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“I don’t care if you want it or not,” Ira ordered, putting the boy in her nipple again.
This time the nurse continued to hold the nipple so that Kolya would not spit it out.
Alena, meanwhile, again began to wrap Kohl between her legs with gauze.
– Do you allow yourself? – Ira looked severely at Kohl, – Just try to spit out the pacifier now! Usually we don’t keep anyone here for more than three hours, but for you today we will make an exception – we will leave here until the evening.
And you will not change the diaper.
Do you want this? Is it wet all day? Kolya looked at the nurse with a grudge, continuing to sob softly.
– So that I from you now did not hear a single sound! – ordered Ira, – Is that clear? The scared boy nodded quickly.
– And what to do with the nipple, you also did not learn? – maliciously asked the boy Ira, – It needs to be sucked.
Yes, yes, like this! With a smacking.
Ira for a moment removed her hands, letting Alena wrap the baby’s legs in a diaper.
“Put on him more tightly,” she asked Alena.
– In punishment for resisting.
Alyona continued to swaddle the eight-year-old boy.
Now, when Kolya was lying quietly, everything turned out much faster for her.
It took less than a minute for the nurse to wrap the baby in four diapers.
Feeling that he really could not move, Kohl quietly wept – not letting the nipples out of his mouth – so frightened Ira.
“Do not cry, honey,” said Alain tenderly, wiping away the tears that rolled over the child’s face, “We are swaddled.”
There are three more boys waiting for their turn.
Rumming around on the table, Alena picked up a white hat with ribbons.

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“Children’s cap” – guessed Kohl.
“We’ll put on a baby’s cap,” Alena smiled, “And now we tie the little ribbons.”
So, on the bow.
Er! Go here! Look, what Lala.
– So cute! – Ira agreed with a smile, standing next to Alena, – It’s a pity, photography is forbidden here.
Ira with Alena carried Kohl to one of the beds.
– I wonder how long he will lie dry? – Ira smiled, raising the bed grating.
– Do you want to argue with me again? – laughed Alena, – How yesterday? Laughing babysitters are back at the changing tables.
Kohl watched as they quickly and deftly swaddled the other boys.
Less than ten minutes, as all the children lay in their “beds”.
Vitka did not know what he hoped to see at his dacha, which was his memory.
Since he recognized Lina’s profile in the dark cloud, she had to act.
He did not know how, but he had to start with something, and Vitka started with the simplest thing – with a trip to the scene of the incident.
He was hoping only for Lina, – that she would help him, give a hint, and he would have enough ingenuity to learn and read it.
The dacha looked empty

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, but the heck of the gate was unlocked just as elementary as it was four years ago, and Vitka entered the courtyard, muffling the chilly chill in her chest.
At this early hour here, it seems, there was not a soul, and soon Vitka stopped twitching from every rustle and began to carefully look around.
He remembered the detectives, read them in large quantities.
“Well, sir.
What would Monsieur Poirot pay attention to? Lina, help me! ”And as soon as he thought that, his eyes caught a brown spot on the grass.
It could be anything – even gasoline, even mud – but Vitka approached him and carefully studied it.
Nearby he noticed another spot, – and again, and also, and also.
The spots reached for the clearing, which, as he remembered, in their full moon lit the moon’s ray.
Having become chilled with the foreboding of the right track – though not even imagining even approximately what was the matter – Vitka headed for the clearing.
He smelled stink.
Turning around the corner of the shed, he immediately saw its source – a decapitated dog.
It could mean anything.
But in the memory of Vitkina, Lina’s voice immediately rested in the attic beneath him: That day. Lesbian sex watch online.

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Her daughter 18-year-old Masha sat a little bit away from her, the girl was noticeable and, as the rumor kept, had some weakness for men.
Oh, vodka! Good Cold, and even with pepper on the bottom.
Drinking such a joy to the soul, and useful for the intestines.
After a glass or two, the usual fun reigned around the table.
Fedor invited me to pour a wide gesture on the next one, accompanying the invitation with jokes in such a way that it was impossible to refuse.
Yes, and why refuse.
Hunting did not work, but what else besides vodka will wash off the longing for entertainment.
Reddened by the heat, Yekaterina Lvovna had already lowered her decollete somewhat lower than acceptable in society, and several pairs of men’s eyes were lustfully watching how her slender full breasts sway with every breath.
Her daughter already half an hour did not take her eyes off the black-haired handsome Egor.
The latter, however, was more worried about the fate of the injured parent and he did not notice the passionate views of Masha.
“Daniel Stepanovich, are you really so easy to lower the peasants for their rotozeystvo?” – The question addressed to the recently arrived L-sky, made everyone pay attention to the speaker.
– It is worth saying that the most terrible news circulated about the estate of landowner K.
Everyone knew that in dealing with the peasants he had been in many ways that many of those present could have repeatedly seen.
“I’ll get everyone to hell.”

