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Lying in a cage, I loved to fall asleep with him in my arms, like a big toy.
Yes, he was my toy.
The owner did not touch him, enjoying now exclusively me, and I was only happy about it – only regretting that there were only two holes in his body that I could see.
And really – what else did we need for complete happiness?
She rather easily agreed to become the mistress of a married man.
Their meetings were so bright that it seemed strange to complain about their fate.
In addition, she was not sure that if the opportunity had been given to live together permanently, they would have retained that exciting level of both relationships.
The only thing she lacked was the possibility of staying longer with her master.
Therefore, when the prospect of a trip to the conference came together, she simply did not know where to go for joy.

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Finally, she can truly serve him.
She saw that her host also enjoyed the opportunity.
Sitting in the car and massaging a woman in a strict business suit, carefully sucking his dick, he stated with satisfaction: “Well, this time I will make you a real bitch.”
She did not even suspect how literally his words should be taken.
When they entered the pet store on the way to the station, she realized that a new round of her sweet humiliation was beginning.
He chose the accessories he needed for a long time – he crushed the collars in his hands, rang the chain of the leash, checked the purity of the steel dog bowl.
And every time when he turned around, he asked, “like it?”, A hot wave hit her.
As if she already felt how the collar covers her neck and the owner pulls her bitch by the leash.

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“But behind this ball you will run,” she said to herself, “but this short whip will walk up your ass when you are at fault.”
Her legs were trembling and involuntarily contracted vaginal muscles.
“A little more, and I will finish right in the store” – my own thoughts flew to her as if through fog.
The owner did not pull with the transformation of the submissive mistress in the bitch lost human dignity.
As soon as the conductor finished checking the tickets and the door of the two-seater coupe closed, he put the woman on her knees and raised her face up.
“The rules are simple.
As soon as we are alone, you become just a bitch.
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Not for fun, I was scared when they surrounded me and began to run around and growling.
I quietly stood up and cautiously climbed up a tree, it was not so scary here, but to sit all day is stupid.
The lake was in the depths of the forest, not so far from the village, but who could pass here, but no one.
I tried to calm myself down, but it did not help, and what if they did not run away, and what if they then pounced on Leshka, and what if.
It was a lot if even with every minute it became more and more terrible and scary, at some point I even cried, but then through the foliage I saw a familiar tail.
Slightly descended on the branch, I looked closely, so it is, it was a washer.
– Washer, washer !!! – I screamed.
The dog wagged his tail, twisted his muzzle, I shouted again, and then he raised his face to the top, saw me and began to jump with joy.
It is not known who was even more glad, he to me or I to him.
I asked him to drive the dogs away, said that I was afraid of them, he listened carefully to me, curled his tail and looked at me.
I could not descend, because the flock settled in the shade just under my willow, they are just like I got hot, but why exactly under my willow.
The puck ran around the tree, then ran away, came back and snarled, and he didn’t growl at me, he growled at the dogs, especially at the red-haired mongrel, it looks like she turned on them.

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The redhead jumped up and barked shrillly, the others immediately jumped up and all at once attacked the Puck.
I was scared for my defender, he ran away, the whole pack rushed after him.
Of course, he could not fight with all of them, probably there were about six or even more.
Suddenly there was a scream, someone was bitten, poor Puck, he was hurt because of me, then a desperate, tearful barking of many dogs sip, the dog squealed again.
There were tears in my eyes, if I could, but I was afraid to move for fear.
I woke up from what came.
silence, no barking, no screeching, just the noise of leaves and a barely audible splash of water.
I looked down.
Washer was looking at me.
From joy, I almost fell off a tree.
He is alive, wagging his tail and he is alone.
Looking around, I carefully descended to the ground, stroking the dog’s head, went out from under the willow, listened, peering intently around the sides, I turned my head.
There were no dogs anymore.
“Didn’t you chase them away?” – I sat down in front of the puck, I asked him, in response, he just flipped his tail and licked my nose.
It felt so warm in my soul, I screamed, jumped for joy and ran along the shore, waving my arms.
The dog ran alongside and was happy with me.
How cool that he was there, by chance or not, but he saved me.
I ran into the water and swam, the Puck ran off after me, he swam nearby, the muzzle to the top, puffing but swimming.
The lake was not big, and I decided to swim across it, stand by me, I was not there yet and it seems there is a normal shore not covered with reeds.
I collapsed on the sand, all the muscles rang, I was happy about freedom, space, calmness, and the fact that next to me was my friend, even a dog, but a friend

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The sun was shining right in the face, I did not cover it with my hand, I felt how it burns me, the water droplets evaporated quickly, I calmly lay and listened to the sound of water and my dog’s heavy breathing. Free full length gay porn movies online.

