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Lena did not tell them anything, but showed the recording.
Slaves were greatly discouraged, they began to beg for forgiveness from the Lady, but Lena was not satisfied, their explanations and the most severe punishment followed immediately.
After this incident, the slaves were afraid to cause the slightest displeasure of the Lady, the lesson taught by Lena, they filled for life.
Lena took a plastic stack and started slapping slaves on the back and ass until she tore off their skin, in the literal sense of the word.
The asses and the backs of the slaves were purple, the skin pieces were dangling on the body, and Lena was not going to finish the spanking.
Seeing that the slaves soon faint, she stopped spanking.
Blood seeping from wounds flooded the entire floor.
Lena told them to lick everything clean with their tongues.
Then she put on a huge strapon.
Ordering Yulka to take it in her mouth and wet it with saliva, but the strap-on was so big that when she put the poor girl in her mouth, she almost broke it.
The member filled the slave’s mouth completely, so she almost choked, despite the fact that the Mistress introduced him only one third.
After that, without using any lubricant, Lena drove him into Marinka’s ass and began to fuck her.
Strap-on with difficulty entering the anus of a slave, but it did not bother the Mistress.
Without even entering by half, the phallus tore all the entrails of Marinka, but, despite this, Lena still tried to shove him as far as possible.
Pulling a member of the ass slave, she told her to lick it and put it in the anus of Julia.

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Doing with her, the same as with Marinka.
Madam did not like the fact that the slaves have a very poorly developed anus.
She warned the slaves that now they every day, will independently develop their vagina and ass, so that over time this monster would easily enter there.

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But the punishment did not end there.
The lady strongly tied the breasts of the slaves with a rope and struck about thirty blows with a rubber whip on each breast.
On each breast hung on the rings, threaded into the nipples load, the weight of which was so large that the nipples were pulled so much that there was a feeling that they could break away from the breasts.
Slaves were whining in pain, but Lena told them that she would untie her breasts and lift the weights only in the morning.
She tied up slaves in the most ridiculous poses, one tied to a chair, spread her legs wide, tied them to the legs and inserting a vibrator into the vagina.
She tied the other to the back of the bed, so that it was near the feet of the Lady.
Moreover, she tied the body so that it was completely immobile, only the head lay near Lenin’s legs.
Mrs. lay in bed on soft pillows, covered with a warm, soft blanket and kicked a slave in the face.
The blows were not very strong, but rather tangible.
When she got tired of being so amused, she began to shove her legs alternately into the mouth of a slave, forcing her to suck on her fingers and lick her heels.
Silently she fell asleep.
In the morning, waking up, the Mrs. untied the slaves, took off the clamps with weight from their breasts.
After suffering flogging and bullying, Yulka and Marinka did not want to tempt fate, they were accustomed to pain, but they had never been punished like that.
Having accepted the slave Katina, Lena told her slaves to tell her what to do and how to behave in her house.
You know the main rule of a slave – to obey the orders of the Lady unquestioningly.
While her mistress was resting, Dasha worked on a par with Lena’s slaves, she performed, everything that Lenin did slaves, she was not given any descent.
Lena carefully checked all the work done by Dasha, but Katya trained her so much that the slave did everything in good faith that it was very difficult to find fault with her work, but still Lena constantly found shortcomings to torture Dasha more. Squirt hd webcam.

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In this story there is not a word of fiction.
I apologize for any errors in spelling and punctuation: for me, all this is still very emotional.
On duty in the fall of 2005 on a business trip in the city of Sochi.
He left Moscow, whiny, gray, and dirty, which had already cooled down after the summer.
He left hard.
A business trip is like a link.
At work, the problem at home is no longer glued.
In general, it is gray.
Honestly – I’m afraid to

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In Vnukovo in the early morning, then absolutely empty airport, but with a working bar, I took brandy and loaded with my bag, I slept until the landing at the airport of destination.
It was incredibly warm and cozy.
I squinted in the sun like a cat.
And tickled in the nose – here the summer continued! Not wanting to show himself as a newcomer, he walked past the “Taxi-cheap taxi, brother!” On the outskirts of the square in a cafe.
Coming closer to food, I realized how hungry I was.
He smelled all the smells keenly: a little to the right – a lot of fried dough and greens, but there he also draws diesel fuel, to the left – too much flesh over the meat – burns, but it smells fresh! But right – tables, shade, advertising beer.
pulled there.
While going through the square covered: fatigue, heat, hunger, brandy, flight, sleepless night, the cry of his wife, swearing boss, airport, taxi, rise at 4 am.