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Let them know.
– darkly muttered L-sky.
– And you, dear Daniel Stepanovich, consider this sufficient? Judge for yourself.
They are not used to spanking.
Lie down a bit under the whip, and then you look and again learn nothing.
– – Just about need for this as it should be punished.
– Egor decided to intervene in the conversation.
– Not gozhe, to gentlemen want to spoil.
– The rest of the guests began to listen with interest to the ensuing conversation.
It was obvious from the faces of many that they were not averse to seeing the execution.
Most of them flogged their peasants and many of it over time began to give pleasure.
“Well, if that’s the case, then you really should come up with a more serious punishment.”
– L-sky quite realized that they want to see the guests.
Together with him led and his whole family.
His wife is thirty five years old and two daughters are thirteen and ten years old.
Vasily understood that he would be flogged and would do it publicly in front of his children.
Powerless anger swept over him.
He looked at the bench with leather straps attached to it, then at the grinning faces of the stableman and his three assistants.
– Well, remove the trousers.
Yes, stir gentlemen waiting.
– Groom pointed hand on the bench.
Vasily took off his shirt, but did not take off his pants.
The stable attendants immediately turned his hand behind his back, lowered his pants with a sharp movement and laid him face down on the bench.
The groom also threw off his shirt.
His strong, as if cast muscles, as if by a magnet, attracted the gaze of Catherine Lvovna and Masha.
Having spit on the palm, the stableman took the whip and whipped it with all his might on Vasily’s back, which caused a scarlet scar to jump on her.
The man howled in pain.
His wife and eldest daughter covered their faces with their hands, and the youngest one began to cry out loud.
The assistants of

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the stable boy noticed this and weighed a weighty slap in the face, forced them to watch what was happening.
Vasily howled in pain, trying in vain to break free from sturdy leather belts. Webcam couple orgasm.

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Stroked, lapat course for everywhere.
Italians kissed.
When Zoe began to pitch in bliss, we moved to more active actions.
They divided her breasts, sucked and licked her nipples.
Commercial settled between her legs and plunged between swollen folds language.
Zoe moaned.
Minutes after two such manipulations, she made a deaf groan and instinctively twitched her hips, she was overwhelmed by a clitoris orgasm.
Hands pulled the merchant on himself.
Togo did not need to ask.
He crawled up, after a moment he entered it and began to move on it.
All the excitement was great.
Ten minutes later, the general cries, groans and growls of her cunt was filled to the top with a sperm of three cock.
Minute all rested.
Zoe got up to run to the bathroom. Sexy latina armpit licking on webcam.

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Vika could not stand it and began to bleed out abundantly, covering her mouth with a palm, taking a little sonochka and putting it on the table again, she again stuck her tongue in her pink pussy, feeding on liquid like an unearthly sweetness – I, Ms
, I.
– The next second, Vick literally dug into the young body

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Sonna shook herself, finished, and tried to get up, but the beautiful Asian pushed her back, digging her lips, clasping her tongue with her own.
Tearing off she looked at Sonny, spreading the edges of the dress, she gave a signal with her eyes.
Then, with her tongue, Sonna began to drink from Vika’s breasts, hugging her with her legs.
An orgasm made her young body tremble.
– Hmm-hmm – sounded from around the corner and went out into the light of the lamps.
Rose with a stone face.
I looked at mistresses.
Vika is looking at her with red face cheeks.
I tried to straighten it but the dress did not obey and you could see the wet spots on the stockings running in the down Rose for a long time? Not! I stand from the very beginning! – Silver-haired girl shook her head and took Sonny by the elbow and whispered: – You will not sleep today.

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– looking at Vika she ripped off her dress revealing beautiful breasts with dark halos.
– You can not tolerate what? I told you you will get her purity and first blood! After an instant, she held me by the upper lip and said: – “You gave him a great show.
Vika after these words threw on a dress and her face was distorted with anger.
– You.
– Hey! Arena is waiting for him! – Vika calmed down and went out, a rose pressed a button on the wall, two girls, that chained me, took me by the elbows and, having unhooked, carried me out into the corridor.
I was led into the hall.
Huge semicircular hall, into the arena.
The building inside the building can not be said otherwise.
Below was a gray floor and on it were three men with a cut throat and a bunch of cuts on the body; some had no wrists, and Rosa was in the arena with two Cathars in their hands in the same leather gauge.
She showed off and showed herself around.
They were all women, of different ages and colors.
In the richest corner (it was impossible to say a chair) it was a throne.
A figure was sitting in a carnival mask of chill and fear.
– You’re a puppy, come to us – Rosa waved her Cathars to the sides and laughed.
They gave me an ax and brought me to the arena in shorts.
Taking a wave to the side, she cut my shoulder and jumped back.
“Am I a fool?” – and thinking, threw the ax at her.
With a jerk in front of me, I grabbed an ax and hit my shoulder, chopping it to the navel.
Rose fell in a pool of blood, only then there was a pity that I had left such a beauty and had not fucked.
Yes, FIG squeezed and all right. Porn gay free online.

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