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“The young lady didn’t poke,” Camelia squeezed nervously, “is it really that difficult?” “In my opinion, everything should be the other way around,” Lavrenti recalled the pages of the medical encyclopedia.
– I ate three eggs at home:, well, scrambled eggs, and now these berries, here it is mixed up.

Over the fence hung down and grinning staring at us stranger uncle.
– Hi, Vasya.

– answered aunt Lena.
– Yes, I came here.
Strawberry is gone, sorry.
And it will end, and you will not see me here.
And this is – relatives of my son came for the summer.
She herself will be later.
– Oh well.
– stretched uncle.
– you are, Len.
Come in the evening, we will celebrate your arrival.
And bring the boy, huh? – Ok, Vasya, we’ll see.
– Do not “see”, and come.
– with these words, the uncle disappeared into the depths of his territory.
– Aun Len, and who is this? – I asked.
It turned out to be a neighbor who lives here all summer and most of the autumn.
At the request of neighbors, looks after their sites, while they are absent.

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He likes to drink, but in general a good man.
Therefore, in the evening we will visit him.
I was not very surprised by the neighbors and should be friends.
I once again bent over the bed, occasionally casting glances at Aunt Lena’s ass looming in front of me and remembering how I stroked her some half a day ago.
In the evening we went to visit.
Lena dressed up in a sundress well above the knees, and I dressed as usual in a T-shirt and shorts.
The table was already laid.
The appetizer was mainly a dacha made from all sorts of cucumbers, radishes and the like, and in the center stood a liter bottle of something dull, presumably of moonshine.
Basil, setting us at the table, immediately poured the moonshine into glasses, not forgetting to drop me (to the very bottom, only for order) and made a toast, as usual – for the harvest.
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– Yes, in moments of tension crawl: Who taught you ?.
– I wanted to say “suck”, – uncomfortable, “blowjob” – also kind of embarrassing.
– Well, I say – all this? – Nobody taught.
I’ve seen enough on the Internet.
Do not you look ?.
: Two weeks later, we meet with the boy Grisha at the elevator.
Press the button.
We are waiting for the cab to roll.
I was covered with cold sweat.
“What, I think, to do? Where to go with shame? Why did I then call him into my apartment, you fool ?!” Entered the cabin.
And the boy Grisha suddenly says: – Uncle Lesh, I have no eggs again: For a long time.
Victor hung on me, clinging to his clothes, but he could not restrain himself and slid down to my feet.
– Sorry, take pity! – he complained.
– Do what you want, only: only: – he choked with tears, – just do not throw me, I beg, do not throw: I didn’t pay attention to his moans, shook his hands off my feet, squeezed the trousers with disgust and went out into the rain.
In a moment it became cold, ice drops penetrated the collar, and he followed me on the porch in one T-shirt: “don’t leave!” I didn’t look back, I didn’t care, and what can I do now, I decided, and I won’t change my decision.
“Please, please, I beg you:” He clung to me again, having flown in a hurricane, and I felt the body of unfortunate Victor shake.
“Well, what are

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you, what are you,” I stroked his head, feeling that he was clinging to my hand, trying to take my palm in his hands, and I let him kiss his hand.

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“Go to the house, catch a cold,” I whisper, and Victor kisses and kisses my hand, closing his eyes, his tears mixed with raindrops.
“Well, forgive me, please forgive me,” he begins again.
“All right, that’s enough,” my voice becomes harsh, and I push Victor’s face away with the hand he has just kissed.
– Goodbye! – You, you’re just a fag, here you are! – he shouts heart-rendingly after me.
– Just asshole and fucking fag, I kicked you out, just know and you won’t come back, understand me, fag! I did not listen to Victor, did not want to listen, I was sorry to part with him, but I had to, I could not do otherwise.
How long ago it was, how long ago, and our first acquaintance, and the first meeting.
Victor came with his girlfriend to our house, we then lived with Eric together.
No one knew that we had more than just a neighborly relationship (we told everyone that we were renting an apartment for two), no one even guessed that we were old lovers.
We studied at the university together, and then came to work at one company.
And then, then I became interested in Victor.
He was adorable: a handsome, tall, broad-shouldered brunette with blue eyes.
I used to think that such men are found only in silly love women’s novels.
Fantastically attractive, with a cold haughty face, he riveted attention, he drove crazy, he hypnotized, he forced every muscle in my body to shiver, he turned me on, he became my constant fantasy.
I invited Victor to our house, I couldn’t take my eyes off him, I went crazy and, one day, Eric packed up his suitcases and left.
No, at first he still tried to talk to me, yes, he tried to explain to me that it is not worthwhile to wind up on the straight, that you need to know the measure and keep everything under control.
Poor Erik, he has always been judicious, impacted by his German blood and love of control and order.
And I, I did not heed his warnings, I fell and fell into the maelstrom of passion, I was an idiot.
Victor became my boss, and it turned me on even more, it excited me, especially when he started to call me to his carpet. Adult sex toys online shop.