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You can’t walk through the circle.
Quickly enter the room and immediately stand behind them.
Do what I say quickly! – Standing behind them.
Exactly in between.
Ay !.
He stopped reading a book.
The head turned and stopped, sniffing.
“He sensed you.”
Turn away from him! Do not look at him! Do not look! Look better on these women.
Describe them to me.
Listen to me! Bongacams org profile prononim.

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Olesya won: she first finished on my dick, lay down in front of me so that I finished in her mouth, and then licked my cum from my dick.
Then we lay and kissed.
– Listen, tomorrow my sister will come to visit us.
It’s time to introduce you! – Does she have a

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dick too? – I asked.
– Not.
Do you want her to fuck you in the ass? Here I am you! Olesya turned me over on my stomach and became a member of me to smack on the pope.
It was more funny than painful.
Nevertheless, I turned over and slid down, so that the blows fell not on the ass, but on the face and began to catch the penis with my mouth.
– And you want her to fuck you in the mouth! You and your nurses are not enough for you! Little pervert! Olesya fucked me in the mouth, sometimes plunging a member into my throat.
She finished and dug my lips with a kiss, hoping to suck some sperm.
But I immediately swallowed everything.
– Greedy! – pouted lips Olesya.
– Such, such! – I laughed it off – What is your sister’s name? – Jeanne.
– Do I meet her naked or in clothes? – Zhanna is a modern girl, I think we should meet her naked! – Does she know about your dick? – Yes, we grew up together.
– you fucked? – No, we are decent girls! – And tomorrow the three of us will we fuck? – Fuck no, but the show with your masturbation should be arranged.
“Does she jerk me off?” – If he wants, then yes.
– And when I’m going to jerk off, where should I stop? – In a glass, then we will play your sweets.

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“Will you warn her that I will be naked?” – I do not know, what do you think? – Let’s give her a surprise, she’s a modern girl, after all, I can get dressed later.
– Agreed! Some in such cases, knocking hands, and we knocked pussy.
The next day, Jean came to visit us.
I met her naked with a standing member.
Jeanne was very similar to Olesya, only a little older.
Seeing me naked, she was a little embarrassed, but did not give a look.
At first she kissed Olesya, then she approached me.
– Jeanne.
– Sergei.
She shook my pussy.
We work together.
Having examined it closer, it seemed to me that I had seen it somewhere.
We three went to the kitchen for dinner.
After dinner, I amused the guest with masturbation and finished in a glass.
– What do you do with sperm? – asked Jeanne.
– We both love sperm, it’s up to you who gets it – Olesya said.
“I have never seen a boy drink his own sperm,” answered Joan. “Show?” I enjoyed drinking everything and licked my glass.
– I, as usual, did not leave anything! – pouted lips Olesya.
– Now fix it – said Jeanne.
She took me by the pussy and led into the room.
My sister’s classroom is my sister: we know each other for a couple of hours, and she calmly leads naked for pussy.
In the room, Jeanne gave me a handjob and dropped into a glass.
She handed Olesya a glass: “Whipped cream to my little sister!” Whipped cream! This is a thought for a surprise Olesya! Home Jeanne gathered after midnight.
We called her a taxi.
I went naked to carry her to the car.
In parting, she shook my pussy.
The car drove off, and then I realized where I saw Joan.
We studied at the same institute! At different courses and faculties, but at the same institute! It’s great, I have never gone naked at the institute.
I came home and immediately told Olesa about my thoughts.
– Naked at home, naked at work, now naked at the institute and even with my sister! All this Olesya said, masturbating my embarked member.
Then she knelt down and took in her mouth.
Next was rough sex, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
In the morning I quietly got up and went to the kitchen. Sexy hd live.

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Before Alexey, my little hole appeared completely, completely virgin and narrow.
He smeared his dick with saliva and put it to my hole.
Then he began to press the penis so that with difficulty and pressure the head went inside my anus.
A sharp pain pierced me, but there was nowhere to go, and I decided to just relax.
Having entered me, Alexey was immobile for some time, then he began to move slowly in my ass, I tried to put my hand up to stop him a little, but he twisted my arms behind my back.
Alexey began to move more and more, literally “pressing” into my ass, while emitting voluptuous moans.
The sharp

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pain began to give way to a pleasant one, and soon I, too, began to make barely audible groans.
Realizing this, Alex put me with cancer, and he stood over me in such a way that now his member could dive into me for the whole length.
He began to move in me faster and faster, I felt his balls hitting my ass.
Then he pulled out the penis, spread my buttocks apart with his hands, then abruptly drove the penis into me so that I caught my breath.
Then he pulled out again and drove again.
My anus in response to these manipulations began to pulsate even more, which clearly amused my boss.
Then he told me to sit in a high chair.
I sat down.
He came up behind me and immediately drove the penis into my anus, and began to stimulate my clitoris with my hand.

