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Having interrupted my thoughts, I immediately decided to present my grief-debtor the perspectives of such a “cooperation”, since, based on his behavior, it can be concluded that he was used to obeying and therefore simply was unable to make independent decisions.
“Well, since you agree,” I began, “then I will shortly sign for you how our future relationship will occur.”
First of all, from now on, until I consider the debt paid-up, you are my thing, slave.
Secondly, submission must be unconditional and quick.
Thirdly – in order to do something, you need to get permission from me.

Fourthly – for any fault you will be inevitably and severely punished.
Fifth, now you can only call me “Master”, and I will not call you by name, since you are not worthy of him.
Sixthly, such close contact with fagots like you will not give me a rating, so everything will be strictly confidential.
Seventh – I will live here for the time being – it will be more convenient for us.
Eighth, and so on, I have not yet invented – I will inform you later.

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Do you understand me, shit? During this monologue, my aspiring slave stood silently with his head down, like a naughty schoolboy, but for the last question for some reason he blushed again and said a little hesitantly.
– Look, what a smart boy! Well, then take off your pants and show yourself in all its glory.
He carried out my order and remained standing in the middle of the room naked.
His member perked up and gradually began to swell a little shuddering to the beat of the pulse.
– Yes, you like it, little pervert! Who allowed you to hide behind? Feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind head! Now turn around and lean forward.
Well done! Spread the buttocks with your hands, right, and now stick your finger in the ass.
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And almost in parallel, the excited flesh in shorts said paw her tits, he was completely taken aback by such pressure on both sides and only managed to tell the member to shut up, as far as he could hear his member, the teacher took this phrase on her own account.
What did you tell me? She was shocked by what he had heard because the student cannot talk to her teachers like that, Flo looked at her confusedly and the member again for her, grabbing her tits while she was confused, not knowing what to answer and stupidly and stared at the teacher.
Florian, you would follow the words and then go to the director, she said and left, first warned him, secondly it’s time to go to class and thirdly he didn’t dare to answer, so you can safely move away from the rude. Curvy busty teen webcam babe.

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The man got up from the table and walked around him, stopped near a chair, put his hands in his trouser pockets and crossed his legs.
She was sitting on a chair, who at that moment was looking into his eyes from below, and her eyelashes smacked her cup more and more.
Still fingered the edges of the skirt.
He understood that she was very worried and felt like a “stern and domineering boss.”
He did not wait for an answer and unexpectedly continued for himself: “Could it be a jerk to me? I would really like that. ”
She opened her eyes in surprise, breathed in and wanted to say something already, but then she seemed to change her mind.
He understood why, he noticed her gaze, which at that very moment was aimed at his long-standing member, which now clearly appeared through his trousers.
She looked again at his face, this look was still timid and somehow innocent.
There was a pause in the air, Nastya did not say a word, and then the man came closer to her and bent over her face, took her chin and repeated: “Are you jerking me off or not?”
There was fear in her eyes, but he heard her breathing becoming more frequent, he still didn’t understand if she was afraid of him, or if she was eager for him, then he ran his thumb over her plump lips, she licked them and finally answered: would really like this if you let me do it. ”
Then he let go of her and unbuttoned his pants pants and pulled out his stone member.
She still timidly looked into his eyes, then pulled her hand and he felt her fragile fingers touched his head, she pushed the foreskin back a little bit, then stronger and returned it to its place, started repeating this movement time and time and again just scared looking.

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Then she suddenly asked: “Am I doing everything right?”
The man opened his eyes and said in the tone of “daddy”: “Squeeze him stronger, Nastya, this will only make him more pleasant.
Nastya dutifully complied.
– I want you to touch yourself there, Nastya.
– Only if you let me.
– You probably do this at home sometimes? Do you like it? – Yes, I really like it, although sometimes I feel ashamed.
She said, and blushed a little.
Nastya still continued nadrachivat his penis, her breathing

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was already quite frequent.
She spread her legs, sitting on a chair, and began to caress herself with her second hand.
The man noticed and asked: “Nastya, what are you doing, do not wear underwear to work?” – I wear – And what.
? He said with a gasp.
– Today I woke up in a good mood.
She moaned a little.
– Maybe that’s why the meeting failed.
maybe because.
that your thoughts were where your panties were supposed to be? – he said with a lost breath.
He understood that he could no longer restrain himself, grabbed her hand and made her understand that she would get up from the chair.
She got up.
– Take off your jacket, sweetie – As you please The man took off his tie from his neck, looked at her, he saw her eyes craving for his penis.
– Turn your back to me, Nastya, give me your hands. She obediently did everything he said.
He threw his tie on her hands and tightened, he took the end of the tie in his hands and pulled her to him – Do you like it so? – Yes, I really like the way you do.
– You should be punished, Nastya.
I think I thought of what we will do with you.
He spat on the dick and rubbed it, lifted her skirt and enjoyed the view.
Her ass was perfectly rounded, a little pinkish, so impossibly appetizing, he bent her forward, so she laid her breasts on the table, then he licked her finger and began to stroke her sphincter, smearing it.
She moaned quite, he lowered his finger below and found that she was already wet for a long time, ran her finger over her hole, slightly entering it from which she bent slightly, then touched her clitoris slightly below, and she began to make movements with her hips.
org) His finger slid back and forth along it, he raised his finger back to the sphincter, ran it again and brought his penis closer. Live x porn.