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Valentina slightly spread her hips and leaned back, sitting down on Valery’s member.
– Oh.
How good, honey.
Do not be afraid.
I’m already all flow.
Just get in me and fuck like a whore! – Valentina moaned, not embarrassed in expressions.
“You want this, don’t you?” Do you really like to hold my ass and pull on the penis? Come on, dear, bolder! Still.
Like this.
– moaning Valentine, podmahivaya Valeria, who held her by the hips and pulled.
Valentina thrusting her hand caressed her clit with her fingers, sometimes clasping Valery’s scrotum and clinging to her.
Less than three minutes later, Valery went deep into Valentine several times and abruptly left her.
The woman understood everything and quickly knelt before him, clasping her head with her mouth.
Several large servings of sperm splashed out on her tongue and into the throat, but to the last she did not let the penis out of her mouth, swallowing everything that fell.
At the same time, Valentine constantly rubbed her clit and inserted two fingers into herself, trying not to miss the surging orgasm.
He noisily breathed with his nose, for some time he stopped sucking and only kept his head with his lips.
Having calmed down a bit, he gently licked the already fallen cock, sucking all the remnants of sperm from the head and lifting the cock to Volnov’s belly several times and licked his testicles.
– Mmm.
Thank you dear! – Valentina thanked him, looking upwards.
– Thank you for understanding! – Valerie raised her from her knees and sat her down on the bench.
– Thank you, – thanked Valentina Volnov and kissed me on the lips.
– Mmm.
Salty, – Valery felt the taste of his own sperm.
– Yes, you have a delicious salty sperm.
Do you like it? – Valentine asked, adjusting her panties and dressing her skirt.
– Yes, it seems not nasty, – answered Valery.
“Okay, let’s go have dinner, go home.”

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I’m waiting for you tomorrow night.
We have all weekend ahead, – summed up Valentine.
– OK.
Come on, – Valery agreed and kissed Valentine on the lips, followed her into the dining room.
In the morning, Valery came SMS from Valentina.
“I otdezhurila.
Very miss you.
Thank you for not leaving me yesterday.
Thank you in the evening as you like.
All three of my holes are waiting for you.
Waiting for seven.
After reading the SMS, Valery went into the shower, shaved.
Then he went for a run.
Having taken a shower, I went to the base for groceries and household chemicals.
Had lunch.
Did the housework.
Again took a shower and dressed went to Valentine.
Popped into the store, bought brandy and candy.
Strangely enough, but going to Valentina’s entrance, he did not meet a single acquaintance.
Rising to the floor, he rang the doorbell.
Valentine immediately opened the door.
She was wearing a lightweight robe, stockings and studs.
The hair was loose.
Valentina closed the door behind Valery and embraced a kiss with a passionate kiss on the lips.
But they were kissing, she ran her hand into the pants and squeezed the already swollen member.
– Mmmm, what a cool baby! – Valentina began to purr, and taking Valeria’s hand launched into her crotch.
The entire perineum was shaved smoothly, which pleased Valery.
“Oooh, you still managed to shave yourself!” Umnichka! – Valery praised her.
– Yes.
I tried to make you nice to lick my holes! You like smooth holes, don’t you? – frankly masturbating Valeria and looking into his eyes asked Valentine.
– Highly! We can begin right now, – Volnov offered.
– And dinner? – asked Valya.
– wait! You are my dinner! I want to eat you all! – passionately kissed Valentina Volnov, having already untied her robe and rubbed her labia with his palm.
– Ahhh, naughty! Well what are you doing? I am so.
could finish
– wriggled under the caress of Volnova Valentine.
– Okay, let’s go to the cot more.
Or do you want to lick me right here? – Valya laughed.
– I am ready to lick you everywhere.
Though on the balcony.
– answered Valery.
“I promise we’ll do it at night.”

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It already turns me on.
– grabbing Valeria’s hand, Valentina led him into the bedroom.
Throwing off a dressing gown on the way, she remained only in stockings, stocking belt and stilettos.
Having settled on her back, Valentina lifted her legs to her chest and parted to the side, stroking her smooth pubic hair.
– Come to me, my dear, kitten.
Come on mommy! Lick her holes! – playfully Valentine invoked, watching as Valery takes off his clothes.
– Mmmm, how beautiful you are! And what is your press! What hips! Bum, just bastard! Well, you have the best member! He is so delicious! Webcam young boobs.