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Our moans intertwined and united in one voice of ecstasy.
Coming into a state close to orgasm, he began with all his strength to “peck” my anus, he “peed” him with his huge member so that I no longer felt anything there.
Then I felt a hot stream that splashed inside of me, and a prolonged groan rang out all over the office, and his movements went to naught.
Having taken a member out of me, he sat down on a nearby chair and watched his sperm flow out of my hole, forming a small puddle on the floor.
We sat motionless and exhausted silently for another 10 minutes, but I did not go out to work that day.
As a child, I always thought that time was so stingy, everything stretches and stretches, everyone dreamed of growing up and escaping from this school, as I didn’t like it, well, really, not really, but I was very depressed, I wanted to break free and just fly like a bird above the clouds.
But what am I talking about, all this is fantasy, but I fantasized a lot, even wrote my own stories and painted as I could, then threw a lot away, it became embarrassing, and yet I still dream of flying.
Here you are, you personally flew yourself? Well, not on the plane and not from the bed to the floor, but in the sky, and not in a dream? And I do not, but I want to learn, I don’t know if it’s really possible.
Why such laws and this gravity are so drawn to the earth and to this silly reality, but oh well, everybody can dream, and this is something.
I finished the sixth grade with a bang, in August I will go to my aunt in Novosibirsk, and from there to Vladivostok, I want to see the sea, there I will rest with my uncle, but for now I was sent to Grandma Olya, this is my dad’s mom, Byr what a granny
She is a real despot, don’t go here, don’t sit here, wakes early and turns off the lights early, but what remains for me to do is just lie down and dream again, and most importantly, she didn’t force me to do anything, that’s good, but total control over me this is too much. Cams tits teen.

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The owner pulled away, again tapped a member on her face, then squatted next to her and began to gently stroke her wet cheeks and massage her breasts.
She finally softened and for several minutes could not come to himself, sobbing and licking the hands of men.
Then again a member deep in the mouth, again a hard carpet under the knees, again slippers in the teeth.
But with all this, the feeling of extraordinary, stunning closeness – no one ever knew her as he did, no one was so strict and so affectionate with her.
And when the lord finally put her on cancer and seized her from behind, the sneakers in her teeth turned out to be very appropriate, otherwise her enthusiastic screams would have collected the entire hotel.
– How is it – “only at home”? Come on, tell me what you came up with? – I just used to be able to reach my penis with my lips, and I could even lick the head! – I was really proud of my success and even tried to raise my head, but immediately got a slap in the face: – Where are you looking, slave ?! – Excuse me, Madam! – I instantly again stared at the crotch Mistress.

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My cheek was burning: this slap seemed to have undermined something in me.
I realized that the Mistress has real power over me that I am ready to use immediately.
And it didn’t even occur to me to rebel, the slap seemed natural.
– Try it now, I want to see how you can do it.
– Mrs. looked at me and sat on the ottoman.
She was in a light white sundress and sat almost perfectly: her legs were slightly apart, her skirt was raised exactly to the middle of the thigh – I was just in awe! – Well? How long do I have to wait? – This second! – I let go of a member and tried to reach out to him with his lips.
Blushing from the strain, I realized that there was at least 5 cm left until the penis.
– Something you are trying hard! – Mrs. clearly looked not very pleased.
– We’ll have to do your preparation.

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She went to one of the racks: – Yes, it will do.
Now you will wear such an interesting accessory! – said Mrs., snapping a wide and massive metal ring just below the head of the penis.
Now he was almost completely chained into metal and even in an excited state began to bend downwards.
Mrs. slightly pulled the ring, checking the strength of the structure: – Now we will increase the load! – She took a pretty weighty weights, almost like in Disney cartoons, and hooked to the ring for the protruding bracket.
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Without releasing them from my hands, I raised one breast and kissed the nipple, did the same with the second breast, only during the kiss I still played with the tongue around the nipple.
Christina pressed me to her chest and breathed heavily.
– You are good at it, let’s move on to the next lesson.
On the female body, in addition to the breast, there are still many erogenous zones.
In time, you will know them and be able to use them.
I want to show you some basic ones.
She completely undressed.
And spun in a circle, showing me my body.
She asked me to sit in a chair, and she sat down on the table, spread her legs wide.
I looked at her crotch as if I had never seen.
Her fingers slid from the breasts down to the crotch.
She opened swollen lips and showed me the clitoris.
Looking between her legs, I was ready to drop the tongue into these poured lips and spin in all the folds.
But it was necessary to endure.
The deal is more valuable then money.
– This is the clitoris, if you caress him, then you can bring a woman to orgasm.
– she looked to herself between the legs pulling the clit with her finger. Masters of sex stream online free.

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