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A biology teacher gave the whole class homework assignment.
Very strange task.
Strain the sperm and bring it in a jar.
Naturally, the male half of the class.
Sasha, very puzzled by this, went home.
He sits at home and thinks, what does it mean – “set down sperm”.
As the teacher told, you need to stroke your pussy and then a little white liquid will spill out from there.
Sasha took off his shirt, leotard and pants and sat down on the sofa.
He began to stroke his penis, but nothing came of it.
At this moment there was a sound of an openable door lock.
This mother came from work, Yulia Aleksandrovna.
Sasha was not at all afraid of her arrival, and remained sitting naked.
Because the complexes have not yet been formed at this young age.
Mom, seeing a naked son, immediately jumped to him: -Ah !.
What are you doing?? – But mom.
– Sasha blamed guiltily, – the biology teacher gave us the task.
And I do not know how to do it.
Julia Alexandrovna crouched next.
-Well, interesting.
And what is the task? -She said “press the sperm in a jar.”
Mom, what is sperm? Mom smiled and replied: -Well, let me show you.
Sit down, relax.
And she began to stroke the genitals of her son.
-Like this.
– She said at the same time.
A member of his son began to gradually swell.
– whispered Sasha.
– Julia Alexandrovna continued.
Her palm drove up and down the already solid trunk.
Suddenly she said: -Oh.
And we forgot a jar.
And went for a jar.
Then her warm hand lay down again on her son’s dick and continued to stroke him.
-Stop so that it was convenient to get into a jar.
Sasha got up.
-No, it’s a little awkward.
– the mother said, – let’s go to her knees, and I’ll hold the jar in front.
Sasha got up as she said.
– Well.
And now you will be very pleased.
With these words, Mom abruptly moved her hand.
Sasha was already moaning with might and main: -Aaaaaaaa !.

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aaaaaa !.
And sperm hit.
Got right in the jar.
-Mommy !.
the child shouted.
-More more! – Yulia Alexandrovna shouted, vychezhivaya from it the whole stream of white liquid.
Ladoshka continued to move, even when ejaculation was over.
Mom’s hand got dirty in semen.
They drained about half a centimeter at the bottom of the jar.
-Here you go.
– Mom smiled, – your task is completed.
Get dressed.
The next day, my friends enthusiastically received the news that my mother was ready to surrender to them independently.
They were not even upset that this event was postponed for the whole day.
But it will take place in normal conditions with a bed and a bathroom.
In the same place it will be possible to wet the throat.
The guys armed me with photos and even videos in which we fucked Sarah and Larisa.
Mom shouldn’t have known in advance that our other guys would take part in an orgy, except for me, Andrey and Mishka.
Therefore, I immediately put the video aside

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, and from the photos I selected only those on which, besides us three with women, there was no one.
And this, by the way, was the main problem for us, which Andrei promised to solve without any special consequences.
Simply, we should begin three, and only then the others will join this.
There was even an offer to rehearse this process in advance.
But, for this, a suitable woman was needed.
– Rudik, how are you going to expose your grandmother to us? – seriously asked Andrew, and here taking the initiative.
“I don’t know yet,” Rudik answered uncertainly.
“But, there are only three options: to persuade, as Sergey did, to drink or put to sleep, as I did, or simply to rape, but so that she herself likes it,” Andrei asked boldly how to achieve the goal, and asked which options for you? But, consider that the options to drink and put to sleep suggest the same result, but the consequences are different.
In the second case, as experience has already shown, it is more dangerous, because my mother came out of this state very hard.
And she is younger than your grandmother.
– to persuade? I do not know.
I will not succeed.
Drink? Grandma does not drink.
I never saw her drunk.
To put to sleep, you say it is dangerous, – Rudik began hopelessly to list the proposed options and stated more confidently, – it remains to be taken by force.
“Well, by force, by force,” said Andrei thoughtfully, and immediately added, it doesn’t matter when it happens.
It is so? – What are you up to? – Mishka asked a question.
– Think so.
It is necessary today to look at a visit to Rudik, while the grandmother is not home yet.
When she comes and starts to change clothes, lean on her and, holding her arms and legs, give Rudik the first to fuck her. France tv live porn gratuits.

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