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Natasha was jerking off a member of a poor horse, who caught so much buzz that she didn’t even think about kicking, shoved him in her mouth and vagina.
Misha did not want a horse, and he stood aside, fingering a member in his hands.
Natasha was excited to the limit from the horse, drenching her with sperm, but she could not be discharged.
Then she called her son, who began to fuck her from behind, while Natasha sucked the remnants of sperm from the huge head.
Misha finished it before, and then Natasha, without wasting time, lay down on the cot under the horse and firmly inserted the horse member, which could hardly fit into her vagina.
Misha bent over her and kissed her passionately, while Natasha squirmed with her whole body and with all her might moved a member that was slippery from sperm, trying to achieve the greatest effect.
Finally she was satisfied.
Her vagina was still compressed convulsively, and from it oozed a mixture of liquids of diverse origin.
She was so exhausted that she didn’t even want to get up.
She kissed her son and stayed to sleep outside.
Victor went back to look for his car.
He thought that in all the two weeks of observation he had never stood up.
Was it caused by his excessive concentration at work, or was he really so hardened during that time? He hated sex at heart, because he knew that it was sex that was the driving force of the human psyche.
However, regularly every two weeks, he discharged emotions with elite Asian prostitutes.
“have I really become impotent?” he snorted. Sex teen girl dildo horse webcam.

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At the same time, Lena undoubtedly rubbed the underbelly of an impressively large mound, tearing the guy’s pants.
“Let’s drink,” I said.
Lena broke away from Sergey and took a glass.
I handed the second wine glass to Sergey.
“Can you imagine, and Serezha still does not know how to kiss!” Said his wife in a drunken voice.
“So teach him,” I advised.
“And I will teach! And as I will teach!” Sergey was neither dead nor alive, listening to our dialogue.
“Well, okay, you dance, and I’ll go eat something,” I said, and went to the kitchen.
A minute later Sergey came.
that, well, you really don’t mind me, well.
“- the mumbled guy.
“Yes, I do not mind you fucking my wife,” I replied very clearly.
“Let’s have a drink with you and go to her.”
We drank a glass of brandy.
“Well, have I gone?” Sergey asked again.
“I told you.
And do not be shy.
Do whatever you want.
And I will go to sleep.
“Sergey left and after a minute the music began to sound again.
After sitting for about 15 minutes alone, I decided to see how things

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were going.
Events developed dynamically.
Lena kissed passionately with Sergey, whose right hand squeezed her bare breasts, and her left was under her skirt, caressing her ass.
Sergey’s lips came off Lena’s lips.
He began to kiss her neck, going down to her breasts, then began to kiss her breasts, which he caressed with his right hand.
He took a nipple in his mouth and began to caress his tongue.
Sergey’s hand let go of Lena’s chest and ducked under her skirt in front.
He began to caress Lena between her legs through her panties.
Lena spread her legs wider, giving the guy complete freedom of action.
Their lips merged again in a passionate kiss.
Sergey’s hand, meanwhile, has penetrated his wife’s panties.
Lena began to moan and move her hips towards the guy’s hand caressing her excited pussy.

