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And now, in front of everyone, I was dragged to the bathroom, from where I was leaving in my pajamas.
My friends giggled at me, and the most annoying thing was, of course, that in our one-room apartment my bed was just fenced off from the room by the closet.
Nearby, two steps away, the children of the guests continued to play, and by all means someone would drop in my nook with ridicule.
At 11, when not all the guests parted yet, the loud alarm bell rang, and the mother, again, loudly apologized that it was time for her girlfriend to pee.
She sat me down on the pot, and although it was near my bed, the view from the room was magnificent.

Adults, of course, were not interested, but the children were going to my “great seat” as a circus show.
Out of shame, I could not relax, and my mother, who was squatting side by side and impatiently sentencing “writing”, only added to the awkwardness.
Finally, the jet loudly struck the metal wall of the pot, notifying all those present about the success of the event.

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After that, my mother raised me, wiped her ass, and for me, an 8-9 year old girl, such an exposition – without panties in front of her peers – was shameful and unbearable.
But all this fades before my 10th birthday celebration.
According to the “educational book” exactly from that day to the age of 16 I could go to bed not at half past seven, but at 9, and go without a forced landing on the pot.
Why my mother decided that the habit to which she herself had taught me for several years, will disappear by itself from the change of dates – God knows.
But at the festive table, where the company of friends of the parents was again, of course, with the children, the mother repeatedly mentioned that “the girl had grown up completely, now I (in the sense of – mom) can sleep peacefully, and not jump on the alarm clock to set her on the pot. ”
Birthday – happy birthday, but at half past eight I went to sleep, in cheerful pajamas with ducklings, after saying goodbye to all the guests.
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– Daddy, and why this investigator clung to us? – Lenka asked him, when he heard a private conversation on the phone.
She went to the pool in a homely short to knee-colored dressing gown with a towel and shale.
Lenka, as if, immediately understood what it was about.
And she stood in the half-open door of his personal father’s office.
– What is he clinging to us? – she indignantly suddenly asked again – Mom is worried about this. Livejasmin credits hack 2014 password.

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He also shook off a few drops from his limp hose, slapping his butt to them and left the balcony.
I returned to the room.
And in time.
She barely dried off, Pasha and Andrei returned.
And not empty.
From somewhere they brought toys – different faloimitators, dilators, corks, balls.
The guys wanted to play.
They played without noticing, only I did not agree to the expander.
I do not know why.
The guys persuaded.
But I am not! Instead, I tried to shove two silicone trunks in the ass.
Did not work.
And with the balls it was fun! Among the toys was a long, resilient, but elastic “hose” dummy simulator.
With half a meter exactly long.
They were measured the depth of my rear – thirty centimeters entered without tension! I started up again and let play with all my holes.
Soon the toys were discarded, but the members were inserted.
Hot, lustful, ready to vomit, fuck, fuck, smack, stand up, insert and pour white sperm.
True, they did not want to hurry with the latter.
When Pasha fucked me heartily, Andrey was attached to the back.
I was very relaxed, and I didn’t care that I was there in the ass poking.
And he entered.
Pasha felt it through my partition, which was strained to the limit and seemed to be about to crack.
She did not crack, but I ended up screaming “yes! Yes! still! ”And Andrei, having properly torn off my back hole, had finished with his fat man in me, and was not in a hurry to pull out.
While his trunk slowly lost its shape in my ass, I did not catch my breath, was tipped over on my stomach, Pasha got out from under me. Cam in vagina porn.

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Then two black men brought me to the bathroom, which followed the Master’s bedroom.
It was supposed to be my last whereabouts, and I felt absolutely happy when my body was seated on a special stand made by the Master on the floor.
They inserted the stumps left over from my thighs into rings trimmed with soft leather.
My buttocks comfortably leaned against the leather pads glued to the wall.
While the Boss was holding me, It fastened a metal hoop around my waist, also attached to the wall.
The rods attached to my bracelet were screwed to a metal bracket behind me.
Now I was permanently attached to the wall, my head at the crotch level of my Boss.
I looked around my place.
Opposite me there was a bathroom and a shower of the Master, on the side of me there was another toilet for the Master, where he could defecate.
The owner and his friend went away to look at their work.
“You say he really wanted this?” Asked Ono.
The owner nodded: “Yes, but do not call it“ he. ”
According to the plan, the Urinal should be just a thing that belongs to me. Live xxx chat online.

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