuding, I’ll pour everything out and leave.
It hurts – Tanya was crying.
I tried to say something po her clothes.
But Masha stopped and kissed me in a hickey.
I hugged her. Private live sex cam.

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He led the cow to the bowl.
Irina groaned.
She understood everything.
She began to lap up her milk.
Like a dog that was given milk.

Irina flowed.
When she finished, Alex led the women into the next room.
I set Irina on a chair and fixed it.
Between the legs tied a vibrator.
Irina groaned.
Alex tied Olga to the cross.
– Look, the cow, as they flog your Mistress – Alex smiled.
Irina moaned.
Olga became flogged.
She did not have a gag, but the woman did not scream loudly.
Irina flowed.
How nice to see this.
Olga, her friend, her mistress flogged.
Irina covered orgasm.
She moaned.
But the vibrator continued to work.
The woman was hurt.
But Alex was busy with something else.
Olga survived 30 hits.
Alex freed the woman.
Olga was crying.
Her ass has become even redder.
Alex took the woman by the arms and pulled him towards Irina.
Removed a vibrator between her legs.
– Come on, make your cow nice.
Olga nestled between the legs of Irina.
The cow moaned.
How long has she dreamed of feeling Olga there.
And her friend orally makes her nice.

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A little more and Irina covered another orgasm.
Alex pulled Olga by the hair.
– In the middle of the room back up – he commanded.
– Yes, Boss – Olga obeyed.
Alex freed Irina.
Brought for her a rubber member on the belts.
– Put on.
Olga moaned plaintively.
Irina wore a member.
Stood behind Olga.
Slowly entered her vagina.
A friend moaned.
Irina flowed.
How much humiliation was experienced by her friend today.
She drank her milk, caressed orally, and now Irina was taking her from behind.
Alex left the room for a moment.
– Are you satisfied? – Olga asked evil.
– Yes – Irina did not stop moving – You can punish me for this evening, as you want.
– Believe me, I will punish – Olga was angry.
Irina moaned.
Tomorrow she will be Olga’s toy again.
But today, a friend was her toy.
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“She believes in everything, she can be brought to conviction,” said Andrei, “but outwardly she is just a class girl — her chest is like that, but the priest is huge!”.
“Wow!”, I exclaimed, “it was not bad to see her naked!”.
“Just about!” Andrew agreed, “why I came to you.
Now my parents are watching over her, but somewhere in an hour they will leave for some time and we will be alone in the house.
That’s when we’ll do the trick.

You, Vanya, pretend to be a doctor and order her naked undressed.
And then we can heartily have fun with it, check all the holes, agree? “.
“And you think she will believe that I am a doctor?”
“But how can it be? After all, until then all the time all sorts of doctors were working around her.
But for a 100% guarantee you will wear a white robe in which my father goes to inspect the bees.
Then surely everything will go like clockwork! ”
“And if she then tells your parents that this is how they say so, the doctor came to me, did this and that?”
“Well, let him tell who will believe her?

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Everyone knows that she is crazy!”.
“Well, okay, then you take all the responsibility for this operation!”, I finally agreed.
“Don’t worry, everything will be okay! Come to me in an hour and get down to business!”
Exactly an hour later I came to the house of Andrew.
He was already waiting for me on the threshold, throwing a white robe over his shoulder.
“Tax!”, He said, “the relatives left for the city and will not return soon, and this fool is sitting on the sofa and leafing through the book.
I have already warned her that a doctor will come to her now.
So, quickly put on a bathrobe and go! “.
I threw on my dressing gown and with trembling hands began to fasten buttons, which for some reason did not follow my fingers.
“Do not worry, I told you, she is nuts and she will believe everything!
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She was not averse to setting herself up, but I, of course, was not up to her.
She oppressed her daughters in every way, holding them like in a monastery.
And I looked at my sisters and thought about turning their monastery into my harem.
I, the groom, reproached myself for such sinful thoughts, but it was impossible to get rid of them.
I adored my nun and, step by step, planned to turn her into a skillful slut.
But my plans were not allowed to materialize, and

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, probably, for this I love N.
to this day.
Our honeymoon flew in sweet learning: I learned the language in which her body speaks, and N.
I learned to respond not only to my language.
My perseverance and her diligence increasingly led N.
to the enthusiastic moans sounding to me like music.
Possessing perfect beauty, which, in addition, you got a virgin, is the greatest happiness that falls to a man’s share.
Its acuteness is so great that it cannot last for long.
When I plunged into my newborn wife, closing my arms, feeling her stirring, which had not yet grown out of shame in giving in, and hearing her hot breath at my ear, I experienced a state of triumph that only God at the moment of creation could experience.
along winding paths in the garden of voluptuousness.
When I first put her on all fours and two lobes of her sunny ass opened in front of me, her legs were too long for me, and I had to rise from my knees to reach pussy.
I told her to bend her back.
hesitated, and instead of bending, she arched.
I laughed at her holy ignorance, and she turned to me in surprise as the cow turns around when you approach it from behind.
I put my hand on the back of my Madonna and pressed down, indicating what was required of her.