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The fact that she was excited could have no doubt.
Painfully voluptuous were movements of her hips and groans.
Meanwhile, Lena’s hand, which hugged Sergei’s neck, began to fall down, caressing his shoulders and chest, and finally ended up on his fly.
The wife began to caress Sergey’s dick through jeans with slow movements up and down.
Sergey began to unwittingly move the lower abdomen.
Lena’s fingers pulled the zipper of jeans down, letting his cock out.
Ladoshka’s wife wrapped her trunk and began to jerk it with slow movements, occasionally caressing her head of impressive size with her fingers.
Sergey’s excitement seems to have reached a high point.
He could no longer tolerate this sweet torture.
Pulling out his hand from his wife’s panties, he grabbed her in his arms and threw him on the couch.
Then he tore off his jeans with his swimming trunks, his hands trembling from excitement.
Lena, meanwhile, lying on her back, took off her white panties and widely spread her hips, showing the guy a wet, opened from the desire pussy.
Sergey dived at her like a hawk, trying to immediately plant his fatigue-heavy cock in my wife’s pussy.
From impatience, he could not get anywhere.
Lena stretched out her hand and sent his dick to herself.
Sergey made a hoarse moan and began to move at a fast pace.
Lena hugged his hips and began podmahivat towards his young lover.
And here on the body of Sergei went cramp.
He began to cum violently, pouring into Lena.
He finished long.
Then, panting, lay down all over my wife.
Lena continued to slowly move her hips, seeking to restore an erection from Sergey.
A few minutes later she got her way.
Sergey resumed his movements.
Now, after the first hunger was quenched, he did not move as chaotically as the first time.
The result was not long in coming.
Lena froze for a moment, then groaned and began to convulsively move backwards towards Sergey’s member.
The groans of his wife and her violent orgasm forced the guy to pour another batch of sperm into her pussy.
I quietly went to the bedroom and went to bed.
A couple of minutes later Sergey went to the shower, and Lena came to me.
I hugged her to my place, kissing her swollen lips and caressing her pussy that was running out with Sergey’s sperm.
Sperm was very well.
Which is not surprising.
After all, Sergei fucked a woman for the first time in his life.
And this woman became my charming spouse.
Sergey came out of the shower and returned to the room.
Lena hurried into the shower to wash the sperm from her thighs and pussy.
I waited for her return with impatience, since I myself was ready to get rid of everything I saw and heard and wanted to fuck her pussy developed by another.
Finally, the wife came out of the bathroom. Naked people cam.

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“Honestly, I would not advise,” the senior serviceman said apprehensively.
– It is not known how he will react to all this.
“And we will deliver it before the fact,” the wife grinned.
“We’ll give him a cot, and I’ll lie with you in our bed, so to speak, according to the laws of Chukchi hospitality.”
All those present laughed, and I suddenly felt like a seed erupted from my member pours my pants.
She led me to a huge bed that occupied most of the bedroom.
The bed was covered with a soft fluffy bedspread with a long nap.
On top of it lay countless various shapes and sizes of velvet pillows and two huge pillows made

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of fine brown tanned fur.
The hostess got out of the closet large female pantaloons of surprisingly soft and delicate fabric, and began to wear them on me.
When she pulled the trousers on my legs, I noticed that they were not simple.
Inside at the level of the penis a soft pad in the form of a pocket was sewn.
The hostess bared the head of my dick and gently shoved the whole dick into the pocket of the pantalo in such a way that it turned out to be sandwiched between two pads.
Gentle cloth gently hugged the head and penis, bringing me into a little excitement.
Just below the pads in pantaloons, a thin pink ribbon was sticking out.
The hostess pulled for her.
The fabric at the bottom of the pantalo began to collect into an accordion, forming something in the form of a bag.
I did not have time to recover, as my eggs were in a soft captivity.

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Pulling on my drawers to the end, my tormentor was pleased.
“Get on the bed and lie down on one of the big pillows,” said the hostess, and she went to the door and called someone.
A young girl of pleasant appearance entered the room.
She was dressed, as well as the hostess in a thick, long and soft apricot-colored robe.
She had soft white socks on her feet.
“This my assistant, calling her today, will be Lily,” the hostess introduced the incoming girl, “and we hope she will have fun with your help.”
Lily put the second fur cushion a little lower than the first one, and the hostess ordered me to lie face down on them, so that my head is located on the first one, and the second should accommodate my thighs and my eggs and cock in soft captivity.
I lay down, as I pointed out.
Gentle fur hugged my face.
From the pillow came a slight smell of urine.
I took a deep breath and felt that I was dizzy from the smell.
Member began to pour blood and grow.
In pantaloons, but rather in the pocket where the member was, it became cramped and hot.
Soft fabric tightly hugged the head, reinforcing a pleasant feeling.
Lily, who had already climbed onto the bed, put her hands on my butt, wrapped up in thick soft pantaloons, and began to press and release him.
My hips were then buried in a fur cushion, then they went up again.
The member in pantaloons began to move and rub on soft pads.
My head went round, my breathing became deep and not even.
Lily, having thrown one leg over me, sat on my ass and began to bounce on it, as if she was sitting on a member.
The pressure on my cock, sandwiched between the pillows, increased.
Fluffy pillows and delicate fabric pantalon pleasantly tickled the entire body and genitals.
I was on top of bliss.
After a two minute race, I felt that my rider was squatting.
Then the hostess rushed to the rescue.
Climbing onto the bed, she threw off her robe.
She was still the same pantaloons, like me.
Taking them off, she lifted my head up and put her pantaloons on her.
The pillow pantalon turned out to be opposite my nose and mouth.
The strong smell of female genitalia hit me in the nose. Webcam seks.

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