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Shade warm and cold beer! Or coffee and a cigarette? I was bursting with desires, opportunities and fatigue.
I liked how I was torn to pieces.
Here are just tired.
Sat down, bag near.
Jumped peasant, took the order.
Coffee, cold.
Beer and ashtray: I don’t need more now.
Releases Moscow.
Slowly, but lets go.
I understand that she is far away.
All her fuss is not my problem now.
Here and now everything is smooth.
Not thanks to brandy four hours ago, and beer now.
Everything is different: time has slowed down, and sensations have become aggravated.
An ashtray and a beer appeared in front of me.
I smoked.
Once again, in front of me, fingers gleaming with peeling nail polish, changing the ashtray after each cigarette.
I am the only customer in the institution.
“You smell so delicious! Sorry.
“A rag flashes, wiping non-existent dirt, hands without bracelets, fingers without rings, short nails with peeling varnish.
I look up: “Thank you.”
How many times I tried to remember how it looks – I can not.
She would work in the FSB.
I do not remember the features of the face, eyes, lips, eyebrows and eyelashes.
I do not remember anything.
Only general feelings.
Not thin, as I like, but not plump, not even be called dense or loose.
In body.
He raised his eyes very slowly in accordance with his condition.
From the fingertips higher and higher, until he met his eyes.
On the “path” I managed to notice how she, embarrassed by her hands, tried to hide the fingers of one hand in the palm of the other.
She seemed to be crushing them.
But no matter how shy she was, she did not dare to hide behind her back.
“Excuse me”: she said again, noticing my gaze stopped for just a second on her hands.
“What is your name?” “Angela” “Angela, really want someone to eat.
Just kidding
What do you have for breakfast? “She leans over. Chaturbate gay cam.

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Love triangle, solid intersections of fate.
Sharing a family, for whom? Let him send to hell this Dima.
What kind of love can there be between two men ?! Perverts! Changing a family for a fagot is a crime, “natural” would say.
And would be right.
But oh happiness! An ephemeral, unsteady state of mind.
You visit us so rarely, scrupulously choose the one who deserves you.
We do not understand this, do not notice, and if we lose, it is unlikely to return.
Not everyone is truly happy.
“Let him live like he lived in two families, or stay with a guy.
It is their right to live as they want, no one they decree.
The women can be changed, it is normal to “instruct the horns” to their husbands.
It’s funny to everyone.
And to call love guys feeling unnatural? All turn away, silent.
That is why they do not want to understand! Nonsense! “- would say gay.
And it is right.
But does a woman deserve such an attitude? How to live if you are exchanged as a thing.
But who will surprise with this today? But if the guy left the family for the sake of the guy, it hurts twice.
We go to the theater and the cinema to see the passions that the actors are playing.
And in real life we ​​run from them, like the devil from incense, run headlong from problems and failures.
That’s the way man is.
Business trips, baths, garages, delays at work are excuses, links in one chain, the road to treason.

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It is better to honestly and openly face the truth.
Romeo honestly confessed to his wife about the current, to say the least, difficult situation.
Of course, there were tears, lamentations, and accusations of treason.
But if the wife is smart, then the problem becomes a trifle.
The family council decided to keep the family.
Love did not go anywhere, they did not become strangers, just another person appeared in their relationship.
Developed the following relationship scheme.
The first three days of the week plus the weekend Roma spends with his family, at home, and the other two with Dima.
The scheme was gradually adjusted along the way, changes were made.
At the time of absence, relatives and friends were informed about the business trips of Roman.
Thanks to the correct tactics, Lena, Roman, and Dima soon found peace of mind and confidence in the future.
The family has not broken up! The novel lives like two families, which is unacceptable from the point of

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view of Christian morality.
Well, they took sin upon their souls.
But mutual sin is a half-sin.
Many are changing, and they would like to change even more, and this is not a sin, but the heinous betrayal of those closest.
It took a little time, the life of the guys improved, flowed in a new direction.
Lena and Dima became friends, the reasons for discord disappeared.
The guys all together often meet the holidays.
In the family of Roma and Lena, the second daughter, Natasha, is also growing up, who knows her uncle Dima well and considers him to be her friend.
Sometimes it is difficult for an adult to understand why people are so different, why nature divides people at its discretion, leaving us no choice on gays, “naturals,” or bisexuals.
It is difficult to understand why this is so, but nature is nature, you cannot argue with it. Pregnant webcam porn.

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Cam porn squirting. not a mirage! not obsession! and about him – about Sana’a! – he, as in a frenzy, thought with pleasure: He thought a salabon – he tried to understand himself, and: he did not look at Sanya: he was afraid to meet his eyes, but: at the same time, he wanted to see Sanya all the time! He wanted to be near, and: it was incomprehensible: it was the frenzy of love of the same sex, that is, homosexual – to the kid! And Valery thought again: I thought: I thought – and he was afraid of what had happened: he was: what was he? – sick? or, perhaps, infected ?.
or – what? – turned blue overnight – for a week ?.
Some nonsense: He always thought: this is a perversion: A perversion ?.
But then he, Valery: is it, too? Pervert type ?.
Not! He’s not a sodden guy! He did not even dream! Brad: Recalling how Vaska was clinging to him like a hot, stunned end there in the dryer: and how he, a vile fagot, tilted him with cancer: and how, snorting, excitedly pawed him: – remembering, he felt, Valerka, disgust in the same way, as then! This is disgusting! Perversion! He, Valery, never did that: and he will not fuck with the kid! He, Valerka, was not Ubyudov – he was not a fagot so that: But the more Valerka thought, the less he understood: Vaska almost stuck in him – he didn’t get a damn thing: he thinks of Sana as close – about his own! – and at the same time Sanya is a boy !.
A gray-eyed salabon in a hot, sweet frenzy became increasingly aware that he was thinking of Sana in the same way as he had ever dreamed of touching his bare Verka’s chest: that is, it was a feeling of erotic love! Cam porn squirting.

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