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obediently she obeyed and, feeling why this was necessary, she laughed herself, not knowing that laughter caused convulsions in her pussy.
I then tried to teach her to squeeze me a dick, not laughing, but according to my instructions, but she is dull as a lover, and I have to tickle her or make her cough so that her cunt comes to life.
She ends only once a night and, having finished, does not want anything else.
For the wife this valuable property, she does not bother with lust when you want to sleep.
But at first I tickled her pretty.
All the time I felt as if I had deceived nature: I, a dwarf with a monkey’s face, possess a goddess.
And assess how good I am in love, it can not, because for this you need a comparison, God forbid.
In those early days, we agreed not to conceal even the most intimate thoughts of each other.
I understood perfectly well that I did not fulfill this contract, but I wanted to bring up in N.
a sense of the need to share with me your thoughts and desires.
The main thing is not to be angry, no matter what she tells me.
Otherwise, she will henceforth be afraid to be frank.
Following this commandment, I fastened myself with all my strength so as not to show a storm of indignation or jealousy.
took to heart our treaty, and to my question, what were her love adventures, she confessed.
When she was fourteen, she and her mother and sisters were invited to the ball at the palace to the sovereign.
At one point she was lost among the guests; a beautiful maid of honor approached her and whispered in her ear that the sovereign wanted N. to be introduced to him.
My girl fluttered with fear and obediently followed the maid of honor.
She led her to the office where the emperor was sitting in a chair.
Maid of Honor introduced N.
and left, leaving her standing in the middle of the gloomy office.
The sovereign rose from his chair, sat on the sofa, and sat N. next to him.
He asked her questions, and in the meantime he pulled up her dress higher and higher.
She did not dare to move and tried to answer questions exhaustively.
When the crowned libertine spread her legs, N.
I felt how the “heat waves began to overwhelm” her – this is how she described her condition.
But suddenly someone knocked on the door.
The sovereign rose, straightened his dress on N.
and left the office.
A minute later the maid of honor appeared, which brought N.
and took her back to the hall where the guests danced.
Mother already began to worry about N.’s disappearance.
but when the maid of honor announced to her that N. Best indian models nude.

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“36 and 7,” she answered.
Stretching wet gauze from under my priests, Ira waved Lena to put my legs down.
– Physiologically, everything is in order with him, – the doctor reassured Lena, – These are purely psychological problems: shyness and stubbornness – which seriously complicate the lives of employees of children’s institutions, medical personnel and nannies like you.
A small child must obediently do his own business not only for his mother, but also for the rest of the adults who are engaged in it: educators, nannies, nurses, etc.

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– I absolutely agree with you, – Lena nodded.
“It’s very simple with babies,” the doctor continued, “A weak bladder allows you to quickly achieve the desired result.
And at the age of seven, like Sasha, he is no longer so sensitive.
On the one hand, it is good that the child can endure longer – less often wets his pants.
And on the other – you can see for yourself – it is impossible to force to write when it is necessary
And all because at home he is no longer stimulated by the urge, like a baby, giving himself to go to the pot.
“In order to maintain the sensitivity of the bladder and intestines at the right level, the older child needs to stimulate both urges at least once a day,” the nurse explained.
– Forcing him to write and crap like a baby? – Lena clarified, – Lying on the back with legs up? “That’s right,” the doctor nodded. “We recommend this to everyone.”

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But many mothers of boys of school age just lazy.
Himself goes to the pot – and good.
– Send to so-Steam? the nurse asked the doctor.
– And what remains to do.
If the mother does not want to deal with them, let him take him twice a month to the procedural nurse for intensive tactile stimulation.
Here’s a referral for you, – the doctor handed a filled out form to Lena, – I’d go to the treatment room with your child right now.
The session itself is quite short – from 10 to 15 minutes depending on age.
With preparation, stripping, dressing and washing away for a maximum of half an hour.
The doctor dialed a number on her phone and picked up the phone.
– Vika? – She asked, – Do you have a lot of people now?
Not? Then I will send one boy to you.
Seven years.
Yes, on takstim.
Just awful.
Ira two minutes tickled him between the legs to make pee for analysis.
So I think that for a long time.
Will you accept? Thank.
“Vika is very good at making Stems,” said Ira. “I watched several times.
The boys always have such fountains between the legs.
I blushed deeply, imagining what procedure I am facing.
– You can wear, – said the doctor to Lena, nodding at me, – And immediately to the treatment room – at the end of the corridor, to the left.
You and Sasha are waiting there.
“Give me a leg,” Lena affectionately asked me, picking up my pants.
“I wouldn’t wear panties under his pantyhose,” the nurse said.
– Yeah, it’s too early to wear them, if you still walk under yourself, – the doctor agreed, – Kids wear tights without panties.
Only an extra thing to erase, if described.
Lena threw me a mocking look and put the panties in her bag, deftly put on my tights – lying like a two-year-old.
– What are you heavy! – the nanny sighed, helping me to get off the table, – Well, are we going to the treatment room? New hd sex video online.

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